Renee Hurtz in TATTOO STUD ALEX WEBER FUCKS RENEE HURTZ 12:01 The studly bad boy Alex Weber returns! This time to smash out our fine lady, Renee Hurtz. Here's the inside scoop... Renee hit us up last minute the night before her scheduled shoot with Alex. She needed a place to stay for the night so it only made sense that we let her crash at the house where all the other models were staying at. To our surprise, when we arrived at the house in the morning, we were told that when Renee arrived, her and Alex really hit it off. So well in fact that supposedly, they hooked up late that night... yes, the night before they were supposed to fuck on camera. We don't endorse this since it takes away from the allure of having sex with that person for the first time. And you know we want to bring you the HOTTEST sex possible! However, even if they fucked the night before or not, they definitely showed up to fuck again. You be the judge... Does it look like they had already hooked up or not??
Lily Madison in Busty In Red 6:00
Lily Madison in Busty In Red 6:00 Lily Madison is the lady in red lingerie ready for a roll in bed. Lily isn't in her lingerie for long. While we know that Lily dearly loves hot girly outfits, and she looks super-sexy in them, getting completely naked is always more comfy. "I had been going to school for fashion photography," said Lily. "I want to go into set design and interior design. I'm going to go back to college. I was supposed to go back to college already, but webcam modeling is addictive. I was always on the other side of the camera, and I thought, 'I'm too short to do modeling.' I didn't think I'd ever get any work as a model." It's a good thing that Lily was wrong about that.
James Deen in Vivienne Wynter's Anal Cherry 10:00
James Deen in Vivienne Wynter's Anal Cherry 10:00 Newsflash: Vivienne Wynter is an anal virgin and needs to get her baptized with cum. James Deen is reporting in and gets on it. Brunette with big tits and great ass has so much potential and James is not the kind of person to waste something so precious. So he decided to give Vivienne a little push by giving her first anal, of course. James is just waits there as Vivienne is doing a strip tease at the foot of the bed. She slowly loses her top, revealing her big tits and slutty complexion. She takes off her panties but not the skirt and bends over to show what she’s made of. When she’s done, she crawls toward James. As he sits there on the bed, Vivienne rides his lap and he starts giving her and her tits some smooches. His fat dick slowly gets inside Vivienne while he’s still giving the lady some kisses. When Vivienne had some taste of his dick, she pauses for a while to give James some blowjob. James holds her hair up as she does this. Vivienne now wants the dick inside her again. She sits down and spreads her legs, inviting James to penetrate her once more. He did and he controlled Vivienne’s legs like a fucking joystick. He shifts the legs around on his convenience. At this point, James’ roughness is applied on Vivienne’s neck as he continued fucking the lady but Vivienne didn’t mind at all. Maybe she liked it too. After some time, Vivienne goes on top. The view shows her ass being impaled hard from below as she rubbed herself from time to time. They went at it for a while until they’re ready to end it. When the time comes, so is James. Vivienne goes on all fours and offered her not-so-virgin-anymore ass hole to James. He makes a last spurt fucking until her unleashes his white, slimy rage deep inside Vivienne’s ass.
Sadie Baker in EX COLLEGE ATHLETE AMARI JOHNSON DESTROYS TINY SADIE BAKER 11:04 Life is all about experiences and first times, agree? Well, Amari Johnson and Sadie Baker shared a similar desire for a particular first time experience. What is that you ask? Why... a big, hot, filthy facial of course! And that information is what set the mood for the rest of this hot FUCK. Now think about that for a minute ;) Amari damn near split Sadie in half with his monster cock. Makes us wonder how many college jersey chaser chicks did he leave in wheel chairs after pounding them out once the big game was over? Probably too many to count... but it's hot to think about all of their expressions when they would finally get their chance to fuck this big shot athlete. We're guessing their expressions were similar to what we saw from Sadie. True pleasure and pain... all together in this awesome glory. Once this buff studly jock warmed up those lady parts, it wasn't long before he was rearranging that pussy plumbing. Best part? Sadie never backs down and begs for that long awaited bucket list facial to come raining down all over her pretty little face.
Lexie Banderas in Rough anal sex for Lexy Bandera’s birthday 12:00
Lexie Banderas in Rough anal sex for Lexy Bandera’s birthday 12:00 Happy birthday Lexy. Get excited. Oh wait, no one seemed to care it was Lexy’s birthday. No cards, no well wishes, heck, even her boyfriend seemed to be unaware. This made Lexy very sad. She was ready for her rotten day to just be over when her boyfriend Brannon proved he wasn’t all bad. He brought flowers. Now for those unaware, when you turn the girlfriend’s frown upside down, the walls really come down, and for Lexy, them walls just a tumbled. For her special day, Lexy wants to get kinky. Really kink. “Slap me, spit on me, fuck me in the ass,” Lexy says. She wants her birthday to go from forgetable to memorable. Brannon can’t believe his luck, and he’s not going to deny this birthday requset from his little lady. He man’s up and unloads on Lexy, smacking her around and fucking her ass with no remorse. While she didn’t say it, we’re pretty sure this was the best birthday Lexy ever had.
