Connie Perignon Fucks Three

Connie Perignon was driving with the bus crew in that world famous white van. Today things were reversed. There was a porn star on board that would make random Miami citizens very happy. If they wanted to be happy. So they cruised around the blocks until they saw Kyle. Obviously Kyle thought this was a scam, it was Miami after all. Once they let him feel her breasts he figured it is for real. He came into the van got a blowjob and and some good fucking until he came. Next they picked up Arja. Arja didn’t last that long. He came already during the blowjob. Connie wanted to come herself. They had to find a third dick. Casey had no other plans. Instead of touching her tits he put his finger straight into her pussy. He took the blowjob well and he fucked like champ. So they fucked and sucked and drove that van through Miami hoping that they would see you walking in the streets.

2 months ago