Klara Wells in The Busty Lady Ignores Young Cock... Or Not..? 10:00
Klara Wells in The Busty Lady Ignores Young Cock... Or Not..? 10:00 All he wanted was just to take his girlfriend out to dinner. But the girlfriend got held up somewhere, and the young guy had to pass the time with her mom. It was amazing how cold and dismissive she was that day. The angry guy wanted to slap her in the face... but took the opportunity to do something very special. He thought he was caught in a fantasy. She thought otherwise because that was her own plan...
Aria in ARIA 10:59
Aria in ARIA 10:59 22 year old Aria is a hair dresser, car fanatic, and anal-loving slave who actually cums when she gets slapped in the face so loud that the room echoes. We don't make this stuff up - we don't have to. As with the last submissive, we had no idea this amateur is into extreme submissive kink until she admits to it in her interview. So once again we shift gears, put on our meanest Master/Sir hats and go to town on this petite blue-eyed white girl. All her nervousness and good-girl-next-door facade she had put up when she first showed up goes out the window real quick once she lets go and enjoys the ill-treatment she so desperately craved. After being ambushed by her first black man, it only takes a second for Aria to get excited about her first porn shoot again when we promise her to slap the shit out of her. After enjoying Aria's dick sucking with assisted deep-throating, our ebony stud manages to bang that ultra tight pussy for a few moments before pulling out and cumming in her mouth. Being a real alpha male, Marcus immediately gets hard again and takes control over Aria's body like he owns her, and she loves it. We get to enjoy some very energetic, sweaty, and aggressive fucking that both our petite newbie nor her black lord thoroughly enjoy. Aria even agrees to anal in the heat of the moment. It's pretty clear that dude has some experience in the BDSM department, much to Aria's delight. After all the hard fucking, Aria asks Marcus if he wants to put his cock from her ass back into her pussy so he can cum inside her womb. What a girl! Maybe we'll see Aria again some day, probably on or or some other BDSM site. It really is her thing as you'll find out.
Tana Waters in TANA WATERS 10:59
Tana Waters in TANA WATERS 10:59 As all our devoted fans know we here at ExCoGi are all about genuine authentic and unscripted porn, wanting to highlight the models real personalities that we feature. That being said... CALLING ALL STRIPPER LOVERS! And if you're a fan of gentleman's clubs and getting the "stripper experience" than we bring you 20 year old, 3 year stripping veteran Tana Waters. You can tell this girl's been around the pole and stage more than a few times and knows what guys want. Let me tell you, Tana knows her way around a cock or a pussy and is not shy in telling our new cocksman Jon Rogue what pleases her and how he should touch and fuck her. This girl is used to being in charge. She even asked Jon if he wanted to be slapped while she rode him. For a second there I thought I was watching the movie American Pie and Tana was going to slap our stud and scream; "What's my name BITCH". That would have been funny! Anyways Tana declares more than once that she LOVES PUSSY, so it's only fitting that she would work at a place were girls take their clothes off right? And those TITS! Perky they are yes indeed. How much does Tana love pussy? Well, Tana loves pussy so much she could eat it for all three meals of the day. So could I Tana, So could I. Tana is also a little self-proclaimed slut telling us that she doesn't keep track of her body count, but AVERAGES around 40 fucks...... ANNNNNND? Yea, I was waiting for her to finish that statement also. So I asked, "Is that a Total number? Yearly average? Monthly average? Weekly average?" Never got clarification, but she confessed she has fucked more girls than guys. I like that answer. It's best to leave a little mystery about yourself Tana. Just makes a girl seem sexier in a sweet and innocent coy kind of way. So we get our little slut naked and as soon as she experiences the Hitachi on that clit we get a taste of her "Take Charge" attitude and is not shy on what her "Daddy", I mean our stud Jon, needs to do in order to make her feel good. Settle down girl, we're friendly's here. Tana must fuck a lot of guys that have no clue what they're doing because she'll let you know if your doing it right. She'll also let you know when you're not, trust me, we heard. What's also very apparent is that Tana's a very vocal girl. Her play-by-play narrative sure kept me guessing the whole shoot as to whether this silky smooth, hot and sultry sex talk was just years of fine-tuned stripper dialogued regurgitated; or did she really want Jon to be her new "daddy" giving it to her every night with his big cock as she professed endlessly. I think some things are better left a mystery. What is clear is that Tana Waters knows her way around a cock and knows how to ride one as well. Her 3 years on the stripping circuit have given Tana the much coveted and sought after life skills that every young girls needs when entering adulthood, and they are on full display for your fapping pleasure. This scene is not very long, and neither are lap dances. But hey, this scene is far from a lap dance and the only similarities are that after you get one, you just want morrrrrre; and you'll want more of Tana Waters calling you daddy after watching this one. ENJOY!
