Fuck)Billi Bardot in Billi Bardot: Tight, Tighter, Tightest 6:00
Fuck)Billi Bardot in Billi Bardot: Tight, Tighter, Tightest 6:00 Carolina sexbomb Billi Bardot's brought some of her favorite tight tops and dresses to slip into and show off her traffic-stopping, super-busty (41-26-38) silhouette. When the display of her eye-popping figure ends, naked Billi gives herself deep finger. "I am a small-town country and city girl," Billi said about her lifestyle. "I'm a big mess of contradictions. I still enjoy the small-town country stuff. I like dirt-bike riding, four-wheeling, hunting. I love the feel of a small town, but I love big cities. I guess I kind of converted to a city girl. I prefer dirt bikes, but I like four-wheeling. I usually require a shower when I'm done. Lots of mud. I get muddy on-purpose. It's fun." Billi is high-energy, highly-sexed and a woman with many interests who knows what she wants. "I enjoy reading and learning new things. I love to cook. I hike and go whitewater rafting. I enjoy amusement parks and horseback riding. I can sew, crochet and paint. I like remodeling homes. I absolutely love traveling!"
Britney Amber in The Nuru Nurse 12:00
Britney Amber in The Nuru Nurse 12:00 Hospital patient Mickey Mod has lucked out: he’s found himself in the best hospital in the country, where sexy nurses like the breathtaking, boob-a-licious Britney Amber oil up, rub down, and fuck their patients back to health. This is going to be one wet and wild ride!
Shyla Stylez in Sexy Shyla Stylez gets some big country cock 15:00
Shyla Stylez in Sexy Shyla Stylez gets some big country cock 15:00 Shyla's got some stage-freight before her country singing debut. The owner of the bar wants her relaxed for the performance so he gives her a hot beefy meat injection to settle her nerves!!!
Lisa Ann in Lisa Ann MILF Super Goddess Gets DP'd From Every Angle 12:59
Lisa Ann in Lisa Ann MILF Super Goddess Gets DP'd From Every Angle 12:59 Lisa Ann MILF Super Goddess Gets DP'd From Every Angle. She took the country by storm with her portrayal of vice presidential candidate and conservative nut case Sarah Palin. Here, Lisa Ann gets taken by storm by two big cocks penetrating every hole possible in this slice of ANAL PROVOCATEUR. A three way featuring anal, ass to mouth, big tits, big ass and double penetration. One of adult's biggest names getting down and dirty for JJV. Don't miss this one.
Anastasia Belle in ANASTASIA BELLE 11:00
Anastasia Belle in ANASTASIA BELLE 11:00 What’s this called if we get caught? Exhibitionism? Or maybe it’s indecent exposure? No, I actually think it’s a lewd act in public but this shit makes it more exciting and fun don’t you think? “If you make me feel safe, I’ll be your whore”, are the never truer words uttered from the sexy lips of today’s hot MILF Anastasia Belle. If you skip past the car intro you might think this woman has had it easy being so beautiful and lucky to fuck young stud JJay for some cool hard cash. But the past few months that lead up to today’s update are quite the opposite to say the least. You see Anastasia needs money badly, and you’d need money to if half the shit that happened to her happened to you. Just watch the interview if I’ve peaked your curiosity, but this girl needs sex and money badly and we’re more than happy to lend a helping cock. I have to say there’s something very sexy about a woman in her prime flying across the country to meet a handsome stranger, then feels comfortable enough to get naked within minutes of meeting then has hot fucking sex in his car with people walking by. Kinky!!! Yes Anastasia’s a hot fucking Milf who’s down for anything that Jay suggests today. She’s here also to take it up the ass and we love her adventuresome spirit, and that’s what matters. Anastasia does admit back at the condo that she wasn’t expecting the car shenanigans that took place and we didn’t expect her to say she had already been double penetrated either! This woman is full of surprises and the surprises keep coming. Anastasia divulges she likes to be stimulated and penetrated with lots of friction during sex. What woman doesn’t? Trust me, Jay fully stimulates and penetrates Anastasia today filling her pussy up with a huge load that she just giggles in amazement as it oozes out on the bed. If you love shy, adventurous super sexy women who take it up the ass and can’t wait to have hot sex with young strange men, then this is the video for you. Enjoy this Proud and Ready Milf!
