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Fuck)Dana DeArmond, Dana Vespoli, Natasha Voya in Dana Dearmond, Natasha Voya, Ramon Nomar, and Dana Vespoli Dirty Double Penetrating Group Sex 10:00
Fuck)Dana DeArmond, Dana Vespoli, Natasha Voya in Dana Dearmond, Natasha Voya, Ramon Nomar, and Dana Vespoli Dirty Double Penetrating Group Sex 10:00 Sexy, dangerous, Dana DeArmond knows how to get a dick hard and she's gonna teach these girls a thing or two. It all starts off with a blonde, girl next door, Natasha Voya in a sensual girl on girl scene alongside exotic beauty Dana Vespoli. But when Dana DeArmond walks onto the set all hell breaks loose. She ties up Natasha Voya, making her understand she won't stand for any nice girl behavior. She not only brought a masked Ramon Namor but she has a little surprise of her own. Ramon's not going to be the only one with a hard dick in this group. Dana DeArmond makes Dana Vespoli suck on her strap-on dildo and deep throat Ramon's massive cock at the same time. She controls these girls like her little slutty soldiers, ready to serve and fuck. We watch the mayhem ensue as these girls are unleashed. Dana DeArmond takes a huge dick in her ass while slapping Natasha Voya in the face. Dana Vespoli wants in on the action and straddles Ramon so she can put his huge, wet cock in her pretty, tight ass. Natasha is told to watch, not giving her dirty holes any attention. She is there to be used and Dana DeArmond puts her wet pussy all over Natasha's face. Ramon fucks Dana Vespoli deep into her stretched out asshole as she screams with pleasure. Natasha is told to lick DeArmond's asshole and serve her master. Finally, DeArmond gives Natasha what she really wants and fingers fucks her while she watches Ramon gap open Dana Vespoli's slutty asshole. Vespoli drops to her knees taking the dick deep in her throat but DeArmond wants some dick too. This sexy, horny group all move onto the couch so every hole can be fucked and sucked. These girls are loving it as DeArmond gets anally destroyed and Natasha and Vespoli get their delicious pussies licked. DeArmond takes a true ass fucking and gaps open her pink asshole while Ramon goes in deep for seconds. Ramon then uses Dana Vespoli's tight, slutty ass to fuck over and over until he pulls out and shoots hot white cum into DeArmond's begging, whore mouth. DeArmond ends this amazing fuck session with spitting into Vespoli's face and rewarding her sluts with a job well done.
Josie in JOSIE 2 11:00
Josie in JOSIE 2 11:00 Welcome back and what a treat we have for you this week. 21 year old Josie has graced us with her presence, and what a blessing it is! Josie has this great girl next door look and vibe about her, she’s a total cutie. She's a dancer who’s looking to branch out a little further into adult videos and today we’re gonna help. She comes in wearing what appears to absolutely be a stripper dress, lol, at least she’s got good style right? Instantly you can tell she’s trouble, with a capital T. We have a great little interview with her and as I keep mentioning she is something else. I won’t spoil too many surprises, but if you’re into the interviews, she’s got a great story about getting gangbanged by 5 dudes at a party. It’s HOT. Finally the time has come to get her out of those clothes and see what she’s working with… she’s got a great petite body, amazing tits, and a really nice little pussy and butthole. We get her on the couch with some toys, and we find out she’s actually a little bit of a squirter. It doesn’t take long before we get some waterworks and she’s literally dripping all over the place. I finally get my turn with her and away we go. She sucks my cock only the way a real slut could. She’s definitely a submissive, and come to find out she likes being degraded just a bit. Now typically I'm not the best at the dirty talk, you know me, I sound more like a broken record usually, but I called her a dirty slut a few times while I face fucked her. She gets soaked while sucking my dick, you can tell it really turns her on. Once we start fucking it gets even better, those facial expressions are such a turn on. So I work her pussy over for a while before I get to play in that ass. She takes my cock up her butt really well. We had a little false start in the beginning, but she warms up to it very very quickly. I really enjoyed fucking her sweet little asshole, and calling her names. The look on her face after being a dirty slut with the ass to mouth kinda says it all, and if that doesn’t, then the way she pulls on my hips to fuck her mouth hard says everything else. As a rewards for being a good little whore, I bust my nut all over her pretty face. If you watch closely, you’ll notice 2 things. Number 1: The look on her face when she realizes she’s not getting paid today. Number 2: She used her tongue to get most of that cum off her face, and nothing else, lol. When she left, she got in her Uber with a large portion of my jizz on her face. Lol. Well Josie, it was fun, hopefully we’ll see ya sometime in the future. She really does have a place in this business, only we’re not the ones who’re gonna help her out!