Cayla in CAYLA — PLAYFUL IN THE OFFICE 9:01 Gorgeous blonde Cayla is back on Wet and Puffy and she is in the office looking for anything other than her work to do! She stands near the filing cabinet and lifts up her dress to give herself a cheeky slap on her ass cheeks then walks in front of the desk as she unbuttons her dress and reveals some sexy white lace lingerie. Cayla pulls out her perfect tits and then slips her hand down into her panties to masturbate while leaning on the desk. She takes off her panties and climbs onto the desk, using a little pink dildo to slide into her puffy pussy! Moving over to a chair, this blonde vixen uses a pussy pump on her trimmed pussy while the dildo is still inserted and sucks it out with the tube! She is so playful and once she has finished with her pump, she sucks a glass dildo ready to pleasure herself with this bigger sex toy. Cayla bends over in the doggystyle position while fucking her latest sex toy and quickly changes positions to finish herself off and enjoy a cheeky orgasm in the office!
Sia Siberia in Sia Siberia Initial Fitness Casting 12:00
Sia Siberia in Sia Siberia Initial Fitness Casting 12:00 Responding to our European request for models, Anastasia - or Sia for short - applied. This Russian beauty from Siberia with the gorgeous smile was apprehensive when asked to remove her clothes, but she had no reason to be shy with an amazing, toned, tattoo-less body underneath her winter sweater. Her body also felt amazing as I ran my hands up and down her figure. Aroused, she asked if she could give me a blowjob to court my favor in the casting. When she got down on her knees and wrapped those perfect clips around my cock, my meek protests vanished. After a few minutes, she took off her pants and opened her legs. Her pink pussy beckoned me to fuck her. When she got on top of me, she gently stroke my cock, biting her lips while taking off her top in cowgirl to let me touch her enhanced - but beautifully proportioned - breasts. She switched to reverse cowgirl to let me slap her ass, before she laid back, asking for my cum as I climaxed inside her, the creampie oozing out of this beautiful flower. She can have any job she wants.
Fuck)Angelina Valentine, Savannah Gold, Velicity Von in One MILF Isn't Enough 10:00
Fuck)Angelina Valentine, Savannah Gold, Velicity Von in One MILF Isn't Enough 10:00 Lonely, MILF, housewife calls cops on Manuel Ferrara for masturbating. She seems to not be able to keep her eyes off his big, hard, cock. Three sexy policewomen catch him in the act and they decide someone needs some punishment. They each grab a bottle of oil and start spreading it all over his body and monster dick. They each have amazing, huge, bouncy tits and their stockings and heels make them look even sexier. One girl deep throats their stud's cock while next to them, two gorgeous girls lick each other's bouncy, sexy titties. You get to see these girls in every position you can imagine! Their huge asses bounce all over their man's cock and next to them the girls are all over each other. They slap and dominate their bad boy. They lick and suck whatever body part is closest. These girls know how to share and no slutty babe is left out. They form a circle, ass out, getting hard dick from behind. We can't forget the girl who started this! The sexy housewife left home alone doesn't want to be left out of the fun. The policewomen spray oil on the horny housewife, fingering her pussy and rubbing their tits all over her body. She wants that dick and takes it hard into her wet pussy. They get in a circle taking turns deep throating his massive dick. This orgy moves all over the room, oiled up body parts everywhere. They lick each other's pussys and love watching each other get fucked hard and deep. This slutty group of MILFs deserves cum and their man delivers with shooting a hot load on their faces and in their mouths. Each girl takes a turn licking up every drop.
