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Harley Jade in Dick Sucking Prowess 11:39 Harley Jade is back! This time shes here to show off her dick sucking expertise! Harley striped and showed off her assets before getting on her knees and licking Tonys dick up and down! Harley sucked his dick while stroking it, sucked his balls and used both hands for maximum pleasure! Tony pushed her head down to deepthroat his massive meat and she gagged and spit on his dick to get it nice and wet! She used her hand and worked her magic around the tip of his cock to make him explode! Come back soon Harley!
Jessie Saint, Lilly Bell in Fighting Over A Blowjob - S23:E4 15:00
Jessie Saint, Lilly Bell in Fighting Over A Blowjob - S23:E4 15:00 Lilly Bell is staying with her friend, Jessie Saint, but there's some serious friction between the girls. Jessie wants to take a bath, but no sooner has she undone her robe than Lilly shows up and picks a fight that she wants to take a bath. Since Lilly is a guest, she claims Jessie's mom says she can go first. A bit of a catfight leaves the girls naked together in the tub, each of them claiming they won't move. When they begin insulting each other's bodies, Lilly claims Jessie's big ass is taking up too much room and Jessie shoots back that Lilly's big boobs are taking up too much room. Lilly says Jessie's stepbrother, Joshua Lewis, likes her big boobs and that she'll fuck Joshua just to piss Jessie off. Jessie tries to play it off cool, but Lilly isn't done. She tells Jessie that she found her journal and now knows all about her family breeding fetish. When Lilly denies it, Lilly leaves the tub saying she's going to go fuck Joshua. Jessie makes it all of a few seconds before she gets up to follow Lilly.Lilly arrives at Joshua's door first, proudly naked. Confused, Joshua tries to ask what Lilly is doing. Lilly doesn't spend much time talking before she crawls into bed to pulls Joshua's sweatpants down and take his cock in her mouth. She's happily blowing Joshua when Jessie walks in, wearing her robe once again. One look at Lilly with her stepbrother's cock in her mouth is enough to send Jessie back into a rage. Shoving Lilly aside, Jessie takes over the BJ. Lilly isn't about to let Jessie have all the fun. The girls reluctantly begin working together to blow Joshua, deep throating his dick and sucking his balls until he's nice and hard, which makes it inevitable that they'd both want to bang him, too.Straddling Joshua's hips, Lilly takes the first turn riding him in reverse cowgirl as Jessie watches and pouts. Watching Lilly ride is hot, so it's not long before Jessie is masturbating beside Lilly. Eventually Jessie insists on taking a spin of her own, climbing onto Joshua's fuck stick to give it to him in cowgirl as Lilly spanks her ass. Lilly eventually masturbates beside Jessie, with a little bit of help from her friend. Lilly gets on her knees next so Joshua can give it to her in doggy as Lilly buries her moans between Jessie's thighs. Lilly brings Jessie off with a finger bang as Joshua keeps her pussy party going. The girls swap spots, with Jessie on her back spreading her legs wide open for Joshua to give it to her. Lilly cradles Jessie's shoulders and kneads her tits. When Jessie begins begging Joshua to cum for her, Lilly teams up with her to urge Joshua to deliver a creampie right in his stepsister's pussy. Filled with her stepbro's jizz, Jessie and Lilly gossip about how Jessie finally fulfilled her breeding fantasy.
Audrey Noir, Ember Stone in Practice With Mom - S8:E2 15:01
Audrey Noir, Ember Stone in Practice With Mom - S8:E2 15:01 Audrey Noir is happy to help her stepson Logan Long with a personal problem. He asks for guidance, and Audrey eventually agrees. Logan pulls her forward and buries his face in her pussy, lapping with his soft tongue as Audrey runs her fingers through his hair and moans. They're almost caught when Logan's stepsister Ember Stone returns home, but that doesn't stop them picking up where they left a little more quietly. Peeling off his stepmom's clothes, Logan brings her backward to seat herself on his big dick. Her tits bounce as she rides Logan like a personal stallion, and she's poised to explode when Ember catches them in the act. In a fit of inspiration, Audrey decides to turn the moment into a teaching experience for Ember. She teaches her daughter how to suck a proper cock. It's not long before Ember is on her knees tag teaming her stepbrother's hardon with her mom. That kicks off a horny threesome where Audrey teaches Ember and Logan everything she knows about fucking like rabbits. Her lessons include plenty of pleasurable positions, several of which lead to climaxes for the girls. When they've had enough, Audrey holds Ember in place while her stepbrother pile drives her pussy until he pulls out to cum all over her belly.