Tori Matthews in TORI MATTHEWS 10:59
Tori Matthews in TORI MATTHEWS 10:59 You've got to wonder what goes on in a girls head when she decides that "today I think I'm going to fuck a total stranger in another town make some porn", especially when she comes across as your typical girl next door like 19 year old office worker Tori Matthews. Now we know better than most that there are all sorts of hidden whores out there that get freaky the first chance they get, we happen to really enjoy ourselves when they come walking through our door. But there are also the quiet ones who just want to experience what it's like to take a big cock in front of a camera for all to see, which is what Tori appeared to be. The thing is, if you're going to check in to our room with a banging body, you best expect to be on your knees before you know it. Which is pretty much what happened when Jake got a good look at Tori's sweet ass. Long time viewers know we like to get to know our girls a bit before we fuck the shit out of them, but not this time. Within minutes, Tori is kneeling in front of Jake taking his baby arm sized cock straight to tonsil town with tears from going deep down her throat. OK, so now we know, this quiet cubicle queen is just the kind of slut we were hoping for. The more cock she takes, the more she feels like a whore, and she likes the feeling. She's a pleaser and the thing that gets her off is getting her partner to cum, whether it's a guy or a girl (yes, the plot thickens!). Good news for us is that she's really good at sucking cock, which comes from lots of experience. She's only been fucked by 4 or 5 guys, but when it comes to blowjobs, she's lost count. Excellent! Tori came to us to experience what being a porn star is like and we sure as hell weren't going to disappoint her, queue the clitoris torture device better known as the Hitachi. Yeah, you know exactly where this is heading. Watching her eyes light up when we break it out is priceless, but it gets better as she is soon writhing on the couch begging for mercy and Jake goes to town on her tight little pussy. And to think she was more worried about what his huge cock was going to do to her teeny twat. Her clit gets a real workout here but she hasn't gotten to the meat of the matter yet and that's when she gets a real taste of the biz. Tori is a petite girl with a pussy to match, so when Jake finally opens her up with his huge cock, it's game, set, match. He fills her up so much and goes so deep that Tori can barely take it. You have to admire her grit for taking it to the hilt, but sometimes there's only so much a girl can take and we go to the limit and beyond until she cries uncle. But remember what we said about being a pleaser? Tori wasn't lying about that and she spreads her legs wide open in her best "thank you sir, may I please have another" fashion for another round of pounding, and then another and another. The only thing better than watching a girl push her limits is watching one doing it that looks so damn hot. Tori gets the full exploited treatment and takes it with a smile, and a huge load of Jake's cum all over her face. We just love happy endings! So if you ever wondered what that hot girl at the office looks like when she's bent over and taking a huge cock up her dripping pussy, you're going to like watching Tori fulfill that twisted little fantasy.
Lilly Banks in Lilly Says Only Big Dicks Will Do 8:01
Lilly Banks in Lilly Says Only Big Dicks Will Do 8:01 Lilly is a delightful, free spirited, small breasted, blonde vixen, with a supple, toned, fit, all natural body, and a wholesome girl next door look, but looks can be deceiving. This scene starts, with an fun, informative Q&A, to get a more personal look into, who she really is. When her stud shows up, she intently, sucks his pink cigar, for a glorious, sloppy, slurping, blow job, as she does her best, to shove every, stoney inch, down her throat. He returns the favor, by expertly licking her bald, honeyed hole, to elicit her elated moans. She then, wantonly bounces her ravenous cunt, onto his fuck pole, with impassioned zeal, while moaning and crying out, in licentious exultation. Thankfully, she continues her wild ride, in cowgirl, as watching her, divine, firm, round ass, energetically humping him, is a mesmerizing sight to behold, as she moans and wails, in whorish jubilation, racing towards her lecherous Elysian. Putting her, in standing doggie, he vehemently slams his beef baton into her, making her moan and howl, with raw, uncaged, animalistic passions. He then, lays her back, on a stool, as he stand before her, potently plowing his steely shaft into her, as she moans and yelps, in salacious rapture. For the finale, he sprays his joy juice, onto her face, for a creamy, gooey facial.
