Natasha in NATASHA10649 11:00
Natasha in NATASHA10649 11:00 Meet Natasha, a 5'1" fun size bombshell who looks like a (tiny) supermodel and fucks like a (regular sized) pornstar. From her hip grinding enthusiasm to her two handed blowjob technique, this girl is a total sex fiend.We get started as usual chatting in the bathroom while Natasha puts on her make up but things escalate quickly when she starts explaining how hard she likes to get fucked, how much she likes to get slapped around and how much dick slapping turns her on. From there, there's just no use talking, this girl needs to get my cock inside her ASA and P. I have her drop to the floor and start sucking and I am blown (no pun intended) away. This girl claims to be half black and half white, but I'm pretty sure she's actually 75% sex goddess. While she's on her knees sucking me off I can see that she's rubbing her clit through her panties. To this observer that's a sure sign of a girl who needs to get fucked, so I bend her over the sink and pound her to her first orgasm in no time.Eventually we move to the bed and get back to a little more interview, but after playing with Natasha's fine little pussy, I'd much rather be doing that than getting to know about her high school years so I have her strip and spread. A little lube and a pocket vibrator and Natasha's having orgasm after orgasm. She's really into it, and so am I. Her giggly enthusiasm makes me want to get her off over and over.When she finally needs a rest, I have her give me more of that amazing head. This is probably one of the best BJ scenes I've ever filmed. From her two handed technique, to her sexy wet mouth, to her greedy deep throat technique, it's amazing. I can barely stop myself from busting a nut in her mouth. She's so turned on by it that her pussy is dripping wet. I throw her on the bed and fuck her as hard as I can manage, making her cum time after time.It's never really fair to compare the girls I shoot with one another. There are a lot of different circumstances that go into a shoot. That said, Natasha (or Natasha White, as she calls herself at the end - probably due to that big white jizz covered smile) is probably one of the sexiest girls I've shot in months. She's beyond enthusiastic, she's sexy as hell, she sucks dick like she invented the blowjob and she's having a great time every second of the shoot.***NEW STREAMING VIDEO PLAYER!! Simply click the "WATCH FULL MOVIE NOW" link or click the "play" button and the movie will instantly stream - on any of your devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android)! ******If you prefer to download the full video, just RIGHT-CLICK the "DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE" link and select "Save As" (or similar wording depending on browser), and save to your computer.***
Felicity in FELICITY312014 11:00
Felicity in FELICITY312014 11:00 ExCoGi is thrilled to unleash sexual tornado Felicity on you; a stunning, sunny, dancing sex pot, with a tight body and big natural tits and she is up for anything when the cameras get rolling. From showing off her perfect C cups as she gets ready to bending her long legs in semi naked yoga poses to getting pounded with a dildo or splashed with cum, this girl approaches everything like it's a party and she's the guest of honor.It's a testament to Jay's recruiting skills that a girl this naturally pretty and with a body this banging will make the bad decision to star in an Ex Co Gi update, but just look at her tattoos, this girl is full of bad decisions and clearly doesn't know the definition of the word regret. Felicity is definitely one of the hottest girls on the site: great tits, great ass, great abs, pretty face, perfect peach pussy - she's even got a perfect balloon knot butthole.During the interview she tells Jay that she's never used a dildo but is totally down to on camera. Jay grabs one and before he can ask what type of lube she likes, she's already orgasmed twice in a row. Which leaves her pussy so sensitive that it clenches up and she needs a break. After two real, huge orgasms (and a quick pee) Felicity gets to her knees for an enthusiastic BJ that ends with a nice bout of face fucking, shown both from Jay's POV and in replays of alternate camera angles.Face fucking quickly turns to real fucking as Jay takes her from behind in doggy style. Then he lays her flat and fucks her on her back. He manages to capture the action and her big tits bouncing from an overhead camera and her facial expressions as she gets fucked from a second camera. Then, after he pulls her on his lap for a good jackhammering in cowgirl, Jay has Felicity get back to her knees for a little more oral and then a huge, splashdown facial.It's rare that we get a girl that's both as fine looking and as sexually uninhibited as Felicity, but if there's a New Year's resolution we're gonna try to stick to it's to search for a few more girls like Felicity. Side note, we are funding a Kickstarter campaign to hunt down the guy who applied those horrible tattoos to this girl's taut, tan body. We're thinking it will cost about $25,000 to hire an ex-Navy SEAL to track the guy down and have a serious "talk" with him because a girl this good is going to show up on some other site soon enough and we're hoping it's with less bad ink and not more.
