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Megan Venturi in FIERCE IN FISHNET 9:01
Megan Venturi in FIERCE IN FISHNET 9:01 Megan Venturi returns to Wet and Puffy this week and is ready for action in a fishnet minidress! She walks over to the wall and leans against it while running her hand down over her fishnet strings then lifts up her dress to reveal her perfect ass. Megan bends over on the dining table and fingers her puffy pussy, enjoying the sensation as her fingers slide in and out of her hole. This horny babe moves onto her nipples before stripping out of her minidress to enjoy some pink tongs which she uses to gape apart her juicy puffy pussy. Moving onto a glass dildo, Megan toys herself and changes positions a couple of times to get the best angle to orgasm!
Fuck)Keisha Grey in Keisha Grey Perfect Anal Fuck Toy 9:59
Fuck)Keisha Grey in Keisha Grey Perfect Anal Fuck Toy 9:59 Today, we feature this brunette with bad ass looks, Keisha Grey, to be fucked hard both in mind and body, whatever the fuck that means. So she started seducing with her drag racing-like outfit that will not matter in few minutes because it’s not really the point of this thing. She starts gradually showing some skin. Keisha teases by undressing from the bottom to tease viewers with her perfect ass hole and shaved pussy. Her seduction comes to a halt when Erik Everhard enters the scene. He just go in and start eating her out. Keisha lets out some shameless moaning that she gets conscious of it for a bit that she covered her mouth. Erik noticed this so to help her, he gagged his fat dick into her mouth. What a gentleman. Eventually they go down to business. Erik lies down and drags Keisha on top of him. They went straight to anal. Her great ass just looks great looking from behind while a fat dick penetrates it. Erik stands up and starts fucking while carrying her. He eventually slams her down on the couch and continues what he’s doing. Keisha even have the initiative to go on all fours to have some variety. They go at it after some time and afterwards, they go back to the position they did in the start but this time, Erik plows her a little more rougher than before. When he’s near his end, Erik made her lie on her back again. He made this his last, full forced effort to wreck that ass. He went at it until his dick peaked. Keisha smiles as he goes about it showing that she is a nasty girl that’s used to getting wrecked. Erik ended this awesome ass destruction by depositing his seed deep inside Keisha’s ass.
Alexis Crystal in Wet Passion 12:00
Alexis Crystal in Wet Passion 12:00 Gorgeous Alexis Crystal and Alberto Blanco are making out in the bathroom as Alis Locanta’s super steamy "Wet Passion" begins. Alberto pushes sexy Alexis against the wall and pours water into her open mouth, and she lets it cascade down to drench her skintight dress, her stiff nipples becoming visible. Alberto drops to his knees to pull down his lover’s sodden panties, and runs his tongue up and down the slick slit of her shaved pussy. With Alexis riding a wave of ecstasy, eyes closed and panting erratically, Alberto spins her around, buries his face between the cheeks of her firm ass, and rims her puckered hole, while fingering her drenched pussy. Alexis kneels and unleashes Alberto’s huge boner from his pants, sucking it voraciously while stroking the throbbing shaft. Fondling his balls with one hand, she uses the other to feed his pole deep down her throat, bobbing up and down on it, swallowing every inch. She stands and turns the shower on, leading Alberto under the water as they strip each other naked. She can’t resist sucking him again before leaning against the wall so he can plow into her from behind. His thrusts are relentless and hit the spot with precision, making her moan loudly as she bucks back against him. They move to the tiled floor, Alberto lying down so Alexis can straddle him and ride his thick dick in cowgirl, her perfect ass jiggling as she grinds on him. She switches to reverse cowgirl, Alberto rubbing her sensitive clit until she lets out a screech of pure pleasure and has an intense orgasm. Still quivering, she milks Alberto’s cock with her mouth, slathering saliva over it and jacking him off until he splatters her beautiful breasts with his hot cum. Handheld, documentary-style camerawork gives "Wet Passion" a raw immediacy that puts the viewer right in the middle of this high-energy, lustful liaison.
