Leana Sees, Leana Fucks

Leana is not the kind of girl that stays put till the guy makes a move. If she sees something she wants, she puts her curvy body to work and gets it. On a scorching day by the pool, the sexy girl is chilling when she notices Peter. Having a soft and horny side for hot daddies, Leana instantly starts masturbating until she is caught. Embarrased, she goes into the house for a cool shower until Peter comes in to talk. Lust builds up ‘til both can’t take it anymore and decide to capitalize the opportunity. Leana begs him to fuck her as Peter kisses her intensely and puts her mouth to a hotter purpose. With Her mouth stuffed with dick, Leana continues to moan as Peter fucks her trap. At her turn, Leana sits on Peter’s cock and rides it like a wild cowgirl, showing him she can take the lead whenever she wants. Peter doubles down by pounding her pussy on all fours, building up a deliciously creamy dessert to serve all over the sweet teen’s lovely face.

3 months ago