Lola Fae in Lola's Gaping, Lube-Oozing Anal Fuck 15:00
Lola Fae in Lola's Gaping, Lube-Oozing Anal Fuck 15:00 Young, captivating cutie Lola Fae has pale skin and radical, heart-shaped areola tattoos. After a sexy poolside tease, director Mark Wood drags her by a leash and ruthlessly fucks her throat. Lola gags on Mark's fat cock and moans when it pummels her tight slit. The shameless sweetheart fondles her clit as Mark's meat mashes her ass, and she pries open her cheeks, graphically oozing lube from her gaping rectum! Lola talks dirty through intense anal pounding and sucks cock ass-to-mouth. She smiles adorably after swallowing Mark's milky sperm.
Ellie in Ellie 11:00
Ellie in Ellie 11:00 18 year old Ellie has quite possibly one of the greatest natural sets of big tits we've ever seen. And she knows it. Beyond that though, Ellie is super down to earth and truly swings with the proverbial punches, as we find out later. We'd like to say this is Ellie's first porn scene but our friends over at ExCoGi had her first. Be sure to catch her scene there to learn all about her personal sex life and virginity stories. Ellie thinks today's scene will be the same as her ExCoGi scene: camera guy asking her questions, making her masturbate, then fucks her on camera until he blasts his load on her face. But that's not gonna happen today (well, the making her masturbate part does.). Instead, Troy focuses on the anal part. Ellie did some anal on ExCoGi so Troy, being the only one at this point who knows that a gigantic black man is going to fuck that teen ass in a little while, tries to prep Ellie's butt with increasingly larger butt plugs and lots of lube. The biggest butt plug (yeah, that one) stays inside her even when - *knock knock!* 6-foot 6 huge black man Jovan storms into the room. Ellie is naked, vulnerable, has a huge butt plug in her ass, and suddenly THIS is the guy she's supposed to fuck on camera? WTF, she's thinking. Her face shows that this was not at all what she was expecting. But what is she going to do, run out and kill her porn career after having had such a great start at ExCoGi? Besides, it turns out that Ellie hasn't had sex with a black man yet (she's only 18, c'mon, don't judge her too harshly here) and she's definitely curious. Butt plug still in her ass, she unpacks Jovan and gasps and snickers at the sheer size of his member. And he isn't even hard yet! Her bragging about that supposedly hung ex-boyfriend of hers quickly stops as Ellie barely manages to get Jovan's big black cock in her mouth. Seriously, it's like watching her swallow a tree branch. Side shots, POV, we get as much as we can before her jaw locks up and Jovan wants to see if he can fit that BBC of his into that tiny teen pussy. He does, but it takes a little while. He doesn't want to split the girl in half, especially since her ass is filled up with that toy, too. But eventually things get faster and more energetic, and Ellie really, really starts loving that big black dick inside her. Like, a lot. After the 2 cowgirl positions on the couch, the boys think she's ready to take some BBC anal. That doesn't quite work so Jovan fucks her teen pussy in doggy for a while, tries again, then goes back to her pussy and fucks her harder and harder. After several attempts at fitting that huge black dick in her ass the 3 have to admit defeat - Jovan's monster cock simply will not fit in Ellie's tiny ass. And we got the gape footage to prove it. This means extra long pussy fucking, rimjobs, and rough sex for Ellie. She's gotta make up for the no-anal thing and Jovan and Troy certainly make up for it by giving us over an hour and a half of energetic hardcore interracial sex with more camera angles than we can count. We got split screens, picture-in-picture, and orgasms and orgasms with Ellie. After a very thorough fuck marathon, Jovan finally gets to cum inside her pussy. Whatever didn't make its way inside her, or around her pussy and clit gets shoved right back in when Jovan pushes his cum-covered cock back inside Ellie to fuck her some more. The now obligatory cum eating (out of Ellie's pussy, from her fingers, and even from the bed!) follows. To everyone's delight, this barely legal porn newcomer actually is on birth control so the guys don't have to give her shit about that part and just end things with a nice, informative exit interview. We're sure we'll see Ellie again, probably even on this site network somewhere. And with her enthusiasm for sex, she'll probably be on a lot of sites in the future. So watch out of this rising star!
