Britt in BRITT 2 11:00
Britt in BRITT 2 11:00 Today is the day that Britt’s first sex on camera is released. So if you love seeing little 18 year-old newbies take cock up their asses then this video's not it. But if you are then you’ll want to go check out and watch Britt take it up the ass because that’s what they do over there. It’s a good one and like I said this is Britt’s first sex on camera and if you know anything about ExCoGi or our sister sites then you know we’re not any of those other sites [and you all know who you are] that just say it’s their first time. Some are so lame they actually have the words in their site’s title. Fake hotel entries, fake scripted dialogue, lies ALL LIES about doing sexual shit on camera for the first time. Makes me want to puke it does. But here at ExCoGi we actually only shoot girl’s first scenes or I’m not ExCoGi Steve and you can take that to the bank. So as we listen to Britt tell us about herself you’ll get right away that she’s nervous. Even though this girl's a stripper she’s never fucked in front of strangers before and first-timer jitters are very hard to fake and I think this girl's shy awkwardness was very endearing and cute. So we find out that Britt’s not really into girls that much and has never licked another girl’s pussy before. Well that also changed this little trip to our place and it happened over at, coming soon. But who really wants to hear me jabber on about what’s to come when a fresh as fuck hottie with a smoking body and perfect perky tits is getting naked on our bed. Not me but I do have to throw out one last fun fact that Britt’s got a real life legitimate step-sister named Brookie that came down with her. No joke. These girls did it all with us, and Brookie who’s also a newbie, did all her firsts with us also. Her first BBC on camera, her first anal on camera, and yes her first GG on camera. Check, check and double check. Go check them out in the bonus sites tab and spank away to your heart's content everyone, and did I say Britt’s a bit nervous? Well, she was and so nervous this one was that she actually pissed herself as soon as the magic wand touched that sweet little clit of hers and don’t sweat it girl. We think it was cute that your nerves got the best of you and it helps prove this was actually your first time. You’re fine as fuck honey and we all want to see you take dick on camera for the first time. Besides the bed has a liner so piss away and just enjoy yourself. Ummmm…. You can all go start beating off now.
Marley in MARLEY WALKOUT 11:00
Marley in MARLEY WALKOUT 11:00 How was your week? Probably better than ours. Wanna see the type of stuff they don't teach you in porn school? Then meet Marley. A petite little local ex-stripper of all but 21, with a bubbly personality, cock-raising sex stories, and a (seemingly) open mind. There is one red flag she raises during the interview, and it comes to bite us in the ass a few moments later, big time. After we get to know our local go-go dancin' fairy, a knock on the door announces our man JD, ready to pounce on this tiny white snowbunny. But to our horror, once-cheery Marley's face turns to stone when she realizes a huge black man is waiting for her. She says she doesn't know what to do now, this isn't what she expected. At first we figure she'll get over it but what follows next is not what we had planned....
Haley Spades in Tiny Stripper 10:32
Haley Spades in Tiny Stripper 10:32 Tiny blonde stripper does a sexy tease to earn her tips.
Brooklyn Gray in Brooklyn Gray: Hot Oil Anal Fuck Doll 14:59
Brooklyn Gray in Brooklyn Gray: Hot Oil Anal Fuck Doll 14:59 Brunette baddie Brooklyn Gray looks hot as fuck in a tiny bikini, aviator sunglasses and clear stripper heels. The short-haired vixen pours hot oil over her body as she stares into the camera, teasing and stripping. Once Brooklyn is fully heated up for big cock, Zac Wild fulfills her needs. He greets her with a kiss as she strokes his stiff rod. Brooklyn chokes on his dick through a drooling blowjob and thorough throat fucking. April soon spreads her legs as Zac stuffs his meat into her slit. Freaky Brooklyn says, 'I want you to treat me like a little fuck doll' while Zac reams her. She hops into his lap for a rowdy anal ride. Decadent, lube-soaked sodomy includes ass-to-mouth fellatio and crude rectal gaping. Zac incessantly greases Brooklyn's athletic body, slamming her holes as she talks dirty. He rewards her with a messy cum facial; Brooklyn scoops the sperm from her face and swallows it down.
