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Slutty babes are getting fucked around the swimming pool, in the middle of the day 7:59
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Little Dragon is having a casual threesome next to the swimming pool, during the day 12:42
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Kailani Kai is having tons of fun with a horny guy, next to the swimming pool 27:28
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Aiden Ashley, Whitney Wright in Role Models: Out Of Her Comfort Zone 15:00 Aiden Ashley is a newly-out lesbian who is fresh from a recent divorce. She decides to shake things up a little by learning a new skill: swimming- but when she arrives at the swimming lesson location... she gets second thoughts. Just as she's about to make her way out, however, she is stopped by her new instructor, Whitney Wright, who asks her why she won't give the swimming class a chance. Aiden hesitates a moment and then reveals that she feels self-conscious about her body. Aiden looks at Whitney's bikini admiringly and says that if she wore something like that, she wouldn't look sexy in the least bit.Whitney can't help but disagree- she thinks that Aiden has an exquisite body, and would look sexy in ANYTHING that she wore. But Aiden isn't only self-conscious about her body, she's also worried that she'll look stupid in the ugly bathing suit she brought. Whitney agrees that the bathing suit leaves much to be desired, but she's determined to make Aiden feel like the goddess she truly is. She takes out a bikini and offers it to Aiden- it's never been tried on and she always keeps extras just in case her students forget theirs. Aiden agrees and leaves to go get changed. As Aiden slips in her new red bikini inside the house, she shoots peeks at Whitney as she rubs suntan lotion on her arms and thighs outside by the pool.When Aiden comes out of the house, Whitney is in awe of how sexy she looks in the bikini. Aiden seems happier, and more confident about her body. She thanks Whitney, and explains that it's been hard for her to feel beautiful these days- especially after her recent divorce. When Whitney shares that she's a lesbian as well, and offers to introduce Aiden to her friends and the rest of the community if she would like. Aiden is heartwarmed- she would love that, and that's actually one of the reasons she booked this swimming lesson: to get out of her comfort zone and meet new people. She's happy that she did- Whitney's taught her a whole lot already- she wonders what ELSE she can teach her. Whitney grins, mentioning that since she is SUPER early and the other swimmers won't be arriving for a while, she COULD lead Aiden in a little pre-swim warm-up. Aiden agrees, and they have playful sex on the poolside where Aiden will demonstrate just how deep she is willing to dive into her new sexuality.
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Paula Shy, Kari in Paula and Kari poolside sex 8:01 Is there a hotter thing around than watching Paula Shy and Kari have a go at lesbian sex? We have two equally hot babes in skimpy swimsuits admiring each other's hot bodies. Next, we see them naked and having oral sex by the swimming pool.
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Jenna Valentine in BIKINI VALENTINE 5:59 At poolside, Jenna Valentine is killing a tiny bikini which is little more than a string with some doily-size pieces of cloth. Jenna says she doesn't own bikinis because she can't find any that fit her. And she rarely goes to the beach anyway. That makes us sad. The not-fitting part is the fun part. Seeing Jenna overpower this bikini can overload a boob-man's little gray cells. That makes us happy. But you must love Jenna for more than her huge titties and pretty face and curvaceous rack. You must also love Jenna for being Jenna, which is what we do. As Jenna said, "I would rather have a guy come up to me and tell me I am beautiful or even pretty than for him to tell me that I have big boobs." After a few minutes of a mixed-topic chat with the director about bikinis, dolphins, her mom's swimming pool, her breast growth spurt (now HH-cups) her tattoos and dating, Jenna peels off the suit and goes for a skinny dip. This is the part when the underwater footage is cut in as she wades in the pool. That frogman training was really worth the tuition fees. Some sculptor somewhere should create a statue in Jenna's likeness that men could pray to. We promised not to call Jenna's skin "creamy" and we'll stand by that promise. But it should be okay to call Jenna a work of living art.