Sandra Milka in Big Tits Of Spain 6:00
Sandra Milka in Big Tits Of Spain 6:00 Sandra Milka is the second girl from Spain to get down at SCORELAND in recent months, the first being Marta La Croft, she of the overflowing bra and unstoppable ass. Spain is a very conservative country but it has its share of hot Spanish girls looking to make it as adult entertainers. Sandra was born in Dusseldorf, Germany and was raised in Barcelona. Her tetas started to sprout at 16. "I like to wear very tight clothes that show a lot of my cleavage," Sandra says in Spanish. She doesn't speak English. "My dresses and skirts have to be very high to show my legs. I like to be looked at." "This is the best thing I've ever done. I enjoy being photographed and getting a lot of sex. I have fulfilled all of my fantasies because of porn. I have no inhibitions anymore. I also am a Domina and I love it." Sandra has found her happy place and it's in the hot zone.
Ashley Wolf in Stepdaughter Shares With Mom - S16:E9 14:59
Ashley Wolf in Stepdaughter Shares With Mom - S16:E9 14:59 Ashley Wolf is so excited to meet the son of one of her husband's closest friends. When Oliver Flynn arrives from his cross-country flight to stay with Ashley and her stepdaughter, Vina Sky, Ashley greets him warmly. She shows Oliver to his room and suggests he takes a rest from his long flight, but that he be careful of Vina, who is working through some sexual aggression. Vina pops in briefly to eye their guest up and down and then announce she's going to take a nap. Ashley reminds Vina that her sheets are still in the wash and suggests that Vina nap in her bed instead. Vina is down for that, even when Ashley decides to take a nap in the same bed. There's plenty of room after all.Later, Oliver is walking down the hall when he sees the bedroom door ajar. He peeks in and realizes that Vina is awake. She beckons him close and tries to get him to climb into bed with her and her stepmom. Oliver is hesitant, but Vina is quietly insistent. When Oliver eventually spoons behind her, Vina can feel how nice and hard he is. She tugs his stiffie out of his briefs and pulls her thong down so Oliver can slide it in as they spoon. Now it's a game of holding the moan as Vina and Oliver try not to wake Ashley. When Ashley does inevitably wake up, Oliver and Vina are initially afraid they'll be in trouble. Fortunately for them, Ashley just wants in on the action.Since Vina has already had a turn, Ashley gets on her hands and knees and invites him inside while Vina watches, embarrassed. Vina gets over herself when Ashley pushes Oliver onto his back and beckons for her stepdaughter to come climb aboard for a stiffie ride, though. By the time Ashley replaces her pint sized stepdaughter, Vina is super into it. The girls wind their surprise threesome down as they work together to lick and suck their own juices off Oliver's cock. He rewards their efforts by blasting off into both of their waiting mouths, giving them a treat to enjoy together as they all bask in the afterglow of a great fuck.
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Mia Trejsi in Sexy Muslim babe gets some rod in her 12:00 This hot and lusty Muslim woman is desperate to leave the country urgently so she exchanged hardcore and dirty sex for a ensuring asylum
Lana Sky in Fly with Lana Sky 6:00
Lana Sky in Fly with Lana Sky 6:00 Lana Sky likes to stay active. She ran cross-country and track in high school and doesn't mind getting out with the boys and playing a little beach football. Of course, she likes to keep her mouth busy, too.
Lisa Canon in Lisa Canon: Nurse Super Knockers 6:00
Lisa Canon in Lisa Canon: Nurse Super Knockers 6:00 Lisa Canon: Nurse Super Knockers features the very talented and well-loved country girl of XL Girls. When XL Girls discovered Lisa, the staff was in awe of her and her natural talents. She really took to taking her clothes off, showing off her big boobs, ass and pussy and having wild sex on-camera. Lisa is a horny and eager nurse at Hooter Hospital, no place for sick men. It looks like this unfortunate man has busted his head open but his bad luck turns to good luck because his nurse is Lisa Canon, Nurse Super Knockers. Will Nurse Lisa cure him? Hey, it didn't take him very long to get out of that wheelchair and get between Lisa's super-knockers. She has helped him walk again, not to mention get a boner, fuck her mouth, pussy and butthole and blow a load of cum onto her magnificent big boobs. The look of satisfaction on Lisa's face as she yanks Juan's crank to extract that last drop of sperm on her jugs is beyond priceless.
Melissa May in Melissa Got It All 15:00
Melissa May in Melissa Got It All 15:00 Melissa May visited us from the country side to take a break from the normal boys. She was looking for a good hard ride. Chris was that ride. She was into long dick and that's exactly what she got. He buried it in the back of her throat. She gaged and drooled all over it. Her big ass and thoroughbred legs were home grown and country fed. Chris put them to the test, and they passed with out a doubt. Her ass was pink with delight after the attention it got. She was more than happy to slurp up his load to make this a complete cock rodeo.