Josie in JOSIE 2 11:00
Josie in JOSIE 2 11:00 Welcome back and what a treat we have for you this week. 21 year old Josie has graced us with her presence, and what a blessing it is! Josie has this great girl next door look and vibe about her, she’s a total cutie. She's a dancer who’s looking to branch out a little further into adult videos and today we’re gonna help. She comes in wearing what appears to absolutely be a stripper dress, lol, at least she’s got good style right? Instantly you can tell she’s trouble, with a capital T. We have a great little interview with her and as I keep mentioning she is something else. I won’t spoil too many surprises, but if you’re into the interviews, she’s got a great story about getting gangbanged by 5 dudes at a party. It’s HOT. Finally the time has come to get her out of those clothes and see what she’s working with… she’s got a great petite body, amazing tits, and a really nice little pussy and butthole. We get her on the couch with some toys, and we find out she’s actually a little bit of a squirter. It doesn’t take long before we get some waterworks and she’s literally dripping all over the place. I finally get my turn with her and away we go. She sucks my cock only the way a real slut could. She’s definitely a submissive, and come to find out she likes being degraded just a bit. Now typically I'm not the best at the dirty talk, you know me, I sound more like a broken record usually, but I called her a dirty slut a few times while I face fucked her. She gets soaked while sucking my dick, you can tell it really turns her on. Once we start fucking it gets even better, those facial expressions are such a turn on. So I work her pussy over for a while before I get to play in that ass. She takes my cock up her butt really well. We had a little false start in the beginning, but she warms up to it very very quickly. I really enjoyed fucking her sweet little asshole, and calling her names. The look on her face after being a dirty slut with the ass to mouth kinda says it all, and if that doesn’t, then the way she pulls on my hips to fuck her mouth hard says everything else. As a rewards for being a good little whore, I bust my nut all over her pretty face. If you watch closely, you’ll notice 2 things. Number 1: The look on her face when she realizes she’s not getting paid today. Number 2: She used her tongue to get most of that cum off her face, and nothing else, lol. When she left, she got in her Uber with a large portion of my jizz on her face. Lol. Well Josie, it was fun, hopefully we’ll see ya sometime in the future. She really does have a place in this business, only we’re not the ones who’re gonna help her out!
Katie Kush in Katie Kush: Anal & Deepthroat A2M 15:00
Katie Kush in Katie Kush: Anal & Deepthroat A2M 15:00 Stalwart XXX-director Chris Streams' camera soaks up adorable, li'l Katie Kushwith aplomb as she poses in black fishnet stockings, red fishnet top and tight schoolgirl miniskirt. In a pre-fuck interview, the young brunette eye candy reveals that she was a stripper, and then she asked herself, 'Why not go all the way?' Studly porn fucker Zac Wild rims her asshole and fingers her twat. He shoves his big cock in Katie's mouth for a spit-lubed blowjob. Zac fucks her pussy while she fingers her clit. He doles out an anal squat-fuck, reaming her bunghole doggie-style. Petite Katie spreads her elastic gams widely for more hard slamming. She deepthroats Zac's meat ass-to-mouth and slurps his ball sack. Gorgeous Katie takes a passionate, grinding cunt ride. In a standing fuck, Zac's spear skewers each of her holes. The ribald reaming climaxes as Zac unloads a fusillade of sperm, adorning her cute, young face in a bold cum facial. All the way with Katie K!
Sofy Topp in Sofy Topp Lets Her Stud Cum In Her Gaping Asshole After Anal Sex 15:00
Sofy Topp in Sofy Topp Lets Her Stud Cum In Her Gaping Asshole After Anal Sex 15:00 Sofy Topp used to work as a stripper to put herself through University. But then she discovered that it's much more lucrative to be an escort! Now she gets to enjoy amazing dates with rich clients that love to impress her with their wealth before trying to impress her with their cock! Watch this stud fuck her ass then cum in her gaping hole!
