in Meat My Girlfriend

A bunch of rowdy men (Johnny Palms, Donny Sins, Lawson Jones, Clarke Kent, Elias Cash, and Rion King) eagerly await the arrival of a stripper at a bachelor party. The best man raves about how hot the stripper is, saying her profile picture doesn't do her justice. He met her in person and KNOWS this is going to be a night that NONE of them will ever forget, especially the groom-to-be! They hear a knock on the front door and the best man goes to answer it, bringing the stripper, Kitana Montana, into the room. Everyone is gobsmacked by how HOT she is, including the groom... but Johnny looks HORRIFIED, clearly recognizing her.Johnny catches the eye of Kitana, who obviously recognizes him as well. He gives her a 'what the fuck' expression and Kitana glares at him silently in return. She subtly nods her head in another direction, obviously wanting to talk to him privately elsewhere. She cheerfully announces to the other men that she needs to set up, asking if any of the gentlemen want to show her to the bathroom. Johnny volunteers right away and he and Kitana then walk out of the room and into another room.As soon as Johnny and Kitana are alone in the other room, they start whisper-arguing. 'What the HELL, babe? You're a STRIPPER? You said you were a DANCER!' Johnny accuses. 'I AM a dancer!' Kitana scoffs. As they continue arguing, it's revealed that they're in a new relationship. Kitana didn't want to tell Johnny about being a stripper so soon because she was afraid of scaring him off when everything's been going great so far. Johnny gets huffy, asking what he's supposed to think about all this? Kitana gets huffy back, insisting he should be a supportive boyfriend. Johnny rolls his eyes and tells her he's not mad about her being a stripper but just that she didn't tell him. Kitana counters that HE hasn't been honest either since he didn't tell her that he was going to a bachelor party to watch a stripper that night.Johnny tries to change the subject slightly, saying he's not happy about his girlfriend being ogled by all his friends -- strangers would be one thing, but this is too much. Kitana tells him it's part of the job and that he doesn't get to decide what she does. He becomes mad again as he retorts he should have SOME say as her boyfriend. Kitana becomes even more offended. 'If THAT makes you mad, then you're NOT going to like what I do NEXT,' she says as she leaves to return to the living room where all of the other men are hungrily waiting for her.It looks like it's time to get this party started!

1 year ago