The day before the shoot with Ellie began just like any other beautiful late April day. The sun was out, the birds were singing, there was a brisk cool bite to the air. I had lunch at my favorite Chinese restaurant and when I opened my fortune cookie it read, "You'll be blessed with a wonderful gift at work". Fucking aye right I was blessed with a wonderful gift! A gift from God I would say, and the gift was named 18-year-old Ellie from Iowa! Damn this girl is sweet, wholesome, innocent, with a fucking flawless knockout body with spectacularly huge natural tits. Oh and the prettiest pink pussy and tight little butt hole you ever saw. Cute as a button thatasshole is. I just wanted to lick and stick my tongue in it the second I saw it. Now I have met my fare share of amateur girls in my days and I must say that out of the 750 or so shoots I have done,Ellie is in the top 3 for just how fucking awesome and innocent she is. "How awesomely innocent was she Steve?" you ask. Well... Ellie was so awesomely innocent that she just started masturbating a few days ago! Yes that's days with a D!!! Another fun fact is she just had her first Orgasm only 2 months earlier!! How awesomely innocent and sweet is that!! I know, I know, that seems backwards... Just watch the interview and all will be explained. So as the interview progresses we get our naive starlet naked, thank God! It's blasphemy to keep those 34D's caged in. Let the beasts' roam free and spread-eagle those legs wide revealing thoseperfect pink pussy lips and asshole. Fuck I have to say this girl is so clean she squeaks when you rub her, and rub that pussy and asshole Cam does. Cam also has to taste how sweet this girl is, bringing her to her first O of the day as his tongue flickers over her erect clit and fingers her fuckhole. Another 1 st for Ellie are sex toys, and fuck man does she take to them like a duck to water. We start our novice off with a torpedo vibrator that brings our little Ellie to the edge, but she really finds the full pleasure gear when the Hitachi is introduced and we fill her holes with allsorts of gadgets. Sexual Gratification 101 Class is in session and Ellie is up for show and tell. That pussy gets so wet and she gives herself an oh-so-nice O from all the action going on down there. I say she gets strait A's. Now when asked if Ellie likes things up her butt she murmurs, "Umm, I guess... maybe", that wasn't a NO. So Cam inserts his thumb up that ass followed by a butt plug. We can't leave any hole not filled so, torpedo's away!, up her fuck hole it goes while the Hitachi dances over her clit. "It's hard to keep still", she says with a smile right before she cums a 3 rd time. I think our whore in training finally understands what sex and pleasure is all about, and I've never wanted to be a vibrator or butt plug more than I do right at that moment LOL. Now Ellie confessed she doesn't really like to suck cock, but we don't care. We make her do it anyways, and fuck if she isn't great at that also. It doesn't look like she doesn't like doing it to us? Call it beginners luck, or she's a "natural" at sex, but this girl I feel was born for pleasure and pleasing. Every single perverted request or demand we uttered to her, she obeyed without question. Like a ball of clay, we were able to mold this little Mormon girl into the perfect instrument of sexual pleaser. Instructing her to use every orifice of her body in every perverted way we thought of to extract the most viewing pleaser is our faithful goal. You know I just feel so grateful; I have to give thanks to our creator. Let us pray:

2 months ago