Sophia Burns in Never Meet Your Heroes 14:59
Sophia Burns in Never Meet Your Heroes 14:59 SCENE OPENS on Alexa (Sophia Burns), a political intern, arriving at a lofty home. She is a little nervous as she is led into the living room where she waits with bated breath as her political idol, Eleanore Cadwin (Rachael Cavalli), comes down the stairs and greets her with a warm smile. It is revealed that Alexa is a promising intern working for Eleanore's political campaign. She has called Alexa to her home for a special meeting with her husband Mel (Seth Gamble).Alexa gushes over Eleanore, praising her political mission as something she truly believes in. Alexa wants to do EVERYTHING in her power to help get Eleanore elected, stating that too many women go ignored in politics. It's been a dream of hers since she first started studying political sciences to work on Eleanore's campaign and help make a difference for every citizen in this country. Eleanore is apparently honored by Alexa's commitment but soon gets down to business, elaborating that she has singled Alexa out for a VERY special project.Mel and Eleanore explain that they would like to end their marriage of convenience - which hasn't been as fruitful as they imagined - by setting up an affair between Mel and another woman. Eleanore would use this fabricated scandal for political gain, currying the favor of female voters across the country by turning Eleanore into a symbol of a 'woman striving against adversity'. When Alexa wonders why they are telling her this, it is revealed that Eleanore and Mel want HER to be the scapegoat for the fabricated affair.Alexa is disgusted, threatening to walk out. But she is stopped by Eleanore, who convinces her to stay and hear her out. Eleanore explains how this unorthodox plan could be the turning point for her campaign, slowly convincing Alexa that her participation in it will make more of a difference than her regular internship ever could. Nobody would ever know of Alexa's sacrifice, since she'll be painted as a villain, but in secret, she will become a hero for her country. After all, if Eleanore is put into office, she can actually put her political ideas to work and improve the lives of all. Convinced by Eleanore's silver tongue, Alexa agrees to the plan. She has energetic, intense sex with Mel, all while Eleanore films it with her cellphone, manufacturing a video that will then 'accidentally' be leaked to the public.
Cala Craves in Snug and Mature Pussy 7:59
Cala Craves in Snug and Mature Pussy 7:59 Carla’s an attractive, blond, big boobed golden granny in need of Jay’s monster cock to satiate her carnal cravings, and he’s happy to oblige. Being a great nasty talker, she makes Jay’s pecker stand at attention and then gluttonously shoves every swollen inch down her throat balls-deep, savoring sucking his prick with sluttish, epicurean relish. He returns the favor by licking and fingering her bald hungry hole as she moans and screams with unbridled lust. Jay then barbarously plows his titanic tool into her garden of lecherous longings in missionary as she fingers her clit, demanding that he fuck her harder, moaning and screaming in orgiastic exultation. He fiercely drills his donkey dick into her in spoon, bringing her to an amazingly long, drawn-out, explosive, gut-wrenching, screaming orgasm. She sucks her slut juice off his prick in 69 while his tongue wrings out another gut-wrenching orgasm. Mounted on his towering tool in cowgirl, her big round ass ferociously humps him with wild feral longing, erupting in multiple moaning, squealing, convulsing orgasms. Continuing her wanton ride in reverse cowgirl, she slams her greedy gluttonous cunt onto him with fury. Once in doggie, Jay barbarically slams his colossal cock into her while she moans, squeals, and screams, begging him to fuck her like a whore in heat as full-body convulsing, screaming, orgasmic tsunamis engulf her. Returning to missionary, he pounds her relentlessly, working up a load that he dumps into and all over her mouth.
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Mandy Rhea in Horny Newbie MILF Mandy Rhea Is Down To Fuck LIVE 12:00 Horny MILF Mandy Rhea noticed you checking out her ass in her tight blue jeans. She will be more than willing to show you some more though. Just wait until she unbuttons her top revealing one sexy orange bra and you better bet that she has skimpy panties to match too! Mandy peels down her pants and puts her ass right in your face so you can admire her pussy and curvy MILF body in all its nakedness. Give those nipples a pinch and devour her wet pussy with your tongue while she wraps her legs around your head. Nathan Bronson is a lucky chap getting to fill this MILFs pussy with all of his hard cock! Mandy begs for more and wants to feel all his hot cum spray over her body once he gets done fucking her every way you desire! Archive from 6-29-2022 5pm LIVE show!