Suesen in Suesen's Big Tits Slap Her Thighs As She's Pumped Full Of Cock 15:00
Suesen in Suesen's Big Tits Slap Her Thighs As She's Pumped Full Of Cock 15:00 Suesen is known to be the hottest BBW fuck in town! All the guys from the frat house have had a go at her because they can't resist those massive soft tittes and how they slap against her thighs then they get to pumping that fine ass pussy!
Blue Angel, Vicky Love in Dark Desires 11:59
Blue Angel, Vicky Love in Dark Desires 11:59 Sexy blonde Blue Angel stands motionless as a leather collar is placed around her neck, in Nik Fox’s stunning erotic movie "Dark Desires." She is blindfolded and a hand smears her lipstick and caresses her gorgeous body through her lace lingerie. Dressed in black stockings and strappy underwear, hot brunette Vicky Love is the one tormenting her with pleasure. She rubs Blue Angel’s pussy until the blonde’s knees buckle and she sinks to the floor. Vicky straddles her face, grinding her pussy against her submissive’s mouth, gasping as Blue Angel’s tongue works its magic. She pulls Blue Angel to her feet for a passionate kiss, removing her blindfold so they can gaze into each other’s eyes. Blue lies across Vicky’s lap for a spanking, her bare ass jiggling with each slap. Vicky fingers her juicy pussy deep and hard, driving her to an overwhelming orgasm. Now Blue is eager for another taste of Vicky’s wet pussy, eating her to a powerful climax.
Kylie Rocket in Kylie Rocket is Totally Out of Control 10:00
Kylie Rocket in Kylie Rocket is Totally Out of Control 10:00 This insatiable petite cutie wants some serious dick! She will get it and feel balls slap against her in this fuck video.
Isabella De Laa, Jenny Wild in My Girlfriends - S4:E8 15:00
Isabella De Laa, Jenny Wild in My Girlfriends - S4:E8 15:00 Mishel Dark has two BFFs, Jenny Wild and Isabella De Laa. They get together once in a while, this time for a girls only weekend organized by Mishel. She takes her time dressing in a sexy bra and thong combo covered by a romper, then joins Jenny and Isabella in the kitchen. The girls each take a fruity drink to celebrate their weekend together, and then Mishel announces she has some new lingerie that she wants to show off.Mishel strips down to just her underwear, then turns around and announces that it's time for the other two to show off what they're wearing. Isabella takes the first go, letting Jenny slide her dress down so that Jenny and Mishel can admire her red bra and g-string and slap that ass. Jenny's dress slips to the ground soon after, which gives her BFFs the chance to admire her curves, too. The girls take the time to spank and stroke each other for some lovely foreplay, and then Jenny leads them all to the couch for the main event.Settling down on the couch, the girls resume their three-way caressing and kissing session. They relieve themselves of their bras between searing kisses and then work their way out of their own thongs as well. Jenny gets to enjoy the first bout of sexy attention with Isabella and Mishel leaning in to rub her clit, finger bang her bare twat, and lap at her hard nipples.Once Jenny is moaning, she remains between Isabella and Mishel, but on her back. Isabella climbs onto the arm of the couch to ride Jenny's magic tongue. Meanwhile, Mishel gets on her knees to feast on Jenny's dripping twat. When Jenny gets to her knees, she earns herself a good spanking and finger bang from her two girlfriends.Jenny's shift in position means that Mishel now finds herself in the center, with her mouth and fingers still busy making Jenny moan. Isabelle slides to the ground, where she takes a seat and guides Mishel's pussy right over her mouth. Mishel is at the perfect height for Isabelle to really get in there with her magical tongue.When it's finally Isabella's turn, she takes it on her hands and knees. That position lets Jenny easily piston two fingers in and out of Isabella's meaty snatch. When Mishel climbs onto the couch's arm and spreads her thighs, Isabella leans forward to rub and lap at her lover's bare pussy. As soon as Isabella has exploded in passion, she flips onto her back and draws Jenny forward to ride her face. Jenny's hips are already rocking on Isabella's tongue as she leans forward and picks up eating Mishel's pussy where Isabella just left off.The trio is nearly sated, but not quite yet. Settling on the couch with Isabella still seated between Jenny and Mishel, the girls each rub their own pussies. Knowing their own bodies well, it's not long before all three are moaning with the satisfaction of final climaxes to set a sexy tone for their girls only engagement.