Allie Addison in Doggystyle xxx with erotic Allie Addison from Creepy PA 20:07
Allie Addison in Doggystyle xxx with erotic Allie Addison from Creepy PA 20:07
Morgan in MORGAN102017 11:00
Morgan in MORGAN102017 11:00 Twenty year old Morgan may come off as a cute girl next door type but her inner pornstar emerges when she drops to her knees for one of the most incredible blowjob performances of the year. She's literally eye fucking the camera while mouth fucking Jay. Her oral skills are so good that we show the entire beej from two different angles and side by side.As usual we start with Jay playing confessional and prying as many dirty secrets as he can from our girl. In comparison to the other ladies of ECG, Morgan is pretty tame. Aside from hooking up with girls at music festivals, her sexual adventures aren't especially crazy. But if there's one thing we know it's that girls who are all talk usually aren't all action and vice versa. But when Morgan strips and spreads her legs to show off Jay gets all kinds of ideas. With a bit of lube, a little vibe and a whole bunch of penetration Jay manages to give Morgan her first orgasm.When Morgan gets on the floor for blowjob time, things really take off. Spend as much time as you want watching and rewinding this performance because it's literally one of the best scenes on the site. Watching Morgan's big, sexy, brown eyes look up at the camera as she devours Jay's cock is mesmerizing. There are all kinds of adjectives one could use, but this is the magic: a pretty, innocent 20 year old beauty worshipping a hard cock with her lips. Of course, after that amazing head, it's P in V time and Jay has Morgan lay back on some pillows while he fucks her.Finally, some really great shots of Morgan getting fucked on her back: a few close ups to start and then Jay switches to a cam mounted way up, where you can see everything from a bird's eye view. We're toying with calling this angle the 'eagle eye' because you get a great overhead view of the action. Jay drills Morgan for a bit and then has her switch to doggy after you get another view of those beautiful, innocent eyes as well as her very wet pussy. Finally Jay lays back and has Morgan ride him in cowgirl which results in an intense mutual orgasm. While a facial with Morgan's big, brown eyes staring into the camera might have been nice, there's just nothing sexier than a creampie.***NEW STREAMING VIDEO PLAYER!! Simply click the "WATCH FULL MOVIE NOW" link or click the "play" button and the movie will instantly stream - on any of your devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android)! ******If you prefer to download the full video, just RIGHT-CLICK the "DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE" link and select "Save As" (or similar wording depending on browser), and save to your computer.***
Bryce in Bryce2452 10:54
Bryce in Bryce2452 10:54 20 y.o Bryce is supermodel tall, recently single, and piles on the cheery attitude to make a great first impression for her demo tape. First time anal despite initial hesitations and oh it's fucking phenomenal. I ran out of lube so hand lotion has to suffice. Finish her off with a load in her mouth just because she said she wasn't into swallowing but would do 'whatever it takes' to get those jobs. Bryce is sweet, submissive, and likes to please and impress. She certainly did. Not that any of this matters because at the end of the day...there is no job.
