Maid Shows Off Her ASSets!

Once again I needed someone who could professionally clean my house. So I called a maid to come in and help. Let me tell you, she knocked and when I opened the door, I was not expecting to see such a hot ass maid come in! The biggest boobs you have ever seen and big ass booty too! I tell her to start cleaning around the bedroom. As I am seeing her clean I can’t resist but to offer her some cash to clean in her lingerie. At first she is shocked I would even suggest such an idea. But seeing how much cash she would be getting for just to clean in the nude...she quickly changed her mind. She slowly starts taking off her clothes, revealing how big those boobs are, and let me tell you...they are perfect!. But, I wanted to see more of them, so of course I offered her more cash to clean in the nude. Again, she is taken back by the request, but seeing that there’s so much money, she goes for it. Not only does she clean well, but she knows how to shake her ass and boobs as she is cleaning.

2 months ago