Nikki in NIKKI 3820

22 year old redhead nanny (!) Nikki comes into the office and just looks and walks like a queen. Almost intimidating. Her face and curiously straight posture somewhat whisper to anyone around her " I'm better than you and you know it". Glad that anyone is Agent Jake today, and that guy doesn't get intimidated. BUT - don't judge a book and all that. Nikki turns out to be one cool chick who just happens to be graceful AND appreciably kinky, with incredibly firm and perky B-cups, legs that don't stop, and sex drive to match. Bubbly, great smile, up for almost anything. It's weird to hear some of her personal life sex stories come out of that face. .Somehow it seems like she doesn't really care to make it big in porn. She does claim she's into acting, and loves sex so much that she figures the best thing for her is to combine those two. She's not super versed in porn. Doesn't know what a creampie is (so Agent Jake shows her what that means. Huge load from the dude). The only thing she's not game for is anal. But she delivers in every other department. That nympho things must be real with Nikki. Whoever or however Nikki was brought up, despite that look, posture, grace - Nikki's body is made for sex and she doesn't let anyone talk her out of using it however she wants...not even her boyfriend.

1 month ago