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in Jade Kush's oral dirt by Jonni Darkko 11:59 Naturally busty Asian bombshell Jade Kush rocks a bejeweled choker and a glamorous bikini. Jonni Darkko squeezes Jade's soft, silky tits, and she kneels to give the director's stiff dick an exquisite, POV blowjob. She wraps her perfect boobs around his meat for a titty-fuck and then deep-throats his hard cock to the root. Jade gags as Jonni fucks her face, and she hungrily slurps on his balls. After a wet session of oral perversion, he splatters Jade's beautiful visage with a massive load of sperm.
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in Beach Days (And Beach Fucks!) 15:01 Voluptuous raven-haired babe Jadynn Stone is in the middle of a sexy beach photo shoot in her hot pink bikini when she's surprised to run into her friend Alex Legend. The tattooed stud is happy to jump in and pose with Jadynn and her big tits that keep popping out of her top as soon as he shows up! It's the photographer's lucky day as he gets to capture Jadynn sucking Alex's cock and follow them back to Alex's place for even hotter sex. Alex fucks those big titties and Jadynn gets her pussy pounded before taking a load on her face.
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in Becumming Bisexual #03 - Adira Allure, Dereck Defendi & Steve Rickz 15:00 Adira Allure is relaxing on the beach in her bikini, having a good time with her boyfriend Steve Rickz and their friend Dereck Defendi. But then Adira gets a message from her friend Charlotte, who is supposed to be Dereck's date today. It turns out that Charlotte is stuck at work and won't be able to join them.Adira shares the bad news with the two men, but suggests an alternative plan so Dereck won't be without a date... he could join her and Steve for a threesome! Steve assures Dereck that it would be fine, because he shares Adira with lots of guys.Dereck is open to the idea, so they go back to Adira's place to get started. She demonstrates her cocksucking skills by giving Dereck a blowjob, while Steve eagerly watches. Eventually, Steve joins in to fuck Adira, and Dereck comments that Steve has a nice cock. Adira says that sucking Steve's dick with another guy would be really hot, and Dereck agrees to give it a try... if Steve's okay with it, that is. Steve admits that he's never had his cock sucked by another guy before, but there's a first time for everything!
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in Noemie Bilas's blowjob xxx by Spizoo 15:32
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in Bubbly Catalina's bikini video 8:00
in Trouble In Paradise: Part 2 15:00
in Trouble In Paradise: Part 2 15:00 During the events of 'Trouble In Paradise: Part 1', Eliza Ibarra and Kenzie Anne each had a heated argument with their respective partners, Spencer Bradley and Kenna James. Eliza and Kenzie each stormed off in a huff and, coincidently, ran into each other at the pool. One thing led to another, and Eliza and Kenzie decided to start fooling around with each other behind their partners' backs. But little do they know that there's an ENTIRE other side to this story that's happening at the exact same time...Kenna is sulking in her room, her emotions raw after the fight she just had with Eliza. After a few moments, Spencer arrives and the two women are surprised to find out that they BOTH had fights with their girlfriends at the exact same time. This wasn't how this couples vacation was supposed to go! Spencer and Kenna each thought that getting away like this would HEAL their relationship, not complicate them even further.But as Kenna and Spencer chat, they realize that they might have more in common with each other than they have with their actual girlfriends. Sparks begin to fly between them and they eventually decide to get intimate, keen on giving their newfound desire a chance. They promise to tell Eliza and Kenzie about it after, but little do they know that they're doing the exact same thing at the poolside. Will this unconventional couple swap lead to a new level of understanding for these couples, or disaster?
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in Alina Has A Messy Mouth 12:14 I was walking outside, enjoying the view and watching people paddleboard, and a bright flash of bikini caught my eye. Yep. It was being worn by a totally hot girl. She was easy to talk to and gave me her number. Of course I texted her. Wow! What a sweet, wet mouth…
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in Pornditos - pornditos action 12:01
Crystal Chase - Bikini Sex 20:14
Crystal Chase - Bikini Sex 20:14
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Kyra Hot in Slip and Slide Into Kyra Hot 12:00 Sizzling Kyra Hot shows off her perfect body in a sheer, blue dress and tiny bikini. Kyra has the most gorgeous, round tits and an ass that just won't quit! Horny Kyra soaks her amazing body in oil, drenching it in the shower and playing with her tight pussy. Kyra's tits giggle as she fingers herself and moans out for more; her bedroom eyes are just begging for a big, hard cock. Enter Maximo Garcia, who is packing exactly what hot Kyra desires. Maximo soaks Kyra's body in even more oil before filling her holes and making her scream out in ecstasy!
