in Kenzie 3805

Kenzie is a freshman at U of A and will probably remain one for a long time. Just because a girl is enrolled in college doesn't mean she actually attends classes. No, Kenzie prefers to spend her time doing other things, like oh...getting banged on camera because she hates to masturbate. This isn't her first video and may not be her last. She loved her first porn experience so much - even though it was quite unusual, to say the least - that she decided to do it again. First we get her make-up done and then have her contort her tiny frame into all sorts of positions for the still phoots. All of which seemed to be more of an annoyance to her. Like, 'are we gonna fuck soon, or what?'. Okay, so a pro porn model she ain't. But that's okay. Here is where it gets weird though: Jay starts the interview process with Kenzie on the bed, everything is going well - until he asks her to masturbate for him. She looks at him like he just asked her to drown a puppy. "I just told you I don't really masturbate" she says, and then looks even more confused. "Are you sure you don't wanna do something?", she asks him sheepishly. Well, alright. We don't want to scare the young lady away so Jay has Kenzie lie down and get ready for him to do his magic. Good choice because Jay gets Kenzie off in no time. The girl orgasms easily and frequently and you can tell it's real. In fact, those two hit if off pretty well, Jay makes Kenzie cum in almost all positions and even plays a little rough with her. It's all okay by Kenzie, as long as she gets off from it. It's so intense that the whole shoot ended up pretty short. Even young bodies like that can only handle so and so much. You know a shoot went well when there's talk about some "off camera" fun later. So if you like girls who are as open and honest as it gets, don't mince words, and just want to get down and dirty without a lot of fluff and foreplay, Kenzie is your girl. If she'd just wash her feet, and cut out the cursing, she might be my type, too.

3 months ago