Kari Cachonda in SEXUAL MAID . KARI CACHONDA 11:00
Kari Cachonda in SEXUAL MAID . KARI CACHONDA 11:00 An American guy, Patrick Delphia is on vacation in México. A voluptuous maid is cleaning his room. He can't help but notice that she is fucking hot. So, he will try to fuck her.
Sheridan Love in Busty Babe's Cravings: Rock-Hard Cock Fucks Voluminous Tits! GP2152 15:00
Sheridan Love in Busty Babe's Cravings: Rock-Hard Cock Fucks Voluminous Tits! GP2152 15:00 Today’s episode of DDF Network’s Busty series is packed with amazing XXX hardcore fucking! See our busty babe’e cravings being fulfilled by a rock-hard cock, fucking her voluminous tits real hard! Sheridan Love is an American dreamgirl with brown eyes and big natural tits. The stunning milf impresses us with two 34G / 75I hooters and makes you wanna bang those all natural knockers all day long! When Mr Pete shows up at her doorstep, the hot milf gets so horny and seduces the young man to fulfill her horny desires. After some deep throat cock sucking, he fingers her pussy and makes her twat gape, so he can slide his thick prick deep into her wet box. Pete fucks her doggy style on the couch and makes her massive titties shake all over the place. He plays with her hard nipples and feed her his tool before getting ready for a titty fuck marathon. While drilling her hole with his tool, Sheridan sucks her nipples and later rides his cock like a cowgirl. Finally, he bangs her big bosom with his dick and blows an impressive load of cum on her tits!
Jane Wilde in Jane Wilde's Ass Can't Be Tamed 10:59
Jane Wilde in Jane Wilde's Ass Can't Be Tamed 10:59 American teen Jane Wilde's ass can't be tamed. PervCity gave it a try, but this blonde spinner's perfect tight booty is insatiable for inch after inch of big dick. And her hairy pussy and deep throat are just as insanely hungry. On the bed plucking a flower, the minx plays a game of "he fucks me, he fucks my butt." She's definitely getting both, but not before a slobbery ball sucking and blowjob with her legs wrapped around his neck and her clit in his mouth. Talk about upside down and sideways! He whisks the anal slut off her feet, spins her ass on his hard-on, and they practically break the bed in POV, before she orgasms and takes an ass-to-mouthful of spunk.
Anna Polina in Anna Polina French Slut From The Streets Of Paris Ass Fucked 13:00
Anna Polina in Anna Polina French Slut From The Streets Of Paris Ass Fucked 13:00 Anna Polina French Slut From The Streets Of Paris Ass Fucked. Ah, Paris the city of lights and the city of sluts. Here's one of those sluts straight from "MANUEL'S FUCKING POV 2: PARIS EDITION". A fan of American porn, "French movies are so boring", Anna just loves the size of Manny's cock and you'll love her. Young and cute with a body made for screwing. Not one of those hardbodies from the eighties but a soft, round, cuter as hell brunette with natural boobs and a face built to cum on. So, Manuel did. Hot stuff.
Anna in ANNA 3 10:58
Anna in ANNA 3 10:58 Anna is really excited about her first porno today. She doesn't know exactly what to expect but she hopes for a tall athletic guy who is experienced in the art of lovemaking. You see, poor Anna had a very strict Catholic upbringing in her German-American family, and as such has only started to have sex in college, ie recently. Having never been with a black guy, we have to hold our breath for a moment as big black porn god JD reveals himself to our blonde newbie. After the initial shock, Anna works hard to prove that not only is she not a racist, she can also take a huge black cock like a pro. Well, she can't. But she tries, really hard. She creams up to the point where we think JD came inside her early (happened before) but nah, that's just Anna enjoying that huge black cock in her pussy. Happens the first time during cowgirl, you can't miss it. After some sweaty and intense rough sex, Anna asks JD to take her anal virginity (!). To make things extra juicy, we have Anna get on the floor and we put one camera on her ass so we can see JD's big dick fuck it, and one camera on Anna's face so we can watch her facial expressions as she gets ass-fucked for the first time in her life. You'll love it! After pushing that envelope, we get Anna to do the pornstar anal cowgirl. You know it when you see it. Hell, it's the big thumbnail pic here. At some point her now devirginized asshole tightens up too much and JD can't get back in, so he just puts his cock back in her pussy until he cums - without telling anyone. So the resulting creampie footage is a tad shaky. Not that it matters because the man shoots so deep inside the blonde, hardly anything comes back out. Most of that white stuff you see on his dick is actually Anna's cum. Cowgirl and big black dick really seem to get her going. We make Anna take a morning-after pill and film it to cover our asses, then send her packing to...whatever the heck she'll be doing. She really enjoyed her first porn, her first black man, and even felt her first anal was a good experience. So who knows, maybe we see this leggy blonde somewhere else some day.