Lady Gang in Try my Guy 1 6:00
Lady Gang in Try my Guy 1 6:00 Why is her boyfriend such a romantic lover? Lady Gang longs to be fucked hard, while he makes love to her much too softly. Her best friend Sheila knows exactly what to do: she offers to pay a little visit to this Mr Romance for a little lesson and in the mean time she makes sure that her BFF is taken care of...
Daphne Klyde, Lady Gang in Lady Gang and Daphne Klyde, Bachelorette Party with DP and Squirting! 12:00
Daphne Klyde, Lady Gang in Lady Gang and Daphne Klyde, Bachelorette Party with DP and Squirting! 12:00 There’s nothing quite like a pre-wedding orgy to get ready for the big day, and that’s exactly what’s in store for bride Lady Gang and guest Daphne Klyde in Private Blockbusters, A Sexy Wedding Planner, as they take on studs Lutro and Stanley Johnson in a wild fuck fest for the ages! A round of deepthroat blowjobs and titty fucking serves as the perfect warm-up for our girls as they then go on to enjoy an action-packed orgy that includes some hot anal, DP, and squirting action for Daphne before finishing up with some ass to mouth and two cumshots over Lady’s big natural tits!
Ashlynne in ASHLYNNE5509 10:59
Ashlynne in ASHLYNNE5509 10:59 Calling a barely 23 year old hot redhead with a body to kill for a "Milf In Training" might sound far fetched but given that our busty porn newcomer just became a mommy - and provides proof by squirting actual milk out of her enormous boobs - we think that title works for her. Ashlynn, with her infectious smile, big natural tits, and genuine love for sex is the kind of girl ANYONE would like to fuck. Aside from her obvious physical attractiveness, though, Ashlynn has a great attitude and personality. Yes, we know that complimenting a girl on her "personality" usually means she's fat but Ash is nothing of the sort. She just happens to have one of the top 10 fit bodies of the year, and is cool and smart to boot. After interviewing Ashlynne, our cockmeister quickly steers things towards action and has her drop to her knees and prove that her claimed love of blowjobs wasn't a bluff. Verdict: not a bluff, this juggy beauty loves sucking the D!But before he gets too far into things, Jay has Ash strip to show off her tight body and huge, milky tits. The only really accurate adjective is "nom, nom, nom." Jay is thinking the same thing and has her lay back and spread out to show off her goods to the best effect. After almost getting busted by housekeeping (Jay - the "Do Not Disturb" sign is there for a reason - learn it, live it, hang it on the fucking door when you are shooting porn!), it's time to turn up the heat. With a bit of lube and lots of skill, a vibrator, and his finger in Ashlynne's ass, Jay gets our girl off to several orgasms in a row. Ashlynne's orgasm streak isn't over yet though - she cums in nearly every position Jay fucks her in. We watch her big tits bounce in cowgirl, witness Ashlynne cum again in doggy (anal fail notwithstanding), and again when Jay sideshows the redhead with one of the most furious pump actions we've seen in a long time. The huge load of cum Jay shoots into Ashlynne's mouth may be his crowning achievement of the year (count the squirts. As always, the cumshot is replayed from all camera angles, and then again in slow-motion. Is this guy Superman or what?). But Ashlynne's porn debut doesn't stop there. Don't miss the young mom squirting real milk from her massive tits. And we mean SQUIRT.A great update with an enthusiastic, super hot, and very talented young lady who isn't afraid to cum for us...over and over and over again.
Carter Cruise, Phoenix Marie in Only Anal Until Marriage 12:00
Carter Cruise, Phoenix Marie in Only Anal Until Marriage 12:00 Carter Cruise is madly in love with her boyfriend Chris, and wants to take things to the next level. But when her stepmom Phoenix Marie catches the couple in action, she decides to teach Carter how to be a slut and a proper young lady all at the same time! Phoenix teaches her stepdaughter that it's easy to save your virginity until marriage when you only let them fuck your ass! Phoenix and Carter take turns with Chris's dick, deepthroating it down to the balls and then taking it deep in their juicy butts. Their incredible anal threesome finally ends as the two blonde beauties share a huge load of Chris's jizz!
