Gisele in GISELE 11:00
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Jane Wilde in HOME RUN 14:59 When Jane breaks up with her sports-obsessed boyfriend, she meets and instantly falls for one of his league baseball teammates, craving his big, black cock and has him run wicked around all her bases.
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Margarita in Petite Teen Stripped Out of Her Pajamas and Screwed! 9:59 Nubile brunette cutie Margarita has got a body that was just built for sex! She looks cute as a button as she peels off her outfit, her gorgeous mop of hair crowned by a white baseball cap. As she pulls down her pants, her stud Matthew bends her over at the waist, causing her to stick out her her ass in all its juicy glory. He can't resist touching her moist, smooth pussy, sliding two fingers into her hole and causing her to moan in pleasure. That ass is definitely the star of the show as the young hottie takes the dick from multiple angles, with a mix of excellent POV and close-up shots that are sure to drive you over the edge.
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Lexi Jaxson in Sexy Lexi 2 15:00 I went to the park to play a game of baseball when i spotted a beautiful blond with a sports bag filled with an assortment of tennis balls and rackets. I approached her and after the pleasantries, she said her name was Lexi Jaxson, a sports coach for hire. She mentioned that her clients cancelled for the day and that she was waiting for a ride home. I offered to take her home but she refused. I started to walk away and she called me back and accepted my offer. During the car ride I managed to persuade Lexi to go back to my hotel room and watch the game. When we arrived, I flashed her some cash for some ass. Lexi seized the opportunity to make some easy money. I fucked her all over the hotel room and then jizzed all over her face before sending her on her way.
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Barbie Banx in Major League Booty 6:00
Barbie Banx in Major League Booty 6:00 Hey, baby, I'm just getting ready for baseball practice," Barbie Banx says as our scene opens.
Nina Bell in Who's fucking Nina Bell? You! 6:00
Nina Bell in Who's fucking Nina Bell? You! 6:00 Nina Bell, a 48-year-old divorcee and mom, walks into her bedroom and finds a guy lying in her bed, jerking off. And who's the guy who's jacking off in her bed? You! Yes, you, member. You're the one with your dick out, stroking it like crazy under the sheets...Nina's sheets. "What are we going to do about this young man?" Nina says. "You've got stains on my bed!" Uh...sorry about that? "It's not appropriate," she says. "You're jerking off in my bed." But here's the thing: Nina doesn't run away. She doesn't throw a shit fit. She doesn't even tell you to put your cock back into your pants. Instead, she says, "I can help you, but I think you can help me, too." This scene was shot almost entirely from your point of view, so you're the one who's playing with Nina's big tits and it's your cock she's sucking and fucking and you're the one shooting your load all over her pretty face. As point-of-view scenes go, this is a heckuva good one. That's because Nina is a heckuva great MILF, even though she had never fucked on-camera before she came to us. She's a webcam model from Malibu, California who's 5'1" and weighs 133 pounds with DDD-cup tits she loves to show off. When this scene opens, she's wearing a halter top that displays a lot of cleavage. "I like to let the girls breathe," she said. "If I'm going out, I also like a very low-cut, sexy dress, a G-string or thong panties--or maybe no panties at all--and a pair of heels." Nina wants to travel to Fiji and Australia, explore Egypt and the Amazon and go zip-lining. Perfect date: "I like the beach. Anything outdoors or near the water. Sporting events like football, baseball and hockey games. I love miniature golf and real golf. Or just hanging out at a local pub, having a drink and relaxing." But how can a man relax when Nina and her big, beautiful tits are right in front of him? That'll get your heart racing. "I have so many sexual fantasies," she said. "Sex with someone famous, like a movie star or athlete; sex with a young man and having his wife or girlfriend watch; having sex in front of an ex-boyfriend. Swapping partners. Role play. Domination. The list is endless!" Fucking Nina is our fantasy. It just about comes true in this scene.
Tiffany Watson in Real Deal 15:00
Tiffany Watson in Real Deal 15:00 Tiffany Watson is a country bumpkin who came to us to become a porn star. She always knew she had the potential once she became sexually active. She even attempted to sleep with the entire baseball team of her school, but she was only able to get 5 of the
Haley Spades in Nookie Of The Year 15:00
Haley Spades in Nookie Of The Year 15:00 Baseball coach Billy Boston meets with tiny rookie Haley Spades to try and teach her how to play. After a few exercises outside, Billy decides to take the practice inside where he proposes that Haley practice with a different type of bat… his dick! When Haley uncovers that big hard cock she finally feels like she can show off her skills!
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Sarah Banks in Fucking After Midnight 10:00 It’s after midnight and Sarah Banks is home alone. She’s changing into her pjs when she hears someone downstairs. With her phone dead, Sarah has no choice but to grab a baseball bat and investigate for herself. She sees a masked man and runs back to her room to hide under the bed. The intruder searches the room, then leaves and Sarah makes a break for it. She runs into the hall and unwittingly falls right into the intruder’s arms. Sarah’s heart is racing, but his arms feel a little familiar. She just has to find out if his cock tastes familiar too.
Vivian Taylor in Stepsis' Pregnancy Plan 15:00
Vivian Taylor in Stepsis' Pregnancy Plan 15:00 Peter Green is watching a baseball game when stepsister Vivian Taylor reveals to him that she’s dating his favorite baseball player, and she always comes back from her dates with gifts. One day, Peter overhears the dude breaking up with Vivian over the phone and has an idea about how to not only help his stepsis but also the entire family. Peter points out that if Vivian were to get pregnant with the guy’s baby, he’d have to take care of her and the whole family would be set for life, so he offers to impregnate Vivian so that she can claim the baby is this guy’s! Vivian agrees, and is soon surprised to realize how good her stepbro is at having sex!