August in August 11:00
August in August 11:00 August is a 19 year old charismatic stripper earning $1000 per day, but dancing does not deliver the fame she craves. Watch how far she'll go to get what she wants!
Tana Waters in TANA WATERS 10:59
Tana Waters in TANA WATERS 10:59 As all our devoted fans know we here at ExCoGi are all about genuine authentic and unscripted porn, wanting to highlight the models real personalities that we feature. That being said... CALLING ALL STRIPPER LOVERS! And if you're a fan of gentleman's clubs and getting the "stripper experience" than we bring you 20 year old, 3 year stripping veteran Tana Waters. You can tell this girl's been around the pole and stage more than a few times and knows what guys want. Let me tell you, Tana knows her way around a cock or a pussy and is not shy in telling our new cocksman Jon Rogue what pleases her and how he should touch and fuck her. This girl is used to being in charge. She even asked Jon if he wanted to be slapped while she rode him. For a second there I thought I was watching the movie American Pie and Tana was going to slap our stud and scream; "What's my name BITCH". That would have been funny! Anyways Tana declares more than once that she LOVES PUSSY, so it's only fitting that she would work at a place were girls take their clothes off right? And those TITS! Perky they are yes indeed. How much does Tana love pussy? Well, Tana loves pussy so much she could eat it for all three meals of the day. So could I Tana, So could I. Tana is also a little self-proclaimed slut telling us that she doesn't keep track of her body count, but AVERAGES around 40 fucks...... ANNNNNND? Yea, I was waiting for her to finish that statement also. So I asked, "Is that a Total number? Yearly average? Monthly average? Weekly average?" Never got clarification, but she confessed she has fucked more girls than guys. I like that answer. It's best to leave a little mystery about yourself Tana. Just makes a girl seem sexier in a sweet and innocent coy kind of way. So we get our little slut naked and as soon as she experiences the Hitachi on that clit we get a taste of her "Take Charge" attitude and is not shy on what her "Daddy", I mean our stud Jon, needs to do in order to make her feel good. Settle down girl, we're friendly's here. Tana must fuck a lot of guys that have no clue what they're doing because she'll let you know if your doing it right. She'll also let you know when you're not, trust me, we heard. What's also very apparent is that Tana's a very vocal girl. Her play-by-play narrative sure kept me guessing the whole shoot as to whether this silky smooth, hot and sultry sex talk was just years of fine-tuned stripper dialogued regurgitated; or did she really want Jon to be her new "daddy" giving it to her every night with his big cock as she professed endlessly. I think some things are better left a mystery. What is clear is that Tana Waters knows her way around a cock and knows how to ride one as well. Her 3 years on the stripping circuit have given Tana the much coveted and sought after life skills that every young girls needs when entering adulthood, and they are on full display for your fapping pleasure. This scene is not very long, and neither are lap dances. But hey, this scene is far from a lap dance and the only similarities are that after you get one, you just want morrrrrre; and you'll want more of Tana Waters calling you daddy after watching this one. ENJOY!
Mia Pearl in Seducing The Stripper 15:00
Mia Pearl in Seducing The Stripper 15:00 It’s the morning after a bachelor party and the host keeps dropping hints he wants to fuck, so Mia Pearl decides to treat herself to his huge cock! There’s nothing like having a professional dish out a top tier footjob and sucking a sloppy dick in the morning!
