Lexi Lowe, Danielle Maye in ZZ Superhero Showdown 11:59
Lexi Lowe, Danielle Maye in ZZ Superhero Showdown 11:59 These mean streets have two bodacious blonde superheroes defending the people against the terror that awaits them, but Nite-Fox (Danielle Maye) and Lupus (Lexi Lowe) can't seem to get along. Facing the dreaded Union Jack, these two big-titted Brits battle for the chance to make the final blow, but their fighting soon turns to fucking as they strip down to their boots, get nice and wet, and scissor like two lesbian sluts. In need of some penetration, Lupus grabs a long pole, shoves one end up Nite-Fox's tight twat, and rides the other end with her own wet pussy. These two badasses finally set aside their differences, working together to achieve mind-blowing orgasms, the likes of which have never been seen before.
Ruby O'Connor in Shower time with Ruby O'Connor 6:01
Ruby O'Connor in Shower time with Ruby O'Connor 6:01 Much too much time has passed since we last saw Ruby O'Connor. It would have been even longer had we not found this photo set and video buried in our archive. Hey, it's a big archive and sometimes shit happens. This is a solo scene in which Ruby, a 56-year-old wife, mother and grandmother from Arizona, starts off in sexy lingerie and knee-high boots. "What do you think about this outfit?" Ruby asks us in the video. "It's hot and kind of fetishy. It just turns me on wearing it." Eventually, Ruby takes a shower, getting her hot body all nice and wet, then gets off. 50PlusMILFs: You're a swinger. You must have some stories. Can you share one with us? Ruby: Sure. I've had a couple of threesomes, and the guy I had the threesome with moved away, so he said, "You and your husband need to join a swingers website," and we did, and it was funny because the very first night that we joined the website was a meet-and-greet and hotel takeover, so that was my introduction to the swinger lifestyle, and what was funny about that was I found out what a Sybian is. 50PlusMILFs: For the readers who might not know, tell us what a Sybian is. Ruby: A Sybian is like riding a bull, but you have a cock on it that's remote-controlled. That was quite an experience! I didn't wade in. I went in the deep end! A girl just led me over to it, and I started riding and was very turned on. I didn't notice at first that everybody was watching, but it was an exciting adventure. 50PlusMILFs: And then you had a threesome the same night. Ruby: Yes, with my husband and another guy. 50PlusMILFs: Are you into ladies? Ruby: I have had a little bit of contact with other women, but I like hard cock. I went to a house party and they had a sex swing hanging from a ceiling, so I experienced that with a little prompting from another woman. She ate my pussy while I was on the swing, and that was good, but that's about my contact with other women so far. 50PlusMILFs: Have you ever been with more than two men at once? Ruby: One time. It was just two guys, and my husband was filming. That turns him on a lot! We have a lot of good sex videos, and we watch them together. He gets really hard and I get really wet and we end the night really fucking wild. 50PlusMILFs: Well, Ruby, you came to the right place. Ruby: I did!
Samantha Saint in Samantha Saint Big Tit Blonde Bombshell Oiled Up Fucked Hard 13:00
Samantha Saint in Samantha Saint Big Tit Blonde Bombshell Oiled Up Fucked Hard 13:00 Samantha Saint Big Tit Blonde Bombshell Oiled Up Fucked Hard. From the incredibly well lubricated OIL OVERLOAD 12 comes the beautiful, busty blonde, Samantha Saint. Clad in dominatrix rubber and fishnet lingerie, black leather spike heeled boots, carrying a riding crop, and looking fucking beautiful, Samantha is a dream come true. Watch how good this vision is with a cock. Real, real good.
Lana Smalls in Lana Smalls: Submissive Girl Squirts! 15:00
Lana Smalls in Lana Smalls: Submissive Girl Squirts! 15:00 Cute, young Lana Smalls is a slim, oversexed tart -- a sweet girl that takes pride in being nasty! She shows up at director Bryan Gozzling's place in a tight, sheer skirt and cowboy boots. When the depraved, dominant stud describes what's about to take place, Lana beams with excitement. Bryan has his way with her, fondling her body as she stands timidly in front of the couch. He strips off her clothes and fingers her twat as Lana trembles in ecstasy. Passionate kissing leads to crude cocksucking, Lana salivating as she slurps Bryan's boner. Lana chokes on cock through a throat-fucking blowjob, and then spreads her legs for deep pussy drilling. The lewd fuck date delivers choking, spanking, and Lana's multiple squirting orgasms! The dirty girl Lana rims Bryan's bunghole and finally opens wide for a huge cum facial.