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Braylin Bailey in Wrecking Braylin’s Tight Pussy 12:00 Jax Slayher is excited, on his way to see cute, bubbly blonde Braylin Bailey. As he drives her way with his cameraman in the van, she gives him a call and tells him she’s ready for him. Sexy, petite blonde Braylin is lounging around in her white and gold bikini, looking as delicious as can be. He’s thrilled upon first glance, excited to get a chance to destroy her tight little trimmed pussy. This naughty blonde beauty is definitely in a Big Cock mood!
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Cindy Starfall in Cindy Starfall Petite Asian Cock Sucker 13:00 Cindy Starfall Petite Asian Cock Sucker. "Treat me like the little slut that I am." That's a quote from Cindy Starfall said while riding Ramon Nomar's cock in this slice of SWEET PETITE 2. Now there's a sentiment we can all support. You like Asians? How about slutty Asians in a fish net bikini top, black bottoms and red fuck me pumps? This natural, glamorous, brunette trollop teases the camera, plays with herself and then fucks for all she's worth. Voicing her pleasure and urging on the cocksman she's servicing is just a prelude to the facial Cindy worked so hard for. Look at the satisfied smile on her face as cum drips off her chin. Cindy Starfall really is a hot little slut, you'll see.
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Payton Preslee in Payton Preslee: Oily Tits, Twat & Feet 11:59 Bedecked in slutty heels, fishnets and skimpy, two-piece underwear, stacked brunette Payton Preslee floods her curvaceous frame in an ocean of shiny oil. Veteran fucker Michael Stefano soaks her big, round ass in the clear, slick lubricant, massaging into her hot skin. He strips off Payton's platform shoes and greases her bare feet. Michael indulges his foot fetish, humping her slippery soles while she uses her wet toes to stroke his prick! Michael fucks her cunt doggie-style while she screams with joy. Payton wraps her big tits around his boner, and he serves her a thrusting titty fuck! The stud shoves his cock in her mouth and drives way down to his ball sack, taking a deepthroat blowjob. They bump and grind in several clam-jamming positions as her shimmering boobs bounce and sway delightfully. He tastes Payton's feet with more lewd worship until reaching orgasm. Michael spews his load onto the top of Payton's spread toes. She slurps sticky cum from her foot and eats the mess!
Aiden Ashley, Whitney Wright in Role Models: Out Of Her Comfort Zone 15:00
Aiden Ashley, Whitney Wright in Role Models: Out Of Her Comfort Zone 15:00 Aiden Ashley is a newly-out lesbian who is fresh from a recent divorce. She decides to shake things up a little by learning a new skill: swimming- but when she arrives at the swimming lesson location... she gets second thoughts. Just as she's about to make her way out, however, she is stopped by her new instructor, Whitney Wright, who asks her why she won't give the swimming class a chance. Aiden hesitates a moment and then reveals that she feels self-conscious about her body. Aiden looks at Whitney's bikini admiringly and says that if she wore something like that, she wouldn't look sexy in the least bit.Whitney can't help but disagree- she thinks that Aiden has an exquisite body, and would look sexy in ANYTHING that she wore. But Aiden isn't only self-conscious about her body, she's also worried that she'll look stupid in the ugly bathing suit she brought. Whitney agrees that the bathing suit leaves much to be desired, but she's determined to make Aiden feel like the goddess she truly is. She takes out a bikini and offers it to Aiden- it's never been tried on and she always keeps extras just in case her students forget theirs. Aiden agrees and leaves to go get changed. As Aiden slips in her new red bikini inside the house, she shoots peeks at Whitney as she rubs suntan lotion on her arms and thighs outside by the pool.When Aiden comes out of the house, Whitney is in awe of how sexy she looks in the bikini. Aiden seems happier, and more confident about her body. She thanks Whitney, and explains that it's been hard for her to feel beautiful these days- especially after her recent divorce. When Whitney shares that she's a lesbian as well, and offers to introduce Aiden to her friends and the rest of the community if she would like. Aiden is heartwarmed- she would love that, and that's actually one of the reasons she booked this swimming lesson: to get out of her comfort zone and meet new people. She's happy that she did- Whitney's taught her a whole lot already- she wonders what ELSE she can teach her. Whitney grins, mentioning that since she is SUPER early and the other swimmers won't be arriving for a while, she COULD lead Aiden in a little pre-swim warm-up. Aiden agrees, and they have playful sex on the poolside where Aiden will demonstrate just how deep she is willing to dive into her new sexuality.
