Not So Friendly Competition

Kylie Rocket has invited Maya Farrell and Aften Opal over for a talk. Kylie explains that she found out through a mutual friend that Maya and Aften both have crushes on her. Maya and Aften are surprised, since neither of them knew that the other ALSO likes Kylie. Kylie admits that she thinks Maya and Aften are both attractive, so she can't decide who should be her girlfriend... Therefore, maybe Maya and Aften should have a friendly competition to help her with making a decision! Maya and Aften try arm wrestling, but it turns out they're at equal strength, so Kylie says they'll have to find another way to determine a winner. Next, Aften and Maya write love poems for Kylie and read them out to her, but Kylie ends up liking both poems so much that she still can't decide who she likes more. Clearly, it's time to try something more intense... a lap dance competition! Aften and Maya change into lingerie, and take turns giving Kylie a sexy lap dance and kissing her. After both sizzling performances are done, everybody is so turned on that the action turns into a sexy threesome. It looks like sharing Kylie is the winning strategy here!

2 months ago