Tara in TARA 10:59
Tara in TARA 10:59 19 year old Irish-American nurse Tara works too much to date boys but likes to have the occasional fun with big cocks. It's been many months since she broke up with her boyfriend and she hasn't had any sex since. At all. She thinks that maybe the porn industry can help. Luckily for us, we were the first ad she replied to on her quest to cum n' go. Not that our ads mention anything about a huge black guy... Tara is excited to see what today's mysterious shoot will bring. We're always sparse on details but tell the girls to be "open-minded", which of course they all claim to be. After an in-depth interview, naked time with masturbation demo, and handcuffing her to the bed (was on sale on Amazon, so let's use it.), we disappoint Tara in letting her know that her interviewer is, in fact, not the guy to do her first porn scene with. A moment later we let our African-American big dick hero JD in to the room and Tara practically loses it. It's hard to tell if she's scared, excited, or both. She quickly regains her composure (open mind, remember?...) . What follows is a very intense hour of sex, with Tara having multiple orgasms, a bit of pain (her facial expressions are glorious!), and even anal. Instead of the expected ambush insemination, Tara actually decides to take JD's cock out of her ass and suck on it until he cums, so we're getting another swallow finish like last week. If you're in the creampies-only camp: we're sorry about that, but our girl made her decision to ingest his semen without warning and we're not gonna stop our teen nympho from doing what she likes best LOL.
Chanel in Chanel 2 11:01
Chanel in Chanel 2 11:01 What could drive a "good girl" who has only had 1 guy in her life to suddenly decide to do a porn scene and start fucking other dudes like it's her new hobby? Trump deporting that 1 guy, that's what. Seriously, 22 year old Italian-Native American cutie Chanel has played it safe with her Mexican man for years. Chanel is quite shy and nervous about today. She didn't want to tell us at first why she "broke up" with him but it slipped out that he actually got deported. Now she is making her previously pristine pussy available to other men in town (Latinos only). And to huge black cock lord Jovan (which she doesn't know at the time she gets into Troy's car). Thank you, President T ...we guess? We only tell Chanel that the white dude she's been flirting with in the car is not the guy she's going to be fucking on camera...2 seconds before she walks into the hotel room. Just look at her face when she steps in and sees a huge naked black man on the bed waiting for her. Jovan is already stroking his dick in anticipation. Chanel has never been with a black man before and she recalls all those rumors about black men and huge cocks. We let Chanel keep her clothes on for now as she sits next to him, strokes him hard, and even starts sucking his huge cock (she did NOT expect that dick to be so big!). Letting her keep her clothes on for a few minutes serves 2 purposes. One, it makes her feel comfortable and gives her a way out should she decide to call the whole thing off. Two, we want to see some Clothed-Female-Naked-Male (CFNM) action. It's hot. Let us know if you like that and we do it again. Anyway, Chanel eventually warms up to Jovan's charm but his enormous cock is a lot to handle for her tight pussy. She has to take a few breaks and we can tell our black lord is stretching her Italian snatch to the limits. Anal is an absolute no-go unfortunately, no matter how much we beg. "He's too big, my pussy already hurts!", she whimpers. We try to make up for it by having her deep-throat and gag herself on J's big black cock, and let him have his way with her precious vajayjay however he pleases. He ultimately has his fill and unloads a big load of cum over Chanel's pretty face (yes dear members, we did get your emails and tweets about seeing a cum facial again, so here it is). Dripping with the black man's sperm, we take a few photos of a very spent, very used up white girl who will undoubtedly walk funny for a few days.
Haley Spades in Going Out 12:00
Haley Spades in Going Out 12:00 A little black dress on a petite blonde package: Hayley is looking like a blue-eyed American dream. And what does every big-eyed girl dream about when she hits up the big city? Let’s hope Hayley can handle the supersized snack grabbing her attention.