Blair in BLAIR 11:00
Blair in BLAIR 11:00 Today is 19 year-old Blair who by all accounts is the stripper with the heart of gold we come to realize as this shoot progresses. But don’t let all her tattoos fool you. No no no no no, Blair is sweet, confident, and likes her sex soft and sensual with lots of kissing and passion. Well we’re not the playboy channel here but we are all about capturing whatever the situation presents and Blair presents a lot. Now I’ve never met a girl that’s had a continuous orgasm during sex until today. Well I believed her at the beginning, middle and end of this scene and so will you after watching it. But Steve, girls can fake orgasm can’t they? Yes and I’m sure lots of you have heard a girl fake it so let me tell you how I know she had a continuous orgasm? Blair’s claim to fame is that when she’s really really really really turned on and has great sex, and when she orgasms she cry’s tears of joy. Well the water works were a flowing and this first timer apparently hasn’t had many guys give her mind blowing, toe curling, fireworks going off great sex like my man Tyler did today because we had to leave a box of tissues on the bed for this girl and she broke her record today. It seemed the more we complimented her on what a perfectly beautiful pink pussy she had the more she would cry. She does in fact have one of the prettiest pink pussies we’ve had the pleasure of spreading on our bed lately and these two had a real connection. I think Blair’s in love with Tyler and his cock. Especially the way he magically made her pussy pure. Tru-tru, I’m not kidding when I say this girl can’t fake an orgasm either. You be the judge because she cried the entire shoot and it’s also probably because she can’t fake it for real! She can’t not cry I’m telling you when she’s having one and it’s adorable. On the flip side a girl always knows when a guy is coming because how does a guy fake a cum shot. Well there are lots of fake creampie sites and I hate to burst people’s bubble because most are fake and use fake cum, but that’s a different discussion for another day. I dislike creampies BTW, and yes I know lots of our fans love them so we’ll continue to do them but wouldn’t it be great if we always knew when a girl was coming? Well I guess if you suck in bed you wouldn’t want to know and from what I’ve heard from girls there are a lot of guys out there that suck in bed. But for all us pros who know how to suck pussy well and fuck a girl dirty right it would be kind of cool. I must however forewarn you also that there is a bunch of BTS footage I left in between the positions just so you could see for yourself how genuine Blair is and we love her for it and I hope you all do as well. So enjoy.
Ryoko Sawajiri in Japanese Stripper Ryoko Sawajiri Wants It Bad 14:59
Ryoko Sawajiri in Japanese Stripper Ryoko Sawajiri Wants It Bad 14:59 Tiny little tits and a skinny body have taken Ryoko Sawajiri very far. A tiny girl like her can be tossed around and bent in any shape that they want her to be in.
Sienna Day in Stripper Sienna Day fucks the light technician on stage 10:45
Sienna Day in Stripper Sienna Day fucks the light technician on stage 10:45 Blonde and busty, welcome back the gorgeous British Beauty Sienna Day! In Gold Digging Strippers, this slut has made a career change and she is always looking to make a quick buck. She loves the taste of cock, especially rich cock! After hunting down a wealthy well hung stud, this cock hungry slut opens wide and gives her man a sloppy spot of deep throat, complete with some hard face fucking. Then, this curvy babe puts her fine body to work by grinding her pussy up and down her man’s rock hard cock. Finally, after a hardcore doggie style pounding, Sienna opens up wide and enjoys a sticky facial.
Chanel Summers in CHANEL SUMMERS 11:00
Chanel Summers in CHANEL SUMMERS 11:00 So if you're a Chanel Summers fans or a fan of our other sites BackRoomCastingCouch & ExCoGi, then you know this is Chanel’s 3rd round in the sack with us. It also figures that this little girl would by now feel very comfortable, and trust, with us to never suspect we would pull any fast ones or shady things with her. Well, you would think that but that’s just what did because we just couldn't resist the thought of ambushing this super sexy and trusting newbie with a BBC on camera. We told her she would be working with someone new today and once she arrived she met JJay who made our unsuspecting starlet feel right at home. We even had Cecil, the same makeup guy there fro the other shoots to make it feel even more familiar and unsuspecting, hehe. This trap is set, and once she was all dolled up JJay executed this ambush with surgeon like precision. The first phase of our ambush was to lure our naive newbie into the bathroom so JJay would be able to draw Chanel into a false sense of comfort and distract her with his cock. Unbeknownst to Chanel, a trap was set out in the other room as Isiah Maxwell and his BBC got positioned for the big reveal. Of course JJay had to set the trap even more by getting a little BTS and making Chanel think she was working with him by getting a BJ in the bathroom. What a BJ and just before she made him blow he made her stop and suggested they go out to the bedroom to get the scene started properly. Surprise!!! "Oh shit, you... tricked me", screamed Chanel as she turned the corner and saw a BBC erect and attached to the handsome Isiah. Just as soon as the shock and surprise happened, the smiles and giggles poured out of Chanel and she couldn't wait to get on that monstrous brown snake. This girl has fucked a few black guys in her days, but non-with as big of a cock as Isiah’s. "It’s so big!", “It just keeps growing" she says in between breaths as she works that pole like a stripper on stage. You know what’s so fucking hot about Chanel? It's that she smoking hot, but doesn't know how hot and sexy she is. This girl could make hot water come out of the cold faucet and doesn’t know she's "Every guys type". Well I bet that after everyone sees what a little fucking slut she is on our sites she'll get a lot more attention from guys. She'll get asked out a lot more also I bet. Enjoy this one!