Ashley Wolf in Sweet And Sensual - S41:E4 15:00
Ashley Wolf in Sweet And Sensual - S41:E4 15:00 Sometimes there's nothing hotter than your girlfriend joining you in bed with one thing obviously on her mind. Chad Alva gets to live the dream when Ashley Wolf crawls into bed with him wearing some simple but oh so sexy lingerie. Petting Chad's chest and stomach, Ashley makes it clear that she's open to doing anything at all that Chad can think of. By the time her hand moves lower to Chad's cock, he's nice and hard for her.They take things slow to begin, with plenty of sweet caresses and searing kisses. Chad's hands explore all of Ashley's best parts, from her sweet pussy to her firm titties. He dips his head to lick and suck each of those nipples to hard peaks, then moves his attention lower. Slipping Ashley's thong aside, Chad rubs her pussy down as her hips undulate in delight. He backs off just long enough to peel himself out of his briefs so Ashley can masturbate him even as he returns the favor for her.With Ashley's musky twat there for the taking, Chad eventually gives in to the temptation to crawl between her thighs and make himself comfortable for a pussy feast. Burying his nose in Ashley's muff, Chad makes magic with his mouth. He keeps it up until Ashley gets on her knees to welcome him inside for a doggy style pussy pounding to begin their lovemaking.Pulling things back a bit, Chad lays down and lets Ashley have her way with him. She starts with a BJ that lets her enjoy the flavor of their combined juices. Moving on from her deep throat delight, Ashley straddles Chad's waist and then slides down so that she can ride him in reverse cowgirl. Leaning back, she lets Chad support her weight and help her set a pace that leaves them both feeling incredible.Ashely finds herself on her back with Chad kneeling between her thighs. Lifting one of Ashley's ankles, Chad keeps it out of the way to open his lover up and to help himself go in as deep as possible. Those lovely strokes are all Ashley needs to find herself fully sated. Chad finds his own pleasure a few moments later when he pulls out to let Ashley stroke him to a pop all over her stomach as they wind down their morning affair.
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Harmony Wonder in Harmony Wonder Shows Her Stapdad She's All Grown Up 10:00 Harmony Wonder is a great stepdaughter in this role-playing faux incest POV scene from baddaddypov.com. Harmony has all kinds of new things she loves that she wants to talk to her stepdad about. Specifically she wants to talk about fucking. She has a new love of cock she wants to show off. She's proud of her new abilities. She starts by getting down on her knees and taking his fat cock deep in her throat. She sucks on it furiously. She loves gagging and choking on it, getting it slick with spit and cum. She loves the feeling of it sliding down her throat and tasting it. Next she bends over to show her step-daddy her amazing ass and tight pussy, getting it ready for him to shove his fat dick into, which he does as hard as he can. She's on all fours bouncing her ass on his dick and looking up at him as she fucks. She turns over to take his dick even deeper, and showing us her beautiful natural tits. she screams and moans from the pleasure of taking such a nice thick dick inside her tight little cunt. She puts his cock back in her mouth next, wanting to taste herself on his hard shaft before climbing on top of it and bouncing on it. She loves grinding on it and taking every inch deep inside herself. She turns around begins grinding on her step-daddy's dick in reverse cowgirl, showing us her ass and gorgeous asshole. Finally she gets on her back and takes his big dick deep in missionary position. Sheh takes it deep, moaning even harder as she cums on his dick one last time. He can't hold it in anymore.l He desperately needs to cum. Instead of pulling out he shoots his cum deep inside her. We even get to see his huge load of white hot cum dripping out of her tight pink pussy in a hot creampie.
