Emily in Doc makes shy exotic manager squirt 12:00
Emily in Doc makes shy exotic manager squirt 12:00 This evening, after a very nice day at work, Doc decided to visit his favorite barbershop in order to freshen up the haircut and tweak his bear. He was greeted at the door by a new manager who turned out to be a very attractive girl. She said that his barber was sick while the others were busy. Girl served Doc with a cup of delicious coffee and went to clarify the waiting time. Unfortunately, the waiting time would be several hours. Doc finished his coffee, had a nice chat with this charming girl whose name was Emily and decided not to wait. He gave gal his business card and left the place hoping that Emily's curiosity will prevail and she will find out about Doc's real occupation. Damn he was right! The girl could hardly wait till evening and went online in order to check Doc's site. Her astonishment and excitement were boundless, she spent the entire evening at the computer and finally decided to attend the session with Doc who was very happy to hear her on the phone before setting up their meeting. Emily received many vivid emotions and orgasms! She squirted for the first time though previously she couldn't have imagined what it was like. In the end, completely satisfied Emily was already fantasizing about a new meeting with Doc.
Anna Bell Peaks in Bring the pain! 12:00
Anna Bell Peaks in Bring the pain! 12:00 Anna Bell Peaks is one sexy redhead with an apetite for pain. She loves to have objects clamp on her nipples and her pussy. Anything to make that pussy drip. This babe knows what she likes and how she likes it. Mike made sure he satisfied Anna Bell just the way she wanted to be. Fucking her good, making that fat pussy squirt all over the dick.
Nathaly Cherie, Polly Pons in Full Cavity Search Pt. 1 12:00
Nathaly Cherie, Polly Pons in Full Cavity Search Pt. 1 12:00 Polly Pons is a kinky girl, and although airport customs agent Nathaly Cherie is typically the no-nonsense type, she can't help but want to have some squirt-filled lesbian fun with the horny traveler after discovering she's hiding a dildo under her face mask... and a buttplug in her ass! Once Nathaly has Polly all to herself in the security office, a strip search leads to her tearing off Polly's leggings and diving in for a taste of her sweet ass and pussy for some wild and wet hardcore anal lesbian action!
Stacie Lane in Getting on the Fuck Lane 11:59
Stacie Lane in Getting on the Fuck Lane 11:59 Stacie Lane is an all natural beauty. She has all natural D tits, a big ass, and a pretty little mouth that can eat cock like you read about. Miss Lane shows us the reason why she has a butterfly tattoo, and displays some intense dick sucking skills. Our boy Charlie Mac gave her a good pounding and made her squirt all over the place. Enjoy!
Henessy's insane anal birthday orgy! 9:59
Henessy's insane anal birthday orgy! 9:59 Henessy isn't satisfied just relaxing poolside for her birthday. She gets thirteen of her closest girlfriends for the biggest orgy Ibiza has ever seen. Henessy checks out each massive, hard cock for herself, making sure she's only getting the best. These beautiful, bikini babes are ready for some deep fucking and these tan studs need to deliver. Henessy unleashes the men onto these curvy, exotic whores and the hardcore fucking begins. In no time at all, every girl is naked with a cock in whatever slutty hole they want. One girl deep throats their stud's cock while next to them two gorgeous girls lick each other's bouncy, sexy titties. You get to see these girls in every position you can imagine! Their huge asses bounce all over their man's cock and next to them the couples only get hotter. The sexy girls glisten in the sun as they get fucked in their wet pussies. They lick and suck whatever body part is closest. These girls know how to share and no slutty babe is left out. They form a circle, ass out, getting hard dick from behind. We watch a sexy brunette fist her tight asshole while the other babes get a hardcore anal pounding. Their assholes are stretched open and the girls are screaming, loving every second. They lick their ass juice off their man's dick and we watch a gorgeous, curvy girl get titty fucked. Their assholes are gaped open and the orgy is moved indoors. Beautiful bodies as far as the eye can see. These girls take a pounding in every hole and these guys want to make these dirty, submissive whores cum. They finger fuck the sexy, dirty sluts until they squirt all over their man's face and lick up every drop. Now it's their stud's turn and we watch each one shot a hot load all over their fucks dolls.