Fuck)Phoenix Marie in Phoenix Marie: Extreme Anal Gape And Bondage 9:59
Fuck)Phoenix Marie in Phoenix Marie: Extreme Anal Gape And Bondage 9:59 Busty blonde MILF Phoenix Marie is tied up in the railings. She is positioned in such a way that her thick butt is sticking out in the air. She is wearing a black bra and pink kinky pants. Dana Vespoli talks with Phoenix as she tears apart her pants. She sets aside Phoenix’s pink panties to reveal her tight little asshole. Dana praises her asshole while teasing her. Dana pours some lubes into Phoenix’s asshole. She starts to slowly insert her fingers into her asshole. Dana starts with one finger then gradually adds the remaining fingers. When her asshole is wider and more welcoming, Dana inserts a strap-on into her butt hole. Phoenix moans softly as Dana humps her ass with the strap-on. They soon got bored with the strap-on. Dana adds more lube into Phoenix’s ass. She tries fitting two hands together, stretching it out using eight of her fingers. Dana continues to destroy Phoenix’s asshole. She attached the strap-on to her ankle then fucks her partner’s ass using it. While one of her feet is busy pleasuring her ass, the other one is busy alternately slapping her thick butt and rubbing her pussy. Phoenix lets out a sweet moan as she cums from having her ass and pussy stimulated and at the same time. Dana brings out a larger fisting toy. She stuffs it deep inside Phoenix’s asshole. She tries to force it all inside but her tight asshole is pushing out the foreign object. Dana adds more lube. Even with the additional lube, her asshole still can’t accommodate the entire fisting toy. Her ass gapes as Dana pulls out the toy from her anal cavity. Dana continues to destroy Phoenix’s tight ass. She uses toys, her fingers and her feet to stimulate her partner’s anus. She gave Phoenix a vibrator. Phoenix uses the vibrator n her wet cunt while Dana fingers her asshole. Phoenix cums again after being double penetrated in the ass and pussy.
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Amy Anderssen in FANTASY BOOB STAR 6:00 There's always major fireworks and explosions when the great Amy Anderssen rides and pumps. Amy's dick-bouncing and cock-swallowing skills are fantastic. She has the bust-waist-hips proportions of a girl drawn by an artist obsessed by fantasy boobs. Amy is the porn version of Kim Kardashian. "Growing up, I didn't know about sex and guys," Amy said. "Porn grew me up and helped me discover myself and what I want. It took time to get there. "When I was 26, I knew what I wanted sexually, but it took years. I didn't know how to have sex. I didn't know what to do with a dick. I didn't know what lube was. Now I have moves. I know how to play with it and jump on it and make it good for me."
Aubrey in AUBREY11415 11:00
Aubrey in AUBREY11415 11:00 It's possible ECG has never had a girl this hot, this undeniably sexy and also this dirty. She looks like the prettiest girl on campus, but when Jay fucks her she talks like a truckstop hooker. It's beyond hot. There's one thing Aubrey says during this shoot that will probably make you blow your load instantly (if you haven't already.) After Jay pins her down and fucks her ass she bends over, smiles and tells the camera, "Oh my god, my hole feels so wide right now!"So, spoiler alert from above, there is definitely some anal this week. But it only comes after a great build up. We meet Aubrey sitting on the bed and doing a little behind the scenes with Jay and showing off her amazing body. From her tanned C cups to her perfect little handful of ass, she's def. a 10. However, with a little persistence Jay gets her to admit that she's not as innocent as she looks. She loves sucking cock, might like anal, she's not bi- but she'll eat a pussy if she wants to and she loves giving head.The interview quickly turns to a blur of intense sex. Jay and Aubrey use a vibrator together to get her first O, and she returns the favor by sucking Jay's cock. He really gets into it and is fucking her face like he's going to blow in her throat. He throws her on the bed and fucks her on her back until he remembers her comment about liking anal. A little lube and a quick flip and Jay's balls deep in her butt. After making her orgasm again in cowgirl, Jay blows his load deep inside of her puss for a gourmet creampie.Longtime fans of Exploited College Girls will recognize Aubrey's update for what it is: hands down some of Jay's finest work with the camera and with the cock. The chemistry between Jay and Aubrey is undeniable, at some point during the shoot Aubrey realizes that she's never been fucked this well and she completely loses herself in it. From the way she rubs her clit while Jay pounds her to the way she begs for him to fuck her harder, it's amazing.
Janet Jade in JANET JADE GETS HANDS-ON 5:59 Never posted at SCORELAND, this well-shot video and photo shoot of the great Janet Jade is one for deposit in the spank-bank. Generously blessed in the chest (and ass), beauteous Janet does a tit show and gets 'em squirted with lube so the cock can fuck 'em good. This stud's rod was in good hands with Janet. Her huge tits get dowsed with enough cum to stock a sperm bank. A truly inspirational girl, we dream of the day she comes back. Janet was always happy to reply to the questions that the waitresses and cashiers at our local burger joint always refuse to answer. "Everybody knew me in school as 'the girl who can dance real good and has the big boobs'. I was a cheerleader and I was the girl who could dance who had the big boobs. The first time I had sex was during my last year in high school. It was pretty quick. I felt a little pain and 20 seconds later, it was over."