Miki Torrez in Office Episode 3 - Overtime 12:00
Miki Torrez in Office Episode 3 - Overtime 12:00 Gorgeous Miki Torrez doesn’t appear too happy about working overtime with Maxmilian Dior at the start of episode three of Andrej Lupin’s erotic series "Office" – but as the atmosphere grows flirtatious, she jumps in his lap for a passionate kiss. Frantically pulling down his pants, she wraps her lips around his stiff cock, sucking until her cheeks hollow, taking it all the way to the root. Naked except for the skirt pushed up around her waist, the sexy brunette straddles her horny colleague and feeds his thick dick into her shaved pussy. She bucks up and down, her squeals of pleasure increasing in volume as he grabs her ass cheeks and drives into her, while sucking her pert breasts. She switches to reverse cowgirl, riding even harder and faster, her athletic, sweat-shiny body trembling with every thrust, perfect ass rising and falling hypnotically. They switch to missionary, Maxmilian plowing his cock full tilt into her juice-dripping pussy, until Miki is engulfed by an orgasm so intense that she howls and shakes. As she jerks her partner off over her glistening skin, it’s evident this is a working relationship they both thoroughly appreciate.
Frida, Amarna Miller in Neighbors Episode 1 - New Love 11:44
Frida, Amarna Miller in Neighbors Episode 1 - New Love 11:44 Bisexual beauties Amarna Miller and Frida wind up in a passionate embrace while the men are out on the town, in "Neighbors – New Love," the first episode of Andrej Lupin’s highly arousing erotic movie series. One moment they are chatting as sexy redhead Amarna juices oranges, the next moment Frida grabs her and kisses her ardently, getting an equally heated response. Armana perches up on the kitchen island as Frida takes off her top and bra and sucks on her beautiful breasts ravenously. She peels off Amarna’s tight yoga pants and rubs her pussy, then pulls off her panties too and goes down to eat her unshaven pussy. Amarna lies back, spread-eagled as Frida licks her clit and finger-bangs her juicy slit frantically, making her writhe and cry out as the blissful sensations overwhelm her. Naked, Frida kneels on the island with her perfect ass in the air so Amarma can lick and frig her from behind. Amarna spreads her juicy pink folds open and tongues her skilfully, flipping her onto her back and using both hands to stimulate her. She straddles Frida on the countertop and the horny brunette frigs her to another explosive orgasm. As their evening continues with sweet caresses and kisses, it’s clear they are reaping the benefits of neighborly love.
Allie Haze in Big white booty gets pounded 11:59
Allie Haze in Big white booty gets pounded 11:59 PAWG! Allie Haze is excited to get fucked! She came on set with a huge smile, from ear to ear. Looking forward to a great fucking, but first, she had to show off those goodies of hers. Allie has a sweet pair of all natural tits, a rose petal pussy and a perfect ass for a white girl. She pleasured herself until that pussy dripped with moisture. Then came the fucking. Allie took that dick very well. Getting fucked from all angles, until she took a massive load to the face. Enjoy!
Abella Danger in New amateur shaved pussy 12:00
Abella Danger in New amateur shaved pussy 12:00 Welcome back for another exciting update of HoInHeadlights! This shit right here! This shit right here! Is guaranteed to leave your dick dripping. We have a new amateur on the scene. Bella Danger is fucking sexy! Sweet pair of natural tits, a perfect ass and a juicy,thick, shaved pussy. She's fresh, horny and ready to get that tight pussy fuck. We brought out the big guns for this one. Come and find out for yourself if she's cut for the Porn Biz. Enjoy!
in Bang bros perfect ass compilation #42 9:50
in Bang bros perfect ass compilation #42 9:50
Sasha Sparrow in SASHA SPARROW — CHAINED 9:00
Sasha Sparrow in SASHA SPARROW — CHAINED 9:00 Sasha Sparrow loves coming in to film with us and in her latest Wet and Puffy scene, this raven haired hottie stands in denim hotpants and a cropped top in the studio. Her perfect ass looks very inviting as she shakes it from side to side and Sasha looks into the camera willingly. She lifts up her cropped top and shows off her tiny tits then slips her hand into her hotpants to touch her puffy pussy through the fabric of her panties. Pulling her hotpants down we see that she is actually wearing a g-string which makes her ass look even sexier if that's even possible! This naughty babe pulls her panties inside her pussy lips and then moves onto some nipple clamps which she attaches to her puffy nipples while continuing to strip naked. She leans back on the couch and masturbates her puffy peach pussy then uses the chain from her clamps to rub against her labia. Sexy Sasha then uses some white tongs to pinch and gape herself apart with and enjoys a blue vibrator as she bends over into the doggystyle position. She lays down again and masturbates at the same time to give herself a shuddering orgasm!