Noa Tevez in Fuckable cleaning lady rides dick 11:59
Noa Tevez in Fuckable cleaning lady rides dick 11:59 This sexy lady in hijab was meant to clean his apartment after reconstruction but she failed to do things right and got fucked in response
Lady Lyne in Let's Talk About Your Big Tits 15:00
Lady Lyne in Let's Talk About Your Big Tits 15:00 Lady Lyne has arrived for her pre-scene interview, but the only thing the director and her costar Charlie Dean want to talk about is her big natural tits! Lyne tells Charlie just what she likes during a scene, and he asks if she wants to try his favorite: a super oily fuck. It's Lyne's first time, but with an expert guide, she's more than down as Charlie oils up her curvy body on the massage table, and then it's her turn to drench his abs and big cock with oil, then titty-fuck him! Don't miss one second of Lady Lyne's oiled-up big boobs bouncing as she gets fucked till Charlie cums all over them.
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Veruca James in Veruca James Love Getting Her Pussy Eaten 4:50
Veruca James in Veruca James Love Getting Her Pussy Eaten 4:50 Beautiful babe Veruca James features in another episode of I Came on James Deen's face. She is wearing a black floral dress. During the brief interview, Veruca reveals some interesting details regarding her sex life. Don’t mistake her lady-like features for being conservative. This pretty girl admits that she loves fucking. Giving blowjobs is the perfect way for her to make her pussy wet before sex. The anticipation of having an orgasm, in addition to getting her brains fucked out, makes her cum uncontrollably. She enjoys oral sex. She prefers to have partners who go slowly at first before gradually shifting gears. A good oral means having a good communication for her. She likes guys who know how to respond to her body movements at a given moment. They finish their interview with lots of giggles. Veruca’s face is full of pleasure as James finally goes down on her. Her pink nipples are now erect, a clear sign that she is aroused. James uses his playful tongue to tickle her pink pussy. Veruca lets out sweet moans. Her bushy pussy is being eaten out slowly. It is clear on her face and body that she is enjoying the experience. Her body begins to shake uncontrollably as James starts to intensify his pussy-licking action. The sound of her moans begins to get louder, filling up the whole room. James loves her reaction. He is more motivated now to make this pretty lady reach orgasm. He holds her thighs to make her pussy more accessible. James inserts his tongue into her pussy. Veruca is now feeling ecstatic from having her pussy eaten. She moans and curses as she cums again and again. James firmly presses his face against her bushy pussy. Veruca’s body arches wildly. James stops licking his pussy. Her pussy is now puffier and wetter. Veruca smiles brightly as the camera slowly shifts its focus from her pretty face to her pink pussy.
Sweet Lady in SWEET & SAVORY 9:01
Sweet Lady in SWEET & SAVORY 9:01
Tiffany Tatum, Ivi Rein in Catfishing 14:59
Tiffany Tatum, Ivi Rein in Catfishing 14:59 Tiffany Tatum is a famous, lonely pornstar who starts to discover a dating site, and she finds her soulmate. They have been speaking for a year now, and they feel very close to each other. Tiffany fell in love with Ivi Rein.After a year, the day arrives; eventually, they arrange a date. The skinny and beautiful Tiffany was very excited about the date. She chose a lovely dress and made her makeup, then suddenly her love knocked on the door. With butterflies in her stomach, she opened the door,facing a different lady. First, Tiffany thought that the lady missed the address, but Ivi made sure that she spoke with Tiffany for a year and catfished her. Ivi was guilty of playing the other person, but her feelings weren't fake. She pushed Tiffany into the living room, and tried to explain why she used faked photos on the dating site. Tiffany gets mad and wants Ivi to leave her apartment.Ivi, the young, wild long blonde hair cheater, doesn't want to leave the famous pornstar, and she kisses her. She grabbed Tiffany and lifted her in her arms, and they wildly kissed each other. Then the bastard beautiful blonde, took Tiffany's skinny body into the bed and started worshipping Tiffany's feet. After that, she tasted that famous pussy. She can't stop licking that sweet juicy pussy until Tiffany cum in her mounts. After that orgasm, Tiffany forgets and forgives for Ivi, and the real sex just starts.
Melany, Lady Lyne in Struggling Hot Melany 6:00
Melany, Lady Lyne in Struggling Hot Melany 6:00 Submissed has a rather straightforward name, and it is a section dedicated to all kinds of kinky and fetish-related content. Here you can find a huge library containing videos from MachineDom, HogtiedUp, FemDum, Struggling Babes, BallGagger, and Bound Men Wanked. So, if you are in the mood for some ultra-hardcore BDSM content, you have come to the right place. The beautiful world of BDSM is quite huge, and there are a lot of subcategories that you can enjoy. Submissed is known for having a ton of amazing
Sadie Pop in Sadie Pop: Chewing gum handjob 8:00
Sadie Pop in Sadie Pop: Chewing gum handjob 8:00 Sadie Pop is a naughty petite lady who loves to play with men. Today this beautiful babe is going to give her boyfriend a teasing handjob, so she is jerking him off while blowing bubbles at the same time. “Cum on baby, cum for me!”