Vivian Taylor in Cute Brunette Cant Get Enough Fat Cock 10:00
Vivian Taylor in Cute Brunette Cant Get Enough Fat Cock 10:00 Super cute girl next door Vivian Taylor is horny while in town. She meets up with a fit stud and he convinces her to go back to his place. She shows off the tightest booty you've ever seen while she gets fucked from behind over her bed. She loves the taste of her own pussy so she pulls him out and sucks all her juices off of his rod. She worships this mans body as she licks his asshole and sucks his fat cock before hoping on the dick and getting her clit rubbed some more. She finishes him off in her warm little mouth and swallows his load like a champ.
Pecosa in THE GIRL NEXT DOOR IS ON HEAT . PECOSA 11:00 My neighbor La Pecosa is so horny. She looks for any excuse to invite me into her house and try to seduce me. She asks me to fuck her in the ass because she says that her pussy is exclusive to her husband.
Maya Woulfe in Good Girl Gone Bad 5 12:00
Maya Woulfe in Good Girl Gone Bad 5 12:00 Maya Woulfe is fed up with being the good girl next door and decides she needs a makeover. Changing out of her conservative clothing and into a sexy new outfit that shows off some skin, she sneaks over to her crush's house, bad boy neighbor Xander Corvus, hoping to get his attention. Xander, however, isn't buying Maya's new persona and brushes her off, but the persistent teen doesn't want to leave. Xander finally decides to give Maya what she's looking for, spanking her and ripping her fishnet stockings over her sweet ass before giving her all of his cock. He sticks it deep in her mouth, facefucking the young babe before pounding her tight pussy and painting her face with his cum!
Paige Owens in Paige Owens Gets Three Cocks At The Same Time 15:00
Paige Owens in Paige Owens Gets Three Cocks At The Same Time 15:00 Paige Owens has the ultimate girl next door personality. She dreams of a beach vacation with just her and her dog in Mexico, soaking up the sun. Today she's on set in a rustic loft setting, and she's absolutely down to get her holes destroyed. Three cocks are coming in hot, to double stuff her tight pussy and asshole!
Nadia in NADIA 11:00
Nadia in NADIA 11:00 This week we have quite the treat for you! We've got Nadia - she's sexy, shy and has a sincere "girl next door" vibe about her. Nadia just graduated college with a degree in accounting, but since no one is hiring she's looking for a career in porn instead. During the interview, she's soft spoken... even a little hesitant. Slowly, she opens up and then reveals her promiscuous sexual history (apparently boating around the South of France is where people go to fuuuuck). So she's not inexperienced with taking dick, which is a good thing for a potential porn star. After a little more getting to know her, we have her get naked to reveal her petite little frame and bubble butt. During the solo masturbation, she eagerly takes the butt plug and confesses to loving anal sex. Hearing her say this was when we knew it's going to be a great casting. Next, Cam puts his cock in her mouth and gives her the business the way he does. She finally comes out of her shell when Cam fits his dick in her ass. Remember how I said she's loves anal? Well, SHE. LOVES. LOVES. LOVES. ANAL. You've gotta see it to understand. When Cam finishes fucking her ass, he blasts her face with a monster sized load. Finally, just for funsies, I hand her a toy and have her play with herself until she cums one more time (with all that jizz just dripping off her face).
