High Fidelity - Track 1: Blame My Ex

High Fidelity (Part 1 of 3): Like anyone else, Ameena has gone through her fair share of breakups. Her love for spinning deep cuts is accompanied by the deep cuts of her past relationships. Some of them ended poorly, whereas others are shrouded in mystery. But it’s time she found closure, and the only way to do so is by facing her exes head-on and searching inward to see where things took a turn. First on the list is Dorian, an artsy stud with a complex. Although her friend Rion advises Ameena not to see him, she goes anyway, looking for closure at any cost. She thinks back to the amazing sex she and Dorian would have and can’t see the full picture. But with enough time pondering her past, she sees that Dorian’s arrogance is what put a wedge in their relationship.

4 months ago