Charlotte Lapyne in Charlotte Lapyne Keeps It On The Down Low That She's The Office Slut! 15:00
Charlotte Lapyne in Charlotte Lapyne Keeps It On The Down Low That She's The Office Slut! 15:00 Charlotte Lapyne is a talented lady. Not only does she type at a super fast pace but she's the office slut and no one knows! She keeps it on the DL as she fucks most of her colleagues. She's got a spreadsheet of who's got the biggest to smallest cock in the place and today you can see her adding to her list. She keeps her glasses on as she gets up on the office managers dick and grinds it till he's cumming on her tits!
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Fuck)Sophia Grace in Sophia Grace Is A Hipster Slut 10:00 James Deen shows up by Sophia Grace’s place, just for a visit. Sophia is lounging about at home wearing some leggings and a tank top shirt, and some cute glasses that fit her a tad bit big. However, conversation turns from laughing and jokes to flirting and soon Sophia is removing her leggings to show that the tank top she is wearing is not actually that but a leotard that accentuates her really awesome ass, he gets a nice squeeze out of it as she bends over the bed. Sophia fully undresses and rubs and plays with her pussy for a bit and then crawls on her bed to fully show off her beautiful holes. After some more joking, Sophia crawls over to him and unbuttons his jeans to release his big cock. She plays with it with her mouth, taking him deep into the depths of her throat and her eyes roll back. She continues to suck his cock until it’s all wet and slobbered and then she stands so that we see her awesome ass again and she backs it up and sits her tight little pussy on his massive cock, gasping and moaning at his entrance, which opens her up wide. Sophia rides him reverse cowgirl, letting her pussy get used to his huge dick, but soon tires and kneels down and slobbers up his cock again. However, he wants her to feel everything and take him whole, so he takes her over to the bed and fucks her in a standing missionary position and Sophia can barely contain herself as he enters her with full force, she whimpers and moans at the obscure pleasure she is feeling. As they continue to fuck in different positions, she gets used to him and wants every inch of him to fill her up, she rides him in cowgirl position, he fucks her sideways, and eats her pussy, to which Sophia’s surprise loves it. He continues to fuck her this time in doggystyle position and once again in standing missionary until he busts his load and creampies her; Sophia has never felt such pleasure.
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Karol Lilien in Your Attention, Please! 15:01 Charlie Dean is none too pleased to find that everyone has rearranged their work space while he was out, and even less so when he discovers a brand new hire has been made without consulting him! Karol Lilien is his new coworker, a sexy blonde beauty who doesn't have much to say, but certainly has a lot she wants to do! Taking his glasses off, she makes her flirtatious intentions clear, and before you know it, she's stripped down to nothing but some sexy lingerie. She takes Charlie's hard cock out and get it ready for action, then indulges him with a passionate blowjob, and spreads her luscious legs to take him deep for some incredible office sex.
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Sheri Vi in Anal Bliss for a Tempting Teen 8:00 Sheri is a young, beautiful, raven-haired European lovely with delectable tiny tits whose handsome Romeo is taking selfies with his cell phone as he kisses and caresses her. Rather than deterring from her looks, the glasses she wears actually make her look even sexier than she already is. Soon she’s slurping down his dauntless dong with youthful enthusiasm, lovingly licking and sucking every inch of it. Her strapping Casanova returns the favor, licking her bald, honeyed hole before sliding his beefy battering ram into her garden of decadent delights in missionary and plowing her with impassioned, fervent zeal as she squeals approvingly. She mounts his fabulous fuck-pole in cowgirl, riding him with single-minded resolve and milking every ounce of pleasure from his rigid rod while showcasing her flawless, consummate, firm round ass as it grinds onto his jumbo joystick. She’s a vision of loveliness, humping his potent prick and determined to reap every last ounce of pleasure from it. She continues her hedonistic peregrination in anal reverse cowgirl, which is like throwing gasoline on a fire and triggers the eruption of multiple volcanic orgasms. Laying her in spoon, her sinewy stud drills his weapon of ass destruction deep into her puckered asshole with ferocious, fiery, feral fervor, prompting her to have some bone-rattling orgasms that send her into an intoxicated state of sexual reverie until he pulls out to fire a jet stream of hot cum onto her pierced tongue and tiny tits.
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Carolina Abril in Another Day, Another Victim! 12:00 The bus strikes again mothafuckas! And this time, we are going international! The chicks on the streets ain't safe with the van creepin around in full fucking f***e! Hahaaaa! We find ourselves a cutie with glasses named Carolina, and she is eager for work...we offer her money, and you know how the rest of the story goes. Hardcore amateur fucking ensues as usual. This petite cutie took raw dick like a champion and fucking loved it!