Saya Song in Squirt And Cum 15:00
Saya Song in Squirt And Cum 15:00 After a few years since our last scene, Saya (they/them) and I reunite with much anticipation. We have obvious chemistry and love to indulge in each other and give each other pleasure. I fuck them really deep and hard while they cum over and over again, at times squirting when they cum. There's POV shot during the blowjob and while they ride me. The scene ends with a very deep creampie and a close up of it dripping out of their pussy.
Jayden Lee in Busty Jayden Lee’s Squirting Asian Orgasm 11:00
Jayden Lee in Busty Jayden Lee’s Squirting Asian Orgasm 11:00 Leggy Asian Jayden Lee knows her way around Mike Adriano’s big dick. In fact, she’s excited to be back in PervCity just to get it. The curvy Cali girl craves anal sex, but she wants to be titty-fucked so bad that her shaved pussy is swimming at the thought. But first, the sexy brunette works his prick hard with a sloppy gagging deepthroat. When her breasts are wet and his cock is spitty, she clutches his hard-on with her huge juicy melons. After giving the pornstar what she wants, he pushes a banana in her butthole and chases it with his thick rod. The flexible slut throws her legs around her shoulders as he fucks her in POV, and then sucks his prick and cum from ass to mouth before showering him in squirt.
Daizy Cooper in Daizy Gets Sloppy On That Big Black Cock 12:00
Daizy Cooper in Daizy Gets Sloppy On That Big Black Cock 12:00 Daizy Cooper loves that cock of Troy's and she tries to get it down her throat but it is just too big! If there is one place that big black cock will fit though it is in that tight pussy of hers! Daizy spreads her legs wide so Troy can fuck her hard and rough. She loves getting pummeled by that cock and will squirt all over it if she has to!
Blake Blossom in BLAKE BLOSSOM PART 2 11:01
Blake Blossom in BLAKE BLOSSOM PART 2 11:01 If you missed Part 1 of Blake Blossom's Epic debut scene here at ExCoGi you have to check it out. But in case you didn't, the beginning of Part 2 gives you a little taste of the fun rides the Blake Blossom Amusement Park has to offer and the fun Jake had riding everything this blooming flower had to offer on the car ride to the hotel. With so much "Strange Danger" about, a quick call to mom before her beautiful daughter takes dick on camera is always a safe bet and today's scene is MOM APPROVED! So lets focus on Mom's blossoming offspring shall we? "I don't get naked in front of many people," confessed Blake. Could have fooled us how easy it was to get you into your birthday suit in the car and then again naked during your makeup. Blake, your a natural exhibitionist. "I don't know what that means", she said with a perplexed face. It's what you're becoming dear by fucking in a moving car and stripping bare ass naked in front of 3 complete strange men you just met minutes before. God bless America! She then followed those statements up with more of what we wished every naked young beauty would say to 3 strange men in a hotel room, "Tell me what to do and I'll do it". YES PLEASE. We do tell her what to do, and guess what? She does everything on our checklist like the good like super slut in training she is, and I mean EVERYTHING. Right off the bat Jake makes Blake squirt and gives her her very first orgasm ever with the "Hitachi Thingy". That's her new BFF for sure. Next Blake gobbles Jake's cock with her sweet DSL's and takes his baby arm down that oh so fuckable throat like she hasn't seen a real cock in months, which she hasn't. "Fuck me now please", she whispers to Jake. Not before we make her rim his ass. Check. "I'll try" declared our eager beaver as I use the Hitachi on her pussy while Jake's nuts teabag her pretty face. The way she squirms as her pussy lips vibrate from the Hitachi is fucking hot and hard! The only thing I love more than telling a girl to lick ass for the first is when a girl does lick ass for the first time after I tell them to. This outgoing obedient girl is special and from what I can tell, very sex starved by how eager she is to please. Trust me, Jake takes full advantage of his self-proclaimed perverseness and gives her the fucking of her life for sure. Of course the rest of this scene lives up to everything you expect from the perverted fucks we are and confirms you don't want us to get a hold of your daughters or college coeds. We hope you enjoy this scene as much as we enjoyed making it because this is one fucking hot of a scene. Just remember this thought. Beautiful ExCoGi pussy like Blake Blossom is proof that god exists and wants us to be happy so happy fapping! Stay Safe - Stay Home. Wash your HANDS and Wash your BUTT! Enjoy, Steve
Suzen Sweet in Suzen Sweet Has A Sweet Puffy Pussy But Her Ass Is The Star Of This Fuck 15:00
Suzen Sweet in Suzen Sweet Has A Sweet Puffy Pussy But Her Ass Is The Star Of This Fuck 15:00 Suzen Sweet has got a great pussy. She shaved it fuck all naked so that you could enjoy every crease and wrinkle as she shows it off. But her ass....now thats the star of this show! Watch her stud pull her puffy pussy open so you can see her pink hole as he fucks her ass and makes her squirt.