Malena Nazionale in Malena, We Put Her In The Middle 15:00
Malena Nazionale in Malena, We Put Her In The Middle 15:00 Malena is relaxing in a swimming pool of a Spa when two other customers come to keep her company and they certainly do not remain indifferent to the beauty and forms of Malena. With an excuse they approach and between the three the passion immediately turns on, they kiss, they touch, Malena begins to take in the mouth the hard cock of one of them while the other teases her pussy and when they decide to move on the beds , for the insatiable Malena finally there are two cocks to suck and lick together, she is very excited, she gets banged in her desirous pussy, she enjoys continuously and like a real slut she gets fucked with vigor while the other penetrates her in pussy for a double penetration that will make her feel very satisfied, ready to enjoy a nice cumshot of the two cocks together!
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Eva Karera in Eva Karera fucking in the outdoors with her tits 14:59 Eva Karera locked herself out of her house so she stops by her neighbor's place to hang out while she waits for her roommate to get home. She can't find her neighbor, but she decides to take a topless swim in his pool anyway. When her neighbor gets home he's surprised to see Eva swimming topless, It's the first time that Eva has met her neighbor but she finds him attractive and convinces him to fuck her ass.
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Chloe Amour in Fast Times Fantasy 12:00 Everyone has a favorite sexual fantasy for their alone time. For Johnny Sins, it's watching his neighbor, that sexy Latina Chloe Amour, swimming around in her little skimpy red bikini and imagining what it would be like having her lips wrapped around his fat cock! Enter a porn star's fantasy as Chloe slips out of her bikini and onto Johnny's big dick, sucking and fucking her way to a huge cumshot in one of the most popular fantasy sequences ever, finally re-imagined with the happy ending you've always wanted!
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Texas Patti in Anal Class: Buttfucking A MILF Teacher 11:59 Beside the swimming pool, buxom, dark-haired Texas Patti strips out of lacy lingerie, revealing her round tits and fleshy ass. Next, the glamorous MILF gives student Justin Hunt a language lesson, teaching him lewd pickup lines in German. The education heats up -- before long Patti is half-nude and eagerly sucking Justin's thick, throbbing boner! The young stud drills his foxy teacher's pussy and fucks her asshole. He dumps a load of sperm in Patti's open mouth. Auf Wiedersehen!
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Kayla Green, Chrissy Fox in Kayla Green And Chrissy Foxx Have A Xxx Poolside Threesome! 11:53 Kayla Green and Chrissy Foxx couldn't wait for this vacation! Staying in a beautiful mansion with a built in swimming pool that was full of swingers with big dicks and hot chicks?! Sign them up! Watch them sample the goods in this poolside threesome!
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Victoria Lobov in Victoria's Secret Sex Fantasies 5:59 One of fantastic fox Victoria Lobov's fantasies is to get studded by a young, hung guy. Playing out her sexual fantasies in porn lets the blonde babe enjoy a variety of no-strings-attached experiences including anal and double penetration. Her beauty, her slim and busty body and her many other sexy qualities have propelled Victoria to top-rated model status. She's married to a generous SCORE reader who encouraged her. In this fantasy, Victoria walks around the house looking for her son Jimmy. She's wearing a tight, low-cut top, a tight skirt and sky-high heels. No flannel nightgown and fuzzy slippers for this hot mom. Never. Victoria spots Jimmy's friend Conor at the pool. She stares at him for awhile, rubbing her breasts and pussy, getting worked up, then walks outside to ask him if he knows where Jimmy is (he's gone to buy beer). Victoria asks him if he wants to go for a swim. He says he didn't bring a swimming suit. Victoria tells him to come inside so she can find one for him. In Jimmy's room, Victoria tells Conor to get his pants off so he can try on a suit and when he does, she sees his dick hanging out of his briefs. All part of Victoria's plan to see if he measures up to her specifications. He does. Conor is nervous that his buddy will be home soon but that doesn't worry Victoria. Victoria's top is designed to allow easy access to her big tits and when he sees how busty Victoria is and how inviting she is, he sucks and fondles her boobs while her soft hand pumps his cock to hardness. Victoria drops to her knees to give him the blow job of his dreams. Conor undresses her and they fall into bed. The first thing he wants to do is straddle Victoria and fuck this beautiful lady's tits. Her fantasy comes true again.