Maya Farrell, Penny Barber in Building up Oliver 15:00
Maya Farrell, Penny Barber in Building up Oliver 15:00 Stepsiblings Maya Farrell and Oliver Davis visit their therapist Dr. Penny Barber who will try to solve their animosity towards each other. Turns out, even though Maya is always teasing Oliver, this kind of turns him on, so Dr. Barber suggests they explore that further by helping him realize some of his fantasies. After all, Maya’s stepbrother has quite a decent dick after all!
Angie Scorp in Angie Scorp Keeps Her Glasses On As She's Drilled At Her Computer Desk 14:59
Angie Scorp in Angie Scorp Keeps Her Glasses On As She's Drilled At Her Computer Desk 14:59 Angie Scorp never has a dull day at work. Sure she mostly sits at her computer desk all day but that doesn't stop the interns from stopping by for a quickie! Watch Angie hike her skirt up and keep her glasses and stilettos on as this dude drills her snatch during his lunch break!
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Shortie Breeze in Smart chicks suck dick in the Library! 5:50 Let's get quick to the fucking point, shall we? This hot chick with glasses meets me at the library... I lay back and relax, and she blows me. Hell yeah, this little cutie loved to guzzle on my cock, and she knew how to work that tongue ring on the shaft of my pricked. She sucked me off until I blew my load in her mouth. It was perfect, I tell ya!
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Katie Kush in A Sorority Girls Revenge Scene 2 15:00
Katie Kush in A Sorority Girls Revenge Scene 2 15:00 A Sorority Girls Revenge Scene 2
Elsa Jean in Grade A Pussy - S6:E9 15:00
Elsa Jean in Grade A Pussy - S6:E9 15:00 Elsa Jean is studying, but she's not doing very well on her own. She turns to her stepbrother Tony for help. Tony is able to give her the assistance she needs, but he's only willing to do so for a price. At first Elsa offers to be nice to Tony, but when that doesn't work she agrees to do her studying topless. Tony tries to walk away again, but Elsa keeps begging. Eventually he decides he'll only help her study if she takes off her miniskirt to become totally naked. Tony tells Elsa to read her book while he jacks off behind her with the least help possible. As she tries to concentrate, Tony comes up behind her and shoves his cock into her tight twat. While he bangs her from behind while squeezing her heart-shaped ass, Elsa does her best to keep studying. He interrupts her yet again when he tells her that if she sucks his dick he'll do her homework for her. Reluctantly, Elsa agrees and is soon going to town sucking her stepbrother off. Eventually Tony gives up all pretense of studying and takes his stepsister to the bedroom where he can take off her glasses and really get down and dirty with her. The two bump uglies in a variety of positions, with Elsa riding her stepbrother's fuck stick and then rolling onto her back. When Elsa gets on her hands and knees and lets Tony bring her to climax, he can't wait another moment. Pulling out, he squirts his cumshot all over her round bottom to brand her with his jizz.
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Emily B in Bad student or a good sucker 12:00 Emily is a sweet and smart-looking brunette in glasses who claims to study very hard but who fails to pass a simple test. Sure, her teacher is very unpleased with her efforts because he believes she should work even harder or find another way of passing a test and getting her education. Luckily, Emily is a smart student and she understands what a kinky teacher needs to be pleased with her.
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Sheila Ortega in Busty Brunette Sheila Ortega Sucks & Fucks Husband’s Massive Black Cock GP2187 15:00 After wandering around her mansion, catching some rays out by the pool, and sipping several glasses of champagne, Sheila Ortega is joined by her husband Jesus. Since the sexual chemistry between the two of them is electric, it doesn’t take long for clothes to come off. Once Jesus gets his BBC blown, he begins slamming it in and out of Sheila’s tight pussy as the two spoon on the couch. The two fuck in several positions before Jesus empties his balls into Sheila’s mouth.
Fuck)Nikki Riddle in NIKKI RIDDLE — TIPPLE TIME 9:01
Fuck)Nikki Riddle in NIKKI RIDDLE — TIPPLE TIME 9:01 We certainly have plenty of treats in store for you with another new face here on Wet and Pissy! Nikki Riddle is laying on the couch in hot magenta stockings and a bright fishnet dress when she slips her hands down to her panties and rubs herself. Nikki bends over and shows off her ass before she stands up and while masturbating, suddenly needs to pee! Nikki looks over at the table and notices two glasses. She squats above them and starts pussy pissing right into them. Afterwards Nikki sits down on the couch and plays with her golden juices, pouring them over her shaved pussy and into her mouth, enjoying her first ever piss drinking experience. This horny babe takes off her pearl necklace and rubs it against her labia to pleasure herself. She kneels up and fingers her pussy then pees again into one of the glasses. Nikki pours her piss all down herself and then bends over on the couch to toy herself with a glass dildo. She pees all over the couch and then laps up her juices eagerly before finishing herself off with the dildo to a dramatic orgasm!