Brooklyn Gray in Brooklyn Gray: Hot Oil Anal Fuck Doll 14:59
Brooklyn Gray in Brooklyn Gray: Hot Oil Anal Fuck Doll 14:59 Brunette baddie Brooklyn Gray looks hot as fuck in a tiny bikini, aviator sunglasses and clear stripper heels. The short-haired vixen pours hot oil over her body as she stares into the camera, teasing and stripping. Once Brooklyn is fully heated up for big cock, Zac Wild fulfills her needs. He greets her with a kiss as she strokes his stiff rod. Brooklyn chokes on his dick through a drooling blowjob and thorough throat fucking. April soon spreads her legs as Zac stuffs his meat into her slit. Freaky Brooklyn says, 'I want you to treat me like a little fuck doll' while Zac reams her. She hops into his lap for a rowdy anal ride. Decadent, lube-soaked sodomy includes ass-to-mouth fellatio and crude rectal gaping. Zac incessantly greases Brooklyn's athletic body, slamming her holes as she talks dirty. He rewards her with a messy cum facial; Brooklyn scoops the sperm from her face and swallows it down.
Sarah Vandella in Sarah Vandella Wants Her Big Ass Fucked 11:00
Sarah Vandella in Sarah Vandella Wants Her Big Ass Fucked 11:00 Sarah Vandella wants her big ass fucked. And what Sarah wants, Sarah gets! Who could possibly refuse anal sex to such a hot chick? Not PervCity. And when you check out this blonde's big ass shaking and sashaying as she hops on the exercise machine, you won't be able to help yourself either. There is no better booty than this one, especially framed by sexy garters and stockings. A bubble butt like hers needs a big dick, and Mike Adriano's fits the bill. The dirty-talking slut fills her rectum with lube, spits on Mike's cock, and gives him an insanely slurpy deep throat, before the stickiest butthole surfing ever. All the slobber, pussy and ass juice turns Sarah on. "Now I understand the anal orgasm," she screams, before rushing to drink ass to mouth cumshots.
Mercedes Carerra in Mamacita! Mercedes Carrera Horny for Cock 9:30
Mercedes Carerra in Mamacita! Mercedes Carrera Horny for Cock 9:30 Latina Mercedes Carrera is horny for PervCity cock, and she's getting impatient. There is only one thing for this brunette to do: go solo! Nothing gets her hairy pussy ready to orgasm faster than a big dick, and right now she wants yours. "Why don't you play with me?" she invites, as her fingers slide over her lacy red panties. The dirty talking MILF doesn't take her eyes off of you as she exposes her big tits. And she has the art of the tease mastered, as she jiggles her big ass and slips a finger into her butthole. This voracious brunette doesn't require a vibrator during masturbation. She just needs a glass sex toy, lube, and you shooting your load as she cums, breathlessly fucking herself ass to pussy!
Bunny Colby in Bunny Colby-CuckoldSessions 12:00
Bunny Colby in Bunny Colby-CuckoldSessions 12:00 Princess Bunny feels that her latex cuckold slave is getting out of line and not remembering that she is the focus of his world. So to teach him a lesson she has arranged a fuck date for her to be pleasured while her gimp only gets to watch. Licking and rubbing her feet he is told this day is all about her and for cucky to learn his place. Once Will drops by it's all about Him and Bunny fucking and sucking. Cuck boy is reduced to Lube boy and that's as much of a title as he gets. Bunny of course lavishes herself in Will's big cock and tongue. Will knows just how to please Bunny and is rewarded with squeals of delight from her. Cucky's only reward is a hot load of cum on Bunny's gaping pussy for him to devour.
Rhiannon Ryder in Rhiannon Ryder Looks Back At Her Stud As She Cums On His Massive Black Cock 15:00
Rhiannon Ryder in Rhiannon Ryder Looks Back At Her Stud As She Cums On His Massive Black Cock 15:00 Rhiannon Ryder is a size queen. She had a taste of that big, thick black cock and nothing other than that will make her cum. See her pussy drip with lube as her man slaps her freshly shaved pussy with this BBC before she shoves it in and fucks her until she's cumming multiple times on his ram rod.