Jenifer Jane in Fill Her Up 2 15:00
Jenifer Jane in Fill Her Up 2 15:00 Jenifer can't believe it when she runs out of gas on a quiet country road. Lucky for her, she manages to flag down the next car that drives by, and the driver is a silver fox with a can of gasoline in his trunk! The brunette is so happy, she gives her handsome good Samaritan a big hug and a kiss. Realizing how sexy her rescuer is, Jenifer wants to show him just how grateful she is for his help! As they kiss passionately, the former strangers decide it's time to get to know each other better. Jenifer follows Ridge home for a hot shower, and her new lover builds up the anticipation by flirting with her through the glass shower door, until Jenifer can't wait any longer and pulls him under the spray in his clothes! Reveling in the feel of Ridge's hands on her slick wet flesh, Jenifer soon has him as naked as she is so she can fill up her pussy with his thick cock!
Amber Alena in Amber Alena Busts Out Big Time 6:00
Amber Alena in Amber Alena Busts Out Big Time 6:00 Amber Alena said she was going to supersize her already-big tits, and when Amber makes a decision, she follows through. "My boobs are 1500cc, which translates, depending on the brand and the country, to about a 28I," Amber said when she first appeared at SCORELAND.
Tiffany Watson in Real Deal 15:00
Tiffany Watson in Real Deal 15:00 Tiffany Watson is a country bumpkin who came to us to become a porn star. She always knew she had the potential once she became sexually active. She even attempted to sleep with the entire baseball team of her school, but she was only able to get 5 of the
Alara in ALARA 2 11:00
Alara in ALARA 2 11:00 What kind of pussy do we have today for all of you? I think we’re in the mood for some Turkish pussy and 30 year-old Alara sure doesn’t look like she should be here taking her clothes off and sucking cock on camera. Well a prey mantis doesn’t look like a stealthy killer either so don’t let Alara’s librarian demeanor fool you. This girl’s had 3somes, 4somes, even one on the hood of a car in public in the middle of a city in Turkey and the cops showed up then left. I guess they just wanted to make sure everything was fitting ok. I think I need to visit Turkey sometime because if all the women are as hot and unassumingly nymphomaniacs who love sex as much as Alara and will lick a stiff cock clean of cum after you blow your load all over their faces then that’s the country for me, to visit anyways. Oh and this Milf has got the prettiest pussy and asshole also. So smooth and tan, and tight, and just begging to be kissed and tongued. Fucking cute as a button this Milf snatch and brown starfish is. They say girls from Turkey know how to please their partners and are givers in the bedroom. Well Alara proved that thesis correct today by licking ass and doing everything she was told to so I hope you all love Alara
Macarena Lewis in Lost Spanish Babe Fucked in Garage 15:00
Macarena Lewis in Lost Spanish Babe Fucked in Garage 15:00 I saw this tall blonde named Macarena Lewis on the side of the road, and she looked like she was freaking out about something. Macarena's lodging had fallen through in a foreign country. I offered her a warm place to stay and some cash and we walked off. Once alone, Macarena unzipped her jacket, and I saw she had huge tits. I offered her some money to see them, and she took off her shirt to reveal a delicious red bra. Her big boobs made me want to see her ass, so she shook it for me in a tiny red g-string. This made me so horny, so I paid her more for a blowjob, then split her pussy open standing doggystyle with my huge cock. I fucked the blonde Spanish babe until I could cum in her mouth!
Shae Summers, Alli Rae in Country Lust 15:00
Shae Summers, Alli Rae in Country Lust 15:00 Alli and Shae had just finished a shift working at a restaurant and they still had their sexy outfits on. They had super hot bikinis on under the overalls they wore. They both had such juicy side tit action going on. It didn't take long before they started talking about boys and Shae brought up that she was into girls. Alli got super interested in this and wanted to totally hook up with Shae since she had never done it and always wanted to. Alli wasted no time in diving face first into Shae's pussy to start eating her out. Don't miss one second of these hot hot girls going off on each other, plenty of tits and ass to go around.
Diamond Monroe in Perfect Cut Diamond 6:00
Diamond Monroe in Perfect Cut Diamond 6:00 We hope the folks that say, "diamonds are forever" are correct, because dudes like us would gladly spend an eternity with a phat-assed chick like Diamond Monroe. Born in Detroit, Michigan and currently living in sunny Miami, Florida, this bitch has an ass that won't quit and curves that won't end. It's no surprise that even in a city like Miami--which is filled with some of the baddest strippers in the country--Diamond is one of the crown big-bootied jewels.
