Ariel in ARIEL4913

Another week, another set of big, perfect tits. While it seems like we may just be recruiting girls by standing in the D cup aisle at Victoria's Secret and approaching the more 'open minded' girls, that's not the case at all. We're just very lucky. And by "we" we mean Jay. Of course this week you might ask if we recruit girls by standing outside the dermatologist's office. All we have to say is, hey check out those tits, huh? Epic! Anyway, it's Jay's problem. He's all alone with this busty beauty and on a mission to make her cum for your viewing pleasure. (Spoiler alert: mission is accomplished.) We don't learn very much about Ariel from Jay's interview except that she fancies herself a bit of a freak and she's not a great conversationalist. In between her murmuring she admits that she likes to film herself masturbating. But heck, what red blooded American girl doesn't these days!? What is most obvious, however, is that she's a submissive girl who loves to please a man. And by "a man" we mean Jay. That lucky bastard. Things start off well when Ariel drops to her knees and give Jay a little preview blowjob while she's getting ready. Once made up and dressed in a sexy piece of black lingerie, Jay gets Ariel to the bed for a bit more chit chat as he lubes up the Rabbit. Ariel admits she's never used it, but upon seeing her reaction we can imagine that it's the first thing she's going to buy with her Ex Co Gi paycheck. The vibrations get her going and nearly to the edge of orgasm, but not quite there. Jay takes a break and has her drop to her knees to show off more of her amazing blowjob skills. Once hard, Jay throws Ariel on the bed and gives her the pounding she's been craving. She can barely speak coherently as Jay fucks her and dominates her. He flips her over for that deep D and is surprised how quickly she orgasms from the pounding. After getting some more angles over Ariel's amazing tits bouncing, Jay has her drop back to her knees so he can glaze her face with a monster facial.

11 months ago