Sophia Burns in Sophia Burns Loves Doing Anal Play LIVE 12:00
Sophia Burns in Sophia Burns Loves Doing Anal Play LIVE 12:00 Tall and wild babe Sophia Burns returns to put on another hot show with you! Sophia brought along some more of her toys and this time she wants to show you how much she loves anal. There is nothing quite like the feeling of having a buttplug in your ass. Sophia just loves feeling her ass plugged while she uses her dildo fucking herself deep with it wishing it was your cock so she could feel it inside her. She gets so messy with her oil and lube getting it all over her juicy ass. Sophia has a lot to show you including her big black double sided dildo that she attempted to DP herself with but unfortunately is a little too slippery to keep control over it. If only you were here to help her get that dildo successfully in her ass and pussy! Archive from 11-24-2021 5pm LIVE show!
Gina Gerson in GINA — GINA DIVINE 9:00
Gina Gerson in GINA — GINA DIVINE 9:00 Gina Divine isn’t a girl who can keep it clean. She feels free to make a mess of things and you can tell that the action is beginning when she climbs onto the table or simply bends over to let you look at her lovely ass. And if ever she gets a little dry and feels the need to lube her cunt, then she always has a bladder full of piss stored up so that she can squirt and make her pussy nice and wet. This is one slut who has what it takes. Once she has peed plenty and is ready to go, the fuck session continues on. You can tell right away that this girl is going to do absolutely everything to get you in the mood and squirting piss for your pleasure is one of the things she does best.
in AMUSEMENT PARKS OPEN FOR ANAL 11:01 So Honey can you tell us what’s your anal experience is because today you’re back to get pounded up that fine ass of yours? “Well I’ve had anal sex but it’s done once in a blue moon,” she admits because it just hasn’t been that good because guys just stick it up there and don’t use lube. Amateurs my dear and your anal adventure guide Tyler is going to broaden your mind to the wonders of good anal, which also includes at no additional cost to you, more analgasms than you could shake a stick at. To state that this girl likes a little anal play and to have things in or up all of her holes is an understatement. She loves it and this girl is exactly what every red-blooded man wants in a partner. Enthusiastic about sex, willingness to try new things in the bedroom, nothing is off limits to try once, loves cum and just wants all of her holes filled everyday. This girl’s body is an amusement park and the rides are open for all comers and we couldn’t wait to get the fun started. So we skip the usual interview questions since today she’s returning for some back door fun so if you want to hear more about her go watch her first scene. It’s highly rated so I strongly encourage it. But we do find out that she just wants to be someone’s “Play thing” so they can just have his or her way with her. How the fuck do we clone this girl and her awesome sexual energy is my question. Being someone’s sex slave, a little pain for pleasure, and total submission are also appealing concepts to her and after you watch her today get that beautiful asshole of hers rammed hard while seeing the wave after wave of analgasms wash through her you will want to pre-order her for your own personal home use. It’s fun being this naughty and she did it all today including Ass to Mouth you naughty dirty little whore you. She loves the attention and in her own words, “It’s fun being a little whore and I love it.” Well we love that you love being one for us and this was just the warm up to tomorrow's DP debauchery which is a first for her also so keep your eyes open for that. So enjoy the first proper analing of this sweetie everyone. Cheers!
Rita Faltoyano in Rita Faltoyano Is So Wet Her Chick Lube Soaks His Dick! 13:21
Rita Faltoyano in Rita Faltoyano Is So Wet Her Chick Lube Soaks His Dick! 13:21 Rita Faltoyano is a cute little red head that discovered she had a thing for big black dick when she went away to college. You know the saying...once you go black you will never go back and we are pretty sure Rita is going to be all about that big black cock moving forward. Look at how wet her pussy gets for it!
Gina Valentina in Latina Gina's Oily, Slobbery Anal Fuck 15:00
Gina Valentina in Latina Gina's Oily, Slobbery Anal Fuck 15:00 All-natural Brazilian beauty Gina Valentina poses in slinky lingerie and pulls off her thong panties to finger her freshly greased pussy and butthole. Jonni Darkko injects her sphincter with a mess of lube and probes her dripping bunghole using a big glass dildo. He fucks her tight, young asshole while Gina stuffs her pussy with another toy. The lusty Latina lewdly sucks his dick ass-to-mouth. Climaxing a nasty session of gagging, spitting and anal sodomy, Jonni decorates Gina's lovely face in semen.