Stacy Bloom in Stacy Bloom Squirts Then Begs For His Cock In Her Ass 15:00
Stacy Bloom in Stacy Bloom Squirts Then Begs For His Cock In Her Ass 15:00 Stacy Bloom is a hot brunette with big boobs and a slut attitude. Stacy likes sex real and raw, which is why we take her to an underground club with graffiti on the walls so she can fuck this stud on a couch that's seen more sex than a street whore. Stacy can't help but squirt all over when he massages her g-spot after which she begs for it in the ass.
Roxie Sinner in Roxie Sinner Squirts For The First Time On Camera LIVE 12:00
Roxie Sinner in Roxie Sinner Squirts For The First Time On Camera LIVE 12:00 Roxie Sinner is one girl who does not hold back and loves to be naughty for you. If you want to see those big beautiful tits she will gladly show you once the show begins, but first she will tease you with that sexy ass in her latex panties twerking her juicy ass right in your face. What would you do to get a handful of that peach and taste that wonderful pussy as she grinds on your face? Dream on boys but it is not a dream when she brings out her suction toy that makes her squirt for the first time on camera. Roxie was so amazed and ecstatic that she was able to squirt and get it on camera as proof. Talking so naughty and making her feel at home with all your sweet comments definitely helped with getting those juices flowing! Archive from 1-07-2022 5pm LIVE show!
Bonnie Rotten in Bonnie Rotten gets her asshole blown out 11:10
Bonnie Rotten in Bonnie Rotten gets her asshole blown out 11:10 Bonnie Rotten is back on Mr. Anal, so you motherfuckers already know that this shit is fucking wild!! Bonnie joins us once again to squirt all over the place. She shows us, all the little tricks that she can do with her pretty little asshole. Mike gives her some assistance with said tricks and also gives her a good ol’ ass pounding. So come on and enjoy as Bonnie Rotten serves herself a delicious squirting.