Savannah in SAVANNAH13115 11:01
Savannah in SAVANNAH13115 11:01 Savannah is one of the most beautiful girls I've shot this year and between her multiple orgasms, love of anal sex and the huge facial I give her, this update is one of the hottest in recent memory. Her performance and our chemistry is so great I did my best to capture this update on as many cameras as possible, so be sure to watch carefully you get to see the best action from multiple angles.This chestnut haired beauty comes to me from ASU. I swear there must be something in their application process that draws these girls. I'm imagining that in addition to asking for a GPA, their scholarship app asks, "On a scale of 1-10 how much of an attention whore are you?" and only girls who check 8 or higher get accepted. When Savannah explains that she wants to try a DP (but only in public!) I have no doubt she's an 11. Her interview is chock full of this kind of desperate for attention type stuff, but that means the cameras are a turn on for her, so it's win-win.As we talk she's trying on clothes, and every time she turns around and shows off her ass in her tiny booty shorts, my boner gets 10% stiffer. Of course every time she laughs her nails-on-a-chalkboard laugh, my boner shrinks by 10%. Fortunately, I'm not that funny so it's tolerable. After getting her in a nice outfit and made up, I notice she isn't wearing a bra, so it's def. time to get this party started. I grab a vibrator and go to work and in no time she's asking for anal. Since this baby has an attachment, I'm able to bring her to a DP orgasm with it.After getting her off and knowing that anal is on the table, I'm almost impatient as she's sucking my cock. But her skills are beyond and the way she worships my cock with her tongue and lips is I got a couple of good angles and you can see that this girl loves giving head. When she gets me hard, I have her hop up on the bed and I give her the cock like she needs it for medical reasons. It doesn't take too long to get her off and to get me thinking about her perfecto butthole. A little lube and a little patience and she takes my whole cock in her ass. It's fucking heaven. Literally, the heaven of fucking.When she can't take anymore, I go back to regular P in V and get her off 2-3 more times until I'm ready to bust. She assumes the position and I give her a full blast facial.This is why you joined ECG, fellows. A beautiful college nympho with a nearly perfect body, getting fucked to one real orgasm after another, getting her perfect ass stuffed with cock and then taking a half gallon facial across her perfect smile. Happy Thanksgiving.***NEW STREAMING VIDEO PLAYER!! Simply click the "WATCH FULL MOVIE NOW" link or click the "play" button and the movie will instantly stream - on any of your devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android)! ******If you prefer to download the full video, just RIGHT-CLICK the "DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE" link and select "Save As" (or similar wording depending on browser), and save to your computer.***
Candie Luciani in Candie Luciani, Anal Debut 11:59
Candie Luciani in Candie Luciani, Anal Debut 11:59 Brunette and sexy, Candie Luciani makes her debut today on in Private Specials, A Time For Love where she gets romantic with her man and shows us the number one way that she likes to get horny! Enjoy this beauty getting hot and soapy in the bath with stud Vince Karter as she offers up her pussy for a taste before repaying the favour with a nice sensual blowjob. Then watch Candie’s beautiful body in heat as she spreads her legs ready for a passionate fuck that will finish up with some intimate anal action and a juicy cumshot over her perfect ass!
