Bonding Over the Bed

During a hot summer night, Max decides to sleep in his stepmom Shay’s bedroom, the only room with an A/C. Max is a 19-teen-year-old teenager, so Shay is surprised when he wants to spend time with her. The two have a nice chat and a fun pillow fight, ending up in a beautiful bonding moment which includes Max hugging his stepmother to sleep and making her feel his hard cock. Shay shares her experience with her friend Laura the next day. Laura also has a teenage stepson, Apollo, and she’d really like to bond with him as Shay did, so she accepts her friend’s invitation to sleep at her place. The teenage boys and their stepmoms share the bed, engaging in some hot nighttime fun. Yet, after a while, pillow fights are just not enough, and Max and Apollo are horny, so they start making out with each other’s stepmom. Soon, Shay and Laura discover the perks of having frisky teenage stepsons, having a hot fuck sesh together. A little lesbian fun enhances the moment as Shay and Laura get their pussies pounded by their stepsons.

3 months ago