Christina Cavazos in Teen Self Pleasure 8:00
Christina Cavazos in Teen Self Pleasure 8:00 Christina’s a tall, slender, tanned, toned, blond, young European lovely with delectable tiny tits and a pierced navel who begins this solo masturbation scene slowly and sensually caressing her firm body while smiling precociously into the camera. She seductively strips for us, spanking her splendiferous, firm, round onion ass, which will bring tears to your eyes, before sitting down to finger her bald honeyed hole, sensually igniting her burning passions. Breaking out a pink vibrating dildo, she works it into her hungry hole, sensually fucking herself as she moans in orgiastic delight. With her passions inflamed, she greedily fucks herself harder and faster, fanning the flames of her desire into a raging inferno, her moans rising to a crescendo as she explodes in orgasmic rapture as pussy juice like lube oozes out of her sweet snatch.
Rose Lynn in Naughty Babe Rose Lynn Anal Masturbation with Glass Dildo 7:20
Rose Lynn in Naughty Babe Rose Lynn Anal Masturbation with Glass Dildo 7:20 Captivating babe Rose Lynn looks innocently seductive in a tight black shirt and skimpy skirt. The naughty petite slut can't hide the excitement on her face as she slowly shows off her perky round boobs, puffy nipples, and big round booty. Rose Lynn takes out her big glass dildo. She teasingly puts lube on the sex toy before bending over to show her tight asshole to the camera. After all the teasing, Rose is ready to stretch out her asshole. She sticks the glass dildo into her bum without any hesitation. Moans of delight fill the room as Rose Lynn continues to slide the dildo in and out of her asshole while rubbing her sensitive clit. Rose Lynn keeps a bright smile on her face all throughout her sexy solo masturbation. She relentlessly pleases herself until she finally cums over and over again.
Clara Fargo in A DREAM FINALLY CUMS TRUE: CHASE ARCANGEL & CLARA FARGO ROUGH FUCK 10:50 Chase Arcangel & Clara Fargo have been BEGGING us to FUCK and we thought to ourselves, these two will put on one hell of a performance so WHY NOT?! Long story short, we were right... but we didn't doubt that either. These are two super sexually charged individuals that can put on a serious show. Grab your popcorn, lube, or whatever else you need for the HOT action and hit play NOW!
Angel Blue in ANGEL BLUE 11:00
Angel Blue in ANGEL BLUE 11:00 Are you still feeling the Christmas Spirit? Well we have just the thing to inject some spirit into you if you're not. It's Angel Blue fresh off the Casting Couch and she's returning for her second sex on camera with white boy director Jay. Yeah you know the story. She thinks she having sex with Jay but we have a very special present waiting back at the condo for her by the name of Isiah Maxwell. Ok she's been with one black guy before we find out but according to Angel he didn't live up the usual brotherly reputation we're all familiar with. Well... Isiah's here to restore that reputation and inject some brotherly love up that fine ass of hers and inject he does. But first the BBC surprise has to be set as Jay gets our unsuspecting little tramp naked in the car after picking her up and introduces her to the Magic wand. Yes, it's what every girl wants stuffed in her box, I mean stocking at Christmas time. Wink. So as Jay gets Angel acquainted with her new found best friend the wand, and his cock, we see that Angel is quite the outgoing girl that we all want to meet out at the local watering hole then take home for a fun filled four way with two of your best friends. Yes that happened to her, trust me this is one intro and get to know you that you don't want to miss. This girl's watering hole is plenty wet from the moment Jay said hello and the surprise is set. So once back Jay whisks our sex starved little wonder to the bedroom and asked her to get a towel from the bathroom. Yep SURPRISE! And Isiah wastes no time restoring that well-hung dark meat reputation by shoving his cock down her waiting throat and up those sweet holes of hers. This girl is down for anything, and I mean anything as Isiah goes straight for the back door and fucks her little asshole right there in the bathroom before taking the rest of his Christmas present on the bed. Listen, this is one fucking hot scene and well worth the price of admission. So sit back, grab your favorite lube boys, or sex toy girls because this is one intense analing and we hope you all enjoy it. So as Santa would say as he rides off on his slay. On throat fucking, on ass probing, on dick sucking, on pussy pounding, on whoring, on slutting, on debauchery and perversion; and Merry Christmas to ALL, and to ALL an ANALing night!
