Anal Brings Us Together

Ever since Miles married Misty, there has been a rift with Nicky, Miles's stepson. Nicky seems irritable, distant, and uncomfortable all around. Misty was Nicky’s favorite teacher from school, and having her in the house at first was like a dream come true. But seeing Miles get to be the one who loves and touches Misty becomes torturous for poor Nicky. Misty was more than a teacher to Nicky - he was deeply infatuated with her beauty. Miles doesn’t understand what Nicky means when Nicky says Misty means so much to him. Misty overhears a heated argument between the two men and attempts to get to the bottom of things. Misty and Miles set up a family meeting so that they can understand what is eating away at their stepson. Nicky confesses his feelings for Misty, and it becomes clear that it’s a jealousy issue. Misty and Miles are both taken aback by Nicky’s feelings. It certainly isn’t a bad thing, and Misty is flattered, but she wants to make sure both Miles and Nicky can love her in their own way and does not want to create a wedge in the stepfamily dynamic. Misty thinks of a solution both men could be happy with. Misty offers both of her holes for the guys to use. They’ll have to decide who gets her pussy and who gets her asshole, but now they can share her, and the family can be closer than ever. The men get right to work, turning Misty on and getting her wet. She’s admittedly very excited to split her focus between the two studs. The thought of double penetration for Misty was new and enticing. But she was a champ, and she knew from the start that she’d be able to handle whatever they threw at her. Misty is a pro and makes sure both men are always satisfied. When she doesn’t have a cock in her pussy or asshole, she’s making sure to keep her men hard by sucking them off. Best of all, Misty lets each of the guys have a turn fucking her ass. It’s hard not to cum right away when her asshole is so tight, but neither Miles nor Nicky wants to disappoint the milf, so they do their best to last as long as possible. When they do cum, both Nicky and Miles treat Misty to a wonderful facial. Misty’s beautiful face covered in cum is just the sight Nicky needed to see. Knowing that he can still have an intimate relationship with his stepmom is reassuring, and Nicky is positive this won’t be the last time the group has a bit of raunchy stepfamily fun.

3 months ago