Nikki Sexx in NIKKI SEXX: SEXX FEVER 6:00
Nikki Sexx in NIKKI SEXX: SEXX FEVER 6:00 Nikki Sexx fever takes over when the busy blonde gets down with Marco Banderas. They were going out, but those plans get scuttled when he sees her huge tits in her halter top and gets fired up. SCORELAND: What gets you hot? Nikki Sexx: Really strong and passionate eye-locking sex where I can feel the heat rising and it boils over to an orgasm for either person. When I can feel a guy about to come to orgasm, it sets me off and has me really boiling over at that point. SCORELAND: What type of foreplay do you like? Nikki Sexx: I like dirty talk and being felt up. I also really like a guy to perv on me and masturbate while looking at me. Just that leery look with their dick in their hand will have my pussy gushing. SCORELAND: It looked like Marco picked up on that. What was your kinkiest sexual encounter? Nikki Sexx: I don't know that I can pick just one but just recently I was fucked in a Las Vegas stairwell and on the balcony. It felt really spontaneous and really dirty and I was beyond into it.
Whitney Wright in Whitney Wright Does What She Has To Do 10:00
Whitney Wright in Whitney Wright Does What She Has To Do 10:00 All-natural petite teen Whitney Wright enters the hotel room of her boss. She is wearing tight corporate attire. She went to the hotel room to submit some reports. Whitney messes up the report and leaves to get it fixed. Her old boss fantasizes about having a taste of her voluptuous body. In his fantasy, Whitney is wearing a black bikini and leather jacket. Whitney approaches her old boss and starts teasing him. She pulls down his pants to expose his hard dick. Whitney sucks his boss’ cock. She worships his cock like a boss. She licks, sucks and kisses his dick, trying to fit the whole shaft into her tiny mouth. After the sloppy blowjob, her boss starts licking her pretty body. He begins by suckling her perky tits then goes down to her teen pussy. Her boss licks her bushy pussy and tight asshole. He fingers both her asshole and pussy while licking them both. Her boss had enough foreplay. He lets her get on top of him. He shoves his big cock into her tiny pussy. Whitney can feel her pussy being stretched out by his cock. The two fuck in the cowgirl position. Her butt bounces wildly with every hump on his dick. It didn’t take long until Whitney creams on his boss’ cock. They change their position to spoon. Her boss sticks his dick into her tight asshole. He bangs his dick into her backdoor while fingering her pussy. Whitney shivers as she cums on his cock. The two shift to doggystyle. He keeps on pounding her teen asshole. She can feel the insides of her anal cavity being stirred up by his cock. Her boss turns her around then fucks her in the missionary position. He keeps on fucking her cute asshole until he feels like he is about to cum. He pulls out his cock from her pussy. Whitney sucks her balls while he jerks his cock on top of her face. He showers her teen face with warm cum. Her boss wakes up and sees his dick buried deep in Whitney’s mouth.
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Saphire Lapiedra in Extremities 2 14:00 The gorgeous Sapphire Lapiedra teases us with her big oily tits as she kneels down to display her dick-handling expertise. Her fantasies turn real as a huge hard dick pops out of the pants. The action begins with fair foreplay, where she quenches her thirst for deep throats in an exceptional blowjob complete with lots of spit, facefucking and rimming. Sapphire gets her pussy demolished in doggy style, and her tight ass hole filled up in a variety of positions on the couch until her pretty face is covered with a big load of warm cum.