Gina Valentina in Horny Latina Teen Gina Valentina Masturbates Outside 10:15
Gina Valentina in Horny Latina Teen Gina Valentina Masturbates Outside 10:15 Latina teen Gina Valentina doesn't need to tell you she's a horny girl. It's pretty obvious when she turns up wearing ankle-high boots, Daisy Duke cutoffs, and a skimpy white tank top. Of course, this doesn't stop her from emphasizing the point by saying it out loud. And it certainly doesn't stop her from stripping naked in our backyard, either. The naughty brunette dribbles spit all over her small tits and hard nipples, before pulling her PervCity panties into a hairy pussy camel toe. She gives us a little show with her sexy big ass, and the tease makes her hot. She's so wet by the time she's naked that she just goes ahead and masturbates outside. She doesn't care if the neighbors catch her. In fact, kinky Gina is counting on it!
Desiree in The Big-Titted Girl In Gold Boots 6:00
Desiree in The Big-Titted Girl In Gold Boots 6:00 This horny fellow still lives with his parents. Blame these difficult economic times. His parents are not home so he sees this as an opportunity to have a private party with a hooker. Living at home saves money even if it does put a damper on dating. When the folks are out the son will have some dirty fun. He checks out an outcall escort service and picks redhaired hottie Desiree as his play-for-pay bride for the night. He must have seen her previous SCORE videos and been impressed. Desiree shows up wearing a super-tight, low-cut dress that can barely contain her creamy-white 36 triple-D sucklers. She wears a bikini top under her dress to secure and support her flesh bombs. Black-mesh thigh-high stockings, black mesh panties and long gold boots that almost cover all of her thighs complete the slutty-hottie look. Clearly, Desiree must fetch a fine price for her expert services with a buxom, curvy body like that. She asks her new client what he desires today. Blow job? Tit-fuck? The man goes for broke and wants full-service. Sucking, fucking, blowing his load all over her. If it's full-service he wants, full-service is what Desiree is going to deliver. A highly-skilled professional, Desiree undresses him quickly and efficiently. Satisfaction is her goal and she knows exactly what guys want: the fuck fantasy, the total sex pleaser. The dude made a great pick when he chose Desiree. She'll drain him dry!
Kayley Gunner in Kayley Gunner Is A Smoking Hot Sex Kitten 15:01
Kayley Gunner in Kayley Gunner Is A Smoking Hot Sex Kitten 15:01 Kayley Gunner is a sensual sex kitten that loves to show off her amazing body. She slides up her amazing snakeskin thigh-high boots and her hottest lingerie. Her sex appeal is off the charts, wait till she starts rubbing her perfect clit! She loves to get her tight pussy licked and devoured before jumping up on his dick and taking a ride!
Gina Valentina in All-Natural Gina Valentina Receives Intense Anal Pounding 11:00
Gina Valentina in All-Natural Gina Valentina Receives Intense Anal Pounding 11:00 Gina Valentina is a sexy tattooed hottie who loves flaunting her all-natural body in front of the camera. The allure of her irresistible figure increases tenfold as she wears tight red latex lingerie and black thigh-high latex boots. The gorgeous tattooed brunette perfectly knows how to make any man want to have a taste of her. She teases the camera with her seductive moves before stripping down and playing with her natural tits and hairy pussy. The sweet girl then drops on her knees and gives Mick Blue a sloppy blowjob. After making sure that his stiff cock is hard and ready for action, Gina bends over on the couch and offers her tight asshole to the lucky stud. Moans of pleasure fill the room as Gina takes an intense anal pounding doggystyle. Her body shivers in delight as she rides Mick in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Gina then blows Mick's cock again before giving him a rimjob. The horny lad returns the pleasure by banging Gina's ass in spoon and missionary before cumming all over her tits and face.