Mary in MARY 10:59
Mary in MARY 10:59 Real life caretaker, cheating girlfriend, and anal virgin Mary is late for her first porn scene, and as punishment our boys have decided to push this Latina's sexual limits. In fact, there isn't even time to play the usual ruse on her where white boi Troy would hang out with her for while, have some lunch, flirt, maybe get some head, and THEN reveal she'll be fucking someone totally different on camera. No, instead they meet in the hotel's parking lot, she finds out there's no makeup, no wardrobe, no catering, and no actual studio, they take the elevator upstairs and step into the hotel room where a burly black dude is already waiting for her. Waaaaa!! Mary's face when our conservative Mexican cutie realizes she has to fuck a black man for her first porno is priceless. (It's not JD, he's gone. Don't ask. We're testing out a new stud named Marcus. Great guy, lots of energy and stamina. Can cum twice in a row and keep going. Very cool.) Anyway, after chatting and stripping, things are warming up just fine. Marcus has a great touch with this girl as you'll see. Soon enough she's gulping down his first load of cum. Having gotten that first one out of the way, and needing almost no recuperation time, Marcus is now ready to fuck the shit out of our girl until she gets her orgasms, too. We're impressed by Marcus' fast and furious fucking. Marcus isn't as big as his predecessor, but his energy and speed are about 5 times that. He POUNDS that pussy and ass like nothing we've seen before. His nickname shall be "The Jackhammer" from now on. BTW, we didn't know Mary has a boyfriend until Marcus is already fucking her ass. Her phone keeps ringing and we inquire who might be disturbing our scene. "That's my boyfriend", Mary proclaims, black cock in her ass. Of course we make her say all sorts of nasty things into the camera to amuse ourselves. Admittedly, Mary is so fricking nice and sweet, it feels almost wrong to talk this girl into her first anal...and kicking her out after our new stud Marcus cums in her ass, without letting her at least rinse off. Almost. But girls who are late and cheat on their men need to be taught a lesson (not really, we just like to fuck around with 'em. If it wasn't for cheating girls, Black Ambush prolly wouldn't exist considering about half of the girls here are stepping out on boyfriends or husbands.). Mary's first-time anal is absolutely incredible. Probably some of the best assfucking shots we've got so far, and she's taking it pretty damn well. But for those who insist on our studs having huge black cocks, we're working on that, too. If you are or know of an African-American stud locally with a HUGE dick, who can get it up and keep it up for as long as it takes, hit us up via the feedback link in the members area!
Taylor in TAYLOR 10:59
Taylor in TAYLOR 10:59 YOLO! It doesn't get much more fun than hanging out with busty Mexican-American cock tease Taylor. She is bubbly, happy, and sexy regardless if the cameras are running or not. We spend some time hanging out for Cinco de Mayo getting stares on her massive tits before we head off to the "studio" (ok, cheap hotel) for Taylor's very first porn shoot. She's so excited to get some side cock - as long as her husband doesn't find out! That's right, big boob babe here is married and wants to be playing around with strange dick - on camera, no less. Taylor doesn't really have any pornstar ambitions, she's just in it for the fun and thrill (and cash?) of doing a porn movie. She has no idea that instead of the white guy she's been hanging out with all day she will be having sex with a huge black man with a big cock. But for someone as fun, open, and dick crazy as Taylor, this shouldn't be a problem, right? Let's see how she handles that black ambush...
Arielle in ARIELLE 11:00
Arielle in ARIELLE 11:00 22 year old redhead Arielle has a high profile corporate job with a very well known large company - she doesn't need porn money. She does need the sexual excitement though. Already divorced from her High School sweetheart, she's now with a boyfriend who enjoys sharing his girlfriend with other dudes. That's perfect because Arielle loves strange dick. Often. We actually find out AFTER Arielle's ambush that her boyfriend was waiting in the car the entire time. Hilarious! Anyway, Irish-American Arielle appeals to guys who like 'em chunky and very curvy and strong-minded. This ain't a meek skinny bitch by any means. Those natural 36 DD tits are just amazing, and Arielle clearly knows what she wants. Our big black cock stud JD almost loses his mind with this chick and can't keep his hands off her, once we finally unleash him on her, that is. She was definitely surprised, mostly by his dick size. After Arielle sucks his huge dick and fucks him on the couch, they take things to the bedroom, where they're supposed to do some kinky stuff for another hour - she confessed to loving BDSM and rough sex during her interview. Camera/interviewer dude Troy slaps handcuffs on an unsuspecting Arielle and lets JD do his thing. Unfortunately, our stud can't hold his seed much longer and he cums inside Arielle without warning after just a few more positions. Arielle is relieved, she had a tough time taking that huge dick, but she did love her first time with a black guy. JD is still in love with this girl as we're wrapping things up. REMINDER: we want your comments. There is a FEEDBACK link on the top of the main page. Please let us know what you like or didn't like. Not just with this update but with everything. We read EVERY message.