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Nicki Blue in Never Saw It Cumming 14:59 Nicki was modeling her new bikini for me one day so I decided to pull out the camera and record her. You know, for posterity. A part of me was hoping that the camera would make her think about doing something else besides posing for it - and I was right! She, literally, couldnt wait to suck my cock and started begging for it. She likes to do it slow and keep me on the edge which drives me crazy every time! Nicki was in a kinky mood and I know she loves it in her ass because it makes her cum hard! So up her back door my dick went and I slammed that tight asshole until she came repeatedly! Nicki wasnt paying attention to how well she was stroking my meat and when I shot my load it hit her face on 3 different spots and caught her ass off guard! I laughed...
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Jia Lissa, Kalisy in Summer Fun Episode 4 - Love Match 11:57
Jia Lissa, Kalisy in Summer Fun Episode 4 - Love Match 11:57 Cute sexy girlfriends Jia Lissa and Kalisy get frisky playing backyard volleyball, as episode four of Sandra Shine’s erotic series "Summer Fun" begins. Having kissed through the net, Kalisy leads Jia to a nearby chair, tugs down her bikini top and sucks the rosy pink nipples of her lovely small breasts. The stunning redhead is soon perfectly naked, with Kalisy flicking her tongue up and down the slit of her juicy pussy with its natural red bush. By the time Kalisy replaces her tongue with probing fingers, Jia is so aroused she lifts her ass off the chair to enable her lover to thrust at full throttle, driving her to an orgasm that makes her whole body quiver. They gaze amorously into each other’s eyes and kiss passionately, before adorable Kalisy sits naked in Jia’s lap, ready for some romantic attention. Jia strokes and finger-bangs her unshaven pussy, then kneels to eat it voraciously. Kalisy grinds on her sweetheart’s pretty face, head thrown back in ecstasy as she climaxes noisily. The two beautiful girls kiss through the afterglow lovingly, their "Summer Fun" definitely not over just yet.
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Yoha in Yoha: Latina MILF Gets Her Backdoor Plugged 9:59 Yoha is outside looking absolutely delectable in her slutty bikini... she's feeling horny and can't wait for her tight ass to be fucked hard.
Bimbo Kaya in BIMBO TIME WITH BIMBO KAYA 6:01 In school, I was known for my exotic looks and developed body, said Bimbo Kaya in her breathless, babydoll voice. It's obvious that all the guys were after her, and even more so now. The bikini top and micro-shorts she's wearing in this scene is her best and sexiest outfit from all her SCORELAND shoots. Bimbo Kaya inspires as many enthusiastic comments about her thick bush as she gets about her big, pliable tits. A high-voltage girl loaded with sex juice, Bimbo Kaya sucks on her nipples for almost half the running time of this video before she gets busy on her clit and hairy pussy, rubbing out an orgasm. When Bimbo Kaya's home, her favorite place to masturbate is the shower. She keeps a Hitachi wand by her bed so she can wind down her day.
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Brynn Michaels in Brynn Michaels Makes Mouth Magic 15:00 I thought I would be hanging out at the pool alone until a flash of purple caught my eye. It was the curviest cutie ever in a shiny purple bikini coming to join me.
Sha Rizel in LUSCIOUS IN LINGERIE 6:00 Seeing Sha Rizel pour out of her lingerie in this video and photo spread makes it abundantly clear why the raven-haired beauty is a major favorite. "Guys look. They stare. They sometimes say things like, 'Nice body,' or 'Nice breasts.' Sometimes they don't say anything, but I know what they are thinking. Sometimes they are with their girlfriend or wife and she gets mad. I think that's funny." SCORE magazine editor Dave wrote, "When you have a combination like Sha + Bikini, you could pose her in front of cardboard and nobody would notice the background. But you know us: We're suckers for photographing busty babes in tropical locations."
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Payton Preslee in Payton Preslee: POV Fuck & Cum Facial 12:00 Super-stacked Payton Preslee wears a see-through bikini and sparkly, blue stockings as she teases. On a private date with director/performer Mick Blue, the frisky porn starlet with the shiny, black hair shakes her big boobs and thick rump, eager for intense pussy pounding. Mick shoots enticing, POV-style footage through the course of their tryst. He oils her huge, luscious knockers to start, and Payton bounces them for the camera, making sure we get every angle. Mick frottages Payton, rubbing his massive meat in the crack of her chunky butt cheeks. Payton kneels to give his big cock a nasty blowjob. She chokes and drools on his boner; she lewdly rims his bunghole; she talks dirty through sloppy titty fuck. As Payton takes a fuck ride on Mick's meat, her glistening glutes shine. Skin-slamming intercourse climaxes with a messy cum facial.