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Keisha Grey in Trying On My Sister's Husband 11:59 Keisha Grey likes to keep it in the family, so when she finds out that her sister's husband Xander Corvus has a big cock, she knows she has to get a piece! To set up her seduction, she gets Xander alone and starts trying on some of the sexy lingerie that he bought her sister. Xander does his best to stay loyal, but coming face to face with Keisha Grey's incredible all-natural curves would melt the resolve of any man, and pretty soon she's on her knees sucking his cock! Keisha rides that big dick hard, working her hips all the way to an orgasm and a nice cumshot all over her beautiful pussy!
Kiere, Simon in Busty Girlfriends - S15:E1 15:00
Kiere, Simon in Busty Girlfriends - S15:E1 15:00 Kiere is enjoying a quiet day in her kitchen when she hears a knock on her door. Her neighbor, Simon, has come over with a plate of cookies. Kiere makes some tea to have with the cookies, but it's soon clear that Simon isn't there just to chat. The girls exchange some sweetly sexy light touches and then go in for a kiss that says clearly that they're both interested.Simon takes the initiative to take things further. Tugging Kiere's loose shirt down, she takes one of Kiere's sweet titties into her mouth. Sucking the nipple to a hard peak, Simon has Kiere get to her feet so she can have her new lover fully naked.As Simon settles in to kiss her way towards her clit, Kiere lifts one foot onto the table to open herself nice and wide. She uses both hands, one to knead Kiere's titties and the other to rub her clit. Moving her attention fully to the south, Simon really goes to work for Kiere's pleasure.Getting to her feet, Simon takes off her clothes so Kiere can enjoy her friend's full breasts. The girls exchange a deep kiss and then Kiere bends over the table so Simon can complete her seduction. Kissing Kiere's spine and palming her twat, Simon eventually works a finger into Kiere's tight pussy. She hooks her other hand over Kiere's thighs to bring it around and rub Kiere's clit, creating some double pressure that really gets Kiere moaning.Temporarily sated, Kiere helps Simon onto the table so she can finally enjoy a more complete feast of her friend's tits as she lets her hand rub fast and furious at Simon's meaty twat. Simon opens herself up nice and wide for Kiere's ministrations. When Kiere leans in to lap at her friend's clit, it's a spike of pure bliss. Simon can barely wait to get on her knees on the table so Kiere can really have her way with her creamy twat.Finding herself on the table, Kiere mewls with delight as Simon goes back to work rubbing her clit. Simon loves the way Kiere moans, which she demonstrates by sneaking a rub of her own pussy. When Kiere gets Simon on the counter so she can go back to work pleasuring her friend, she finds Simon nice and wet. Her tongue spreads Simon's pussy juices all over, causing Simon to arch her back and let her had fall back as her climax overtakes her.Simon has just gotten to a seated position when Kiere joins her on the counter. Cuddling close into Simon's arms and between her thighs, Kiere opens herself up for Simon to make magic one more time. Simon cups Kiere's tits and fondles her clit, doing everything she can to help her busty friend cum. In the end, they wind up sharing those cookies as a well earned post coital snack.
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Samira in Naughty Student Tries To Get Good Grades 10:00 Sexy Samira has to stay after class because her teacher Derrick Pierce is upset that she got a d on her math test. She feels terrible about her grades and asks mr. Pierce if he'll give her a better grade if she does something for him. He asks what. She then gets on the desk and spreads her legs for him. She begins playing with her pussy and then gets down on her knees and gives him the best head ever. He is so turned on and then puts her on the desk and rams his hard thick cock into her tight wet pussy. She moans with excitement and they both cum together. They are in so much pleasure.
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Naomi Cruise in Mike Deez Fucks Naomi Cruise In Her Pussy 9:58 Naturally busty blonde Naomi Cruise does a slow stripping from her blue and white lingerie. Enter Mike deeze, licking naomi's shaved pussy and ass. Naomi brings the oral from her side, using that pretty mouth, blowjob action for the win. After the oral, this juicy blonde gets fucked in her pussy. Riding that cock like no tomorrow, and shifting to doggystyle position after all the cowgirl riding. She puts her legs up as Mike fucks her some more. Naomi gets on her knees, on the floor, wanting mike's cum in mouth. He delivers, and the final images are the big breasts and huge ass.
