True Colors

Lola comes back from a Holi Party with paint stains all over her outfit. She had a great time but wishes her husband was there. The guy’s gone on vacation to their homeland and she can't help but feel lonely and unprotected. Richard, one of her husband’s friends, is taking care of her, but the truth is that he is constantly lusting over his friend’s wife. After taking him home and trying to come into the place without Lola’s permission, this very manipulative creep claims she let everyone touch her body during the celebration, groping Lola’s boobs. Richard threatens to tell Lola’s husband about her unholy behavior, so now she’ll have to do whatever the creep wants in exchange for his silence. The hijab-wearing milf falls into Richard’s trap as he makes her take some pictures with him and convinces her to suck his cock. Lola enjoys guiltily as her husband’s friend fondles her huge breasts and pounds her pussy like her husband never did before.

3 months ago