Anna Ker, Melissa Blackk in Anna Ker Gets Her Mans Cock Wet So He Can Slip It In To Melissa Blackk 12:10
Anna Ker, Melissa Blackk in Anna Ker Gets Her Mans Cock Wet So He Can Slip It In To Melissa Blackk 12:10 Anna Ker is a kinky MILF that enjoys taking new to sex college co-eds into her bedroom where she teaches them hot to get kinky. Today she and her husband are hooking up with Melissa Blackk and teaching her how to have a threesome. Anna particularly lies to get up on her mans cock and lube it up with her wetness so he can fuck it into Melissa!
Lydia Black in Lydia Black: Latex, Deepthroat & Anal! 12:00
Lydia Black in Lydia Black: Latex, Deepthroat & Anal! 12:00 Dark-haired, tattooed Lydia Black's red and black latex fetish gear includes shiny, skin-hugging stockings and garters. High-heeled, lace-up boots complete an exciting look. The camera caresses her kinky outfit. She spreads her fur-topped pussy and thick rear cheeks and fists her lube-slick butthole! Pale Lydia shoves a jumbo black dildo up her ass. Top stud Mick Blue enters frame naked, his big cock erect. He grips her curls and fucks her throat; the lush-lipped girl gives a drooling, hand-stroking blowjob. She fully deepthroats his huge meat, slobber soaking his balls. Mick goes straight to anal, porking her greased sphincter. Lube-drenched flesh slaps through an intense buttfuck. Lydia gives ass-to-mouth head. Aggressive, doggie-style rectal reaming makes her gasp, whimper and bellow dirty talk. Her asshole gapes. She wetly licks his asshole; they follow the lewd rim job with a tasty kiss. Mick and Lydia share more sodomy in various positions. He rails her pussy; she loves tasting her cum on his meat. Lydia kneels for a cum facial, and she swallows semen gratefully.
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Savannah in SAVANNAH13115 11:01 Savannah is one of the most beautiful girls I've shot this year and between her multiple orgasms, love of anal sex and the huge facial I give her, this update is one of the hottest in recent memory. Her performance and our chemistry is so great I did my best to capture this update on as many cameras as possible, so be sure to watch carefully you get to see the best action from multiple angles.This chestnut haired beauty comes to me from ASU. I swear there must be something in their application process that draws these girls. I'm imagining that in addition to asking for a GPA, their scholarship app asks, "On a scale of 1-10 how much of an attention whore are you?" and only girls who check 8 or higher get accepted. When Savannah explains that she wants to try a DP (but only in public!) I have no doubt she's an 11. Her interview is chock full of this kind of desperate for attention type stuff, but that means the cameras are a turn on for her, so it's win-win.As we talk she's trying on clothes, and every time she turns around and shows off her ass in her tiny booty shorts, my boner gets 10% stiffer. Of course every time she laughs her nails-on-a-chalkboard laugh, my boner shrinks by 10%. Fortunately, I'm not that funny so it's tolerable. After getting her in a nice outfit and made up, I notice she isn't wearing a bra, so it's def. time to get this party started. I grab a vibrator and go to work and in no time she's asking for anal. Since this baby has an attachment, I'm able to bring her to a DP orgasm with it.After getting her off and knowing that anal is on the table, I'm almost impatient as she's sucking my cock. But her skills are beyond and the way she worships my cock with her tongue and lips is I got a couple of good angles and you can see that this girl loves giving head. When she gets me hard, I have her hop up on the bed and I give her the cock like she needs it for medical reasons. It doesn't take too long to get her off and to get me thinking about her perfecto butthole. A little lube and a little patience and she takes my whole cock in her ass. It's fucking heaven. Literally, the heaven of fucking.When she can't take anymore, I go back to regular P in V and get her off 2-3 more times until I'm ready to bust. She assumes the position and I give her a full blast facial.This is why you joined ECG, fellows. A beautiful college nympho with a nearly perfect body, getting fucked to one real orgasm after another, getting her perfect ass stuffed with cock and then taking a half gallon facial across her perfect smile. Happy Thanksgiving.***NEW STREAMING VIDEO PLAYER!! Simply click the "WATCH FULL MOVIE NOW" link or click the "play" button and the movie will instantly stream - on any of your devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android)! ******If you prefer to download the full video, just RIGHT-CLICK the "DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE" link and select "Save As" (or similar wording depending on browser), and save to your computer.***
Danielle Land in TONY ROMERO FUCKS DANIELLE LAND IN SCENE OF THE YEAR 12:01 Holy shit! Check out our new Latino HUNK Tony Romero! He is much more than meets the eye. Tony will keep your attention locked in. Have a conversation with this polite, incredibly friendly guy and you may just fall in love. We honestly don't think we have ever met someone more genuinely happy than Tony. His smile and energy is infectious! Danielle Land contacted us and sent some updated pictures. Boy did she improve! With her body tight and right, it was time for Danielle to SHINE. Her incredible sexual energy was the perfect match for "Mr. Latino Heat". Enjoy some side action from a scene to come. We let two cameras roll and followed the fucking! Grab some popcorn, lube, or whatever you need... here comes part 1...and arguably "Scene of the Year"... Tony & Danielle!
