Friendly Freeuse Neighbor

What happens when you knock on a friendly neighborhood’s door and the bodacious milf Crystal Rush shows up? Mike and his stepson Rion are going door to door offering people a helping hand, but they didn’t expect to find a nice hot vixen with a delicious body and a seductive attitude. She also needs their help with fixing her computer, a perfect excuse to lure the men in. Crystal’s house runs on a strict freeuse policy, so she is obliged to masturbate Rion while Mike twists her soft nipples. Grateful for her neighbors’ help, she invites them to stay for dinner, a nice opportunity to snack on the guys’ dicks while cooking. Hitting it off with Crystal, Mike, and Rion come to aid her once more when she finds some plumbing issues at her home. Rion repairs the nice lady’s pipes as Crystal goes down on him once more. Mike is playing with the milf’s bouncy booty when she receives a phone call. It’s Crystal’s boss, an awful man who doesn’t treat her nicely. The guys stay to listen to Crystal and make her feel better while she eats their cock and gets her pussy pounded. A beautiful friendship is born between Crystal and her neighbors, one based on listening, trust, and freeuse!

3 months ago