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Shey Holmes in SHEY HOLMES 2 11:01 You can probably say 21yr old first timer Shey Holmes comes across as a girl that's as pure as the driven snow. And your right. Or maybe she's just an inexperienced slut just begging to fucked right. I say the ladder or why else would she be here, right? Trust me when I say you willhave these same thoughts as you watch this shy newbie getting her makeup done and probably wondering, "Why are you here?". I was thinking the same thing but just glad she was. This girl just confirms that there are no "Good girls", just "Bad girls found out" and she reveals just howinexperienced, yet experienced she is. Let me explain:Q: "When did you start masturbating, or do you masturbate?", A: "I never have... No, never",said with a nervous smile. (WHAT?!?!)Q: "Have you ever used a sex toy?" A: "No... Ummm no, no" (Fuck me! I've never want to be a sex toy more than I do right now)Q: "Are you very orgasmic?", A: "I've only had 2 before" (WHAT?1?1 I know. We were as shocked as you are. She's practically a virgin by porn standards)Q: "So what made you want to do this today?", A: "Umm. Well. I like to try new things, so why not" (I'm pinching myself to make sure I was not dreaming at this point)Q: "So are you a sexual kinda girl? Are you promiscuous?" A: "Umm, yea" (Now your talking)Q: "Have you had a lot of One-Night-Stands and stuff?", A: "Umm yea, yea" said with a bigsmile and giggle, "I like to have fun". (This truth is revealed. Shey is a bad girl just waiting toshow everyone how naughty she is.)Q: "Have you ever hooked up with a girl?", A: "Umm, not one-on-one, but I've had some3somes" (Daaaamn!!! Now you're talking!)And finally:Q: "How many cocks do you think you've sucked", A: "Not a lot, I can probably count on onehand the number" (FUCK ME again! I wanted to jump up and start throat fucking her right then)Just watch the entire interview to set the mood, it's worth it. But are you seeing a pattern here?Shey is a naughty girl that just hasn't discovered her clitoris yet or been fucked right we think. Ithink she just hasn't figured out that it's ok to rub her body or its ok to play with herself. SEXcan be a solo activity, and it's pretty fun to by the way! Trust me, my cock was getting harder andharder as I clung to each word that passed over her innocent lips. This interview really brings outjust how coy and innocent Shey is, and the best part is we get to exploit and do all sorts ofperverted things to this fawn for your viewing pleasure. I could go on and on about how perfectand wholesome this girls' body is. How perky her pink supple nipples are, and just howengorged her pussy lips got as the Hitachi danced over her clit and lips. But you just have towatch it and see for your self. Can she suck cock? Fuck yea she can and between JJay and myselfusing the Hitachi on her we gave her more orgasms in almost every position he fucked her in then she has ever had in her life. I counted 5, and she lost count. OH and her ass? That ass isASSTASTIC! There are no fucking wrinkle lines on this girl's body that I could find. By thetime JJay got her in reverse cowgirl those pussy lips were so pink and looked like they had neverbeen pounded so good. But the best is yet to cum. When Shey gets on her knees to accept thehuge load from JJay she just waited eagerly with that little shy smile and mouth open until heunloaded squirt after squirt directly into her mouth. Of course she swallowed it with joy. Goodgirl, good girl. Fuck me one last time, but Shey is one of my favorite fucks, and I never evenfucked her! Just watch this video and we are sure she will be a favorite fuck of yours as well. Soenjoy this innocent girls gift of showing the world her sexual awakening and innocence lost, It'sfucking awesome! We have all waited long enough.
