in Fountain of MILF – It’s An Addiction

“I like pleasing myself and I’d rather take care of it than complicate my life with a partner,” is how today’s Milf clarified things and attention HMF Shoppers! Grab your rain gear because there’s a cleanup on isle bed with today’s hot Milf Emily. And holy mother of fountains because this woman said she was a squirter and she wasn’t lying. But we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves because if you like going to the water park, today’s scene is right up your slip, or down your slide alley. So after she got her makeup done and shook off the nerves, Emily began telling us about herself and we find out she’s ‘hypersexual’ and has a passion for masturbating. Some might call it an addiction but for sure it’s her passion and we’re running with that clarifying definition of her self today. So as we probe further for answers she tells us that she’s never filmed herself sexually before and she wants to try it, hence why she’s here. She’s nervous, excited, and she just wants to experience great sex and everything that goes along with it. Well you came to the right place and after we get our recently singled woman naked and arm her with a glass dildo, yes glass dildo, because she says that she can squirt from just penetration and she wasn’t lying. The first of many squirting orgasms occurred at (11:10), and than again at (12:06, 14:58, 15:51, 21:44) and than once again at (22:09) but that wasn’t it. Nope, to say Emily enjoys sex is an understatement and I literally had to ask her if the waterworks were going to be a constant for the entire scene because, and I’m not kidding, the entire floor of the room was sprayed. We had to break a few times and wipe up of the fluids that miraculously seemed everywhere, and we used up every single fucking towel we had in the place. It was a safety hazard for God sakes, and Emily when asked if the water jets were a required result and synonymous with an orgasm, she clarified she could try not to squirt so much. Well I learned that day to be careful what you ask for because I said we wanted to see it, so bring it on. Well she brought it all right and had a whopping 20 orgasms for the day. 11 of them were squirting and I don’t want to spoil the ending but she had a fabulous time. Well who doesn’t have fun at the water park and Tyler and the gang had a blast as well. So enjoy this hot Milf’s first sex ever recorded everyone. It was a splashingly good time. Steve

9 months ago