Kylie Green in Kylie Green Seduces Taboo Boyfriend! 12:00
Kylie Green in Kylie Green Seduces Taboo Boyfriend! 12:00 In a skimpy top, mini-skirt and heels, pretty Kylie Green greets her maternal parent's boyfriend, pornographer David Perry. The long-haired brunette informs him that his lady isn't home ... and reveals her own crush on him! Agreeing to silence, they kiss and fondle. Kylie gives a head-bobbing blowjob. He pulls aside her silky panties to eat her young pussy. With her heels on his shoulders, David fucks Kylie, driving his experienced pole in her snatch doggie-style as the naughty girl moans blissfully. David serves up an anal reaming, cramming her sphincter until it gapes! The dark-haired vixen masturbates feverishly as he buttfucks her. Kylie stuffs her tongue up David's ass for a mischievous rim job. On an outdoor deck, he repeatedly ravishes her nubile holes. The ribald scenario climaxes with a cum facial, sperm spraying her tongue and chin. Kylie cleans his cock orally, with devious glee. Will the naughty hottie keep the secret? Don't bet on it.
Julia North in Creampie from previous client 6:00
Julia North in Creampie from previous client 6:00 Most of the street workers want you to do it safe, but this amazing babe named Julia North, wants it to do it without. This lady I encountered on the streets was no different in that. I pounded her from behind and had her knees on my leather interior where she had to endure my hard cock fucking her pussy.
Anastasia in ANASTASIA5523 11:01
Anastasia in ANASTASIA5523 11:01 Between her taut teenage body, cute blue eyes, perfect C cups and curvy little handful of ass what could be wrong with 19 year old Anastasia? Nothing, really. That is if you ignore her old lady hair and freshman-like blowjob skills, of course. From the start of this update Ana seems shy and slightly nervous, but it doesn't stop her from performing. She's very comfortable with her sexuality and totally comfortable in front of the camera and it shows. As usual, we start off in the bathroom where, after Jay lifts her skirt for a peek, Ana confesses that she never wears panties. While applying her make up she admits that while she's had some experience, she hasn't had any really good sex and finds it hard to orgasm. Fortunately for her (and you) Jay's an expert at tough cases and Ana is a problem that seems worth solving. After getting Anastasia naked and posed, Jay goes to work using a few tricks from his well worn copy of 'Fingerbanging for Dummies' and in no time Ana is panting and shuddering to a huge full body orgasm. As a thank you to Jay she gets to the floor to suck his cock and, well that happens. Jay doesn't seem especially impressed but Ana enjoyed herself and is ready to get fucked. As soon as Jay starts, she seems to realize that every other guy she's banged had no idea what he was doing because she completely loses herself in the sex and before long is orgasming a second time.After making sure Anastasia is completely satisfied, Jay has her get to her knees for the big finish. Sometimes 'big' might be hyperbolic, but today's money shot definitely has a few more zeros than normal. Jay covers Ana's face, tits and legs in jizz while aiming for her open, waiting mouth. What a good girl.Now yes, a mean guy could say that Anastasia is at best a solid 7. But this girl is a trip to Toni and Guy away from being very cute. And with those tits and that ass? If she spends a few hours going back over old Ex Co Gi updates to learn some beej technique she could have a very promising career in porn or, you know, make some dude very happy.
Nina in Smoker is a great fucker 10:01
Nina in Smoker is a great fucker 10:01 This guy loves smoking chicks cuz they are mostly confident and sexually enthusiastic and this teeny he met while taking a walk on a cold winter day sure didn't mind warming up with a hot casual fuck. You gotta check out the way she grabbed his dick and just slammed her face into it sucking the stiff creamy rod like her favorite candy. Damn, that fine pussy just begged for some raw fucking and the guy gave his new lady-friend all the passion she deserved drilling her doggystyle and giving her a messy cumshot.
Sofie Marie in Boss Lady #2 Scene 4 15:00
Sofie Marie in Boss Lady #2 Scene 4 15:00
Sammie Rhodes, Kristina Rose in Sammie Rhodes And Kristina Rose Play With Vibrators And Dildos! 15:00
Sammie Rhodes, Kristina Rose in Sammie Rhodes And Kristina Rose Play With Vibrators And Dildos! 15:00 Sammie Rhodes and Kristina Rose both have boyfriends but they also have an agreement that they are allowed to fuck each other! They need lady love in their life because they love to eat and fuck pussy just as much as their dudes do! See them lick it before they stick it and stuff it full of sex toys!