Elsa Jean in Elsa Dreams TeamSkeet Tryout 14:00
Elsa Jean in Elsa Dreams TeamSkeet Tryout 14:00 Say hello to this cute young 18 year old Elsa Dream! She was dropped off by her agent to get auditioned to be an official TeamSkeet girl! We no time, I asked her if she was down to fuck right now to see if she has what it takes. First she striped for me, revealing her super tight and petite body, then she got on her knees to show me her BJ skills, which were on point! After that she twerked her ass up and down on my dick and the view of her pussy wrapping around my dick was amazing! I fucked her missionary then from behind until I busted all over her ass! Thanks for stopping by, Elsa!
Fuck)Raylene in Raylene Divorced MILF Legend Gets What Is Hers 10:00
Fuck)Raylene in Raylene Divorced MILF Legend Gets What Is Hers 10:00 The scene starts with Raylene and James Deen showing up in court to finalize their divorce. They stand in front of a judge and rows of people waiting for the verdict to be stated. James is wearing beige suit with a striped tie. Raylene is wearing a tight black dress the shows of her curves and displays her assets well. As the session goes on and on, she begins to feel a little bit cold so James gave his coat to warm her up. At that same moment, she begins to doubt if the divorce was actually a good idea. Before the court could decide, she takes it all back with a lewd kiss. To the horror of the whole court, James pulls her up and deposited her on the defendant’s table. He pulls down the front of her dress, exposing her breast. He promptly buried his face into her massive breasts. Her big tits and nipples are exposed for everyone to see. She slid down to the floor and waited for bit as James unblocked his pants and freeing his erection. Leaning forward, Raylene took James’ massive cock fully inside her tight, naughty mouth. She sucked and bobbed her head up and down, increasing her pace to make sure James would moan her name and beg for more. The whole court was scandalized but made no move to stop them. James stopped her right before he reached his peak and pulled her to her feet. Not long after, His thick, sturdy cock is drilling her tight ass hole. There was no escaping the strong, solid pounds of his lengthy dick inside her backside’s wet, inner walls. Her dress was hitched above her thighs and over her waist. She braced her arm against the table with one hand and used the other to spread her ass cheeks for James’ dick to fully penetrate her. His dick came out of her ass and he shoved it into her pussy. Soon her pussy was stretched and pleasantly aching as he pumps hard into her. James repositioned her body without pulling his dick out. They are now face to face and they can clearly see the lust raging in the other’s eye. His thrusts became more erratic and uncontrolled as moments passed by. James hand wanders down her body and massages her clit before pulling out. Raylene gets down to her knees and gives him another blowjob. She tastes her juices on his dick and it turns her on more than ever. James laid down on the floor and let Raylene straddle his hips before guiding his length to her pussy. She sat over James in reverse-cowgirl style. She rode his dick and he, in turn, moved his hips up and down so that his cock filled every space inside of her love hole. Up and down they both went, enjoying the moment. Her tattooed ass grinds down on his dick giving them intense pleasure. The next clip shows Raylene on her knees again. She fondles her breasts and presses them together to form a flesh hole for James’ dick. James wasted no time pumping between her glorious boobs and soon enough, he spurted thick white cum, spraying her face. The whole court claps happily.
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Tiffany Watson in Fuck My Ass - S2:E3 15:01 Lusty coed Tiffany Watson wants some, and her stepbrother is her first choice to satisfy her lusty urges. When she's unsuccessful in seducing her stepbrother with the promise of her perfect tits and her sweet landing strip twat, she tries begging. Tiffany's ratted her out to her stepdad Tony, who confronts Tiffany in her bedroom. He turns Tiffany over and spanks her while spelling out her punishment, and she offers to do anything if he'll agree not to take her car away. When Tiffany offers to suck Tony's cock in exchange for a lenient punishment, he finds that he is weaker-willed than his son. He agrees, and once his stepdaughter's soft lips are wrapped around his big dick he knows he's made the right choice. Tiffany is masterful with her mouth, so when she gets on her knees and offers her stepdad the chance to fuck her he can't resist. Rolling onto her back, Tiffany brings her sock-covered knees up to her chest to open herself so her stepdad can push his hardon deep into her ass. Once they start anal sex, Tiffany is quick to get back on her knees so she can enjoy the penetration from that angle. She finishes herself off by riding Tony's fuck stick until she achieves an anal climax. Rolling off her stepdad, she sucks him off until he fills her mouth with a salty shot of cum. Now that she's proved she's a good girl, Tony decides that Tiffany deserves a reward more than a punishment.