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Holly Garner in Holly Garner: Lollipop, Lollipop 6:01 What is it about girls tonguing and licking lollipops and hard candy that triggers those lustful thoughts? Holly Garner looks at the camera and sucks and licks a lollipop. She can read minds. She knows what a guy is thinking. The sight of a girl licking a lollipop can be a seductive, erotic turn-on. Holly's brought two suckers to double the fun. In this scene, when she's not popping the lolly in and out of her pretty mouth, she's feeling up her big, beautiful boobs. SCORELAND: Do you think women should be allowed to be topless anywhere it's legal for men to be shirtless? Holly Garner: Well, my bathing suits are so small that I'm almost topless too. But, in general, yes, it would be fair to allow it to women. SCORELAND: So, what kind of swimsuits do you wear at a pool or at the beach? Holly Garner: I mostly wear separate, small swimsuits so it's better to lie down for a tan, but if I go to the pool for the sake of sports, then I put on a one-piece. I love to spend holidays by the sea and in the sunshine. There is nothing more relaxing than swimming in sea water.
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Mia Pearl in Thick Thighs 15:00 Levi got a tip from a friend that there was a smoking hot new Latina swimming instructor at a local pool. So we took off to go check her out, and she was really banging. Levi pretended to have a kid needing some lessons to get in there and talk with Mia. She was very nice and seemed to be into Levi. He asked her out for a lunch date, and Mia was all about it. After flirting some more with her, he got her to make out with him, and soon after, she showed us her awesome tits and nice round ass. We had to get her to the house at this point! Once we got to the pad and went poolside, this hottie really let us see the full package. Mia had all the right curves and could fuck and suck like a real champ. You don't want to miss one moment of this gorgeous girl deep-throating and dick riding, as she begged to get a fat nut all over her face. This one was an instant classic, don't miss out!
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Nathaly Cherie, Bailey Ryder in Bailey Ryder And Nathaly Cherie Get To The Swimming Hole Early To Fuck! 15:00 Bailey Ryder and Nathaly Cherie got to the swimming hole early in the hopes that they could get naked and fuck before it got crowded. Not that that would actually stop them! Part of the thrill is the possibility of getting caught as they 69 their way to big orgasms!
Laney Grey in The Bad Neighbors 15:00
Laney Grey in The Bad Neighbors 15:00 In this prequel to THE BAD UNCLE, Crystal (Laney Grey) is swimming in a pool when it starts to rain. She jumps out and tries to get back inside her house, but realizes the doors are locked. It is revealed that she has recently moved in with one of her parents, but their relationship isn't great. The parent in question seems to have forgotten she was swimming and locked her out before leaving for work.Crystal has no choice but to go next door and see if her neighbors will let her in to wait out the storm. Dressed only in her bikini, she goes to knock and is greeted by Leon (Seth Gamble) and Joe (Charles Dera). They welcome her in to take shelter.Crystal asks for a towel but they ignore her, asking her rapid questions about her recent 18th birthday instead. Leon and Joe playfully joke that they didn't get Crystal anything for her birthday, and begin to muse about what they could potentially get for her. She can't quite put her finger on it, but Crystal is getting a strange feeling from these two men.Leon then takes off his top and puts it on Crystal so that she can be warmer. She sits between them on the couch and Joe can't help but comment on her feet. Joe then suggests they give her a foot massage as a late birthday present. Before she has time to accept, Joe and Leon surround her, one giving her a foot-rub and the other a back-rub.The conversation quickly devolves into probing questions about her sexual history, where Joe and Leon learn that Crystal is a virgin. Crystal is overwhelmed, but when Joe mentions that his cock is hard, she appears intrigued. Joe asks her if she wants to touch it, and she does. Soon enough, Crystal is holding both their cocks in her hands, lustily stroking them. Leon and Joe know full-well that this little virgin has fallen right into their trap. They have an intense threesome together- one that Crystal will never forget.
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Adrian Hush in Diving In Her Deep End 2 15:00 Adrian Hush has been waiting forever to finally get to splash around and have some fun in the new pool. But just when she thinks her time has finally come, it starts to rain! Luckily, our stud shows up to save the day. He pulls out his very own pool noodle, and she realizes there is plenty of fun to be had indoors. She does a nose dive into a wet blowjob and then climbs on top of him so he can stick it in her deep end. She spreads her pussy lips for our stud to do some laps, and he gets all the cardio he can handle. After stroking through her lovely swim lane, he finally busts a fat load all over her. This is synchronized swimming at its best!