Asteria Diamond in Slapping the Skin 14:59
Asteria Diamond in Slapping the Skin 14:59 Peter Green gives Asteria Diamond a drumming lesson, teaching her just how to slap the skins on the conga drum, then playing for her while she shakes her big booty. Asteria starts sucking Peter's cock whil he plays the bass, so he bends her over and slaps her ass, ripping open her leggings and fucking her doggystyle. These horny music-lovers definitely make some noise as they fuck in the studio!
Charlie Valentine in CHARLIE VALENTINE 2 11:00
Charlie Valentine in CHARLIE VALENTINE 2 11:00 Back that bootie up girl because you have one of the finest Asses on this planet. I mean really nice ass with a hip to waist ratio girls would kill for. That thing is twerk worthy, oh yea and firm I tell you. Jake Adams just wants to slap that shit home and he has a lot of fun with it today as he introduces our hot MILF who’s young enough to still be smok'in hot, but old enough to know better she says in her submission video. We agree and meet 34-year-old Charlie Valentine. Ok so her name’s Felix Cited [pronounced: Feel Excited] for this video, get it? Yeah we are all feeling a bit excited Charlie is right and she’s changed her name in between this and her other scenes with us but we don’t care what you want us to call you. Just show up with that fine ass and admission is guaranteed honey. Trust me, all her scenes are jerk worthy and well worth the price of admission. So if you watch the weather report or taken a gander at what the temperature is here in AZ then you know it’s like 115 fucking degrees out. So once again we forgo the airport pickup and get straight to the condo bedroom. Just a few more months everyone and we’ll be able to venture outside once again without melting. Ok so when Jake’s not fixated on this girl’s wonderful assets, we find out what Charlie’s into sexually and she’s into everything. Just watch the interview to find out all the IN’s & OUT’s of this girl's kinks and fetishes. You know the old “IN & OUT” wink wink, and Jake wastes no time getting this sex-starved goddess naked so he can taste what forbidden fruit abound between her legs. I have to say Charlie has one beautiful pussy and just by looking at her you know this girl keeps her engine in tip-top shape. Fuuuuuuck, I’d eat that pussy for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I came home to that waiting spread eagle everyday and I know you would to. So is Charlie orgasmic? Meaning, does she have orgasms every time she has sex? Unfortunately no she tells us but today Miss Charlie you're losing your pornginity to Jake Adams and he gives all our newbie’s what they be missing. I think she stopped counting after 8 and we think this girl started hoping & planning her return trips so she could get down and dirty with some fine pussy and more of this proper fucking we be serving. It’s what she’s here for so I’ll shut the fuck up and let Charlie scream and be dominated properly like every thirty-something deserves. So everyone please keep your fun guns cocked and ready and don’t let your one eyed monster stray because we have the cure for what ales ya. And doctor Steve recommends this and her other scenes. Enjoy!
