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Adelyn, Eyla Moore in LESBIAN LOCKDOWN 9:00
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Jasmine Rouge in My Perverted Step-Family - Scene 1 15:00
Jasmine Rouge in My Perverted Step-Family - Scene 1 15:00
in Kinky Blindfolded Teen Gets Puffy Pussy Pummeled! 10:00
in Kinky Blindfolded Teen Gets Puffy Pussy Pummeled! 10:00 This young cutie just loves to use her mouth in all kinds of slutty ways! Her boyfriend blindfolds her, and she eagerly opens her mouth, willing to take whatever he wants to give her. At first he slides a lollipop in to her gullet, and she licks it erotically, just as if it was a cock. Then, as her boyfriend unbuckles his pants with the other hand, he slides the real thing into her mouth! She rapidly starts pumping her lips up and down on the knob, groaning in delight as she tastes the first drops of salty precum. Her stud quickly slips it into her pussy from the back, rutting her hard and fast before he dumps a load in her throat.
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Indica Monroe in My Hot Cuck Wife Gets Me A Busty 19 Year Old for New Years 15:00 My Wife is great but never did I think she would get me a hot 19-year-old to have sex with to bring in the new year, I knew I was in for a surprise when my wife blindfolded me, the whole time I thought she was touching me never did I think when I took off the blindfold I would see Indica. Her blonde hair and big tits were exactly what I like, my wife really is the best especially after she let me cum in her tight pink pussy.
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Lola Taylor in Shades of Kink 15:00 Coming home late, Russian blonde Lola Taylor tiptoes inside and finds her husband Kai Taylor sitting alone in the dark. He calmly explains that his wife has, once again, disrespected his time. Throwing open the doors to their BDSM dungeon, it's time for Lola's kinky punishment! The sexy submissive eagerly lets herself be bound, gagged, whipped, and fucked with a BBC dildo. After some wax play, Kai loosens his wife's bondage and handcuffs, so he can thrust his throbbing cock inside her. Being dominated fills Lola with such erotic pleasure that she's brought to the brink of orgasm. But the little Slav doesn't dare climax yet--not until Sir gives his permission!
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Blue Angel, Vicky Love in Dark Desires 11:59 Sexy blonde Blue Angel stands motionless as a leather collar is placed around her neck, in Nik Fox’s stunning erotic movie "Dark Desires." She is blindfolded and a hand smears her lipstick and caresses her gorgeous body through her lace lingerie. Dressed in black stockings and strappy underwear, hot brunette Vicky Love is the one tormenting her with pleasure. She rubs Blue Angel’s pussy until the blonde’s knees buckle and she sinks to the floor. Vicky straddles her face, grinding her pussy against her submissive’s mouth, gasping as Blue Angel’s tongue works its magic. She pulls Blue Angel to her feet for a passionate kiss, removing her blindfold so they can gaze into each other’s eyes. Blue lies across Vicky’s lap for a spanking, her bare ass jiggling with each slap. Vicky fingers her juicy pussy deep and hard, driving her to an overwhelming orgasm. Now Blue is eager for another taste of Vicky’s wet pussy, eating her to a powerful climax.
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Emily Willis in Fantasy 12:01 In Emily's fantasy, her partner brings her a man. His only definable quality is a well-hung cock. She can see her partner but never the man's face as they penetrate her.
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Kennedy Kressler, Jenna Foxx in Model Misbehavior 2 15:00 Blonde cutie Kennedy Kressler’s asshole fiancé cheated on just before their wedding and she’s devastated. Luckily, ebony hottie Jenna Foxx is making everything better as she brings her perfect tits out to play before diving her tongue deep in her best friend’s tight pussy!