London Rose in Voluptuous Babe London Rose Is Fucking LIVE 12:00
London Rose in Voluptuous Babe London Rose Is Fucking LIVE 12:00 Busty babe London Rose comes back for another wild and hot show! This time she has Mr Robby Echo and his hard cock to fuck! Robby is up and ready to show this horny babe how he loves to fuck drilling her tight pussy deep with his cock and watching as she sucks his entire shaft down her throat getting spit everywhere. No lube required! Before all that fucking though London of course wanted to show off her strappy black lingerie and tiny little dress that could barely contain those big tits or big ass. Maybe you would love to have London sit on your face while she sucks on your cock. Keep that tongue busy and make this babe cum! Archive from 5-19-2022 5pm LIVE show!
Katy Sky in Good Morning 2 11:59
Katy Sky in Good Morning 2 11:59 Sexy and freshly showered, Katy Sky crawls naked across the bed and kisses lover Michael Fly passionately, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Good Morning" begins. Katy is delighted that Michael’s got morning wood, and strokes it with both hands before slipping it between her lips. Michael groans as Katy’s mouth rotates around his cock’s bulbous head, growing louder when she dribbles saliva over it to lube up her stroking of his hugely hard shaft. When she can’t resist any longer, she straddles him in cowgirl, smiling naughtily as she feeds his cock into her juicy pussy. Katy rides Michael’s pole at a steady pace, beautiful breasts bouncing in his face for him to suck. As she bucks on him faster and harder, she braces her hands against the headboard, driving his cock even deeper inside her tight pussy. She dismounts to savor the taste of her juice from Michael’s dick, before he flips her over onto her back and thrusts inside her in missionary. Katy rubs her clit in rapid circles as her man fucks her to an intense, body-shaking orgasm. She’s barely caught her breath before Michael rolls her onto one side and plows back into her dripping pussy in spoons. She looks over her shoulder at him, enraptured by his prowess, as she starts to climax again. But she’s totally insatiable and continues strumming her clit frantically while Michael bangs her harder and faster, pulling out at the last moment so Katy can jerk out his load over her shaved pussy mound. With such a perfect start to the morning, it’s bound to be a wonderful day.