Nela Decker in Nela Decker Gets On Top And Rides His Cock Hard So His Balls Slap Her Ass! 15:01
Nela Decker in Nela Decker Gets On Top And Rides His Cock Hard So His Balls Slap Her Ass! 15:01 Nela Decker is a hot little thing and she's always horny for a good fuck. See her take this stud back to a private room so they can really bang one out. She arches her back and presses her pussy down on his cock until his balls are smashed up against her ass cheeks!
Betty in FRESH CHERRY PUSSY 8:55 Betty's young pussy smells like a fresh cherry and feels so slick and tight inside. Enjoy the sound of her pleasure moans as our guy's balls slap against her chin and ass as he fucks her hard like never before in all his favorite positions.
Molly Manson in The Stock Exchange Of Cum 15:00
Molly Manson in The Stock Exchange Of Cum 15:00 Molly has been hired to clean her masters play area. Wipe down the stocks, dust the floggers, and polish the anal plugs. Shes not usually one to follow directions, unless the directions pertain solely to submissive sex. She starts playing around in one of the red leather stocks and gets stuck. What a dumb ass. She cries for help and her master is quick to come in, but is super upset. She was hired to clean, not play around, Its time to teach little Molly a serious lesson. Master starts by smacking her ass til its nice and read. Then he makes his way to the other side of the stock and rapidly his cock into Mollys tight clenching throat. He eventually lets her free only to hate slap her tits and bend her over a stanchion and fuck her harder than any man ever did. Now not only will she have to clean all that semen off her face, but also the entire room all over again. THAT IS WHAT YOU GET FOR BREAKING THE RULES!
Victoria Tiffany in THIS ANGEL LOVES A BIG COCK IN HER BUTT 10:00 The guys at School are afraid to even approach the queen of senior prom, but this college dude does not give a damn about her title. All he wants is get this hottie naked and stuff his big cock in her tiny ass hole so deep that she feels his balls slap against her sexy buttocks. He tells her that straightforwardly and next thing she knows she's riding her mouth up and down his thick creamy pole getting ready for hard anal.
Rachel Starr in Rachel Starr Impales Her MILF Pussy On A Huge Dick 9:59
Rachel Starr in Rachel Starr Impales Her MILF Pussy On A Huge Dick 9:59 Rachel Starr is what you'd call a milf-supreme. If she were a smurf, she'd be milfy smurf. It's no surprise then that she can take on the biggest cocks in the business with absolutely no problem. Today, she has a huge dick on tap and she's going to suck it, fuck it, ride it, get pounded, and then take a huge load of cum all over her face in an insanely long-distance cum shot. First she teases us with her amazing body and huge tits in a tiny white bikini that doesn't begin to hold her huge tits. They're spilling out because they are so huge. They come off very quickly exposing her pierced nipples. She gets on her knees and sucks that huge cock, choking and gagging on it, getting it slick with spit and cum as she swallows every inch she can. Next, she gets pounded from behind, taking every inch in her tight little cunt and moaning from the pleasure and pains that cums from being stretched by such a massive dick. She climbs on top of it and makes it disappear in her tight little cunt again, loving the feeling of bouncing up and down on the thick white shaft and feeling the balls slap against her asshole as the cock pounding into her from below in cowgirl position. Her big tits bounce with fervor as she slides up and down on his cock. Lastly, she gets on her knees and takes a massive shot of cum on her face that shoots from a very long way away. Like a foot and a half of distance. It's amazing. Rachel crawls throughout the room with cum still dripping from her face. This babe does not care if she is covered with cum. She wants to flaunt her exhausted body in front of the camera.