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Audrey Madison in Blindfold Prank 15:00 Oliver Faze attempts to prank his stepmom, Audrey Madison, into fucking him using flowers, a note, and a blindfold. The prank goes better than he anticipated, and soon enough, Oliver is fucking his stepmom in the shower. Audrey is stunned when the blindfold comes off to find she is fucking her stepson instead of her husband. But afterward, she can’t stop thinking about it, and they begin to have more encounters—no blindfold needed anymore.
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Helena Price in Relinquishing Control 15:01 This Mylf Classics update features Helena Price and JMac. Originally released February 18th, 2019, this MylfDom scene was and still is a major hit! Helena Price is a boss lady who’s usually dominating in the world of business, but she’s been craving to relinquish all control and be a submissive slut. When she meets JMac, he instructs her to blindfold herself and wait for him to come to her. Suddenly, a hard cock is shoved into her mouth and dick domination begins. Helena is finally being shown what it means to be fully dominated!
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Ava Dior in AVA DIOR 11:00 Thinking she's doing another regular scene like ExCoGi, here is 18 yo Ava Dior blindfolded taking Isiah's big black cock... turns out she loved it.
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Jamie Michelle in Sexy Wife Jamie's Hard BBC Surprise 13:00 Sexy milf wife Jamie has a big hard thick BBC surprise waiting for her in the next room as a gift from her husband. Isiah greets Jamie in and lets her know he has a blindfold for her to wear as well so she can get to know the hard big black cock that is about to enter her hot holes with her other senses. As soon as Jamie has her hand stroking that cock she just needs to see it and suck it! She sees it with her eyes licking and sucking every inch down her throat before Isiah bends her over and slips his throbbing cock inside her tight wet married pussy. Jamie orgasms as he gives her that good big dick and coming all over her face, tits and pussy for some great pics to send to her husband of a job well done.
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Fuck)Nora, Shelby in Three Beautiful Teens Play a Sex Game with One Guy 10:00 Devon may be the luckiest guy ever! He's playing a blindfolded sex game with a trio of delicious teens, Nora, Shelby and Harper. Unable to see, Devon stumbles around until his hands find Shelby's big tits and Nora's mouth finds his hard cock. The girls giggle and tease him into bed where they take turns sucking him off and offering their tight pussies and assholes for him to screw. This is one of the hottest teen threesomes ever put to film. With so many hungry wet holes, Devon definitely has his hands full.
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Angelika Grays in ANAL PASSION 10:00 As Kristof opens the door to his room, he discovers that the room has been specially designed for him. Angelika Grays, blindfolded and dressed in her most exciting lingerie is waiting patiently on his bed. Knowing that his partner is very fond of anal pleasure, she has prepared herself especially for the occasion. It is not the first time that their road crosses and it will certainly not be the last one...
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Suzie Carina, Ariel Piper Fawn, Stasy Rivera in Ariel's Secret - Project 5 Stasy Rivera 12:00 Sexy redhead Stasy Rivera is the lucky recipient of amorous attention in "Project 5" of Andrej Lupin’s powerful erotic series "Ariel’s Secret." She lies naked and blindfolded, awaiting the touch of an unknown lover. At first, she is unaware that two masked beauties have entered the room: gorgeous Suzie Carina, and legendary model and producer Ariel Piper Fawn herself. Ariel strokes Stasy’s silky skin, licking and gently biting her nipples, as Suzie begins to kiss up her inner thigh. Together, they spread Stasy’s shaved pussy open and tease her exposed clit, pausing to kiss each other passionately. Ariel bares her beautiful big breasts, her nipples brushing Stasy’s body as she licks and kisses her. Stasy’s gasps grow more urgent as both her unseen lovers finger her pussy, making her buck and writhe in ecstasy. They leave her dazed and smiling, to process the intense experience.
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Peta Jensen, Bill Bailey in The Blindfold Massage 12:00 Peta Jensen has made an appointment at an underground black market spa and she has no idea what to expect. Luckily for her, she’s in for the fucking of a lifetime as she has been assigned not one but two big hard cocks to satisfy her every need.
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