Jesse Pony in Concept: Chose Your Adventure 15:00
Jesse Pony in Concept: Chose Your Adventure 15:00 If you’ve never participated in a “choose your own adventure” style game or roleplay, you have to check one out ASAP. Essentially, these types of games allow you to build a story exactly how you want, and your choices will ultimately affect your end result. These styles of narratives have been around forever now, so naturally, we want in on them. For our latest experiment, Team Skeet is creating a “choose your adventure” style scene where the story’s protagonist clicks through a series of choices in the hopes of eventually fucking a hot chick. Featuring Charles Dera as the player and Jesse Pony as the girl next door, Charles must play his cards right if he wants to get with this babe.
Ashlynn in ASHLYNN 10:59
Ashlynn in ASHLYNN 10:59 Thick, sweet 19 year old barista Ashlynn is here to see if she has what it takes to make it to the big time.She’s got a real girl next door presence about her and arrives wearing a very pretty little sun dress which we get rid of pretty quickly. After getting her naked, she has fun playing with some toys and pops the butt plug right in. When it’s time to suck my cock she gets down to business really slurping and sucking on my rod. I fuck her all over the desk and have her ride me with that butt plug staying in until I pop it out and replace it with my cock. I get tons of ATM and some great gapes out of her before I fill her like a donut. Following instructions she slurps the cum off my cock until I can’t take it anymore… c’mon it gets super sensitive… you know what I’m talking about lol. Finally, she plays with her pussy a little bit while we try to get her outta here as fast as possible. You can tell she’s awfully hesitant throughout our casting, but she a great job. See ya later alligator!
Stacey Levine in Cumming Stacy 15:00
Stacey Levine in Cumming Stacy 15:00 Stacey Levine came knocking like a door to door salesman except the only difference was she was looking to give something instead of sell something. At this point, The Fiesta is an urban myth and all kinds of girls come around seeking the truth. Is there a place where girls can get great sex from a man with a huge dick with no strings attached? They share this information by word of mouth and only to the right kind of chick. Stacey is the latest to hear about it and muster up enough courage to check it out for herself. She was straight forward and to the point. That's exactly how we like them here. No frills, no baggage, no nonsense. Just great fun and we send them on their way. This girl next door type definitely gets her fill and leaves utterly satisfied.
Elsa Jean in Elsa Jean Loves Getting Her Pussy Eaten 7:27
Elsa Jean in Elsa Jean Loves Getting Her Pussy Eaten 7:27 Elsa Jean is a cute and dominant petite blonde that may look like the cute girl next door that spends all her time at the library but don’t let her glasses deceive you. Elsa Jean is the kind of girl that would rather jerk off on her own five times a day because no one knows how to make her cum, although she would love the ability to have someone cum with her. She loves her clit to be licked and obliterated, but you have to be a seasoned pro that doesn't make a mess to the point where there’s so much lube that she can’t feel your tongue anymore. Elsa says that girls put men to shame because they actually know what they're doing, and are far superior, so much so that Elsa Jean would rather strap up and fuck a dude in the ass. James Deen, however, stands up for the every-man and offers up his services to have Elsa Jean cum. With expertise, he goes down on Elsa Jean and makes her moan and giggle and suspire with sounds of pleasure as to give the inclination that finally a man that can do something for her. With vigor, he abuses Elsa Jean’s beautiful stubbly pussy with a flurry of licks as she looks down at him approvingly. Elsa Jean grabs at her tits and pinches her nipples as he has found her sweet spot. The euphoria of it all and his concentrated expert tongue on her clit makes Elsa Jean moan and tremble, lick her lips and indefinitely shut her eyes with pleasure. She can't believe the ability of which she is being eaten out that she giggles in astonishment. Finally, he seeks Elsa Jean’s help in spreading her pussy, so that he can effortlessly lick every single crevice of her pulsating pink beauty. She smiles and reaches down at her pussy to make sure it’s still there and hasn't run off with him.
