Ground Me or Fuck Me

With her mom out of town, Athena sneaks out way past midnight. The problem is that her stepdad Jerry has caught her, and cannot allow this behavior while his wife is gone. Determined to punish her, he tries to take Athena’s phone, but the petite girl can’t live without it. Playing with her ponytails, Athena asks Jerry if she can do him a favor in exchange for not telling her mom about it and slides her hand over the man’s crotch. The guy goes wild and confesses having spied on her while changing to peek at that luscious body, but he feels he can’t do that to his wife. Athena turns it up a notch and convinces him with her pierced boobs. Jerry’s paternal instincts go off as he feels incredibly aroused by the idea of fucking his stepdaughter. With nothing to hold him back, he gives Athena the pussy-licking of a lifetime, drawing circles with his tongue to make the girl scream. Athena is surprised by how her stepdad handles her snatch, so she decides to show him her cock-eating skills. Amazed by Jerry’s hung cock, she tries to swallow it all at once, doing whatever she can to stuff her mouth with it. Jerry enjoys his stepdaughter’s attempt to deepthroat him, responding with a pussy-pounding session. With his wife gone, maybe he’ll have to “punish” Athena more often…

3 months ago