Shey Holmes in SHEY HOLMES 2 11:01
Shey Holmes in SHEY HOLMES 2 11:01 You can probably say 21yr old first timer Shey Holmes comes across as a girl that's as pure as the driven snow. And your right. Or maybe she's just an inexperienced slut just begging to fucked right. I say the ladder or why else would she be here, right? Trust me when I say you willhave these same thoughts as you watch this shy newbie getting her makeup done and probably wondering, "Why are you here?". I was thinking the same thing but just glad she was. This girl just confirms that there are no "Good girls", just "Bad girls found out" and she reveals just howinexperienced, yet experienced she is. Let me explain:Q: "When did you start masturbating, or do you masturbate?", A: "I never have... No, never",said with a nervous smile. (WHAT?!?!)Q: "Have you ever used a sex toy?" A: "No... Ummm no, no" (Fuck me! I've never want to be a sex toy more than I do right now)Q: "Are you very orgasmic?", A: "I've only had 2 before" (WHAT?1?1 I know. We were as shocked as you are. She's practically a virgin by porn standards)Q: "So what made you want to do this today?", A: "Umm. Well. I like to try new things, so why not" (I'm pinching myself to make sure I was not dreaming at this point)Q: "So are you a sexual kinda girl? Are you promiscuous?" A: "Umm, yea" (Now your talking)Q: "Have you had a lot of One-Night-Stands and stuff?", A: "Umm yea, yea" said with a bigsmile and giggle, "I like to have fun". (This truth is revealed. Shey is a bad girl just waiting toshow everyone how naughty she is.)Q: "Have you ever hooked up with a girl?", A: "Umm, not one-on-one, but I've had some3somes" (Daaaamn!!! Now you're talking!)And finally:Q: "How many cocks do you think you've sucked", A: "Not a lot, I can probably count on onehand the number" (FUCK ME again! I wanted to jump up and start throat fucking her right then)Just watch the entire interview to set the mood, it's worth it. But are you seeing a pattern here?Shey is a naughty girl that just hasn't discovered her clitoris yet or been fucked right we think. Ithink she just hasn't figured out that it's ok to rub her body or its ok to play with herself. SEXcan be a solo activity, and it's pretty fun to by the way! Trust me, my cock was getting harder andharder as I clung to each word that passed over her innocent lips. This interview really brings outjust how coy and innocent Shey is, and the best part is we get to exploit and do all sorts ofperverted things to this fawn for your viewing pleasure. I could go on and on about how perfectand wholesome this girls' body is. How perky her pink supple nipples are, and just howengorged her pussy lips got as the Hitachi danced over her clit and lips. But you just have towatch it and see for your self. Can she suck cock? Fuck yea she can and between JJay and myselfusing the Hitachi on her we gave her more orgasms in almost every position he fucked her in then she has ever had in her life. I counted 5, and she lost count. OH and her ass? That ass isASSTASTIC! There are no fucking wrinkle lines on this girl's body that I could find. By thetime JJay got her in reverse cowgirl those pussy lips were so pink and looked like they had neverbeen pounded so good. But the best is yet to cum. When Shey gets on her knees to accept thehuge load from JJay she just waited eagerly with that little shy smile and mouth open until heunloaded squirt after squirt directly into her mouth. Of course she swallowed it with joy. Goodgirl, good girl. Fuck me one last time, but Shey is one of my favorite fucks, and I never evenfucked her! Just watch this video and we are sure she will be a favorite fuck of yours as well. Soenjoy this innocent girls gift of showing the world her sexual awakening and innocence lost, It'sfucking awesome! We have all waited long enough.
Andi in ANDI 11:00
Andi in ANDI 11:00 23yo Freaky little sex puppet Andi fucks so frequently that she decided to turn her obsession into a career! So last week she set out to find an agent... Unfortunately for her, she found my models wanted ad. After some lengthy text messages back and fourth, she agreed to come in for an "interview". In the scene, I let her know that based on her appearance (gym body) that she had the right look for the job. HOWEVER, there's just one catch - she needed to convince me that she can fuck on camera. She took the bait and immediately we had her suck, fuck and squirt everywhere. She loved it. After we sent her home she texted a few times, but was left on read. This was a few weeks ago. Since then, I heard she found an agent and might be making more scenes. Definitely check out this video if you're a squirt fan. She squirted 3 different times!
Aghata in AGHATA — HOT PINK PISSING 8:59 Stunning babe Aghata is dressed in hot pink lingerie and a lace robe as she sits on a high chair and touches herself all over, feeling seriously horny! She squats down on the living room floor and as she leans against the leather couch, this naughty babe starts wetting her panties! Aghata rubs her wet panties as her streams trickle down over her ass and down onto the wooden floor. She takes off her robe and uses it to mop up her golden pee, squeezing it over herself and licking it too! Aghata bends over and slips her hand into her panties to masturbate, then pulls them off so that she can get easier access to her piss soaked pussy. She dives in her pee puddle and teases her pierced nipples before laying upside down with her ass up in the air. This hottie starts fingering herself frantically and pussy pissing over the top of her head with force, splashing herself in the process! She needs to pleasure herself badly and uses a purple dildo to slide into her pussy. She stops to masturbate and piss all over the floor one more time after she orgasms, diving into her golden pee to finish her latest wet porn scene with us!