Mercedes Carrera in Mercedes Carrera Worship My Latina Asshole 10:00
Mercedes Carrera in Mercedes Carrera Worship My Latina Asshole 10:00 Blonde Latina babe Mercedes Carrera walks slowly towards the window. She is wearing a blue sports bra white pants. She looks at the distance, possibly thinking about what has to come. She removes her white pants to reveal her tiny pussy and tight ass to the camera. Mercedes waits patiently to be serviced by a big cock. Tommy Pistol enters the scene. He gets down to her knees and starts kissing and licking her thighs and crotch. Tommy wants to savor the moment. She continues to run his lips and tongue all over her body. The two share a deep passionate kiss before she decided to return back the favor. Mercedes starts kissing, licking and sucking his cock. She treats it like a Popsicle. Mercedes leads him to a chair. In here, Tommy resumes her ass licking actions. His tongue slides in and out of her asshole. The two got enough of foreplay. They can’t contain themselves any longer. Tommy sticks his penis into her tight ass. He continues to pound her from behind. The couple changes their position from the doggystyle to reverse cowgirl. Her big boobs bounce wildly as she humps on his cock. Mercedes spreads her legs wider to make ass more accessible to Tommy’s big cock. They change their position once again. They are now fucking in a missionary position on top of the kitchen counter. He keeps on fucking her in the ass. Tommy and Mercedes continue to fuck each other. They keep changing their positions. Her tight asshole gapes widely when pulls out his dick from her asshole. Tommy keeps on pounding her sweet butthole until he feels like he is about to cum. He pulls out his cock from her anus then lets her suck and strokes it. Tommy showers her pretty face with warm cum. He plays with his cock for a while, cleaning it with her mouth. The two thanked each other for a job well done. Mercedes’ asshole has been pleasured one again.
Emily in Asian nymph drilled and facialized 12:00
Emily in Asian nymph drilled and facialized 12:00 Handsome guy is playing some game on the phone when exotic and horny girlfriend approaches him. She starts massaging his shoulders eventually making him forget about the phone. They make out and he undresses sexy Asian nymph with intention to lick her bald pussy. Slim gal in return nicely sucks his ragging boner. After oral foreplay, it is time for lassie to get stretched in all kind of poses. Stud nails beauty and fun in doggystyle ends for her with massive cumshot right on her beautiful face.
Lila in I DON’T EVEN LET MY BOYFRIEND CUM IN ME 10:59 With a pussy and body that fine, we don’t understand why this hot as fuck girl is with a boyfriend who’s got such a small cock. You know life is too short to drink bad wine, eat bad food or fuck small cocks dear. Listen honey, you were blessed with a killer body and it appears you’ve hit the “sex life” lottery so you should be fucking guys with at least above average sized cocks. And if you don’t know what the averaged size cock is well it’s only 5.1 inches erect, which means we are truly sorry to the 50% of you ladies out there that are with the below average guys and we feel your frustration. Well today’s exploit Lila sure as fuck felt Tyler and from the moment she got penetrated she kept saying she was used to way smaller and we think it’s time for a new boyfriend who’s got a cock that can satisfy her. You see she’s in an open relationship she explains. Well open on her side LOL she goes on to clarify and I have one comment to the boyfriend. Being a wussy, that’s part wimp and part pussy mind you, in tandem with a small cock is no way to go through life pal. He must have money or something I’m guessing to be able to snag a fine piece of tail like you Lila and I hope he’s not the jealous type because Tyler fucked the shit out of you today and who’d blame him. You’ve got the smallest and tightest pussy we’ve seen in awhile and tits that are perfectly perky and erect that just beg to be licked and played with which Tyler did a lot of today. So things start off with a little fingering and clit licking of that beautify slit before Tyler face fucked our lovely on the way to gag-town. Blowjob’s you ask? Yea this girl knows how to suck cock which was just the foreplay for this little slut who also experienced her first squirting ever at the skillful hands Tyler. Love that and Tyler kept confirming just how tight that pussy was as he plowed this gorgeous girl's slit harder and better than she’s ever been plowed before. “Am I allowed to like rub my clit,” this shy newbie asked at 28:52 into this love story and halfway through the first position of missionary, and YES baby you can do whatever you want if it helps you get off. And let me tell you this little newbie played with her little kitty cat the same way Stevie Ray Vaughan plays with his guitar. Hard and fast was the hand action of Lila and she even played with it the entire scene trying her hardest to make herself