Hime Marie in Miss Hime Marie Is An Asshole Gaping Champion 13:00
Hime Marie in Miss Hime Marie Is An Asshole Gaping Champion 13:00 Hime Marie and Mick Blue showcase in this anal flourish from Jules Hime Marie is decked out in black interstellar webbing with shimmering boots. The little dearie has an infectious smile and huge brown eyes. She runs an ass jiggling tease then winds up on a kitchen bar with ribbed glass dildo in hand. She pops it in her ass a few stops like a router bit, then a horny Mick Blue emerges to partake in the fun. Hime Marie donates her eager throat to Blue’s cock, then she stands and props a leg on the bar while standing. Mick drives his dick into her asshole, the harlot enjoys and says “I’m cumming” as he continues his romp. The sexy tramp moves to a barstool and sits with legs spread in the air. Mick yo-yos between pussy and asshole then they make their way to a bedroom. Blue fucks Hime’s asshole as she’s folded with her leg in her hand. They transition to reverse-cowgirl until the tart lies back on Mick. She does this so she can put on a little gape show for the camera. They switch back to cowgirl, Blue alternating holes once more. They move to missionary as Mick drills her twat. They jump off the bed and Hime Marie drops to her knees. Blue deposits a helping of jizz to Marie’s face and mouth. She puts on a burble then swallows and smiles…
Lara in Holey Inappropriate 13:38
Lara in Holey Inappropriate 13:38 Before you all start tweeting me, no I haven’t spelt the title wrongly. It’s a play on words and if you watch the update then all will be become clear. I am becoming quite a fan of tights or as they’re known outside of the UK, pantyhose. However, I can’t seem to get through a day without making huge ladders and holes in them. These electric blue ones seem quite thick but they’re actually quite sheer as you can see when I pull them up high and stuff my hands inside them. With my ankle boots on, I remind myself of Smurfette. I
Vina Sky in Oiled Minx Vina Sky Takes Two Cocks In Her Tiny Ass 13:01
Vina Sky in Oiled Minx Vina Sky Takes Two Cocks In Her Tiny Ass 13:01 Uber sexy Vina Sky delivers a filthy feast of slippery sexual solidarity with Jules Jordan and Steve Holmes in this wickedly entertaining anal fuck show. Devilishly diminutive queen Sky is draped in what could be described as a sexual safety harness. The killer garb is matched with a delightful pair of pink high heeled boots. The outfit suits Vina perfectly while it should be mentioned all the action takes place on a razzleberry purple loveseat. Oil is immediately brought into play and Vina says “it’s so that cock can slip right inside of me”. Sky is very liberal with her pours and the two rascals are all too eager to shine up Vina’s modelesque chassis. Next Vina fills up said chassis by poking the end of the squeeze bottle into her tiny asshole. She fires the liquid out in a powerful stream. It’s a trick worthy of a night time light show but we’ll take what we can get as Sky has more tricks up her ass… The scoundrels put a large toy in the now fully lubed hole and Vina pops it out in a twisted game of catch. Holmes deviously remarks “what an amazing asshole you have”. The talented trio proceed to put on an anal hardcore romp layered in oil. Vina’s glossy frame oozes sexy in doggy and missionary when railed on the arm of the loveseat. Special mention that the hard working Sky wears those sexy boots throughout. Including a sidemount anal ride on the floor with Holmes. All the debauchery resolves itself as Vina’s beautiful face awaits a double dose of glamour glue. She expertly handles the evacuations. Giggling graciously on fade..
Christie Stevens in Blonde Ass Slut Christie Stevens 10:59
Christie Stevens in Blonde Ass Slut Christie Stevens 10:59 Blonde ass slut Christie Stevens might play up the innocent girl act with her pig tails, but she is hungry for Mike Adriano's big dick. In fact, wearing a sexy pink collar tells you all you need to know: she's a total anal sex slave! Well, she's more of a slave to sodomy, really, because she doesn't need any urging to jump her big ass on your prick. She looks like a futuristic sex doll in calf-high boots. Her big tits push from her green mesh top and her shaved pussy is open and ready. But in this future, Christie is a spitty deepthroat dirty girl. She washes her gape in the shower, spurting water from her sphincter, before biting her shirt as you fuck her ass to pussy and cum in her mouth.
Honour May in Revenge Is Sweet 15:00
Honour May in Revenge Is Sweet 15:00 Jaz (Honour May) is one of the world's most infamous hackers, but even outlaws have bosses. When street tough Grayson (Danny D) shows up at her door to retrieve intel she owes the boss, Jaz must quickly figure out a way to keep her hold on both the precious data and the bodyguard's good graces. After all, Jaz wants to start her own company... and the cunning cyber-criminal will need all the backup she can get!