Tiffany Watson, Alex Coal in Squirt Off Swap 14:59
Tiffany Watson, Alex Coal in Squirt Off Swap 14:59 Alex is jealous of Tiffany, Bill is obsessed with her and Alex wishes she had Bill. Alex finds a magic doll that will allow her to take Tiffany's body. Alex steals Tiffany's buxom body and goes to see Bill. Just as Alex tries to sext with Bill, Tiffany comes by in Alex's body trying to convince Bill of the truth. Of course the only way to prove to Bill who is really Tiffany is to have a squirt off. They work hard to prove to Bill who the true Tiffany is, scissoring, eating each other out, fucking each other with a Strap on. Will Tiffany in Alex convince Bill of the truth?
Lucretia K in Squirt Squirt 2 8:00
Lucretia K in Squirt Squirt 2 8:00 Gorgeous Lucretia K, a horny Ukrainian babe with brown eyes, a platinum-blonde bob, sexy bangs and barely-there makeup, wakes in the middle of the night. Asleep between white sheets, she is wearing a strappy tank and shorts. Barefoot, she walks through to the bathroom, checks herself out in the mirror and caresses her body. She peels her shorts down and off, flaunting her stunning ass as she bends forward. She sits on the toilet with her toes elegantly pointed. Her hands cup and stroke her perky breasts through her top and stray to her naked crotch for a moment. Then she eases the top down to her waist to reveal full natural breasts and rose-pink nipples. She rubs her thighs and splays her legs to expose her shaved pussy. She begins to masturbate, one hand caressing a breast as the other gets busy with her snatch. Her breathing deepens as her fingers tease her juice-wet lips and swollen clit, circling on top then skimming down on either side. As the action heats up, the camera treats us to full-body shots, Lucretia’s sexy refection in the mirror, and sharp close-ups as her fingers grind and probe. Next, she stands up and leans over the toilet, showing off her ass again, thighs splayed. And, as she reaches down to frig herself standing up, she moans out loud. Soon, she arches her body, her pretty face a vision of ecstasy as she edges closer to orgasm. Sitting astride the toilet once again, Lucretia plays with her tits and pussy, the hand between her legs a blur. As the other one tweaks and pinches her nipples, she moans rhythmically, her body rising and falling with her heavy breathing. On the brink of orgasm, her cries become whimpers. Then, as her climax hits, she squirts a golden stream into the toilet, stroking her thighs as she sighs with pleasure and relief. With her urge to pee and her desire to cum satisfied, the picture fades…
Gina Gerson in GINA — GINA DIVINE 9:00
Gina Gerson in GINA — GINA DIVINE 9:00 Gina Divine isn’t a girl who can keep it clean. She feels free to make a mess of things and you can tell that the action is beginning when she climbs onto the table or simply bends over to let you look at her lovely ass. And if ever she gets a little dry and feels the need to lube her cunt, then she always has a bladder full of piss stored up so that she can squirt and make her pussy nice and wet. This is one slut who has what it takes. Once she has peed plenty and is ready to go, the fuck session continues on. You can tell right away that this girl is going to do absolutely everything to get you in the mood and squirting piss for your pleasure is one of the things she does best.
