Welcome to the Frat Swap

Parker is looking to Kai’s fraternity, and neither of their stepmoms can be prouder of them. Cassie and Elana visit their stepsons in their dorm to give them their well wishes. But when the milfs see Kai putting Parker through the wringer, they step in to make things right. Elana knows Kai had to go through similar experiences, and she knows how often her stepson gets laid - she just wants Kai to make sure Parker gets the same college experience. Cassie appreciates Elana’s help and is gracious when Kai wants to perform a fraternity ritual then and there with the whole group. Kai blindfolds Cassie and initiates a cock sucking ritual. The whole situation seems wild and kinky, but everyone in the room starts feeling excited. Cassie wonders if her stepson is taking peeks through his blindfold to watch her suck cock. She knows it’s fucked up to be thinking about her stepson in such a way, and she isn’t sure what she’ll do if she ends up having to suck Parker’s dick. It’s too kinky to think about, and the fact that her stepson’s cock excites her feels insanely inappropriate. Still, both milfs feel immensely turned on by the situation. Parker and Kai have fun getting their cocks sucked, but they really take things to the next level when everyone starts fucking. Everyone’s blindfolds come off, and that means the stepmoms get to look at their own stepson’s cocks all they want. Kai fucks Cassie hard, and Parker doesn’t hold back on Elana, doing everything he can to ensure he gets into this fraternity. Things get even more fucked up when the stepsons initiate a stepmom swap! Now, Cassie finally has her chance to see what it’s like to get the dick down from her stepson. Parker penetrates his stepmom and thrusts his throbbing cock deep inside, making sure to give her every inch he can. The milfs get hot creamy loads to the face and share cum-drenched tongue kisses.

3 months ago