Chela, Petra in Intimate Punishment II 2 12:00
Chela, Petra in Intimate Punishment II 2 12:00 The line between pleasure and punishment is blurred in this sexy girl-on-girl sequel. This time brunette Petra takes the dominant role, leading her hot Hispanic lover Chela into the bedroom. Naked Petra shoves Chela up against a wall and yanks off the top half of her playsuit, leaving her in just a tiny thong. She spanks her ass with a leather flogger then grinds her crotch against it, reaching around and inside of Chela’s panties to finger her pussy. The two kiss, Petra’s fingers circling as her pierced tongue explores her lover’s mouth. Then Chela spins around and although Petra is meant to be the domme, she squats down and sucks on Chela’s full, natural tits. Chela responds, massaging Petra’s globes. The two move onto a single bed, with Petra crouching on top, and they make out again. Petra takes another long, indulgent suck on Chela’s nipples, then kisses and nuzzles her way down. She can’t wait to get her fingers and tongue working on her girlfriend's unshaved pussy and Chela is already wet for her. Petra slips a couple fingers inside, pumping them, and splays the girl’s lips to lick her pink, Chela moaning with pleasure all the while. Next, Petra retrieves a huge, double-ended, pink jelly dildo. She rubs the head along Chela’s wet slit a couple times to lube it, then guides it inside of her snatch. She works it with her hand then sucks on the other end, bobbing her head so it pumps in and out of Chela’s gyrating crotch. She withdraws it to suck her girlfriend’s juices off of it, then slides it back in. Now Petra lies back on the bed, legs splayed and entangled with Chela’s, flaunting her own hairy pussy as she takes the other end of the toy deep inside of it. The two girls scissor around it, engulfing all but a couple inches in the center, each fingering her own clit as their moans get louder. The camera captures every erotic detail, from the blissed-out expression on their faces, and tits quivering with each thrust. Chela grabs hold of the mock-cock, using her hand to pound it even harder into Petra’s snatch and her own, and the two clasp hands briefly, before humping together in a frenzy then succumbing to the bliss of mutual orgasm. Just when Petra seems to be done cumming, Chela pounds the toy inside of them, prolonging the pleasure. The girls remove the toy, then Petra feeds it into Chela’s mouth and they each suck on one end, before setting it aside to share a juice-flavoured kiss and gaze into each other’s eyes with affection and lustful giggles.
Fuck)Katsuni in Katsuni: Asian Slut Loves Cum 10:00
Fuck)Katsuni in Katsuni: Asian Slut Loves Cum 10:00 Mega babe Asian celeb porn star Katsuni is a mature and horny babe, ready to take a big cock in her pussy. She shows off her big tits and hairy bush, a man comes into play and plays with lovely ass. She gets on her knees and takes the man’s cock into her hands, grasping it firmly and then licking him from his head down to his shaft and further down until she reaches his taint. Katsuni spits into her hand to lube it up and strokes him and sucks on his cock and then wraps her big tits around his cock and strokes him up and down, she continues to suck his cock gobbling him all the way down until his cock makes her gag, she comes back up for air and smiles at him for having such a huge cock. She stands and backs herself up and reaches behind her to lead his cock into her wet pussy. She rides him slowly but hard, looking back him, asking him to fuck her harder, so he firmly grabs onto her hips and fucks her hard and deep, she moans loudly as he goes deeper and deeper into her pussy. He wants a taste of Katsuni, he lifts her and brings her down onto the couch and licks her clit and fingers her, she throws her head back because it feels so good. He shoves his cock in her and she spreads her legs farther and farther so that he can get deeper and deeper into her throbbing pussy. He fucks her deep while she rubs her clit and moans at every stroke he thrusts. He lifts her legs up to make her tighter and she gasps, and cane barely hold herself, his cock feels too good inside her. He carries her off the couch and onto the floor, making her ride him in cowgirl. As Katsuni rides him and grinds him he spanks her ass and helps her out by thrusting and fucking her, reaching her cervix, she shrieks as he goes too deep inside her, but he continues to fuck the fuck out of her and squeezes her tits and chokes her as she continues to furiously ride his big cock. He then places her on the couch in doggystyle with her ass in the air, she has no choice but to submit to him and he penetrates her pussy, she gasps and moans at his entrance, she’s left in a trance as he continues to stroke his dick in and out of her pussy. He feels amazing inside of her, and she hopes he never stops. To wake her up and bring her back he fucks her sideways on the couch, her pussy feeling tighter and Katsuni feeling every inch of dick that he has to offer, she shrieks, groans and moans as he chokes her and relentlessly fucks her tight pussy. Katsuni rides his cock until he cums and she sucks everything out of him and into her mouth.