Carly Rae in Stripper Danny Carly Rae Enjoys anal sex with the bartender 12:00
Carly Rae in Stripper Danny Carly Rae Enjoys anal sex with the bartender 12:00 Carly Rae one of the sexiest Gold Digging Strippers in Private’s roster, a beautiful busty blonde, addicted to tattoos and anal sex! This waiter might not have a lot of cash but he sure has a big cock, that’s enough for this cock hungry slut, she opens wide and gives him a sensual spot of deep throat. After a sloppy face fucking, this slut stretches out her legs to take it hard and deep inside her wet pussy. Then, this anal addict opens up her ass to take an intense pounding that has her screaming out of sheer pleasure and, it can only finish in one way, with a sticky anal creampie.
Eva Alvarez in EVA ALVAREZ 11:00
Eva Alvarez in EVA ALVAREZ 11:00 “I’m a chef all day, every day. It’s what I like to do… And I LOVE seeeexxxxx,” are the seductive and sensual phrases that pass over 33 year old Eva Alvarez’s luscious lips in her submission video to us. Wow! And who could resist a hot MILF that loves sex and cooks? I can just see her now standing at the stove with just an apron on and that perfect, and I do mean really perfect, ass peering out just begging to be slapped, kissed, and spread wide, revealing those wet pussy lips anxiously awaiting a stiff hard cock to be rammed up it from behind. Those same lips that soon will be wrapped around Jake’s stiffy. The same wet lips that will be bouncing up and down on said hard cock just minutes after the airport pickup, and we can’t wait. So lets get-it-on shall we? So Eva’s an admitted tease and knows how to use that perfect body of hers to get what she wants from guys. Yes MILF Eva’s a stripper and once she’s stripped off those clothes of hers in the back seat it becomes very apparent why she can hang with the teeny boppers at the clubs and command the guys attention while on stage. This girl is hot, and with that fast-tongued Cuban personality and spirit, this girl may be too hot to handle for most men. Well she isn’t too hot to handle for Jake and he dives straight into this spicy Cuban dish to taste what delicacies this fine ass Caribbean meal has to offer. Did I say this girl is hot? Well she is and with such a pretty pussy and silky smooth skin that just begs to be touched and manhandled, it’s more than Jake can resist. So as I eluded to earlier, Eva’s willing and ready to get into her birthday suit just minutes after her pickup and demonstrate what phenomenal cock sucking skills she possesses for an out of this world ball drainer of a BJ. Her fucking skills are exceptional as well as you will see, hopping aboard the Jake Adams “rail me” express on her way to fucked silly town. Fuck, this girl can ride a stiff cock and she looks fucking hot as hell doing it. You know what I’m talking about. When you see a hot stripper on stage and you wonder if she’s just as good in bed as she is swinging around the brass pole? Well Eva lives up to all the hype and is well worth the cover charge and admission. So Jake fucks the shit out of our Hot MILF on the ride back to the condo and this girl knows how to use her body, and use it she does. This is one hot as fuck car dicking and a prelude to the just-as-hot condo bedroom sex that gives Ms. Eva multiple O’s. And just like in the club, she’ll be leaving today with a pocket full of Benjamin’s and a smile on that pretty cum covered face of hers. As for Jake? He’s leaving this stripper’s club more than satisfied and unlike most guys after a night at a strip club, he doesn’t have blue balls. So boys and girls, moms and dads, perverts far and wide, grab your lube or favorite toy because this show’s about to start and up on center stage is Eva. But you don’t need to tip the hottie dancing at this club. Your tipping and cover charge is the admission to our site and we thank everyone who has joined and enjoys our content. Without you we would not be able to do this. We thank you all!