Rachael Madori in Ass Candy 12:00
Rachael Madori in Ass Candy 12:00 Rachael Madori's got the sweetest, most scrumptious ass around and boy does she ever love getting fucked in it. All she needs is a little bit of lube a whole lot of cock to make her the happiest little whore this side of the Mississippi.
Eva Alvarez in EVA ALVAREZ 11:00
Eva Alvarez in EVA ALVAREZ 11:00 “I’m a chef all day, every day. It’s what I like to do… And I LOVE seeeexxxxx,” are the seductive and sensual phrases that pass over 33 year old Eva Alvarez’s luscious lips in her submission video to us. Wow! And who could resist a hot MILF that loves sex and cooks? I can just see her now standing at the stove with just an apron on and that perfect, and I do mean really perfect, ass peering out just begging to be slapped, kissed, and spread wide, revealing those wet pussy lips anxiously awaiting a stiff hard cock to be rammed up it from behind. Those same lips that soon will be wrapped around Jake’s stiffy. The same wet lips that will be bouncing up and down on said hard cock just minutes after the airport pickup, and we can’t wait. So lets get-it-on shall we? So Eva’s an admitted tease and knows how to use that perfect body of hers to get what she wants from guys. Yes MILF Eva’s a stripper and once she’s stripped off those clothes of hers in the back seat it becomes very apparent why she can hang with the teeny boppers at the clubs and command the guys attention while on stage. This girl is hot, and with that fast-tongued Cuban personality and spirit, this girl may be too hot to handle for most men. Well she isn’t too hot to handle for Jake and he dives straight into this spicy Cuban dish to taste what delicacies this fine ass Caribbean meal has to offer. Did I say this girl is hot? Well she is and with such a pretty pussy and silky smooth skin that just begs to be touched and manhandled, it’s more than Jake can resist. So as I eluded to earlier, Eva’s willing and ready to get into her birthday suit just minutes after her pickup and demonstrate what phenomenal cock sucking skills she possesses for an out of this world ball drainer of a BJ. Her fucking skills are exceptional as well as you will see, hopping aboard the Jake Adams “rail me” express on her way to fucked silly town. Fuck, this girl can ride a stiff cock and she looks fucking hot as hell doing it. You know what I’m talking about. When you see a hot stripper on stage and you wonder if she’s just as good in bed as she is swinging around the brass pole? Well Eva lives up to all the hype and is well worth the cover charge and admission. So Jake fucks the shit out of our Hot MILF on the ride back to the condo and this girl knows how to use her body, and use it she does. This is one hot as fuck car dicking and a prelude to the just-as-hot condo bedroom sex that gives Ms. Eva multiple O’s. And just like in the club, she’ll be leaving today with a pocket full of Benjamin’s and a smile on that pretty cum covered face of hers. As for Jake? He’s leaving this stripper’s club more than satisfied and unlike most guys after a night at a strip club, he doesn’t have blue balls. So boys and girls, moms and dads, perverts far and wide, grab your lube or favorite toy because this show’s about to start and up on center stage is Eva. But you don’t need to tip the hottie dancing at this club. Your tipping and cover charge is the admission to our site and we thank everyone who has joined and enjoys our content. Without you we would not be able to do this. We thank you all!