cum… But with no avail she admitted post shoot and we all chalked it up to her nervousness. But don’t fret everyone. Tyler being the competitive marksman he is, paid a little visit to our sweetheart in the shower and fucked her tight slit twice more giving her two of those elusive O’s that she tried so hard to give herself on the bed. Tyler even found out Lila’s little secret that She’s never let anyone, especially her boyfriend, ever cum inside of her and you know what that means don’t you. That’s exactly where Tyler ended up cumming, but don’t worry we made sure there wouldn’t be any set babies conceived today and made Lila take a Plan B on camera just before the closing credits if you’re into that kind of shit. So in closing I hope you all enjoy Lila and her first sex on camera. Tootles, Steve
Amy Azurra, Carmella Bing, Kaia Kane in Big Cocks for Big Tits 7:59
Amy Azurra, Carmella Bing, Kaia Kane in Big Cocks for Big Tits 7:59 Amy is a glamorous, blonde, elephantine titted, wanton wench. Carmella’s a gorgeous brunette, with a pair of humongous tits, and Kaia is a scintillating, brunette, sexual siren, with a toned, taut, dancer’s body. Wasting no time on a silly set up, and little on foreplay, this torrid trio, of femme fatales, drop to their knees, voraciously sucking their stud’s steely shafts, with gluttonous, sluttish avarice, gusto, and consummate, oral mastery. Then, in a mish mash, of sapphic pussy licking, fingering, and kissing, coupled with, some fabulous, fervid fucking, their two studs, brutishly slam their beefy battering rams, into the girl’s hungry hooches, in every conceivable position, as they moan and wail, ecstatically, lost in a frenzied, cock crazed, whorish rapture. At the end, one stud spray paints Carmella and Amy’s titanic tits, with a copious coating of cum. Then, his buddy, pulls out, of a ferocious, missionary pounding, to fire an astounding, jet stream of jism, all over Kaia’s toned belly, that is so powerful, and far reaching, that it splatters, all over Carmella’s face, as she watches voyeuristically, giving her a massive, long range facial.
Checky Clarissa, Vivien Bianchy in Checky And Vivien Have A Finger Fucking Fiesta 8:00
Checky Clarissa, Vivien Bianchy in Checky And Vivien Have A Finger Fucking Fiesta 8:00 Checky is a good looking, brunette, with a toned body, and nice, full tits, and Vivien is a fetching, short-haired, blonde sexual dynamo. After some intense foreplay, Viviene adeptly licks and fingers Checky’s greedy cunt, as she moans, and cries out, in adrenalized exultation. Checky then focuses on fingering Vivien’s gluttonous cunt, moaning, and squealing in, in sluttish jubilation, while Checky frantically fucks her, with a vibrating dildo, until she cums, with an intense, screeching orgasm. Then, with Checky sitting on the back of the sofa, frantically fingering her clit, Vivien slides underneath to lavishly lick her sweet hole, until Checky lets loose a powerful, shrieking orgasm of her own. With Viviene in doggie, Checky frantically, finger fucks her, until a screaming, primordial orgasm burst forth, leaving them both basking in the blissful orgasmic afterglow.
El Storm, Adele Sunshine in Adele Sunshine And El Storm Wear Lingerie To Make Their Sex Even Sexier! 15:00
El Storm, Adele Sunshine in Adele Sunshine And El Storm Wear Lingerie To Make Their Sex Even Sexier! 15:00 Adele Sunshine and El Storm know that part of what makes lesbian sex so great is going slow and enjoying every sexy minute! That is why they consider dressing up in lingerie as part of their foreplay. Ladies love looking at another hottie in lingerie just as much as you do and before these two even kiss, their pussies are wet and ready. They enjoy mutually masturbating before taking turns to make one another cum!
Bailey Ryder, Whitney Conroy in Gorgeous Lesbians Kissing In A Tree 8:00
Bailey Ryder, Whitney Conroy in Gorgeous Lesbians Kissing In A Tree 8:00 Bailey is a sultry, young, jovial, dark-haired, tantalizing temptress, and Whitney is a ravishing, toned, tanned, blonde Sapphic Goddess. Perched high in a tree, in a lush forest, the girls engage in some frisky foreplay, then come down to undress, and lie on a blanket, in an open field, as they continue their torrid kissing and caressing. Bailey then goes down on Whitney, lavishly licking her pretty, bald pussy, as she moans euphorically. Then, sitting side by side, the girls frenetically finger each other’s tasty twat, as they passionately kiss, and moan ecstatically. Bailey then frantically fucks Whitney, with a vibrating, ribbed dildo, as she fingers her clit, moaning, and crying out, in hedonistic exultation, that ignites a jaw-dropping, shrieking, soul-wrenching orgasm, that makes her cum so hard, that her past lives had to have an orgasm. With Bailey in doggie, Whitney intently licks her quivering quim, from behind, while also fucking her with the vibrator, as she moans, and yelps, with unbridled, primal passions, resulting in mind-altering, all-consuming orgasmic release.