Daisy Dane in PAUL TILLER FUCKS DAISY DANE 12:01 Simply put, Paul "The Driller" Tiller just can't get enough pussy. This guy is the ultimate showman and hedonist. He loves giving and receiving as much pleasure to any and everyone as humanly possible. Lucky for Paul Tiller, we introduced him to the fun, bubbly, hippy chick, Daisy Dane. Why is he lucky you ask? Well that's because Daisy is the same insatiable nympho hedonist that Paul is. What happens when you combine two personalities like this? The answer to that is simple... Grab some popcorn, lube, whatever you need, and watch the video ;)
Hilary in HILARY ANAL 10:59
Hilary in HILARY ANAL 10:59 Shy first timer Hilary is back to give up her anal virginity on camera. Surely you remember her tight little athlete's body, bubble butt and tight pussy. Well this time the pussy plays second string and Jay pounds her ass for most of the update. After some nervousness and what Jay calls 'the anal training wheels' in intraoffice memos, she warms up to it and really ends up enjoying getting butt fucked.Since we got a nice in depth interview last time, Jay skips the small talk and gets right down to prepping Hilary's tight backdoor for an anal invasion. He starts off with a finger and plenty of lube and gradually graduates to various toys and vibes. She does her best to relax and before long her balloon knot is limber and ready for penis. After getting warmed up and warming up Jay's dong with another one of her great blowjobs, Hilary gets settled on the bed in a position that the poets of 2 Live Crew After immortalized in song: face down, ass up. Jay lubes up and despite some discomfort eventually manages to fill Hilary's incredibly tight booty. Don't mind her complaining, she's just getting used to a cock in a totally new place. Every Ex Co Gi shoot has a safeword and since we never once hear Hilary shout "Hanna Montana!" we know it's all good. After getting the package delivered to the backdoor, Jay tries a few different positions and eventually finds one that Hilary really likes. She cooperates like a champ and finally gets into it. As a reward, Jay flips her over and pumps her pussy for a bit before having her drop to her knees and catch a face glazing facial.
Jana in Jana Gets Her Fingers Wet In Her Pussy So She Can Lube Up Her Clit To Cum 9:20
Jana in Jana Gets Her Fingers Wet In Her Pussy So She Can Lube Up Her Clit To Cum 9:20 Jana looks gorgeous sitting on her little bench under the backlight of an open window. She's already playing with her tits and getting her pussy nice and wet for her fingers to explore. Jana likes penetration, so she sinks them in deep, getting them nice and lubed up so she can rub all that slippery goodness on her clit to cum.
Liz Rainbow in Day Starter 2 8:01
Liz Rainbow in Day Starter 2 8:01 Cute Liz Rainbow lives in a mountaintop village but she rocks an alternative mermaid look, with long, blue-colored hair, matching manicure and pedicure, and tattoos. Her makeup is pretty pastel pink with a pearly blue shimmer. We find her naked and taking a shower, soaping small breasts with puffy nipples, a toned ass and shaved pussy. As she rinses away the foam, fingers caressing every curve and crevice of her beautiful body, she begins to feel horny. Fortunately, she is well prepared – there is a huge, realistic-looking dildo stuck to the tile wall. As she sits on her haunches in her bathtub, it is at face level, so she licks and sucks the bulbous head, cramming it into her mouth as she grasps and jacks the length and massages the heavy balls. The mock-cock is so long and thick, the tips of her fingers don’t even come close to touching as she wraps them around its girth, and she’s able to work it with both hands simultaneously. When she lets it slide out her mouth so she can take a breath, threads of drool stretch between the tip and her tongue – she uses these to lube the shaft. After a while spent going down on the dildo, gagging as she takes it deep, she stands up and eases it inside of her pussy. The sucker at the base holds it firmly in position as Liz takes it from behind, grinding up against it. Then she spins around, face pressed against the wall as she humps it. The shaft is flexible but enormous, and she is up to the challenge of taking it any which way. Next, she sticks it to the base of the tub so she can straddle and ride it, hips rocking as she squats over it. Her hand guides the thick-veined shaft into her snatch and her tits quiver, nipples stiff. She slides it to the back of the tub and screws it doggy style, cute butt cheeks on display as the dildo stretches her wide open. All the while, she moans and whimpers with pleasure. At last, she sprawls back in the tub with one hand pushing almost the entire length into her pussy as the other trains the shower spray on her clit. Her expression is one of pure delight as she screws herself harder and faster, now so very close to cumming. One hand cups a breast, then she drops the showerhead so she can use both hands to pound the dildo in and out. By the time her orgasm hits she is utterly lost in ecstasy. When she is finally done cumming, she withdraws the giant cock, letting it slide out of her grasp. Then she lies back to relish the sensation of the water gently spraying her body…
Ashlynne in ASHLYNNE5509 10:59
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