Mary Jean in Honey, I Married A Stripper! 11:59
Mary Jean in Honey, I Married A Stripper! 11:59 Mary Jean has just returned home from her business trip in Vegas. A stripper, Christie Stevens has followed her home and reminds Mary that they’re married! Wanting to keep the fact that she’s fucked another girl a secret from her husband, Mary Jean tries her best not to be seduced by the sexy Christie, but can’t help herself to some luscious lesbian sex. Will her husband find out, and if so—will he join the fun?
Amara Romani in My Personal Stripper 12:50
Amara Romani in My Personal Stripper 12:50 I was looking for my shoe cleaner when I came across some stripper heels and a wad of bills under the sink. That had to be Amaras, my stepsister. I confronted her about it and finally got her to admit it! She begged me not tell our parents, so I told her to give me a blowjob in order for me not to tell. Amara jerked and sucked my dick until I exploded into her mouth! The next night after she came home from stripping, I go in her room and play with her pussy and stick my meat in her mouth! When she woke up, she was horny as and let me fuck her! A few days later, I record her playing with herself in the living room, so I persuade her into stripping and masturbate for me. Then I bent her over the couch and drilled into her until I exploded in her mouth and on her face!
Tess Tango in TESS TANGO 11:00
Tess Tango in TESS TANGO 11:00 Some girls just want to be porn stars and today’s Ex*!%@t Tess Tango fits this bill perfectly. This girl has all the requirements to make it in the Jizz Bizz. She’s eager to suck cock and do whatever we ask of her. She loves to show off her very nice and sexy body claiming her tits are her favorite feature. She can even do the splits and this girl wasted no time showing her skills off on the bed before we started the interview giving us a little sneaky peak of her very cute pussy. She, in fact, couldn’t keep her hands off her tits and perky nipples either as we got to know her. We love this about horny girls and in fact, she had the cutest way of playing with her pussy as we asked her questions and there are no complaints with anything this sex kitty wants to play with. She just has this way of oozing sex and playing up to the camera like a stripper trying to excite the patrons at your local gentleman’s club. Well here’s a no shocker, Tess is a dancer and this girl knows how to work a room with all the assets she has at her disposal. So I bet you’re guessing that Tess has done everything being so super sexual and all but nope. This girl experienced a lot of firsts today including licking a guy’s ass for the first time, receiving her first facial, getting fucked with the magic wand and just overall gets her pussy wore out. Great job Tyler and job well done buddy. At least her pussy gets a rest because she lost her analginity the next day over at BackRoomCastingCouch and we heard she took it like a champ. My predictions are you will be seeing a lot more of Miss Tango spreading her moneymaker because she loves money and knows how to make it. So enjoy Tess everyone.
Bree in BREE 11:00
Bree in BREE 11:00 Today's casting candidate Bree is 22 years old and an exotic dancer… that’s a fancy way of saying she’s a stripper. This girl is a super hot tall drink of water who looks great in her flowing romper thing she’s wearing. Bree really does have a bit of a leg up on the competition coming from the stripper ranks, she doesn’t seem to be too nervous. You'll notice she really has this certain confidence about her I kinda dig. We get to know her a little bit, and then get her out of that pretty red romper. Like I mentioned before, she's tall, fit and eager like a beaver. She has zero issue playing with herself and she even lets me push that butt plug in. I’m pretty sure she loves sucking cock, because she does a great job on mine. She makes it all sexy and sultry, and sloppy. After that, I fuck her all over the office. Next I get to work fucking her ass and she takes it like a trooper. Then she does some sexy smiling ass to mouth and a couple little gapes before I unload in her asshole. Finally, just to see how far she’s willing to go, we have her taste some of that sweet baby batter that she just squeezed out of her ass. Her performance is so incredible that I know you'll be seeing more of her in the future.