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Samantha Rone, Sofia Curly in Sofia Curly + Samantha Rone: DP 4-Way! 11:59 Gorgeous brunette Sofia Curly and blonde knockout Samantha Rone look glamorous in evening wear. The ladies inquire about XXX cocksman Nacho Vidal's sex therapy class. He strips aroused Samantha, revealing natural tits. The super-hung stud stuffs his big cock in her mouth as she struggles with its thick diameter. Nacho eats her pussy and devours her butthole with a rim job. She chokes on her wet panties as his Herculean erection pummels her poon. Watching from outside, Sofia masturbates, soon joining them in a Bacchanalian threesome! Samantha and Sofia share lesbian kisses and cunnilingus. Busty Sofia gives Nacho a blowjob, and Samantha deepthroats his giant tool! Sofia mounts him as Samantha rims both bungholes! He treats each girl to roaring anal reaming! Next, tattooed Damien Soup makes it a foursome! The guys pump Sofia's sphincter and cunt with rhythmic double penetration! Sofia worships cock ass-to-mouth. Samantha masturbates and enjoys her own double-dicking. Samantha fingers Nacho's anus. He cums on Sofia's tongue, and the pretty girls swap semen orally. Damien's spunk spurts into Sofia's open mouth. Samantha smiles as she eats the cum facial from Sofia's skin.
Juliana Simms in THE OFFICE: SCORE STYLE 6:00
Juliana Simms in THE OFFICE: SCORE STYLE 6:00 The high-pressure day of a businesswoman is stressful, and that pressure has to be released before it builds up too much steam. Juliana Simms finds a way during a twenty-minute break before another damn meeting. We talked to Juliana after she left the office for the day. SCORE: Juliana, what attracted you to nude modeling? Juliana: I was told about The SCORE Group and I thought my body was just right for this kind of modeling. SCORE: Is there anything we should know about you that we don't know? Juliana: I think that you know all by now. SCORE: What clothing do you think you look sexiest in? Juliana: I think I look sexiest in a dress. Maybe men have other ideas. SCORE: Do you wear skimpy bikinis when you go to vacation resorts? Juliana: Always. Very sexy bikinis and swimsuits. SCORE: What makes your nipples hard? Juliana: A tongue licking them makes them very hard.
Dulce, Sofia Like in Shower sex and bedroom 3-way 10:01
Dulce, Sofia Like in Shower sex and bedroom 3-way 10:01 Watching her friends make out and make love right in front of her eyes this pretty brunette just can't wait to join the fun. She wants them both – a hard cock in her mouth and pussy and a juicy pink slit open for her playful tongue. Yeah, and one of the ladies is ready to take it even further and let the guy fuck her narrow ass hole. What a day for a home sex party!
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Liz Rainbow in Day Starter 2 8:01 Cute Liz Rainbow lives in a mountaintop village but she rocks an alternative mermaid look, with long, blue-colored hair, matching manicure and pedicure, and tattoos. Her makeup is pretty pastel pink with a pearly blue shimmer. We find her naked and taking a shower, soaping small breasts with puffy nipples, a toned ass and shaved pussy. As she rinses away the foam, fingers caressing every curve and crevice of her beautiful body, she begins to feel horny. Fortunately, she is well prepared – there is a huge, realistic-looking dildo stuck to the tile wall. As she sits on her haunches in her bathtub, it is at face level, so she licks and sucks the bulbous head, cramming it into her mouth as she grasps and jacks the length and massages the heavy balls. The mock-cock is so long and thick, the tips of her fingers don’t even come close to touching as she wraps them around its girth, and she’s able to work it with both hands simultaneously. When she lets it slide out her mouth so she can take a breath, threads of drool stretch between the tip and her tongue – she uses these to lube the shaft. After a while spent going down on the dildo, gagging as she takes it deep, she stands up and eases it inside of her pussy. The sucker at the base holds it firmly in position as Liz takes it from behind, grinding up against it. Then she spins around, face pressed against the wall as she humps it. The shaft is flexible but enormous, and she is up to the challenge of taking it any which way. Next, she sticks it to the base of the tub so she can straddle and ride it, hips rocking as she squats over it. Her hand guides the thick-veined shaft into her snatch and her tits quiver, nipples stiff. She slides it to the back of the tub and screws it doggy style, cute