Sofie Marie in Slide Right In - S7:E6 14:59
Sofie Marie in Slide Right In - S7:E6 14:59 Sofie Marie is looking good as she admires herself in the mirror after stepping out of the shower. She covers her body back up when she hears her stepson Damon Dice calling her to prepare his breakfast. The towel drops as they talk, and Sofie can't help but notice the way Damon stares at her rock hard nipples. Later, Sofie finds Damon stroking it as he gets ready for a date so she decides to give him a few pointers. Her lesson begins with her peeling off her shirt so she can show Damon how to cup and stroke her hanging tits. Then Sofie lifts her miniskirt to show off her lingerie, and wraps her mouth and hand around her stepson's stiffie. She shows him how she likes having her pussy licked and fingered, and then invites him to slide inside. Sofie keeps up her sex lessons as she demonstrates to Damon how to fuck in many different positions, including on her back and on her knees. When she gets on top to ride Damon's fuck stick, Sofie makes sure to take her own pleasure first. Only then does she resume her blowjob, bringing Damon off so he can go on his date without an embarrassing erection.
Aaliyah Love, Liv Revamped in Shark Time Of The Month - S4:E5 15:00
Aaliyah Love, Liv Revamped in Shark Time Of The Month - S4:E5 15:00 What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Liv Revamped and her swap brother Juan Loco are doing an arts and crafts project for shark month. The swap siblings have made shark mouths, which opens up all kinds of possibilities for fun flirtation. When swap parents Aaliyah Love and Damon Dice walk in on the craft time, they find Juan and Liv "biting" each other's privates with the mouths. Aaliyah and Damon lecture the swap kids about appropriate behavior, then leave them alone as they duck into the kitchen for a snack and a bit of action of their own.The swap parents don't even feel like they're gone that long, but by the time they return they find Liv with her titties out and the shark mouth biting it. Juan has popped his stiffie out of his pants to put the shark mouth on his dick. Damon is about to reprimand the kids, but Aaliyah stops him. Instead, she pulls out Damon's dick and her boobs, then pus the shark mouths on her breast and Damon's cock. She tries to tell Liv and Juan to take in how stupid it all looks, but all Liv can see is how nice Damon's erection is. Feeling nice and horny, Liv tries to go for the gold but Aaliyah tries to stop her. After a bit of back and forth, Liv wins the argument that of course it's okay for them to all fuck. Aaliyah is feeling pretty horny from her kitchen flirting, so she takes on sucking Damon's dick while Aaliyah gets to enjoy blowing Juan.Now that the swap family has begun their horny adventure, they're not about to stop until they're all satisfied. Swapping partners as they move to the couch, Liv gets on her knees on the couch arm so Damon can slam into her from behind, while Aaliyah lays on her back and lets Juan give it to her. The guys take a seat on the couch so that Liv can mount Juan's hardon in reverse cowgirl while Aaliyah mirrors her with Damon. The girls switch partners again for a double cowgirl stiffie ride. When Liv gets back on the couch's arm, this time on her back, Damo can't wait to fuck that pussy again. Aaliyah climbs onto her knees on the couch so Juan can use that nice cock on her to take her from behind. After such a lusty fuck, the guys can't keep from popping for a pair of cum shots that leave the whole swap famjam totally satisfied.
Kerry Louise in Headmaster Fucks Busty Teacher 11:59
Kerry Louise in Headmaster Fucks Busty Teacher 11:59 The legendary Kerry Louise once was a sub teacher (in more ways than one) at Danny D's college. Now she's a regular teacher, and a very popular one. Danny, recently appointed as the headmaster of the school, is very excited about reconnecting with the woman he once had raunchy sex with. They are just a few minutes into the reunion meeting and Miss Louise is already on her knees, taking Danny's huge dick down her eager pussy. Their sex peppered work relationship might become a scandal, but the fuck is worth the risk.