Hime Marie in Birthday Stripper Surprise 10:28
Hime Marie in Birthday Stripper Surprise 10:28 Dad gets surprised with a stripper for his birthday. The stripper sucks and fucks and takes huge facials.
Nyx Monroe in Nyx Monroe: Tiny, Topheavy & Tight 5:59
Nyx Monroe in Nyx Monroe: Tiny, Topheavy & Tight 5:59 Nyx Monroe loves playing dress-up. Halloween is her holiday. It was made for her. Stripper, cam-girl and all-around sex entertainer, Nyx brings her slinky self back for a strip show and finger-banging. Nyx did her first pro shoots at SCORELAND. Brick Danger and JMac had the honors. Nyx is tiny and curvy, the kind of girl the guys can easily lift up for some acrobatic fucking positions. "Doggie-style is my favorite position," Nyx said. "I like sex at least once a day. I love getting good head from a guy who's into it. I like pussy too and I like to share a guy with another girl when I can get the chance."
Jane Rogers in JANE ROGERS 10:59
Jane Rogers in JANE ROGERS 10:59 You saw Jane pop her anal cherry on BackroomCastingCouch, you saw her getting good and fucked on ExploitedCollegeGirls (not to mention a threeway cumfest too!), so what hasn't this 22 year old stripper turned pornstar wannabe done? Taken a big black cock is what, and you know what that means, it's ambush time! We sent our man Jay out to the ranch to pick her up (yes, ranch) and after a few dusty miles she was waiting there with her boyfriend (yes, boyfriend). He's not crazy about Jane fucking pornstars, but he gets his and she gets hers, fair 'nuf. Jane's a giver though and gives Jay a little thank you roadhead for picking her up, and gives herself an orgasm jilling off in the car, and this is before the scene starts! Little does she know what's in store for her and her tight little ginger twat. All that's left is for Isiah and his giant johnson to give his special surprise! And Jane's reaction? "Oh my god he's already hard!" she giggles and is down on her knees with his cock down her throat. Her other reactions? "It's so big, I feel it in my tummy, I'm going to cum again!", you get the picture. Jane squeals in delight over and over as this cowgirl gets the biggest ride of her life! This may not have been her first rodeo, but it's one that's gonna leave more than a few saddle sores, giddy up!
Ryan Smiles in PAWG ALERT 5:59
Ryan Smiles in PAWG ALERT 5:59 You wouldn't guess that Ryan Smiles was a late bloomer. That big ol' booty of hers didn't blossom until Ryan turned 16. She's been making dudes' heads spin ever since. "I'm the only one in my family with a big ass," Ryan said. "I love it, though. Guys have loved my ass ever since high school. It's perfect for being spanked." Girl, you didn't have to tell us that ass is perfect for spanking. We already knew. So did our boy Johnny. Not many people love ass more than this dude, and he knows exactly what to do with an ass like Ryan's. He taps, smacks and worships her milky white booty before going to work on her. Ryan says she is usually more assertive sexually, but she lets Johnny take control. "I usually go after what I want," she said. "If I want your cock, then I'm going to get it. I also like girls, and I'm the same with them." Johnny tells Ryan to go down on his cock, and she hastily goes down on his monster dick, taking every inch that can fit into her mouth. Soon after, he instructs her to jump on his cock and ride him. Ryan eagerly hops on top. "I love riding cock," she said. "If I could, I would do it all day. I like having a cock so deep inside me, it feels like it's hitting my stomach." Ryan turns around and twerks her ass and pussy like she's on the dance floor of a bangin' nightclub. She used to be a stripper, and seeing her go to work here, we know this bitch was leaving guys with cum-stained pants when they left the private dance area. "I love dancing," Ryan said. "Almost as much as I love fucking. If I could dance and fuck all day, I would be the happiest girl in the world." You can tell she's pretty happy right now with Johnny's fat cock inside her. He bangs her out from the side and then missionary style before dropping a thick creampie in her pretty, pink pussy.