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Jayden Lee in Busty Jayden Lee’s Squirting Asian Orgasm 11:00 Leggy Asian Jayden Lee knows her way around Mike Adriano’s big dick. In fact, she’s excited to be back in PervCity just to get it. The curvy Cali girl craves anal sex, but she wants to be titty-fucked so bad that her shaved pussy is swimming at the thought. But first, the sexy brunette works his prick hard with a sloppy gagging deepthroat. When her breasts are wet and his cock is spitty, she clutches his hard-on with her huge juicy melons. After giving the pornstar what she wants, he pushes a banana in her butthole and chases it with his thick rod. The flexible slut throws her legs around her shoulders as he fucks her in POV, and then sucks his prick and cum from ass to mouth before showering him in squirt.
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Amirah Adara in Ohh My 15:00 Amirah Adara got to stay in one of the best Mike's apartment to date. She was spoiled in paradise. We stopped in the early afternoon to she if she was ready to pay some rent. She looked so fresh and bright as the sun out side. We gave her a bikini like no other for a dip in the pool of oasis. The pool and location was almost as perfect as Amirah. She was the icing on the cake for sure. She teased us when she got undressed and in the pool, but that wasn't going to get her a free ride. They stripped and moved inside with excitement as if they were two loved birds on a honeymoon. Make no mistake though Renato knew this was just as much business as it was pleasure. He made sure to tease Amirah with his tongue as much as she teased us with her body. Once her pussy was as wet as the pool Renato slid into her munch box. He fucked her tight swimming hole in all the right ways. He dove back down there a couple of times it was so sweet. He even blew his load inside of her she felted so good. This day in paradise was one to watch a few times over.
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Victoria Lobov in When her son's away, Victoria fucks his best friend 6:00 Victoria Lobov, a 47-year-old housewife is walking around her house in high heels and a tight skirt. Her huge tits are pouring out of her top. Is this the way the modern MILF dresses. Well, yes, it is. Victoria goes outside and sees her son's friend, Connor, sunbathing by the pool. Just the sight of his young body gets her feeling her tits and rubbing her pussy. Man, she must really be sure that her son isn't home. She eventually approaches him. "Where's Jimmy?" she asks. "He went to the store to grab some beers," Connor says. "He should be back any minute now." "You don't have any swimming trunks," she says. "Let's go inside and borrow some of Jimmy's." "Sure," Connor says, not knowing what Mrs. Lobov has in mind but checking her out every step of the way. Jimmy should know better than to leave his best buddy at home with his hot MILF mom, but Connor wouldn't do anything, would he? He wouldn't fuck his best friend's mom, would he? Well, yes, he would. Because when he takes off his pants--ostensibly so Mrs. Lobov can find him a bathing suit to wear--his big cock is sticking out of his undershorts. "Oh, Connor, I don't think anything of Jimmy's will fit you," she says, eyeing his cock. "Come feel my tits. I know you've been looking at them for years now." With his little head in complete control of his big head, Connor says, "Fuck it," and decides to fuck Mrs. Lobov. Final minute of this video: Connor cums all over Mrs. Lobov's huge rack. Final words of this video: "Mom, I'm home!"
Alaska Rod in Pounded by the pool 3 6:00
Alaska Rod in Pounded by the pool 3 6:00 This is a big, impressive-looking swimming pool. It has a diving board and everything. It would be nice to think that it was just the right size for the two of them to swim laps in, but the truth is more likely that they were looking for somewhere to fuck instead of swim.
Aria Kai, Carmela Clutch in Nosy Neighbor, Hammock Shaker Part 2 15:00
Aria Kai, Carmela Clutch in Nosy Neighbor, Hammock Shaker Part 2 15:00 After curvy redhaired babe Aria Kai's bf catches her hooking up with their nosy neighbor in the hammock, he chases Johnny the Kid away, but Johnny sneaks back with his stacked gf Carmela Clutch later to use the pool! Aria catches them sneakily swimming while she's looking for her sex toy, and ends up showing Carmela how to ride it before scissoring with the horny brunette poolside as Johnny watches. Johnny gets in on the action, as Aria and Carmela slobber all over his big cock before they share his dick and lick each other's pussies!
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