Caught, Stuck, and Fucked

Kona and Luna are just two babes who love to party. The sneaky chicks try to come back home undetected, but they’re caught by their stepbrother, Peter. As they try to sneak in through a window, the girls get stuck. Peter uses the situation to his advantage, lifting their skirts and admiring their red undies. The girls are shocked but even more so turned on by their stepbrother when he starts playing with their pussies. They’ve never known their tattle tale stepbrother to be so daring, and now seeing this risque side of him, they’re super horny for him. Peter still wants to snitch on his stepsisters for sneaking out, but the stepsiblings come to an agreement. Now that they’re all horny, Peter is willing to turn a blind eye to their night of partying if they agree to fuck. The girls are more than down for a little fuck sesh, so they move to the living room, where the fun truly begins.

2 months ago