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in Stevie Shae Loves Getting Her Pussy Eaten 10:00 Blonde beauty Stevie Shae crosses her legs as she sits restfully in a chair a few steps away from the front of the stairs. She wears an aquamarine spaghetti-strapped top with the straps of her black bra peeking out and a pair of printed leggings. It looks like she doesn’t have any makeup on as she comfortably talks to someone. She knew wearing makeup is useless since she’s getting fucked today. She twists and turns the chair as she smirks and raises her arms up showing off her still fully-clothed big tits. She clasped her big breasts again showing her cleavage before standing up and heading out of the camera’s sight. She seems very excited for what is about to unfold. Stevie now lies bare naked on the maroon sofa. Her blonde locks and pale white skin standing out. With her big tits and tattoos exposed, James begins eating her freshly-shaven pussy. She looks disappointed though. It looks like she wasn’t feeling any pleasure or anything at all from the sexual action. James, seeing the disappointment in her eyes, turns her around with her bare ass cheeks facing him. He licks her clit and the walls of her pussy as she buries her face into the sofa. She is feeling too much already. Her pleasure is all over the place. She know she will explode any time now. She opts for a more satisfying position as she bends her knees with her tattooed arms stretched on the sofa’s headrest. He answers by pushing his tongue in and out of her already tight and wet pussy. She reached her peak and cummed for the first time. Not letting Stevie rest for a few seconds after that first orgasmic explosion, James lies her down again, her back on the sofa now. He raises both of her legs into her head and spreads them widely. Her pussy, still wet and dripping with cum, stretches wide with her legs. Still high with her first cum, she reaches her peak once more. She’s almost there. Not knowing how to handle it, she caresses her breasts, grabs his black hair and leads him how she wanted her pussy to be eaten. She cums for the second time around as he gives her what she badly wants. Still high from her second orgasm, James Deen plunges into her still-throbbing and wet pussy wanting to make her come one last time. She was taken aback. She just couldn’t recover from the pleasurable sexual feeling. She is already pushing him away, trying to stop him, almost begging as she feels that she is about to cum again. But he just would not budge, he grabs and locks her legs, wanting her to cum again and again. He wants her undeniably satisfied. And without any warning, with her back arched and legs shaking uncontrollably, she cums for the third time. Stevie Shae was too tired. She can barely move. But that was the best thing that ever happened to her and her pussy.
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in Black Patrol presents: I will catch any perp with a big black dick, and suck it. 11:40 Here we have another example of a DWB in progress. Our sexy police women said Derick was speeding, but I think they should review the footage. However, once you got someone pulled over, you’re gonna be able to find something. Which makes for a scary situation, so Dereck made the horrible mistake of running from the po po. That never turns out good, but this time it kinda did. Once everyones b***d was pumping, and Dereck was begging for his freedom, the ladies decided he could earn his way out. As soon as officer Harrison saw the size of that BBC, she just had to suck it, and officer Paige had to put in her time on that night stick as well. Then it was time for the perp to bury his face in pussy. The trio ended of fucking right there on some palest. Dereck payed his tickets by giving both ladies orgasms with his massive dick, then feeding one of these ladies a mouthful.
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Brittany Bliss in Brittany Bliss fucking in the couch with her small tits 15:00 Brittany Bliss is hanging out with her man's friend, Peter, while they wait for her man. They start talking, one thing leads to another, and soon Brittany is begging to get pounded by Peter.
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Teanna in TEANNA11311 11:00 After her budding porn career was discovered and outed on social media and then brought to her attention by her high school principal (he's probably a fan, hi dude!) Teanna's senior year has been less than traditional. So, she's not technically a 'college girl' but when you see her perfect body and enthusiastic deep throat skills you'll know why I shot her. In fact, her BJ skills are so amazing you'll see why I got it from as many different camera angles as I could. She's as talented as she is enthusiastic and you can see this in her performance.I start shooting right away because the story Teanna tells about getting booted out of high school is priceless. When she strips off her clothes and shows off her nearly flawless cheerleader body, you'll know why she caused such a stir at school: she's got a sex doll body and a nympho attitude to match. It's rare that a girl has a body that's a ten, a face that's a ten and then on top of that an attitude that's a ten, but Teanna nails it. She loves to fuck and she loves to do it on camera and it shows.As usual, I start with a vibrator and Teanna really likes it. So much so that as she gets more and more turned on and in no time is just begging for me to fuck her. I have to tell you, there is nothing as hot as an 18 year old begging for cock. Before I give it to her, I have her drop to her knees and prove how much she likes giving head. Verdict? She loves it. Before I blow my load in her mouth, I get her up on the bed and drill her to several nice orgasms. When she starts begging for me to cum on her face I can't really hold back much longer and I blow a monster load that coats her face and tits.You guys know that I always do my best to find true amateur college girls to exploit every week and Teanna is clearly none of those things, but she's also clearly lava hot and fucks like a fat girl with something to prove. So how could I let a few details stand in my way? I know you'll agree that she was worth bending the rules for.***NEW STREAMING VIDEO PLAYER!! Simply click the "WATCH FULL MOVIE NOW" link or click the "play" button and the movie will instantly stream - on any of your devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android)! ******If you prefer to download the full video, just RIGHT-CLICK the "DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE" link and select "Save As" (or similar wording depending on browser), and save to your computer.***
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Tommy King in Pregnancy Scare-Tactics 15:00 A man, Micah (Seth Gamble), is visited by his stepsister, Abby (Tommy King), who is upset as she clutches onto him for a tight hug before being led inside. Once they're comfortable, Abby reveals that she's convinced her fiancé is going to leave her, which shocks Micah.Micah offers to help her in any way he can, though reminds her that sometimes relationships, such as their own parents', don't work out. Abby seems to brush this off as she insists that that's why she's there -- he CAN help. That's when she shares her plan, which is that she thinks that if she were pregnant, she could get her fiancé to stay with her. However, since she's NOT pregnant, she wants Micah himself to impregnate her so that she can pretend it's her fiancé's.Micah is shocked and disgusted by how deceitful the plan is but Abby, desperate to remain in her relationship, begins manipulating him, trying to win him over by tugging at his heartstrings. Yet, Micah is unmoved... until Abby brings up his protective nature. That seems to strike a chord with Micah and Abby hones in, begging for his help.Finally, Micah's resolve crumbles and Abby is about to get everything she wants...
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