Erika in ERIKA10546

At first glance Erika comes off as a pretty average, bubbly girl next door but when her clothes come off and the multiple orgasms start adding up her inner freak is released and things get very intense, very quickly. Fans of slim girls, tiny titties and endless real orgasms are in for a great ride this week. You know when you finally get a girl to orgasm and she just gets more turned on? She starts talking dirty and getting freakier like you unleashed something in her? That's Erika. Jay starts the shoot with a vibrator and quickly gets her off with that. After she cums the first time she's unstoppable. When she gets to the floor to devour his cock in a frenzy of sucking, face fucking and even a little ass licking, Jay's response speaks for itself: "That was really fucking good head." And if anyone would know, it's Jay. This is like the Colonel telling you how good your fried chicken is.Any guy who has had sex with a girl who orgasms easily and multiple times will recognize Erika's great O voice. She gets into a groove when Jay's fucking her and she's coming over and over and can barely talk as the waves hit her. All she can manage is to pant "Oh fuck!" over and over. While Erika definitely isn't the hottest girl we've ever featured on Ex Co Gi, her orgasms might be the most intense. Watching as she her grinds her pussy into Jay and loses herself in pleasure is really amazing.After bringing Erika to orgasm over and over (and over), Jay finally unleashes a huge load inside her which results in a sheet ruining creampie as it oozes out of her pussy. While we may not see Erika doing any more porn, we've got this scene, so why be greedy?

6 months ago