Bibina Xox, Lilie M in Gunther likes it big and innocent 6:00
Bibina Xox, Lilie M in Gunther likes it big and innocent 6:00 The threeway in this update will start with some cock sucking and dirty foreplay, but it's not enough for this old couple and BBW babe. For them it's just an ordinary workday at the farm.
Kira Stone in Testing camera as foreplay 12:00
Kira Stone in Testing camera as foreplay 12:00 Kira Stone gets a new video camera but she finds it hard to shoot herself, so she asks a more experienced delivery man for help. He is glad to help such a hottie especially when she lifts her dress and shows the beauty of her round ass. He tells Kira Stone she should take a couple of seductive positions to show her divine body in every detail and she follows his advice to make a beautiful video. Somewhere in the middle of the shooting, they put away the camera and focus on pleasing each other’s desires.
Bibina Xox, Belinda Bee in Huge dildos surprise 6:00
Bibina Xox, Belinda Bee in Huge dildos surprise 6:00 As a result this lesbian big and skinny duo is pretty lustful, we are proud to present you another amazing lesbian Grandmams update. The episode will begin with some sensual foreplay, but when they are both wet enough, they are sharing some big toys until they both reach their sexual climax.
Ashley Jane, Karlie Montana in Tongue Wagging Girlfriends Gone Wild 8:00
Ashley Jane, Karlie Montana in Tongue Wagging Girlfriends Gone Wild 8:00 Ashley is a good looking, petite, svelte, tiny titted blonde vixen, who is an interior design student getting a tour of a design house by her instructor Karlie, a tall, amazonian, big boobed brunette Valkyrie, who has taken a fancy to Ashley, wanting to teach her more than design. After some amorous Sapphic foreplay, Karlie expertly licks and fingers Ashley’s mostly bald, honeyed hole, that is topped, with a well trimmed landing strip, eliciting her ecstatic moans, as she quickly erupts, in a glorious, screaming, gut wrenching orgasm. Wanting to earn extra credit, Ashley earnestly licks and fingers Karlie’s pulsating pussy and asshole, from behind, as she moans and howls, with untethered, primal passions, in doggie. Then Karlie brings out a teaching aid to kick it up a notch, using a vibrator on Ashley’s sensitive pierced clit, making her groan and yelp with fiery, impassioned ardor. Starting off in a steamy 69, Ashley’s magic tongue ignites Karlie’s fervent passions, which makes her sit up on Ashley’s face, writhing, moaning, and shrieking in sluttish jubilation, as an volcanic, screaming orgasm explodes from deep within in her, leaving them both satiated and content.
Shay Sights in A Poke Behind The Curtain 14:59
Shay Sights in A Poke Behind The Curtain 14:59 Jayden Marcos is sitting in the living room watching his stepmom, Shay Sights, put up some new curtains. He can't help but stare at her ass and lick his lips, apparently quite horny. When Jayden confesses his attraction to Shay, she is pleasantly surprised. Although this situation is SUPER naughty, she can't help but be turned on by this young, hormone-filled teen. She invites him over to her with a look of pure lust in her eyes.They embrace near the curtains, with Shay promising to 'take care' of Jayden's hard, young cock. They take their time, exploring each other's bodies with extended foreplay, and then get down to some energetic sex. At one point, Jayden's other parent, Eric John, comes home, surprising them. Jayden and Shay hide behind the curtain so that only Shay's head is poking out. She maintains a conversation with Eric while Jayden fucks her from behind, and Eric is never the wiser.Once Eric leaves, Jayden and Shay continue their adventure on the couch, leading to an incredible climax. Though those curtains really brighten up the space, they've certainly found another use besides interior decorating. Take a peek behind them some time and you might just see why!