Kate Fresh in Pumping Time 2 8:00
Kate Fresh in Pumping Time 2 8:00 Horny Latvian babe Kate Fresh is getting her kink on at home. Dressed in lace-up PVC underwear with fishnet pantyhose and ankle-strap spike heels, she’s running her hands over her firm ass and thighs, pulling the crotch tight up into her butt-crack and slit. She has a cute alternative look, with tattoos, dyed silver-gray hair and heavy-framed hipster-style glasses. She kneads her pert, perfect breasts through her bra and slips one hand, then two inside of her shiny black panties. She has a vacuum pussy pump ready and waiting, and she examines it, licking and biting it as she takes a close-up look. Next, she pulls her panties and fishnets down to her ankles and begins to masturbate, dipping a finger between her fleshy, shaved pussy lips to tease her juice-slick slit and clit. Then she sits, legs splayed wide, and positions the cup of the pump over her snatch. Moaning with pleasure, she squeezes the bulb, sucking out the air. Her pussy lips and clit expand and engorge; then, when she removes the cup, they remain swollen and deep pinkish-purple in color. They’re also super-sensitive now – she barely touches them before her moans turn to cries and whimpers and her orgasm starts to build within seconds. She frigs herself hard with her fingers, quivering tits now freed from her bra. She pauses, then resumes her self-pleasure and uses the pump once again, until her snatch is half-filling the clear cup. She releases it and, almost sobbing now, gets on all fours doggy style to flaunt her pussy and tight asshole from the rear. She reaches in between her thighs, two fingers probing deep between her plumped-up lips. Then she gives her snatch another brief pump before lying back on the floor to plow and spread it. Crazed with lust, she rocks and squirms as she cums, hand pinned between her thighs as she bucks against it. Finally satisfied she stands up, showing off her long legs as she pulls up her pantyhose...
Fuck)April O'neil in April O'Neil is the Savior of Humanity 10:00
Fuck)April O'neil in April O'Neil is the Savior of Humanity 10:00 April O'Neil plays a lot of role-playing games, that means she's saved the world at least a few times. James Deen is impressed by her altruism and winning spirit. It's enough for them to have sex and for James to put his penis between April's awesome boobs. I'm not sure why April likes James, because he's saved the world a total of zero times. But they seem to hit it off well. 'Better than watching your friend play Fallout 4!' April wears a red flannel shirt with nothing underneath and some sexy cheeky panties and some brown thigh high stockings. She unbuttons her flannel to reveal her fucking awesome and squishy tits, he wants to get a handful of these bad girls and squeezes them before they start to make out and he begins to rub her pussy over her panties, April lightly moans. She wants more, he takes off her panties and she takes off her flannel, he lays her on the couch and he heads down toward her pussy, kissing and licking her labia and her clit, April moans and smiles at James’ dexterity with his tongue. His pussy eating is so intense that April has to sit up and practically levitates off the couch and onto her knees, he stands, and she takes off his pants to reveal his big dick, which she promptly puts in her mouth. April gargles his cock but he grabs her head and face fucks her, she chokes and gags on his massive cock, when he pulls her head away, she smiles and giggles, so he shoves her mouth back onto his cock, skull fucking her. It’s gotten too steamy for April’s glasses; she removes them and takes his cock in between her luscious tits and fucks him. Wanting the real thing, James lays her on the couch and fucks her sideways, April moans and gasps at his thick cock spreading and stretching her vaginal walls. April wants to take control of the fucking, so she climbs on top of him and rides him cowgirl on the couch, bouncing her phat ass on his cock, but James can’t help it, he grabs onto her ass and begins fucking her fast and hard, April moans and shrieks as he touches every spot inside her pussy. Now April on the edge of the couch and James on his knees and fucks her lovely hairy pussy, April enjoys every single stroke that he has to offer, moaning and almost whimpering as his cock feels too fucking good inside of her. Wanting more leverage, he lays on the couch and she rides him reverse cowgirl, with her legs spread wide open, he fucks her faster and harder while rubbing her clit, Aprils moans and gasps becoming louder with his every stroke. He bends April over on the couch and fucks her doggystyle, this almost breaks April, feeling everything, he has to offer her pussy, she moans, gasps, shrieks, and screams as he continuously and ferociously fucks her tight pussy. Feeling he’s about to cum, April gets on her knees and sucks his load out of his cock, sucking every last drop of hot cum.