Gracie Gates in Gracie Gates Initial Fitness Casting 15:00
Gracie Gates in Gracie Gates Initial Fitness Casting 15:00 Gracie was interested in being a fitness model but admittedly she is a little too short, although she has a fantastic body that is well proportioned for her height. She certainly looked fabulous with the sports bra because of those big tits. I didn't have the heart to tell her the chances are not good even though she was eager to get down on her knees and blow me at the end of the interview. In my mind, her chances began to improve, as she bent over on the couch to let me fuck her doggy style while playing with her boobs. I pulled off her pants and she gently got on top of me, sliding her cock inside that young pussy and taking off her top to let those big natural boobs flop around as she fucked cowgirl. When I was ready to cum, she was nice enough to let me finish in her mouth, which definitely added some points in her favour. Maybe I will give her another chance.
Alex Blake, Harley Jameson in Rave Booty - S12:E9 15:00
Alex Blake, Harley Jameson in Rave Booty - S12:E9 15:00 Alex Blake and Harley Jameson have had a long night of shaking their tits and asses at a rave. Now that they're home, they can slow things down a bit as they indulge in long kisses while running their hands over each other's tight teen bodies. Taking turns suckling each other's small tits and hard nipples, they slowly relieve one another of the most important clothes until they can reach the bare skin they both crave. Settling between Alex's thighs, Harley samples the musk of her girlfriend by lapping at her thong before pulling it off. Leaning in for a sweet pussy licking, Haley stiffens her tongue to a point to fondle Alex's clit and uses the flat for long sweeps up and down her love's slit. Pushing Haley back, Alex returns the favor in kind. Bringing her hand between Haley's thighs, Alex slides first one finger and then another into Haley's greedy snatch. The blonde lets her hips do all the talking as she encourages Alex to keep up her lesbian pussy fingering. As soon as Alex has brought Haley off, she gets on her knees to enjoy a finger bang courtesy of her girlfriend. The girls end up with their pussies pressed together in a scissoring that leaves them both panting. When Alex gets off one last time, she puts her hands back to work for a final pussy pounding that leaves Haley limp with orgasmic bliss.
Deepika, Kiere in More Than She Bargained For - S4:E11 12:14
Deepika, Kiere in More Than She Bargained For - S4:E11 12:14 Kiere is in need of a haircut. She walks in to where her hairdresser, Deepika, is waiting for her. When Kiere takes a seat and begins talking about her day, she realizes that Deepika's hands have wandered from her hair to her shoulders and lower. Once Kiere clues in, she's certainly open to proceeding.Turning the seat around so she can sit in Kiere's lap, Deepika makes herself comfortable. She slides her hand into Kiere's shirt to feel up her busty tits, then works the shirt up so she can enjoy the sight in addition to the feel. Hiking up Kiere's miniskirt, Deepika palms Kiere's pussy through her thong. Kiere is quick to toss the thong away, leaving herself bared for anything Deepika can throw at her.Taking Kiere up on her challenge, Deepika slides two fingers into Kiere's twat. She fondles Kiere's meaty folds while occasionally pulling away to relieve herself of her clothes. Between the two of them, they are soon nude in the salon. Deepika doesn't waste another moment getting on her knees in front Kiere so she can slip a thumb into her greedy cooch. Finding Kiere nice and wet, Deepika grabs a dildo and uses that to really get her customer moaning.Getting up with the dildo still embedded in her snatch, Kiere gets on her knees on the chair. Deepika keeps up the hard work, running her hand over Kiere's ass and keeping the toy pumping in and out. Kiere is eager to cum, but she needs another position. She resumes her seat on the chair, this time with Deepika behind her to cradle her in her arms and keep fucking her with the dildo. Reaching forward, Kiere finally brings herself off as she rubs her clit with Deepika still banging her.Now it's Deepika's turn to take a seat with Kiere going to town on her tight little twat. Leaning in to rub and lap at Deepika's clit, Kiere warms her hairdresser up. Her hands are in constant motion, rubbing the clit and squeezing the tit as she brings Deepika to a swift but satisfying climax. Taking her seat back, Kiere prepares for a surprise naked haircut that came with much more than she was expecting.