Janice Griffith, Dani Jensen, Veruca James in Feet Fanatics 12:00
Janice Griffith, Dani Jensen, Veruca James in Feet Fanatics 12:00 Here at Brazzers HQ, we're always listening to what our loyal subscribers are asking for, and we've heard you loud and clear: more feet! That's why we assembled three of the sexiest slim beauties in the business, Veruca James, Janice Griffith, and Dani Jensen, to get together for some serious foot action! Check it out as these three tight-bodied hotties suck, lick, and fuck each other's tasty toes until they're cumming hard, and then team up to give Keiran Lee the footjob of a lifetime with all six of their pretty feet wrapped around his rock hard pecker!
Fuck)Red Madness in Skinny Redhead Doggystyle Jizzed On 10:00
Fuck)Red Madness in Skinny Redhead Doggystyle Jizzed On 10:00 Kisses are always a great way to kick off foreplay. With a nicely shaven pussy, this sporty redhead had a date with a dude with a fat dick and a knack for outrageous sex positions. It didn't take them too long to start fucking. The dude was ready from the moment he walked through the door. She was too, that's why they had heated passion as they were fucking their brains out. During the doggy style, he had to pull out quickly, so as not to make her pregnant. What a super hot scene!
Fuck)Abbie Maley in Abbie Maley (Wednesday Parker) Loves Rough Sex 9:59
Fuck)Abbie Maley in Abbie Maley (Wednesday Parker) Loves Rough Sex 9:59 Women who don’t like foreplays and just wants to get right into it are pretty rare. Having no foreplay and telling it to their friends can give you some eyerolls and some good time of judgment. But Wednesday Parker is different. She is the kind of woman who just likes the part where her pussy gets wrecked by a cock and just skips all the foreplay. After getting James in the mood for some fuck, she immediately goes on top of him to give him a good kiss before the things they’re gonna do. James does the same thing to turn her full on. As she goes on all fours in front of him, he plays with her pussy for a bit and buries his face to have a little taste. After few moments, Wednesday does the same thing, but she got some gagging action while James makes his whole dick a way into the back of her throat. Being on the same position, James gets up and goes behind her to fuck her now. He holds her by the hair and fucks her hard even at the start. It seems that Wednesday really likes this bit because they went at it for a while. Eventually, she flipped herself over to face James while he fucks her pussy hard. At one point, Wednesday gets on top to show the viewers some nice view of her body. With her nice tits and her pussy being fucked from below, it created some nice portrait. This positions gets repeated several times after until James decided that it’s time to end this little reality hookup he started. As usual, he covers the woman a nice load of cum to properly end it. Wednesday’s nice ass just gets a proper highlight at the end when James grabs the camera to get a closeup on her like he’s reviewing some car.
Amy Anderssen in Amy Loves Her 34GG Tits 6:01
Amy Anderssen in Amy Loves Her 34GG Tits 6:01 Amy Anderssen is just as intense by herself in a video as she is in a video with a stud. She puts it all out there! Amy masturbates often but that doesn't diminish her appetite for fucking. Dirty talking is the kind of foreplay she likes best of all. "Being in porn has made me what I wanted to be," says Amy. "Sex is like an education. It's a sport. You have to practice it. You have to learn your techniques. It's like playing basketball. And I'm always good one-on-one! "I also like a certain type of girl. I love beautiful Latina, curvy women. I think that look is so gorgeous. I love beautiful faces, beautiful eyes, beautiful eyebrows. I look past certain things and look at people's real beauty."
Valentina Jewels in Anal Fun Time With Valentina 12:23
Valentina Jewels in Anal Fun Time With Valentina 12:23 Sexy Valentina Jewels is more than thrilled to have a cock stretch out her asshole. She shows off her big bouncing booty and huge perky tits before some sloppy ass eating and face riding foreplay. Her throat loves the feeling of a cock deep inside of it as she gets it ready to stuff her hole. Her ass takes it long and deep, gaping after strokes. She sucks the cock straight out of her asshole. This
Alex Harper, Niki Lee Young in Light Me Up 3 15:00
Alex Harper, Niki Lee Young in Light Me Up 3 15:00 Niki Lee Young has always fantasized about giving up control, and surrendering herself completely to her lover. But until she met Rose Lee Ballentine, she was always too afraid to try her kinky fantasies. Niki was thrilled when she realized Rose knew just how to bring her to the dizzying heights of sexual pleasure, and let Rose secure her to a chair with a blindfold fixed tightly over her eyes. After snipping off her clothes with a pair of scissors until she was fully naked and exposed, Rose fondled and spanked and squeezed Niki's athletic body. After their kinky foreplay culminated with Rose fingering Niki to climax, Niki turned the tables on her tall redheaded girlfriend, rubbing her clit until her pleasure built to an intense orgasm.
