Creamy Egg Filling

It’s Easter and Kallie is enjoying some delicious cream-filled eggs. The skinny blonde relished the scrumptious treat slowly, licking it with desire. Her stepdad Will watches the whole scene from a distance, imagining how it would feel to have Kallie’s tongue running around his balls. He knows that he shouldn’t be fantasizing about sexy stuff with his stepdaughter, but the image is so strong that he can’t help but lock himself in the room to jerk off. The truth is that Kallie knows her stepdad is watching, so she sucks the chocolate even harder to make his mind go wild. She also knows that Will has some restraints about getting nasty with his stepdaughter, so she decides to surprise him by wearing a hot bunny outfit. When she opens his bedroom door, Kallie finds Will naked, masturbating while calling out her name. After blindfolding him, Kallie sucks her stepfather’s dick like candy, yearning for a taste of its creamy load. Will takes the lead and pounds her stepdaughter’s pussy, making her scream like mad. After stuffing Kallie with buttery juice, Will grabs a chocolate egg and rubs it against Kallie’s cum-filled pussy, offering it to her while making her promise she will never tell her mom about this.

2 months ago