Tana Waters in TANA WATERS 10:59
Tana Waters in TANA WATERS 10:59 As all our devoted fans know we here at ExCoGi are all about genuine authentic and unscripted porn, wanting to highlight the models real personalities that we feature. That being said... CALLING ALL STRIPPER LOVERS! And if you're a fan of gentleman's clubs and getting the "stripper experience" than we bring you 20 year old, 3 year stripping veteran Tana Waters. You can tell this girl's been around the pole and stage more than a few times and knows what guys want. Let me tell you, Tana knows her way around a cock or a pussy and is not shy in telling our new cocksman Jon Rogue what pleases her and how he should touch and fuck her. This girl is used to being in charge. She even asked Jon if he wanted to be slapped while she rode him. For a second there I thought I was watching the movie American Pie and Tana was going to slap our stud and scream; "What's my name BITCH". That would have been funny! Anyways Tana declares more than once that she LOVES PUSSY, so it's only fitting that she would work at a place were girls take their clothes off right? And those TITS! Perky they are yes indeed. How much does Tana love pussy? Well, Tana loves pussy so much she could eat it for all three meals of the day. So could I Tana, So could I. Tana is also a little self-proclaimed slut telling us that she doesn't keep track of her body count, but AVERAGES around 40 fucks...... ANNNNNND? Yea, I was waiting for her to finish that statement also. So I asked, "Is that a Total number? Yearly average? Monthly average? Weekly average?" Never got clarification, but she confessed she has fucked more girls than guys. I like that answer. It's best to leave a little mystery about yourself Tana. Just makes a girl seem sexier in a sweet and innocent coy kind of way. So we get our little slut naked and as soon as she experiences the Hitachi on that clit we get a taste of her "Take Charge" attitude and is not shy on what her "Daddy", I mean our stud Jon, needs to do in order to make her feel good. Settle down girl, we're friendly's here. Tana must fuck a lot of guys that have no clue what they're doing because she'll let you know if your doing it right. She'll also let you know when you're not, trust me, we heard. What's also very apparent is that Tana's a very vocal girl. Her play-by-play narrative sure kept me guessing the whole shoot as to whether this silky smooth, hot and sultry sex talk was just years of fine-tuned stripper dialogued regurgitated; or did she really want Jon to be her new "daddy" giving it to her every night with his big cock as she professed endlessly. I think some things are better left a mystery. What is clear is that Tana Waters knows her way around a cock and knows how to ride one as well. Her 3 years on the stripping circuit have given Tana the much coveted and sought after life skills that every young girls needs when entering adulthood, and they are on full display for your fapping pleasure. This scene is not very long, and neither are lap dances. But hey, this scene is far from a lap dance and the only similarities are that after you get one, you just want morrrrrre; and you'll want more of Tana Waters calling you daddy after watching this one. ENJOY!
Chanel Grey in Chanel Grey Likes A Finger In Her Ass As She Cums 15:01
Chanel Grey in Chanel Grey Likes A Finger In Her Ass As She Cums 15:01 All American blonde Chanel Grey may look all innocent when she goes off in the morning to college, but she is a freak under-cover that needs a big dick in her pussy every damn day! As soon as she cums home, she sluts it up and heads to her neighbors house so he can fuck her pussy and finger her ass!
Scarlett Bloom in Muladhara 7:59
Scarlett Bloom in Muladhara 7:59 Ebony beauty Scarlett Bloom is practicing yoga, her athletic figure mind-blowing in butt-hugging shorts. The cute American babe bends and stretches, pulling off her top to bare perfect-handful breasts with stiff nipples. She slides a hand into her shorts to rub her pussy, then peels them off, spreading her thighs as she circles her fingers over dark lips fringed with trimmed hair and a hot pink slit. Thrusting a couple of fingers deep inside, she frigs hard enough to make her lovely boobs jiggle. She moves to her knees, face down and flawless ass up, using both hands to masturbate to a powerful orgasm.