Dolly Diore in X-Ray Lay 12:00
Dolly Diore in X-Ray Lay 12:00 Physics professor Danny D is grateful for the invention of X-ray glasses capable of making clothed women appear completely naked. With the new technology at his disposal, Danny makes sure that his sexy, slutty foreign exchange student, Dolly Diore, receives special attention: her big tits look like they could use a serious dicking!
Nina Pink in Fucked By A Nerdy Escort 15:00
Nina Pink in Fucked By A Nerdy Escort 15:00 Codey Steele nervously awaits his date for for the night; sweet and sexy, nerdy escort Nina Pink. When Nina arrives, in her cute casual outfit and glasses, she gently leads Codey through his first escort experience. The two get to know each other over a quick match in their favorite racing game, before Nina starts getting more assertive and handsy with the shy guy. Nina tells Codey to take his pants off, then starts a blowjob. She then has Codey lick her pussy from behind, before letting him fuck her. Whether gaming or fucking, Nina proves she's worth every penny!
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Dominica Phoenix in Dominica Phoenix, debuts in Private with squirting 12:00 The Dellai twins are very naughty, but at least they are generous! They give their hot friend Dominica Phoenix a hung stud’s cock for a present, wrapping it up in a tight bow so that she can unwrap it and gobble it down. She leaves her glasses on while deep throating his cock and then gets on all fours to take a hardcore pussy pounding. After having her pussy split in two, she spreads her legs to take a hardcore finger blasting that leaves her squirting her juices absolutely everywhere! This slut finishes things off by taking a sticky facial, letting his cum drip into her mouth.
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Avona Dominica in Romeo Price Bangs Avona Dominica In The Office 10:00 Avona Dominica plays a sexy secretary in the office who is filing for boss Romeo Price. Avona helps out in her mini skirt and high heel in her nerdy glasses. Romeo has her do some other work in his office. Avona undoes his pants ans sucks his cock in his executive chair before she strips down to her purple panties and shows off her pert tits. Romeo then licks avona's shave pussy and fingers her before she spreads her legs as he pounds her on the desk. Avona then turns around so that Romeo can take her hard from behind. They finish with her on her back on the desk before she jerks him off to cum on her face.
Fuck)Nicole Ramone in GRANNY IN GLASSES 9:00
Fuck)Nicole Ramone in GRANNY IN GLASSES 9:00
Jane Wilde, April Olsen in True Lesbian - Bad Reputation 15:00
Jane Wilde, April Olsen in True Lesbian - Bad Reputation 15:00 Sarah (April Olsen) exits her home and says goodbye to her family inside. Dressed in a private school uniform with glasses and a backpack, Sarah is about to graduate at the top of her class. She may look innocent on the outside, but Sarah secretly longs for excitement ... and other women. She slips in her headphones and puts on a punk song as she walks down the road to class.Meanwhile, Andy (Jane Wilde) sits at the base of a tree, legs spread as she dumps the contents of her school bag on the ground in front of her. Andy has failed senior year twice. She rummages through her things, opening a notebook full of lesbian doodles. She notices Sarah unknowingly pass by. Andy has been waiting all morning for Sarah. Something about Sarah has always made Andy curious. She grabs her things and hurries to catch up. Walking slowly behind Sarah so she can check her out for a moment, Andy takes in the beautiful student before gradually catching up and removing her headphones. She introduces herself to Sarah, mentioning that they have homeroom together.The students walk along the road together, as Andy complains bitterly about their homeroom, how she's always getting suspended, how boring it is, and how their teacher should retire. Soon, they fall into silence, as both women search for what to say next. Finally, Sarah breaks the silence, asking Andy if she is ready for finals. Andy stops and studies the road ahead. Andy then enthusiastically suggests that they take a shortcut and veers off the path. Sarah stops and can't help but be amused at the spontaneity of her new friend. She's pretty cute, when she isn't trying so hard. She decides to follow.Sarah follows Andy down a path. She's pretty sure they are going in the opposite direction of her school by now. But she doesn't care. She really likes Andy and wishes they could spend the whole day together. Sarah and Andy chat about their lives, their sexual tension building. Eventually, Sarah asks Andy if she has a boyfriend. Andy responds with a chuckle, saying that guys aren't really her type. Sarah laughs back and nods her head awkwardly. She can really feel the tension between them now. They chat a little more, moving closer and closer to each other. Finally, the tension boils over and they lean against a tree and kiss, their hands moving over their school uniforms.Andy may have a bad reputation, but Sarah is going to find out how GOOD that can feel sometimes...