Alexis Crystal in Elegant 11:59
Alexis Crystal in Elegant 11:59 Seen only in tantalizing silhouette, beautiful Alexis Crystal pushes Michael Fly against the wall to kiss him hungrily, as Andrej Lupin’s atmospheric erotic movie "Elegant" begins. She unzips his pants to let his long cock spring free, then sucks his fingers and guides them into her panties to stroke her pussy. Leading him by his cock into the light, Alexis kneels to suck and jerk it avidly, perfect ass in the air as she swallows the huge shaft right down to the root. She tugs down her bra to let him suck on her stiff nipples, peels off her panties and guides his erection into her tight pussy, sinking down on him in reverse cowgirl. Her sexy body undulates as she rocks and grinds, rubbing her clit feverishly, intensifying the powerful sensations coursing through her. Spinning around into cowgirl, she impales herself on his huge dick again, then turns back to drive him wild with the view of her ass rising and falling hypnotically in his lap. Michael takes a long lick at her succulent shaved pussy and asshole, before thrusting back into her in doggy. He fucks her to an explosive climax and fills her with his hot load, a superbly athletic couple in stunning sexual harmony.
Priscilla in Extremely Cute Teen Priscilla Rubs Her Soft Pink Pussy 10:00
Priscilla in Extremely Cute Teen Priscilla Rubs Her Soft Pink Pussy 10:00 Check out the incredible body on short haired brunette college babe Priscilla! In this short but dreamy scene she gets naked for you in her bedroom, peeling off her little booty shorts and pulling up her top to reveal one of the hottest young bodies you'll ever see. That pussy is especially steamy the tits are great but the snatch is out of this world! She bends over and gives you a great close up of her perfect ass and box from the back, holding her pussy lips open with two fingers then she spins around and fingers herself to a sensational orgasm as she she masturbates right in front of you. This babe is the definition of fuckable!
Gisha Forza in Waterflow 11:59
Gisha Forza in Waterflow 11:59 Gorgeous redhead Gisha Forza and her lover Nick Ross kiss passionately in the shower, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Waterflow" begins. As the water cascades over their naked bodies, the intensity of their sexual attraction magnifies; they touch and caress each other hungrily, Gisha dropping to her knees and feeding Nick’s hugely erect cock between her lips. Her head bobs fiercely up and down Nick’s shaft, and she gazes up at him to gauge his reaction – his eyes are closed and his head thrown back in bliss. Gisha stands to let Nick play with her big, beautiful breasts and soaked pussy, and then bends over with her hands braced against the glass partition and welcomes his cock deep inside her. She gasps with pleasure as he fucks her slowly and steadily from behind, then accelerates the speed of his thrusts until he’s pounding her hard and deep. Her cries of pleasure increase in volume until she’s screaming in ecstasy, rocking back to meet each stroke as her body quivers and she orgasms hard. Nick fucks her through it relentlessly before filling her with his hot load. As he spins her around to kiss her lovingly, he tugs on her perfect ass cheeks, making his cum trickle out of her creamy pussy – all ready to shower again.
Scarlet Rebel in SCARLETT 92016 11:00
Scarlet Rebel in SCARLETT 92016 11:00 Scarlett definitely looks like a porn star and underneath her tattoo collection she's got the body of one, as well. From her perfect ass to her big, bouncy C cups to her dick sucking lips, she's an awesome sight when she strips off her clothes. Heck, she's awesome even before she strips off her clothes as Jay pulls her into the hall for a little public blowjob action and she doesn't even hesitate. Scarlett is somewhat rare for Ex Co Gi. While we always strive to find girls with a magnificent pair of tits and an enthusiasm for blowjobs, having more tattoos than a sailor and more piercings than a pin cushion are a little unusual. Jay seems to like them, though, and that's always important for a great shoot. Another important ingredient for a great shoot is a girl who is comfortable with her sexuality and gets turned on by showing it off. Scarlett is definitely that girl. When Jay takes her to the hallway of the hotel for a little exhibitionism her pussy is soaked after the barest few minutes of sucking Jay's cock where they could get caught. They slip back into the room and things start for real. Scarlett admits to being in the middle of a bit of a dry spell sexually, but Jay cures that quickly. He has her strip and show off her amazing body, her body art and, of course, her rack and then he gets to work with his fingers and toys and Scarlett's already wet pussy responds. Before things get too far he has her get to her knees to show off more of her blowjob skills. After making her work for it, Jay gives her the dick she's been craving and gets her deep from all of his favorite angles while mixing in a little rough stuff as requested by Scarlett. While she admits to really liking the feeling of being manhandled, Jay only pushes things as far as he legally can on film. She helps Jay to a big finish by dropping to her knees and coaxing a huge, gooey load from him with her amazing beej skills. Jay's amazing aim help him coat her entire face and even fire a spurt up her nose. Maybe this girl is a porn star to be, Scarlett is actually quite impressed by the facial and seems pleased to have caught all of it!
