Married, Discreet, and Horny

Eric has been neglecting his wife Kaylee for a long time now. The poor milf feels lonely, unattractive, and horny, but her husband fails to notice it despite her constant attempts to have sex with him. Desperate, Kaylee posts an ad online: “Discreet, conservative, married woman seeks companionship.” Rion, a young boy looking to hook up with a hot mature woman, responds to the ad, surprising Kaylee at her door. Soon, things get real steamy, with Kaylee feeling the rush of the forbidden as the Rion grabs her ass and boobs like no man did before. Suddenly, she’s overwhelmed with a sense of guilt. With lustful talent, Rion tells her it’s too late and that he can tell she is in dire need of cock. Equally nervous and aroused, Kaylee takes the boy’s dick and swallows it, enjoying every inch of it. Her pussy must feel the warm sensation of cock once more to keep it together, so the thought of her inattentive husband won’t hold her back.

2 months ago