Journey in JOURNEY 11:00
Journey in JOURNEY 11:00 We have another spectacular girl next door, cutie with a booty for you! Journey has beautiful long red hair and a sparkling personality. This girl has a certain je ne sais quoi about her. I can’t really put my finger on it, but everything about her really surprised me. Also, she was apparently a film major in school, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t prepare her for this type of film work. After we get her on the couch and she tells us her story, we have her get naked. Next, she gives us a great solo masturbation show which leads to my cock in her mouth and we’re off to the race. She does really well getting fucked all around the office. When it's time for anal, she’s a little nervous about getting fucked in the butt, but you'll see that her fears are quickly replaced by ecstasy. Ass to mouth, gaping, she does the whole shebang. She’s almost ready for that close up Mr. Demille, then I blast my load in her tight little asshole. Finally, it’s time for the next part of her journey, the walk of shame. Can you imagine getting dressed, leaving WITHOUT a paycheck and feeling my load drip out of you for the rest of the day? Couldn’t be me. - Cam
Gia Dibella in Ready To Play 2 12:00
Gia Dibella in Ready To Play 2 12:00 Come and meet the girl next door: in her denim skirt and sneakers, Gia has the sexiest smile on the block. Sweet and seductive, let this blonde lead you to her place, where she shows you what else she has that sets her apart from the other ladies in the neighborhood.
Bree Star in Evening Star 12:00
Bree Star in Evening Star 12:00 In her pleated plaid skirt, Bree still looks like the girl next door, only now she’s letting loose in the big city. With her leather jacket and coquettish attitude, this isn’t the girl you remember. But the new Bree still has the pretty peach underwear, and she want to show off what else she’s found…
Kymberlee Anne in A submissive sexual freak! 8:00
Kymberlee Anne in A submissive sexual freak! 8:00 Bang Casting is back with another fresh faced newbie hopeful. This week we have the lovely Kymberlee Anne. This brunette beauty comes across as bashful and innocent, but OMG... She is shy at first, but under that giggling sweet facade lies a submissive sexual freak. She said she likes it rough, and rough is exactly what Jmac gave her. He put her amazing all natural body to the test, and she passed with enthusiasm. There's something hot yet refreshing about seeing a pretty "girl next door" that just honestly loves to get stuffed with big cocks. She's not slutty about it, she doesn't put on a show, she's not acting, she just came here to get pounded because she likes it. Well, she can come back anytime she wants. You'll see when you watch the video, this girl may have came here for a casting, but she's already bound for porn stardom. If Kymberlee Anne is this freaky in the beginning of her career, I can't wait to see what she does once she settles in. This is one you don't want to miss.
Sara Luvv in The Girl Next Door 2 15:00
Sara Luvv in The Girl Next Door 2 15:00 Sarah Luvv has an admirer, but she just hasnt found out yet. She spends her days at the pool getting sun all over her rocking body. Little does she know, her semi-creepy neighbor not only watches her, but sometimes even snaps pervy photos of her nude sunbathing body :0. His dream comes true one day when Sarah comes home from school and forgets her keys. She has nowhere to go, so figures maybe the neighbor can accommodate her until she can get in. Its funny because she was more apprehensive about it than he was. They get inside, start talking, and Sarahs inner slut comes out right away. She knows that he thinks shes hot, and knows she wants some thick black cock, so she starts to take her top off. Right away we can see this dudes face look like he just hit the lotto. He fucks her tiny holes all over the kitchen, permanently stretching her pink bubble gum pussy with his tremendous black mamba. Sarah now has a friend whenever she might lose her keys again, or if shes craving a furious storm of spooge all over her. Either way, you can always count on your neighbor!
Blake Blossom in The Girl Next Door 12:00
Blake Blossom in The Girl Next Door 12:00 Blake is obsessed with her neighbor Will, sneaking into his house just to touch his things. When she puts on a pair of his underwear and rubbing her pussy, she's lost in pleasure, only for Will to find her! She's happy to sit on his face before deepthroating the cock of her dreams and having her massive tits splashed with a massive load of cum!