Demi Sutra in Spread Beauty 14:59
Demi Sutra in Spread Beauty 14:59 This Black GF video started in the best possible way imaginable with a beautiful black pussy in full view. Right away, we saw Aja on the bed with her pussy spread out. It looked absolutely amazing, and we couldn't wait to see more. Her BF plopped down on the bed, and as Aja stirred, she flipped on her side and gave us a great view of her perfect ass and pussy. We quickly found out that Aja's BF was there to collect. They'd made a bet, and she'd lost. But as part of the wager, she agreed to make a sextape with him. Aja was a HOT girl and spread her ass and pussy for her man, as she begged him to fuck her. But she told him only after he put the camera away. Aja then showed off her delicious big tits and dark nipples. This slim babe was insane! She was a total freak, shook that booty all over and played with her pussy for the camera. Pretty soon, she was so horny, Aja didn't even care about the camera anymore. She whipped out her man's cock and started sucking away on it. This black GF gave pro head and took it all down her throat. We were very impressed. But it was nothing compared to how she worked a dick. Aja rode that cock like no other. She ground that pussy and moved her ass and hips all over. Her man pounded that pussy deep, and when he couldn't take anymore, he pulled out and blasted his load all over her hot ass. You don't want to miss a minute of this one!
Sylvia Buntarka in Glamour Tease 13:59
Sylvia Buntarka in Glamour Tease 13:59 Sylvia Buntarka may be small and petite but she has sex like a skilled pornstar, as you can witness from how she handles the dick in every position. She forgets about her tiny mouth and takes a huge dick down her throat in a flash. Nothing seems too big for her to accommodate as she hosts Angelo's big dick who drills her soaking wet pussy. Angelo later triggers her endless moans when he starts intense fingering that appears to stroke her highly sensitive g-spot. After that the sensual sex resume, taking turns in different positions until Angelo unload a big cum shot on her perfect ass.
Dee Williams in Scandal in Suburbia: Part 1 15:00
Dee Williams in Scandal in Suburbia: Part 1 15:00 Scandal In Suburbia: A Dee Williams Mini-Series [Part 1 of 3] - As Dee gets home from the supermarket, the pervy boy next door, Rion, spies on her while she unloads her grocery bags. Rion can’t help but notice her perfect ass peek out from her skimpy dress, but when Dee catches him taking photos, she flips the script on him. Dee has been looking for some raunchy fun, and Rion is the lucky guy who will show her a good time. This is just the beginning of Dee’s wild sex adventure, and it only gets kinkier from here…
Cynthia Vellons in CYNTHIA VELLONS — DOUBLE THE FUN 9:00
Cynthia Vellons in CYNTHIA VELLONS — DOUBLE THE FUN 9:00 Cynthia Vellons is always a welcome addition to Wet and Puffy. This hot MILF is in the dining room in a floral dress that shows off her figure. Rubbing her hands all over her big fake tits, this busty babe really teases and turns around to lift up her dress, revealing her perfect ass! Stripping from her dress, Cynthia teases her big fake tits and slides her hands into her black lace panties to touch her puffy pussy. She licks her fingers and lays down on the dining table to pull off her panties. Now that she is completely naked, Cynthia pours oil all over her tits and down her front, using the glass bottle as a sex toy! Next, Cythia uses a nipple pump on her nipples and moves down to her pussy to suck her juicy puffy pussy up inside the tube. Quickly moving her fingers down to her clit, this busty MILF orgasms explosively and then decides to continue her pussy play with a massive glass dildo. She orgasms again while leaning over on the dining table and really gives her pussy a workout!