Ava Addams in Fourth of July: Big Butt Independence 12:00
Ava Addams in Fourth of July: Big Butt Independence 12:00 God bless America, the home of many sexy sluts, including the gorgeous goddess, Ava Addams. Her big tits are plump and perfect, but what really makes her hot as fuck is her big wet beautiful American ass. This Independence Day, show some patriotism and some love for one of the best porn stars America has to offer--the one and only Ava Addams!
Sigal Acon in Boobs Ahoy With Captain Sigal Acon 6:00
Sigal Acon in Boobs Ahoy With Captain Sigal Acon 6:00 Boobs Ahoy! We're boating with our new Captain Sigal Acon and she's having a blast on this pleasure cruise. Her name is pronounced Siggle. Think jiggle and you've got it. While our crew kept an eye out for other boaters, one-man subs and scuba divers, our photographer and Captain Sigal kept the action going on-deck so they could bring back photos and videos of this beautiful, busty sailor from St. Petersburg. That's St. Petersburg in Russia, not Florida. "There is a big difference between Russian girls and Ukrainian girls," Sigal explained. "Mentally we are quite close, but our looks are a little bit different. They are very curvy and beautiful. They have little bit darker colors. If she's Ukraine, she's definitely curvy, and in Russia, we also have curvy women but not usually like me." Sigal had a blast. "I expected to see something fancy, beautiful and Miami is an exciting place. I expected to see something fancy, and I do see it. I've always wanted to come here. I know about the culture, and I know people are very cool here. Everywhere around the world, wherever you travel, people talk about the American dream, about the American way of life, and I just wanted to see it with my own eyes. And here I am! "I've been surprised by the beautiful weather and how people are. They're so relaxed and having fun. Partying. It's so far what I expected to see, but when you see it with your own see, you know that the cake is tasty, but once you've tried it, you understand how it is exactly. So that's how I feel about being here: I tasted the cake!"
Fuck)Hannah Hays in Teen Hannah Hays Masturbation 10:02
Fuck)Hannah Hays in Teen Hannah Hays Masturbation 10:02 There are few girls as insanely sweet as teen Hannah Hays. And when she sets herself on a path to solo masturbation in the PervCity house, there are few things hotter. This blonde Southern belle is the epitome of American cuteness. She's so damn innocent, and yet she's so fucking naughty! She plays a game of hide-and-seek her small titties, and is surprised to find her nipples already hard. "I guess I’m really horny today," she says before stripping out of everything but her sporty knee-high socks and sneakers. With every sexually tense second that passes, the Georgia teenager gets filthier, until at last her fingers swim through her pink shaved pussy and a huge vibrating sex toy brings her to a panting and thigh-clenching orgasm!
Akihiko in Akihiko Wants To Be Just Like American Pornstars And Fuck Huge White Cock 14:59
Akihiko in Akihiko Wants To Be Just Like American Pornstars And Fuck Huge White Cock 14:59 Akihiko is your typical cool Japanese twenty-year-old. She loves cosplay, karaoke and American pop culture. So it was super easy to entice her into fucking a real porn star with a big cock, just like the American porn stars do! Akihiko got to the apartment fully shaved and ready to shove his big dick in her horny little pussy!
Zaya Cassidy in Tight Lipped 15:00
Zaya Cassidy in Tight Lipped 15:00 The very cute Zaya Cassidy came for one reason. She wanted some huge cock in her mouth and in her pussy. She was gorgeous eighteen year old Native American cutie pie. She explained how she wanted that huge cock in her mouth and all over her. First, she undressed and played with her sweet pussy. Then, Sean joined the party and she sucked on that dick. She got her sweet pussy and asshole munched on and then she got her pussy drilled. She got that cream plaster all over her pretty face.
Texas Patti in Creampie for MILF Texas Patti 8:01
Texas Patti in Creampie for MILF Texas Patti 8:01 German MILF Texas Patti loves fucking hot American guys. She called me to beg to fuck Dan, so I just couldn’t say no.