Jesse Jane in Jesse Jane Cuffs And Stuffs A Mega Huge Cock 13:01
Jesse Jane in Jesse Jane Cuffs And Stuffs A Mega Huge Cock 13:01 Jesse Jane is a cum seeking commandant in this scene from Jules The blonde vixen is decked out in playful “officer naughty” garb. Jane’s long blonde hair and modelesque face bring life to the faux law enforcement outfit. It consists of tight black short shorts, a blue top that’s equally tight and a pair of thigh-high black boots. A hat and CHP styled sunglasses round off the ensemble. Jesse’s on the case and she should get extra credit for her seamless strides with those high-heeled boots. After making her way up a stairwell and along a back wall she encounters a deadpan Chris Strokes. Jane hassles Strokes with various questions that he answers in a “plain Jane” style that is comical. He’s too busy focusing on the curvy treat that is before him to worry about anything else… Jesse eventually gets to Stroke’s cock after picking and prodding him with her tonfa. She’s happy he’s packing and she sucks his baton. The compliant citizen puts Jane in doggy and we get a nice view of her thunderous backside ass/thigh medley. There doesn’t seem to be any jail time in store for Strokes as the couple end up indoors. Jesse cuffs his cock and then gives it some throat attention. She has a pretty face and she’s skilled at giving the camera her mug in between sucks and gulps... Jane has ample butt cheeks that fill the frame in doggy and when folded to the side. They especially pop when they are propped on a chair and when she rides Strokes side-saddle. She keeps her thigh-highs on throughout and they add to the sexy when she’s in missionary and split legged. Never creating an awkward moment maneuvering the behemoths...The stunning Jesse is on her knees to accept a cum shower from Strokes. She handles the explosion nimbly and even feasts on some. Then laughs and jokes that she won’t arrest Strokes on fade...
Britney Amber in Too Much Pre-Cum 8:00
Britney Amber in Too Much Pre-Cum 8:00 Britney Amber is a professional masseuse who likes kinky situations. The blonde sex bomb welcomes Mitch, her 2 o’ clock appointment and she has a special treatment in mind for him. The dominant lady notices her touches cause her client a hard on, so she decides to show him who is the boss here. She starts slapping and stroking his dick, and then, she uses rope to tie his erected boner tightly and teases it with her black leather boots. Finally, the blonde hottie ruins the poor guy’s orgasm and lets him lying on the massage table.
Nicki Ortega in Cum In 15:00
Nicki Ortega in Cum In 15:00 Nicki Ortega received the address and password to the fiesta from one of her fellow cock hungry co-workers. Soon after, she arrived at the secret location wearing sexy knee high boots a short skirt and a tight top that nicely pressed against her perky tits. Nicki was greeted by Sean at the door and after looking her over, he asked for the password. She showed him her beautiful cup cakes and access was immediately granted. Once inside, Nicki expressed her desire for a good hard fuck by someone with a big cock. Sean had the tool and was ready to drill. He fucked her pretty mouth and then her tight pussy all over the place. Eventually he glazed her entire gorgeous face with an unbelievable amount of jizz and sent her back to work with a story to tell.
Hime Marie in Sexy Hime Marie Loves Your Cum LIVE 12:00
Hime Marie in Sexy Hime Marie Loves Your Cum LIVE 12:00 Exotic beauty Hime Marie is looking fantastic in her pink bodysuit and thigh high fishnet stockings. She is ready to kick some ass and show Dan how she likes to fuck once she kicks off those high heel boots and gets Dan to bury his face right where she wants it... on that beautiful wet pussy! Dan and his magic tongue make Hime cum as he licks all over her clit. Hime needs that cock in her and will ride it until Dan can not take it anymore almost losing control and cumming all over her body trying to get to her mouth! Archive from 11-04-2021 5pm LIVE show!
Lisa Lexington in Natural Attraction 15:00
Lisa Lexington in Natural Attraction 15:00 Lisa Lexington passed by today to give us a special surprise. Her tits were a massive triple D, and sometimes an F according to Lisa. She was a super who loved to suck cock and getting her pussy hole rammed. But, she also like getting pleasured herself. One of her favorite things were getting her nipples sucked and slobbered on. It supposedly gets her pussy wet more than anything else. Lisa was a delight and it was a delight for us to have her. EnJoY
JennyQ in Glamorous goddess JennyQ demonstrates her perfect body 4:41
JennyQ in Glamorous goddess JennyQ demonstrates her perfect body 4:41 If you had to think of an exotic sex art scene, what comes to mind? Passion fruit? Neon lights? A chameleon? Well, you're getting all of that and much more if you tune into JennyQ release 461. You've seen Jenny many times before on this platform, and every time she goes one step further. This time she does it by doing some pigtails and marking her body in a very creative way. On top of this, she's going to be wearing Dr Martens boots and knee socks, further adding to the interesting nature of this release. And the mastermind behind it all is, as always, Said Energizer. Get ready to experience this beautiful babe's petite body like you never have before. You'll love her erotic nudes, and you'll definitely want us to create more releases with this babe in the future. Don't worry, JennyQ at StasyQ is here to stay.
