Who’s the Prude Now?

What’s up, TeamSkeet fans? Care for a story of a vindictive girl making her ex pay for not showing her a good time? Then check out this stunning SisLoveMe scene with the bodacious Kali Roses playing the slutty babe who uses her stepbrother to get her sweet revenge. Originally published on May 7, 2021, the story finds Kali getting all dressed up for a date while her stepbro Zeus watches. He knows what other guys expect, so he gives her a little heads up by making his stepsis give him head. Kali accepts and sucks Zeus’ cock, but she is a bit disgusted when he finishes off in her mouth and doesn’t tell her. The date doesn’t go as planned and Kali is crushed. The guy told her she was a prude for not going all the way with him and took off, leaving her sad and horny. Luckily, Zeus jumps in to comfort the beautiful blonde. When she starts feeling better, Kali asks Zeus to help her get some revenge by shooting a sex tape. Zeus accepts and fucks his stepsis while getting the whole moment on camera. Kali gets her payback but she also finds she can live without Zeus’ cock, and to make things worse, he is about to move out. That’s when she decides to bid him farewell in the hottest way possible: by letting him cum on her juicy ass.

3 months ago