Layla London in Donut Day 15:00
Layla London in Donut Day 15:00 Nothing is sweeter than donuts and tits. On this donut day 2016, Layla London provides us with the perfect balance of sweet and sexy. She starts off slow by squeezing the jelly out of one of the donuts to rub all over her nipples to make them hard. She then uses one of the marble frosted donuts as a finger ring while she teases her pussy. There might not be anything hotter than girls teasing themselves with pastries. This is for sure to be noted. Once shes done teasing and snacking, our stud s in to oil Laylas outstanding tits and ass. The glistening off her body is almost more appealing than the glistening of the sugar on the donuts, but in reality not close at all. Once shes nice and lubed up, our stud hits it doggy with a vengeance. He pounds Layla so hard that her huge knockers whack against each other and clap just like the audience would if this was a live show. When the film perspective shifts through the eyes of a donut hole, the entire mood changes. Then, our stud pulls his dick out a bit to slap Laylas gigantic titties around, its like a cock workout. Once hes out of breath, he lets loose a stringy load onto Laylas perfect face. She licks it up promptly and also rubs some on her tits, to give them that extra glossy shine. You would think she might have topped one of those donuts with some jizz for a little extra flavor, but it looks like we will have to wait until next year to find out!
Shane Blair in Doggy Style Crack Down 12:45
Shane Blair in Doggy Style Crack Down 12:45 Mr. Black is going out of town and needs a dog sitter. He goes online to find one of the cheapest and closest one he can, since it is kind of short notice. He stumbles across Shane, and as soon as he saw her he could tell just by the way she looks that she is great with animals, or so he thought. Shane shows up to the house, Mr. Black gives her the low down on care instructions, and leaves the rest in Shanes hands. It turns out Shane was paying more attention to her phone than to the dog, and it somehow went missing. This girl is fucked. LITERALLY! Mr. Black arrives home and is furious when he hears the news, and wants to slap the out of Shane, until he looks into her puppy dog eyes and gets a great idea. Shane can take the place of his pup, and the best part is that this is a bitch he can get to beast fuck too! He takes out all his anger on Shanes tight pussy and mouth, only to jizz into his lost dogs bowl and have Shane lick it up. Nothing is a consolation for losing your puppy, but some rough sex always seems to make the pain a bit more bearable.
Chloe Cherry, Trisha Parks in All Tied up 15:00
Chloe Cherry, Trisha Parks in All Tied up 15:00 Trisha finds yards on yards of rope in her stepmoms pantie drawer. She shows it to Chloe, who is also very intrigued by it. She suggests that maybe Trishas parents are into kink, and she might be right. After gazing at the rope for a few minutes, they both decide that maybe this is something they should try, but they have no idea how its done. They look up online how to do it properly, and when Chloe gives Trisha the first wrap around, she starts getting excited right away. Turns out Chloe isnt the best at BDSM knots, so they decide to call Richie who they know is super good at that kind of stuff. As soon as he gets there, they immediately lure him to the bedroom to explain the deal. Richies a little bit perplexed. He gets the tying up part, but what else? The girls basically leave it up to him, and thats the worst possible idea they have had all day. Turns out Richie was a closet sick sadistic fuck who took overbearing control right away as soon as it was given to him. He lifts Chloe by the hair and sternly tells them both to take their fucking clothes off. Trisha tries talking back, but he firmly grabs her by the mouth, lays down the rules, and demeans the girls every chance he can. He throat fucks the out of Trisha while Chloe is to watch. She tries to get up, but its of no use. Richie proceeds to cock slap both of these sluts so they can get a dose of what true kink is all about. He then gets them both on the bed, just in time to start slapping, fish hooking, and fucking them both in quite a raucous manner. After that ordeal AND a demoralizing shared load to the face, its safe to say these little adventurers might stick to vanilla next time they go to the ice cream shop.