Monique Alexander in Confessions of a Pornographic Mind : Part Two 12:00
Monique Alexander in Confessions of a Pornographic Mind : Part Two 12:00 Monique Alexander has been handed her biggest mission yet: suck and fuck a spy while not compromising herself. Monique, however, is turned on by the challenge of seducing a spy. Just the idea of having risque fun while fucking for her country makes Monique dripping wet, but will she be able to focus on her task at hand?
Lauren Phillips in Patriotic Titty Worship 15:00
Lauren Phillips in Patriotic Titty Worship 15:00 The 4th of July is a day of showing pride for your country. Lauren, however, is super proud of her gigantic tits, but also being an american. What better way to combine them both in a full day of patriotic titty worship! She starts off strong by wrapping those shoulder boulders with a super hot american flag bikini. Watching bounce and almost pop out was a better show than last years fireworks display. It doesnt take long for her to let them be free, just like the amazing United STates of America. As soon as they are out and about, Richie wastes no time and starts to oil thos tits up and start to fondle them. Lauren then speeds things up, and has no problem gagging on Richies skin tone hot dog and using her magnificent breasts as the bun. She obviously doesnt just get pleasure from fucking her tits, so you can be sure that Richie tore that pussy up, and left Lauren with a star spangled cum facial for this intense finale.
Kinuski, Cherry Kiss in Veto 12:00
Kinuski, Cherry Kiss in Veto 12:00 UNEDITED VERSION! Back in June, we saw a taste of domination in "Kinuski's Dark Fantasy." Now enjoy the whole BDSM experience - not for the faint hearted! Cute housemaid Kinuski is doing chores in the country house where she works, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Veto" begins. Tapping the piano keys, she gets carried away and sits down to play, but is caught by the owner, sexy blonde Cherry Kiss, who takes the opportunity to punish her in the kinkiest way possible. Dragging Kinuski by her braided hair to the bedroom, Cherry tosses her on the bed and orders her to strip – only to discover she has an incredible body under her plain uniform. Cherry masturbates as she commands her maid to do the same, then starts to spank and lick her shaved pussy, making her moan through the hand that covers her mouth. Submissive Kinuski sucks the pretty toes of her mistress, then eats her pussy and ass from behind, her avid tonguing earning Cherry’s praise and driving her to an intense orgasm. Cherry positions her maid face down on the bed and spanks her ass, then fingers her tight pussy deep and hard, making her climax. Now Cherry sits on Kinuski’s face, grinding as she gets licked until she orgasms again. Putting Kinuski on her back with her legs over her head to splay her pussy open, she frigs her until she is begging to cum. But was the whole thing just a figment of the maid’s filthy imagination?
Eliza Ibarra in Mexican Ladies Welcomed 15:00
Eliza Ibarra in Mexican Ladies Welcomed 15:00 Charles Dera meets mexican cutie Eliza Ibarra and tells her that he wants more mexican women in this country and wants to work with her to make her feel welcomed. Eliza is stoked about this and is eager to formalize relations with Charles’ huge dick!
Layla Monroe in First Place Fuck 6:00
Layla Monroe in First Place Fuck 6:00 If twerking were an Olympic event, Layla Monroe would have enough gold medals to make Michael Phelps envious. It's no surprise, though. She's got the type of body that makes other chicks envious, and when she's not shooting some of the hottest hardcore scenes around with us, Layla dances at some of the hottest strip clubs in the country.
Maddy May, Mick Blue in Maddy May: Country Girl Loves Anal Fun 15:00
Maddy May, Mick Blue in Maddy May: Country Girl Loves Anal Fun 15:00 Under the sun, Maddy May teases in fishnets, heels and a latex bikini, showing tiny waist, awesome ass, and big boobs with huge, pierced nipples. The young beauty sports impressive tattoos, like the big lion on her hip. Pro stud Mick Blue interviews the first-year porn performer: A country girl from Arkansas, she's loved anal sex ever since her first 'assgasm.' Mick's POV camera captures Maddy's eye contact as she gives a slobbering blowjob. They kiss during a standing, face-to-face fuck. Mick rims her butthole and then stuffs his big cock up her greased sphincter. Maddy gasps and grunts through a serious buttfuck. She sucks dick ass-to-mouth; laps and sucks balls; and looks cutely into the camera as she eats ass. Her gorgeously shaped cheeks glisten as they caress Mick's meat. Maddy's butthole gapes. More anal fun makes her squeal in bliss. She kneels for a messy cum facial.