Double Dare Dick Down

What’s up, TeamSkeet fans? It’s time to jump head-first into another Classics update, so let's get the good time started. This scene comes from the super risque Sis Swap series and was originally published on August 29th, 2021. This remains a fan favorite and features the adorable Celestina Blooms and Gia Diabella. In this scene, Celestina and Cody have the house to themselves for a while, and what would be more fun than a sleepover with their best friends? Gia and Tyler get there quickly, so the girls head to Celestina’s room, and the guys head to Cody’s room. Everyone is a little bored, but Cody and Tyler get the bright idea to prank their stepsisters. Gia and Celestina are secretly glad the guys came to bother them because they’re feeling bored and horny, too. Things heat up when the group plays a dicey game of truth or dare. Soon, Gia is sucking Cody’s cock, and Celestina is sucking Tyler’s cock. It wouldn’t be a true game of truth or dare if they didn’t swap back. It’s super kinky, but Celestina wants Gia to suck her own stepbrother’s cock, and in return, she’ll do the same. Now, Tyler and Cody get a chance to fuck around with their own stepsisters. This little fling will have to stay their secret forever!

3 months ago