Fucking by the Ficus

Luna works at a plant nursery, but unfortunately for her, she wasn’t necessarily born with a green thumb. She is a bit of a klutz and constantly makes mistakes. Her boss, Sawyer, is not a fan of Luna’s ditzy demeanor. She doesn’t find it cute but thinks it just gets in the way of business. Though Luna is not all bad, she has a unique way of treating customers right that keeps them returning for more. This plant nursery is a freeuse establishment, so the people who come in can use the girls freely as they pick out their favorite carnations. Luna, in particular, gets a lot of attention from the guys. It’s not hard to see why - she is a stunning young babe with an incredible body and charm despite her quirks. Peter visits their nursery and takes his time selecting what plants he is looking for. He has fun playing with Luna’s body before Sawyer joins in. The threesome fucks around the garden, making sure to discuss every and any option Peter may have. Luna and Sawyer finally come together when they cum together. This threesome helps them to become much closer coworkers and finally get on the same page.

3 months ago