Quality Time With Jackie

Jackie picks out some new lingerie to impress her husband - since he isn’t around much, Jackie first shows her stepson, Kai. She knows she probably should show off her tits to her stepson, but it might be fun, and it would be a little exciting to turn on a young stud. Kai can’t believe he’s watching his stepmom change into lacy underwear, and he can feel his cock getting hard as his stepmom shows off her body. Things get a bit wild when Jackie lets Kai rub her tits. As her stepson massages her breasts, Jackie puts her hand down into her underwear and rubs her clit. Her pussy is getting wet, and if this keeps up, she may have to let Kai go all the way. But their little fling is interrupted, and they’ll have to wait to play again another day. Neither of them has to wait too long for that day to come. Kai finds his stepmom in his bedroom, lying on his bed with a sex toy. Jackie uses a vibrator on her pussy while she thinks about the fun she and Kai had the other day. She insists Kai help her stimulate her clit, and Kai happily obliges her request. Later on, Jackie wakes Kai with a surprise. She wants his cock inside of her, and she needs it ASAP. She’s been thinking about him nonstop, and she won’t be satisfied until she’s getting fucked by her stepson. Kai again gives his stepmom what she wants. The lucky stud fucks his stepmom in the ass, pushing his cock in as deep as it will go and holding nothing back. He wants to give the sweet milf his load, and she wants it just as badly. Kai busts a massive load for Jackie, cumming hard all over her asshole and shooting rope after rope of hot sticky cum.

3 months ago