Ava Addams in Ava Addams Cheats On Husband With Her Old Boyfriend 10:00
Ava Addams in Ava Addams Cheats On Husband With Her Old Boyfriend 10:00 Ava Addams is away on a work trip. She is staying in a hotel and reminiscing about her younger days. She is feeling sexy and frisky. Ava Addams calls up an old boyfriend to meet up with while she is away from her husband. He walks in the room and in no time the cheating housewife is on her knees gagging on his big cock. Ava Addams loves as he plays with her huge boobs and takes advantage of her slutty wet pussy. The couple starts in the hallway. They barely get into the hotel room before they need to start fucking. Ava bends over and gets fucked from behind. Her massive tits swing as her tight pussy is pounded. He manhandles her in the hall before dragging her to the living room where he can fuck her doggy style on a chair. Ava can't stop cumming. Her cunt drips as he pounds her. The MILF is so happy to feel sexy and loved. She will do anything for her boyfriend's big cock. The couple journeys to the bedroom. Ava Addams lays back and spreads her legs. Her pussy is swollen and dripping. She will take as much as he is willing to give her. The hot stud shoves his monster cock inside the MILF and fucks her hard. She has multiple orgasms until he creampies her tight MILF cunt. The huge boobs MILF clenches around his big cock as he shoots his cum inside her. She begs him to fill her pussy and creampie her deep. Ava Addams has never been happier.
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Annabel Redd, Van Wylde in What Are You Going To Do About It - S14:E12 15:00
Annabel Redd, Van Wylde in What Are You Going To Do About It - S14:E12 15:00 Annabel Redd has been longing for her roommate Van Wylde for a long time now. Her new year's resolution is that she's going to seduce him. She begins her campaign by wearing increasingly skimpy clothes around the house that really show off her breasts and bottom. If her thong is sheer enough to put her trimmed mound on display too, so much the better.As Van starts to see his buxom roomie in an increasingly sexy light, he tries to be a gentleman. His strength can only take him so far, especially as Annabel's patience wears thin. Annabel eventually waits until she sees Van walking around the house with a laundry basket through her open door. Popping her boobs out of her shirt, she puts herself on her knees with her ass facing the door.Van sees Annabel in bed and tries to ask if he can help her with something, but he's hit with the full frontal view when she turns around to talk to him. As Van tries to have a talk with Annabel about her clothing (or lack thereof), Annabel takes the initiative to push her breasts into her roomie's hands. Leaning her face close to Van's, she tells him that he can do something about it, like fuck her.By the time Annabel is done talking she has Van's hardon in her hand to stroke him off. How can he say no to that kind of an invitation? Leaning back, Annabel relieves herself of her thong and lets Van go to work on her creamy pussy with his tongue as they forge a new roommate relationship that includes plenty of benefits. Her hands kneading her tits, Annabel lets her head fall from side to side as she soaks in the pleasure of the moment. When Van sticks it in to give her her first climax of the afternoon, Annabel can't help but moan long and loud.Getting Van on his back, Annabel finally gets her mouth full of his hard cock just like she's been dreaming of. She sucks her own juices from his dick, going to town in a deep throat BJ that has been haunting her dreams. When she gets her tits into the act, Van gets to enjoy the full force of a titty fuck between those two sweater puppies.Keeping Van on his back so she can remain in charge, Annabel straddles her roomie's hips and sinks down onto his erection in cowgirl. That lets her lean in to drop kisses on Van's lips and gives him full access to rub her boobs. When Annabel climbs off the D, it is to get on her hands and knees for a doggy style pussy pounding that's rough, fast, and oh so satisfying.When Annabel rolls onto her back so that Van can once again sink balls deep into that creamy twat, her moans are a loud indication he's hitting all the right spots. She's so vocal that there's no question when she's been fully sated. Van is keen to cum, too, so he pulls out and aims for the shelf of Annabel's breasts and her open mouth. Cum covered and smiling, Annabel knows that their roommate relationship is going to be much more satisfying going forward.