Fuck)Sarah Banks in Behind The Scenes With Sarah Banks 10:01
Fuck)Sarah Banks in Behind The Scenes With Sarah Banks 10:01 We open up behind the scenes with the petite ebony queen, Sarah Banks, taking selfies of her bodacious booty on an aquamarine suede couch. She’s asked whether she likes cats or dogs, she says she hates walking dogs, so she prefers cats and goes on to mention that her cat is a bitch. However, she continues and says that she just loves animals in general. Sarah says she’s really into anything when it comes to sex except having her hair pulled because her hair is sacred and takes really good care of it and don’t fuck with her nipples, anything else is great, especially spit, she loves getting spit in her mouth. She models a little bit for some pictures and shows off her awesome ass. They go over the consent rules and if Sarah ever feels uncomfortable to speak up and let them know she doesn’t like what’s going on or if she needs a sip of water, adjust herself and so forth. She randomly gets asked what her favorite cereal is and automatically answered Cinnamon Toast Crunch, which is my favorite cereal, you don’t know who I am viewer, but I just thought I’d let you know that the person writing this also likes Cinnamon Toast Crunch. In the next scene, they’re setting up a scene where Sarah is sucking James’ dick, she is very good. He then begins to fuck her while she holds a bottle of lube, her face shows that she truly enjoys being penetrated. James gingerly fucks her ass and she moans lightly with slight smiles on her face. In the next shot, James takes some very constructive criticism about the ending of a scene. Sarah cleans some cum off her face because it would irritate her eye and James apologizes as it is not easy to aim where his cock will spit out cum. He asks her who her favorite serial killer, she answers Ted Bundy, and what certain skills she has that would help her in a zombie apocalypse, she replies that she’d be a really good head slicer. Camerawoman asks Sarah what dirty names she likes to be called, Sarah likes to be called a bitch a lot, whore, slut, cunt, dirty bitch, she just wants to be told how filthy she is. They film the beginning of the scene where Sarah shows off her super sexy body. They talk about and fuck around about the shots they’ve taken and the nitty-gritty shit camera people gotta do. Sarah spreads her ass over the couch to get some cool and sexy shots. Sarah wonders if people see her fucking through the windows of the hotels and that she’d like to go viral getting fucked on a balcony. A piece of advice she gives is to take it up the ass more, stay in school and don’t get cum in your eye.
Virgo Peridot in Virgo Peridot’s Butt Rippling Anal 11:00
Virgo Peridot in Virgo Peridot’s Butt Rippling Anal 11:00 Curvy brunette Virgo Peridot is back in PervCity to ride Mike Adriano’s big dick. She has brought a suitcase full of jeans to satisfy his butt fetish and asks which pair he wants her to try on. Mike is already hard when he spots her big ass creases in the tight ripped jeans she’s wearing, and all he wants now is her naked butt. Her booty pops from her pants and Mike smothers his face between her fat butt cheeks. Virgo’s shaved pussy drenches. She gives him a sloppy blowjob, catching her spit on a platter, which she uses to lube her asshole. Mike’s cock pushes the saliva up her rectum and fucks her in doggy style. Her huge buttocks ripple in POV before she slurps his cum from her ass to mouth.
Riley in RILEY 11:00
Riley in RILEY 11:00 We meet 23 year old Riley chomping down on her lunch at the local waffle place. She's having a sensible plate of eggs and hash browns because that's the kind of girl she is. Sensible. Reasonable. Not very adventurous. In between bites, she tells camera guy Troy about her ex husband, the kind of sex she likes and he didn't give her (hence the "ex" part), and the craziest sex she's had. Having been married for so long, Riley hasn't really been playing the field with other guys and in line with her sensible (boring?) lifestyle, she hasn't exactly experienced a lot of variety. Yet. Troy asks for the check and plates are being removed. And who but our 6-foot-6 black cock lord Jovan is cleaning up the table! Riley thinks nothing of it when the guys greet each other - and that tall black dude sits next to her. Just one of the camera guy's buddies who works here? Nope, dear Riley - HE is the guy you will be fucking on camera today. Stoic and with the driest humor, we can't tell if Riley's "OK, sounds good" attitude reflects what's really going on inside her mind. Turns out, it didn't. Once at the hotel, a now visibly shocked Riley sits next to Jovan. Now that reality sets in - no, girl, this wasn't a joke. You really WILL be fucking your first black guy today - Riley's body language tells us everything we need to know. This is way outside her comfort zone. The guys make sure to get Riley's OK on camera to continue. Consent obtained, the guys let Riley demonstrate her ability to please a cock. When she unpacks Jovan's monster dick, she hesitates a few milliseconds before she realizes that if this doesn't happen, she's not going to get paid. Or laid. And so our first-timer goes to town sucking her first big black cock, which happens to also be one of the thickest ones in porno land. She did say she likes big dicks but Jovan's BBC is something even she she has to work her way up to. But to our surprise, Riley gets turned on so quick, she doesn't even ask for lube as she straddles our man Jovan. Troy is always up for saving a dollar or two in lubes so...points for Riley! Let's see what else she's got in store for our dark lord. It doesn't take long for Riley to not just warm up to Jovan and his big black cock, but positively fall in love with him. She keeps eye contact with him as he's fucking her and our stud has to work hard to not blow his load inside her early. She tries to caress his arm and chest but that would certainly make him cum early so Jovan takes things up a notch and throws our girl into positions where he can be a bit more rough and in control. That doggy is fucking amazing. Hard, slow, fast, hair pulling, it's sweaty and makes Riley cum. Her first BBC and she's orgasming! It wouldn't be a proper white girl ambush if our dark lord didn't inseminate her with his massive load once he's done with her. It's a huge cream pie that the guys make her lick off before she's allowed to rest and tell us about her first time BBC experience.