Lexi Lore in Lexi Lore: Teens These Days 9:59
Lexi Lore in Lexi Lore: Teens These Days 9:59 Young, petite, sexy girl next door, Lexi Lore, is tired of being thought of as just the girl next door, she has a crazy imagination and a sexual appetite that cannot be tamed. Underneath all that girl next door look are pierced nipples and sexy lingerie. She undresses and shows off for you to see that she is actually a dirty little slut waiting to fucked and ravaged. On a white couch, she continues to show, but this time more, she spreads her ass cheeks open to allow you to see both her tight little holes, and as she spreads them a man comes from behind and rips off her heels and her thong. This man is no ordinary man, it is James Deen, king of rough fucking. He kisses Lexi and fingers and rubs her throbbing pink pussy. He gets on her knees and makes her lay back, he eats out her pussy and eats her ass, Lexi moans hard as his tongue traverses her pussy and ass. However, it is her turn to do the licking. Lexi licks his big cock up and down, trying her hardest to fit him whole in her tiny little teen mouth, she gags and chokes as the tip of his cock hits the back of her throat. James lifts her on top of him in reverse cowgirl style and fucks Lexi hard and fast, and Lexi loves it, shrieking at his size but moaning at his girth stretching her out and hitting every spot inside her. He moves a little further south and inserts his BWC inside her tight, tight asshole, she gasps loudly as her ass slowly gets stretched and then fucked hard and fast. As Lexi gets used to the size she begins to smile and moan, even spreading her gaping asshole further as he comes out of her. James changes positions and continues to stretch Lexi out and gaping her once tight asshole further and further. After more super rough fucking, more ass fucking, and more massive gaping, James is finally ready to cum. He chokes her with his cock and he unloads on her face and Lexi takes his load in her mouth smiling from ear to ear showing off her braces.
Izzy Lush in Double Up 12:00
Izzy Lush in Double Up 12:00 What are the nice girls not telling you? Izzy smiles like the girl next door, but bites her lip like she’s hungry for something. Come find out what stirs this blue-eyed brunette’s appetite.
Penny Pax, Sheena Shaw in Young Penny Pax and MILF Sheena Shaw Love It Anal Style 10:59
Penny Pax, Sheena Shaw in Young Penny Pax and MILF Sheena Shaw Love It Anal Style 10:59 Hot momma Sheena Shaw makes her anal debut in this older / younger scene for Perv City. Cutie girl next door Penny Pax is here to get Sheena’s virgin backside all warmed up. That perfect tongue darts in and out of her ass like nobody’s business! Once the double blow job is done, Penny whips out her perfect boobs for a quick tit fuck. Then it’s time for anal virgin Sheena to lay back, spread her legs and enjoy the ride! Her lubed up ass slowly takes a big dick, sending Sheena into orgasm after orgasm. When it’s Penny’s turn for anal play, Sheena is right there playing with her clit for the ultimate ass fucking orgasms!
Adria Rae in Adria Rae Is A Cutie With A Wild Desire To Be Used By Two Bbc's 9:59
Adria Rae in Adria Rae Is A Cutie With A Wild Desire To Be Used By Two Bbc's 9:59 Adria Rae is a girl next door cutie that has a pair of gorgeous green eyes that captivate you from across the room. She is a well-rounded outgoing cutie that loves playing golf...and getting her asshole and pussy used by big black cocks. Aidra becomes a submissive anal whore as the two rock hard cocks tease and stretch her pussy and asshole until it's wide enough for a DP dick down!
Marley Blaze, Mike Adriano in Girl Next Door Anal 11:00
Marley Blaze, Mike Adriano in Girl Next Door Anal 11:00 Brunette Marley Blaze is no stranger to point-of-view porn, but she was yet to do an anal POV, so Perv City’s Mike Adriano invites her to his place to give it a whirl. Rough, kinky sodomy is her favorite kind, so Mike decides to make her dreams come true. He whips out his thick big dick and she dives in with an outdoor blowjob along with slutty dirty talk, and then spreads her tight asshole so that he can sink in deep. With her sphincter wrapped around his shaft, Marley moans and gapes, then jumps her juicy booty on his prick in cowgirl style, before he pumps up the pressure in doggy, and she rides him in reverse cowgirl until ATM jizz explodes onto her waiting pierced tongue.