Fuck)Mia Bandini in Mia 11:00
Fuck)Mia Bandini in Mia 11:00 Prepare for one of the most epic and enthusiastic scenes ever on Black Ambush! Asian-American goddess Mia is personified sex on long legs, with a beautiful face, and a perfect, tight body, and pussy and ass to match. Her boyfriend should and probably is very proud of his princess, but princess didn't tell him that she's about to fuck a stranger on camera today. Naughty, naughty cheater Mia! Right off the bat there is definite chemistry between our white camera guy Troy and Mia. After taking photos and getting naked (OMG! Perfection!) our beautiful Filipina lets Troy finger her ass and pussy, and he can't believe how tight she is. When she says "it'll also probably be the BEST one you'll ever have", Troy can't resist the temptation to taste her and put a toy in her tiny ass. Everything is so pretty and petite about Mia, but her sexual appetite and attitude are absolutely enormous. The sexual tension between the two is palpable and the flirting and teasing would indicate exactly what's going to happen next, if this were any other site. But things aren't going to continue the way Mia thinks... Now naked and gorgeous, Mia masturbates with a vibrator when all of a sudden our big black stud Jovan walks in on her. WTF? Mia is rattled, sure, but she's also a closet nympho. Turned on by playing with Troy, and the sexual excitement about doing her first porn scene is trumped only by the fact that she's never had a black man before, and Mia is a curious girl. Troy gives her a chance to kill the scene and go home. But Mia is more than happy to see what hides behind big Jovan's pants. You know what, at this point this description could go on for another 10 pages. Because what follows now is so much enthusiastic, energetic, and real, awesome sex, that it should gets its blow-by-blow (hehe) account. But we just don't have the space. Let's just say that there isn't a dull moment in this 90+ minute long sex fest with Mia. Her blowjob, and cowgirl and reverse cowgirl on the couch alone might be enough to empty your tissue box. And that's just the warm-up, things get even more epic once our Asian babe and her black lover take things to the bed. Un-fucking-believably hot. If you can't imagine watching our petite Asian fitting that enormous black cock in her little mouth and tiny pussy, and taking it over and over and over again until she cums, just go ahead and click that download button and watch it. If you have the space and processing power, we highly recommend that 1080p HD version. It's absolutely glorious. We just want to say that Mia sucks, fuck, and takes the cum like a true pornstar, even though this is her first scene ever. A girl who loves and handles cock - especially a big one like Jovan's - the way Mia does, absolutely MUST become a pornstar. Seriously, this girl is born to fuck on camera. As Jovan and Troy say, Mia is their new all-time favorite. And that alone should tell you everything you need to know about how awesome this Asian babe is.
Gianna Dior in Pink Melody 7:59
Gianna Dior in Pink Melody 7:59 Hispanic beauty Gianna Dior is irresistible in sexy lingerie, swaying her hips seductively. She takes off her bra to reveal perky, uptilted breasts with tempting dark areolae. Pulling down her panties flirtatiously, she exposes her pretty pussy, with smooth lips and a neat dark triangle of bush. As the American sweetheart perches atop a white piano, she begins to stroke her clit, fingers moving in rapid circles. She squeezes her breasts, her nipples stiffening beneath her fingers, then sits with legs spread wide to strum her creamy pussy with greater intensity. Her moans grow more urgent as her pleasure builds, until she climaxes with a gasp of release.
Karly Baker in Playtime with Karly Baker 15:00
Karly Baker in Playtime with Karly Baker 15:00 I snatched a rare opportunity to do a scene with super kawaii American teen Karly Baker. I know this doesn't have much to do with Japan, but I sprinkled in some Japanese culture by teaching her a few Japanese words and asking her to don her schoolgirl knee-socks. Her adorable smile, bubbly personality, and fervent enthusiasm would make her quite popular in Japan.
Blondie Bombshell in Busty German babe Blondie Bombshell trades in bratwurst for some American sausage 15:00
Blondie Bombshell in Busty German babe Blondie Bombshell trades in bratwurst for some American sausage 15:00 Blondie Bombshell is visiting her friend. Unfortunately her friend is out of town, but her friend's husband, Rich, is around to entertain Blondie. Since the weather is horrible outside Rich decides to cook Blondie a traditional American breakfast, but he seems to be out of sausage. That's not a problem though as Blondie would rather suck and fuck Rich's sausage.