Catalina Ossa in CATALINA OSSA 2 11:00
Catalina Ossa in CATALINA OSSA 2 11:00 18 year old Catalina came to us with lots of confidence, which meant she was either a true slut or had no idea what she was getting herself into. She made a point of telling us she's good at what she does and gives head like no other. We love a good challenge, so of course we had to put those big words to the test. Actually, it's no wonder she wound up with us as she's basically a freak, whether it's with a guy, a girl, two guys, 2 girls or whatever combination you can come up with. A slut through and through! You'd think with her experience and confidence she'd be more dominant but like most girls who walk through our door, she's a submissive little slut who wants to be thrown around and fucked like the dirty whore she is. And yeah we've got no problem with that. She pierced her clit (if that's any indication of her slut status) and needed Jake's help to get it in (so to speak) and he was happy to do that. Next thing you know, he's going down on her and gave Catalina his signature "fingers in the twat squirt" move, so she got pretty juicy fast. She must have had a sweet pussy as he kept going back for seconds and thirds! Naturally, one good move deserves another and it was time to break out the orgasm torture device (that's the Hitachi for you newcomers) so it was all about getting her cunt ready for Jake's manmeat with a little pussy workout. Catalina claimed to have expert cock sucking skills, and we've heard that one before so we had to see if that big mouth could really handle Jake's huge cock, and to be honest, once his eyes rolled back as she took every inch down her throat, we were properly impressed. Yes Virginia, the girl has skills and even better, likes to get sloppy. Works for us! Catalina and her killer body with that tight teen twat likes to be manhandled, so Jake was the perfect guy to take this wannabe porn star out to her limits. She said she liked it rough, so we decided to give her the full exploited treatment. To her credit, there's a lot of fucking in this scene and she took it like a champ whether she was on her back or taking Jake's baby arm for a ride, and this girl likes to ride, a lot! She definitely cowgirled up on this one! Things ramped up once we got her on her hands and knees and pounded the slut out her, or more into her, while enjoying the view of that sweet 18 year old ass, gotta love it! Now we said she liked it sloppy, but holy crap we had no idea! By the end it was hard to tell where the cum stopped and the saliva began, she was covered from her head to her pretty little bush. So welcome to the jizz biz Catalina, we think you're just the kind of girl that's going to make it.
Anna Claire Clouds in Study My Squirt 12:00
Anna Claire Clouds in Study My Squirt 12:00 Anna Claire Clouds shows Alex Mack that study groups can be a whole lot of fun, but Alex probably wishes his girlfriend wasn’t there with them too. Not to worry, as Anna Claire has no problem showing off her tits and pussy for Alex behind his girlfriend’s back, teasing and tempting him to put the books away and fuck the horny and sexy nerd instead! They’ll have to be sneaky, but where there’s a will, there’s a way! Anna Claire crawls under the table and gives Alex a blowjob until he fills her wet pussy with his big cock once they’re finally alone!
Athena Feris in Athena Faris Is A Mega-Babe And She Wants Your Cum! 13:01
Athena Feris in Athena Faris Is A Mega-Babe And She Wants Your Cum! 13:01 Markus Dupree guides a timid but game Athena Feris through a multi-position screw-a-thon in this scene from Jules Jordan.com. Feris is a stout, curvy brown-eyed doe with pierced nipples. She performs a short tease that leads her mouth directly to Dupree’s cock. He places Athena ass up, face down on the sofa and pile drives. Feris occasionally sucks toe during the romp. After a cowgirl lockdown a seemingly stunned Feris erupts when Dupree furiously fingers her twat. Squirt shrapnel is unleashed multiple times until the well runs dry... After the gushers Athena rides side-saddle emphasizing her small but curvy frame. Some doggy on the arm of the sofa and a standing round of fucking complete some nice peeper pleasing moments. A worn out Feris is finally rewarded with a dick dousing to her mouth and face. Athena seems almost astonished after the entire event...
Kate Black in KATE 10:59
Kate Black in KATE 10:59 Kate showed up to the interview with the confidence of a budding pornstar and dazzled us with her special ability to squirt. For the money shot, she swallowed cum for the first time in her life and her reaction was surprising.
Macy Meadows in Stepdaughter Audition - Macy Meadows Can Squirt 15:00
Macy Meadows in Stepdaughter Audition - Macy Meadows Can Squirt 15:00