Karla James in On Location Grand Bahama: Karla James 6:00
Karla James in On Location Grand Bahama: Karla James 6:00 I'm camera shy! said Karla James. "And I'm scared to death of video cameras."Karla's first photo shoots made her so nervous, she brought along her mother. For this photo and video shoot, Karla had joined a special group of big-boobed girls in The Bahamas for a week-long shoot."I like to dress provocative and sexy. Tight skirts, tops. It's hard to get tops that fit me, so I usually have the big cleavage thing going on. It is really hard to find clothing that does not emphasize my breasts."If I wear loose clothing that does not show my figure, then I look overweight because of the size of my breasts. So mostly I wear tight clothing to show my figure."In the winter I wear skinny jeans and elegant tight tops with trainers or high-heeled boots. In the summer. I flaunt my breasts and figure. I wear skirts and vest tops and high heels or sandals."
Natalie Kensington in Nubile Newbie! 6:00
Natalie Kensington in Nubile Newbie! 6:00 This week we have the lovely English girl, Natalie. My wife Lara Latex tracked her down & to her surprise Natalie had NEVER done a shoot before. Yes, this was her first time, so I had to be careful not to spook her, I saw the look of terror on her face when I said, “Don’t worry, I’ll show you the ropes!”. “WHAT ROPES!” She exclaimed. Anyway, I calmed her down with a nice cup of tea & then began the infamous & rigorous “Jim Slip Casting Protocol” during which would be models must prove their worth in front of my camcorder. To be honest I was stunned how easily Natalie leapt into action, grabbing my dick without a bye or leave & stuffing it down her throat. She then climbed upon me & stuffed it inside her. To be honest I was quite shocked at her wanton behaviour. Unsurprisingly, she passed the casting with flying colours. Next week she returns dressed in thigh high boots, tiny skirt & even tinier top!
Alexa Chandler in Alexa Chandler Can't Stop Touching Her Pussy 9:20
Alexa Chandler in Alexa Chandler Can't Stop Touching Her Pussy 9:20 Big tits brunette Alexa Chandler looks hot and sultry in a skimpy bodysuit and thigh-high black boots. Super horny for her PervCity anal sex scene, the curvaceous beauty stands, spreads her cheeks and gives you a teasing glimpse of the butt plug she has stashed up her beautiful big ass. The mere thought of replacing it with big dick gets her shaved pussy so wet that when she starts touching herself she can't stop. And your cock will be beating right along to the sound of her sloshy snatch as she swirls her fingers around her clit while caressing her boobs. But when she powers up her vibrator and crawls into doggy style, your nut will fly across her bubble butt as her body tenses and she orgasms.
Kianna Dior in Kianna Dior: Busty Cum Slut 8 Sc. 11 14:59
Kianna Dior in Kianna Dior: Busty Cum Slut 8 Sc. 11 14:59 Sexy MILF Kianna Dior wears elegant, pink lingerie and pink, high-heel boots that accentuate her statuesque figure and gigantic jugs. She kneels before Brickzilla to unleash his extremely thick slab of big black cock for a worshipful blowjob with ball service. Kianna's filthy talk narrates the scene. Brickzilla grips her head for a dick-slapping face fuck that leaves her cheeks and huge tits slathered in slobber. A titty fuck matches Kianna's deep cleavage with Brickzilla's massive meat. She leans over the couch for a doggie-style pussy plowing that stretches her greased gash. Squealing Kianna lewdly splays her legs, masturbating as Brickzilla's anaconda stuffs her soaked snatch. When he pumps a load into her mouth, Kianna plays lewdly with the semen. Cum slops her tongue and tits.
Jewelz Blu in TOTM - Ultramarine 13:19
Jewelz Blu in TOTM - Ultramarine 13:19 Come for a ride with September's Treat Of The Month - The stunning Jewelz Blu. This ultramarine vision will take you on an odyssey to orgasm like you never have before. First you'll find yourself fantasizing about tearing off Jewelz's holographic lingerie to reveal the perfect curves of her ass and tits. Next, you'll follow Jewelz through a dark passage where she'll tempt you by spreading her ass cheeks wide. Finally, you'll reach another dimension watching Jewelz as she puts on a hoop show then slips a dildo up her tight pussy. Careful, the perfect pussy of this ultramarine goddess is sure to leave you so entranced, you may never find your way home!