Ellie’s Rescue Plan

When Ellie gets a call regarding her son’s behavior at school, she meets with Principal Nicky Rebel to get to the bottom of the situation. Nicky explains to Ellie that her son has been selling pornography on school grounds and has been drumming up a good amount of business. Her son’s actions are so severe that he faces expulsion. Ellie is willing to do whatever it takes to make this all disappear and save her son’s permanent record. Nicky has some ideas as to how he may be able to help Ellie out, but in return, she’ll have to do pretty much whatever he asks her to. Ellie knows the deal, and she’s dealt with pervs like Nicky before. Still, with no other alternatives, she complies and submits herself to Nicky’s demands. Nicky whips his cock out for Ellie to play with, and she gets right to work, getting him hard and getting herself warmed up and wet. She’s quite good, and Nicky can tell Ellie is a milf who knows how to please a man. When it’s time to fuck, Nicky pounds Ellie’s sweet pussy with everything he’s got. Ellie gives herself up to Nicky entirely, knowing she can use her prowess and cunning to ensure her son sees no consequences. Nicky cums all over Ellie’s face and into her mouth. She’d be lying if she said she didn’t enjoy herself - it was fun being lusted after and proving to herself that she still has it going on!

3 months ago