Marica Hase, Lulu Chu in Measuring Up! 12:00
Marica Hase, Lulu Chu in Measuring Up! 12:00 Lulu is excited to have her boyfriend David over for a college study date. But Marica - Lulu’s strict new stepmom - isn’t keen on the idea and makes her feelings known as soon as David & his grandfather Chong arrive. Lula & David get into some sneaky foreplay anyway, until Marica catches and separates them. Marica is committed to draining David so he can focus on studying instead of her new stepdaughter. But Lulu spies on them and decides to rebel against the authority figure & give an unsuspecting Chong the thrill of his life!
Serena in SERENA THREEWAY 210 10:59
Serena in SERENA THREEWAY 210 10:59 When we last saw 21 year old Serena, we called her a sex kitten for her sexy look and sensual style. No longer a first timer, she's really come into her own and has graduated into a genuine whore between the sheets. This girl loves sex and her moans of desire as she gets dick let you know just how into it she gets. She still loves turning her guys on and this time she gets two cocks to play with, which she was very excited about. Serena is also into a lot of foreplay, mostly because of how much she loves to give blow jobs, but this time we mixed things up a little and showed her the video she made with us before. She had never seen the video, so you get to experience her reaction as she watches our man Cam fuck the shit out of her. She gets so turned on by the video she can't keep her clothes on and gets right to playing with herself before we even got started, not that we minded!Cam is back and is joined by our other resident stud Vince to double team her for twice the fun and pleasure. We gave her a perfect 10 for her blowjob skills and she definitely hasn't lost her skills and she takes both our guys deep down her throat with hardly a gag. Yup, she's turned into a real pro. But it doesn't stop there as she gets all her holes stuffed by their massive cocks just the way she likes it. So if no matter if you like girls who give head, pussy pounding or deep anal penetration, you're going to find something you like, times two! You may recall how much she loves facials, well she gets a double dose of sticky cum all over her beautiful face, which was her favorite moment of the shoot. You have to admire a girl who knows what she wants and knows how to get it! Sex kitten, vixen or sloppy cum whore, whatever you want to call her, Serena is back with a vengeance and hungry for more!
Alexis Crystal, Naomi Nevena in Alexis and Naomi Have a Torrid Tryst 8:00
Alexis Crystal, Naomi Nevena in Alexis and Naomi Have a Torrid Tryst 8:00 Alexis is a very tall, engaging, small-breasted, brunette temptress, with a lusciously long, lean body, who is lying on a bed pensively, while Naomi a ravishing, blonde beauty, with an awesome tanned, toned body watches her with Sapphic longing. Consumed by her burning passions, Naomi joins Alexis on the bed, kissing, caressing, and undressing her, for some torrid, jaw-dropping lesbian foreplay. With their passions set ablaze, Naomi expertly licks and fingers Alexis’s bald, honey pot with aplomb, as Alexis moans euphorically. With her fuse lite, Alexis becomes the sexual aggressor, sensually licking and fingering Naomi from behind, as she crouches in doggie, before lying her on her back, as she frenetically works a dildo into her mostly bald pussy, that is topped with a thin, well-trimmed landing strip, while licking her clit, to make her moan, and wail, in wanton jubilation, until she erupts in a screaming, soul-wrenching, volcanic orgasm. After Naomi catches her breath, she frantically works the dildo into Alexis first in a beautiful 69, then with her lying on her back, while Naomi licks her throbbing clit, bringing her to a screaming, body convulsing orgasm, which leaves the girls romantically kissing in hedonistic rapture.