Stefany in STEFANY — SEX IN THE KITCHEN 10:00 Let's give a warm welcome to brunette babe Stefany who is in the kitchen preparing some food. Her boyfriend comes into the room and he is more interested in her than his dinner and as Stefany walks over to him, he kisses her stomach through her minidress. She sits on his lap and he pulls down her top to work her nipples then kisses her passionately. Slowly helping her out of her clothes, petite babe Stefany is naked in the kichen and kneels on a leather footstool to start sucking cock. She works his tip and then uses her hand to give him a handjob at the same time. Standing up against the wall, Stefany gets her pussy fucked and then they move over to the footstool where this hardcore loving couple change positions a few times, trying out reverse cowgirl and doggystyle! Stefany's boyfriend pulls out of her pussy and strokes his cock until he shoots his cumshot all over her perfect ass!
Katerina Kay in Bradley Remington Bangs The Eager Katerina Kay 10:01
Katerina Kay in Bradley Remington Bangs The Eager Katerina Kay 10:01 Bradley Remington takes Katerina Kay in a ride in his car before the excited blond goes into his place to model for some photos in her black skirt and top. Bradley gently caresses her before he peels up her skirt and pulls down her thong to admire her round perfect ass. Once he has her naked she sucks his cock hard. He then has her spread her legs on the couch so he can eat her fine shaved pussy. Once he's licked her, he spreads her legs and bangs her spread-eagle. After that he turns her over and takes her doggy style while she moans. Katerina then climbs on his cock to go cowgirl before he finishes on her side. She then sucks his cock till he cums on her pretty face.
Rachael Madori in Rachael In The Mirror 14:59
Rachael Madori in Rachael In The Mirror 14:59 Rachael was a sexy girlfriend we caught up to while her boyfriend joked around and recorded her as she filled out applications online. When the internet connection dropped off, her man stepped up to try and save the day. He kept complementing her and grabbing that hot booty and those sweet tits every chance he had. The flirting kept escalating, and it finally got to Rachael. She gave in and agreed to take nude selfies for her BF while he filmed her. She had a perfect ass, and once he rubbed her pussy through her thong, there was no turning back. Rachael saw his cock was hard, got down on her knees, and started giving him amazing head. He returned the favor by pounding that pussy all over their apartment. Rachael was one hot piece of pussy. And the way she took dick in doggy style would make any man bust. Of course, her man did, and all over her gorgeous face. Rachel had him gushing like a geyser, and she'll do the same for you!
Alli Rae in Blonde First Time Fucking On Cam 12:00
Alli Rae in Blonde First Time Fucking On Cam 12:00 Now introducing the sexy, Alli Rae. Got to love these new amateurs that want to prove they have what it takes to be in the porn biz. Especially this one! She's all natural, baby! Alli Rae has a sweet pair of natural tits, a perfect ass and a tight tasty pussy. This hottie puts on a good show. Taking a hard pounding by Jmac. Don't miss out.
Kristina Rose in Kristina Rose: My Perfect Asshole Is Waiting For You 10:00
Kristina Rose in Kristina Rose: My Perfect Asshole Is Waiting For You 10:00 Slutty blonde Kristina Rose is a complete anal whore. She loves having a cock deep inside her tight asshole. This busty babe always makes sure that all her holes are available for her man. Today, Kristina Rose is on a mission to fulfill all men's fantasy. She flaunts her voluptuous body while wearing pink lingerie. Kristina Rose poses sexily on the couch while she patiently waits for her man. Kristina Rose bends down on the couch to show off her thick ass. A man suddenly approaches the horny MILF and buries his face between her butt cheeks. Kristina was a bit surprised by the sudden move, but her face shined brightly as he starts to lick her wet pussy. She uses her feet to give the guy a quick footjob while he is busy eating her pussy. The two can't control their feelings any longer. The guy sits on the couch and lets the busty babe go on top of him. He shoves his huge cock into her tight cunt. They shift into the spooning position while fucking each other. Kristina Rose starts creaming all over his cock. Her pussy juice serves as lube when the guy forces his way into her tiny asshole. The guy continues to savagely pound his dick into her ass. Kristina Rose starts rubbing her wet pussy. The combination of pussy-rubbing and ass-fucking made this whore cum over and over again. Her tight asshole gapes widely every time the guy pulls out his large cock. The anal destruction continues until the guy feels like he is about to explode. He pulls out his dick from her gaping asshole and unloads his cum all over her wet pussy. The white cream slowly drips on her tiny cunt. The mixture of his cum and her pussy juice makes her pussy shine brightly under the light.