Kallie’s Safe Place

Kallie has been a very rambunctious babe as of late, and her antics have landed her a session with the Perv Therapist. Chad analyzes Kallie’s behavior in an attempt to get to the bottom of what makes her tick. It isn’t a big mystery - ever since Kallie was reprimanded for Shoplyfting, her life changed. Kallie was now a bad girl with sex on her mind 24/7. Getting fucked by that loss prevention officer opened up a new side of Kallie, one that she never wanted to go away. It was thrilling, and the rush of getting fucked and submitting to someone lingered in her mind. So much so that Kallie even landed a sugar daddy afterward. Kallie’s new behavior was like a superpower to her. It allowed her to get what she wanted whenever she wanted it. As their session unfolds, Chad is getting a better sense of Kallie. He wants her to know this is a safe space to explore her underlying feelings and what she’s really seeking when she’s being bad. The entire time their session is going on, one of Kallie’s tits keeps finding its way out of her top. She notices Chad check her out, and she immediately knows the power she has over him. Chad shows Kallie just how much of a safe place Perv Therapy can be and leans in to kiss Kallie on the mouth. The young troublemaker is excited. She was hoping Chad would give her a good dick down, and it looks like he is another man captivated by her newfound sexual prowess. Chad doesn’t want to feed her addiction, but she assures him she wants his cock of her own volition. The sweet blonde babe sucks Chad’s cock, and he realizes that she may like sex so much because she sucks and fucks like a pro. While Chad’s Perv Therapist tactics are anything but typical, this blowjob from Kallie is easily the best he’s ever had. She slobbers all over his shaft and sucks his balls. After Chad is satisfied, he moves Kallie to the couch so he can eat out her pussy and taste all of her sweet juices. When she’s nice and wet, Kallie leans on the couch arm so Chad can fuck her from behind. Her pussy is out of this world, and Chad hopes this session never ends. The two fuck in various positions until Chad is about to bust. Kallie takes Chad’s load to the face, letting him coat her in his hot sticky cum. She can’t wait for their next session, although Chad is unsure if they’ve made any breakthroughs.

3 months ago