Lacy Lennon in August 2021 Fantasy Of The Month - S2:E2 15:00
Lacy Lennon in August 2021 Fantasy Of The Month - S2:E2 15:00 Lacy Lennon is the August 2021 Fantasy of the Month, and this hot redhead has one hell of a vision for us to film. She wanted to get herself nice and dolled up in some stunning lingerie, complete with garters and a set of knee-high boots that make her legs go on for days. She even knew who she wanted to fuck to complete her fantasy: Codey Steele, in a full cowboy getup.Codey is totally happy to play along if it means he gets a piece of this cowgirl's hot ass. As soon as Codey gets close enough to touch, Lacy lifts her leg to bring him into a three-point embrace. A searing kiss is all the foreplay this cock hungry coed needs before she insists on taking things to a candle-lit bedroom so they can get down to business together.The bedroom is a perfect backdrop for Lacy's fantasy delight. She starts with enjoying the way Codey's jeans hug his hips, but when he makes it clear he wants to get his mouth and fingers onto her tits Lacy is cool with being flexible. She lets Codey feast on her breasts and hard nipples before she gets him on his back, naked, so she can return the favor by sucking down his dick. Lacy's blowjob is second to none, with plenty of help from her tongue, hands, and of course deep throat action.When Lacy is temporarily satisfied with her oral exploration, she takes advantage of Codey's prone position to go for a real cowgirl ride. This hottie knows how to really give it all as she leans back and rocks her hips in a sensual rhythm that brings her off. Her trimmed twat is slick with her juices as she keeps on bouncing away on the D until she squirts.On her knees, Lacy lets Codey mount her from behind. Her doggy style pussy pounding is punctuated by moans of delight and the slap of Codey's balls hitting her twat. As Codey keeps it up, Lacy sinks lower and lower in the bed to change up the angle of penetration. Eventually, she winds up with Codey on his side beside her as he lets her have a brief moment to come down from her climax.Codey isn't done with Lacy quite yet. Rolling her backwards onto her shoulders so that she's got her pussy up in the air. Standing above Lacy on the bed, Codey fucks her until she's squealing with her pleasure. It's no surprise that Codey can't hold back from blowing his load with such a hottie splayed out underneath him.
Noname in Sold his girlfriend for money 8:00
Noname in Sold his girlfriend for money 8:00 I noticed this couple fighting in public park. When I came close, the guy was almost ready to slap his girl, so I had to stop him. She had lost his money and he was very mad screaming on her. I must say - I really like this poor, scared girl and it was a good chance to save her and maybe even fuck her. I told them that I can help with cash, but my price was sweet girl's pussy. As usual I saw negative reaction in the beginning, but looks like this guy was ready to sell even his mother to get his money back. He made his girlfriend to change her mind and to become my slut. We went under the bridge where I made her get down on her knees and suck my cock... I was so excited about what else we are going to do while her avid BF watches us...
Kenzie Taylor, Daisy Taylor in Porn Crush 15:00
Kenzie Taylor, Daisy Taylor in Porn Crush 15:00 TS cutie Daisy Taylor loves to perform for a camera. The tattooed brunette looks hot in a leather skirt for her date with platinum blonde cisgender girl Kenzie Taylor. Busty Kenzie wears a black bikini and a warm smile. The ladies caress and French kiss intimately. Kenzie peels down Daisy's bulging panties. Gasping Kenzie loves the way Daisy sucks tits and eats pussy. In a long, languid cunnilingus session, Kenzie pulls Daisy by the hair into Kenzie's furry bush. Next, Daisy bends over so Kenzie can rim her asshole while stroking her thick she-cock. That leads to ball lapping and a blowjob with hand stroking. On the couch, Kenzie kneels ass-up/face-down for a doggie-style fuck. Kenzie buries her face in Daisy's crack for more rimming, plus deepthroat fellatio. The girls' creamy thighs slap together as Kenzie rides dick. Mutual masturbation comes with soft mouth kissing. As they share sex-flavored smooches, Kenzie says, 'My pussy and your asshole together taste really good.' These playful girls are giddy to be together and truly affectionate throughout.
Vanessa Sky in Taking Vanessa to the Sky 14:59
Vanessa Sky in Taking Vanessa to the Sky 14:59 She's gorgeous, she's hot and she's horny. The dark-haired Vanessa Sky bends down for hunk Ricky Johnson and lets him slap her tight little butt. She wants his hands all over her and his dick deep down her eager throat. Vanessa's a sex queen and she knows it. He delicious pussy is the perfect fit for Ricky's large dick, and her love of cum makes Ricky even more excited.