Sarah in Big cock in fearless teen's ass 10:00
Sarah in Big cock in fearless teen's ass 10:00 This petite teeny with small titties is as horny as she is fearless cuz she takes big throbbing cock up her tiny little ass without enough lube and gets DPed when the guy pulls out a heavy silicon dildo. She loves romance with flowers and stuff, but when it comes to sex she is a dirty anally driven slut who wants to get buttfucked rough and put her every hole to a stretching test with the biggest cock she can take.
Ari Parker in Lube testing handjob 8:00
Ari Parker in Lube testing handjob 8:00 Ari Parker is such a naughty girl! This super hot brunette babe needs to test her company’s new lube and since her husband is not around she is gonna use her brother in law’s dick. Ari slowly strokes that lucky dude’s cock until he releases some buckets of hot semen.
Amber Moore in AMBER MOORE 2 12:00
Amber Moore in AMBER MOORE 2 12:00 Today's update is one of those girls that comes along only once a year if you're lucky. The kind of girl that's raw, unspoiled and eager to try new things. A breath of fresh air and is the kind of girl you wished you had met in high school and became sweethearts. An all American girl that has spectacular tits, curves in all the right places, and is a sexual freak in the sheets. The kind of girl that's into girls just as much as guys, and she'll have, and possibly be the instigator of a threesome with her man. The kind of girl that will watch porn with you, and has wished about making one ever since she lost her virginity at 15. The kind of girl that likes to be dominated, taken control of and wants to have someone perform vibrator torture on her clit while passionately kissing her. Yes 18-year-old Amber Moore is just that kind of special someone we all wished we had the guts to go up to in High School and talk to, and possible take out for ice cream and a blowjob. Well for all you lucky fucks still in HS, you still have a chance because Amber's a HS senior... Booya! Oh yes she is, but she's taken guys and girls. Yes Amber has one lucky as fuck BF who fucks her everyday and lets her explore her sexuality without limits and we are so thankful he does. Of course she reciprocates and likes it when he fucks other girls. Boy oh boy how times have changed since I was in school. I could go on and on about how spectacular Amber is and how new to everything she is. Or how she breaks her orgasm record today with Jake and gets the fucking of a lifetime. Or I could go on and on about how fantastically she took her first ever BBC with Isiah Maxwell over at BlackAmbush. Or how this fresh as fuck newbie came back for a scorcher of a 3way with another HS 18 year old hottie. But those are other updates and discussions for another time. But remember? Patience is a virtue and good things come to those who wait. So yes it's true, ExCoGi has been on a roll lately with the honeys and today is no exception. We feel honored that so many young, fresh faces trust us with their holes and feel we must, and have with today's update, seized upon every spectacular opportunity that has come our way. So sit back everyone. Relax, and make sure you have enough lube and your favorite sex toys are fully charged because you're in for a treat today. You're all welcome, and enjoy. Trust me. At the end we'll all want more, and there's more to come.