butt cheeks on display as the dildo stretches her wide open. All the while, she moans and whimpers with pleasure. At last, she sprawls back in the tub with one hand pushing almost the entire length into her pussy as the other trains the shower spray on her clit. Her expression is one of pure delight as she screws herself harder and faster, now so very close to cumming. One hand cups a breast, then she drops the showerhead so she can use both hands to pound the dildo in and out. By the time her orgasm hits she is utterly lost in ecstasy. When she is finally done cumming, she withdraws the giant cock, letting it slide out of her grasp. Then she lies back to relish the sensation of the water gently spraying her body…
Melissa Black in Melisa Has Avant-Garde Gang Bang 8:00
Melissa Black in Melisa Has Avant-Garde Gang Bang 8:00 Melisa is a recently recruited, luscious, randy, raunchy redheaded, big boobed, wanton wench, but now, she is not interested, in dialogue, or verbal set ups, our happy harlot, only wants, to be fucked long, and hard, and we are happy, to comply. Once she is naked, Ben Dover and his pals, gather around her, brutishly pounding their potent pricks, into her closely cropped, man trap, while she jerks, and sucks any cock, within reach, moaning and crying out, in debauched jubilation. For the porn auteurs, Ben shot some of this, in a black and white, cinema veritas style, viewing the scene, through the viewfinder, for a more surreal imagining, intercut with good old fashioned hardcore. With her in doggie, our three studs take turns, furiously fucking her pussy and mouth, with their turgid tool, while she moans and yelps, with unchained, animalistic lust. Then, with her passions ablaze, she spiritedly slams her juice box, onto their towering tools, in reverse cowgirl, and cowgirl, while spanking her ass hard, to spur her on, and feeding her, their beefy, tongue depressors, as her fine, round ass wildly humps them, for some fabulous, frenzied fucking, as she moans and wails, in sluttish jubilation. This insatiable slut can’t get enough, ferocious fucking, the guys, in standing doggie, doggie, and cowgirl, before voraciously sucking their beef sticks, until they spew their gooey goodness, into, and all over her mouth and boobs, leaving her a satiated, gorgeous, gooey mess.
Amorina in BECAUSE YOU CAN'T LICK PERSONALITY 6:00 Amorina came here because of the influence of the great Joana Bliss. It was Joana who encouraged Amorina to get naked and show off her body. She had never shown her nude body before, much less licked her nipples and finger-banged her pussy with a cameraman pointing his instrument at her. Amorina's fantasy is to be tied to a bed and have her legs and pussy licked by a talented tongue so she can have orgasm after orgasm. Amorina is looking for Mr. Right, not Mr. Right Now. In the meantime, she blows off energy with lots of deep-finger masturbation at night before she visits dreamland.
Aila Donovan, Maya Woulfe in Aila Donovan and Maya Woulfe are Ready for Fun LIVE 12:00
Aila Donovan, Maya Woulfe in Aila Donovan and Maya Woulfe are Ready for Fun LIVE 12:00 Double hotties on the bed today and these horny girls are ready to get naughty with each other. Aila Donovan is looking fantastic in her bright green bra and panty set but she really wants to get naked to see how well Maya Woulfe can eat her shaved pussy! Maya buries her face in making Aila moan out with every flick of Mayas tongue on her clit. That girl knows how to eat some pussy! The girls 69 and bring out some toys to heighten the fun; especially when they scissor while grinding their pussies all over that vibrator between them. Who will cum first or who will cum last... It doesn't really matter because it will be happening a few times with how Maya and Aila indulge in each others gorgeous bodies getting each other so wet! Archive from 5-31-2022 5pm LIVE show!
Mercedes Carrera in Mercedes Carrera Worship My Latina Asshole 10:00
Mercedes Carrera in Mercedes Carrera Worship My Latina Asshole 10:00 Blonde Latina babe Mercedes Carrera walks slowly towards the window. She is wearing a blue sports bra white pants. She looks at the distance, possibly thinking about what has to come. She removes her white pants to reveal her tiny pussy and tight ass to the camera. Mercedes waits patiently to be serviced by a big cock. Tommy Pistol enters the scene. He gets down to her knees and starts kissing and licking her thighs and crotch. Tommy wants to savor the moment. She continues to run his lips and tongue all over her body. The two share a deep passionate kiss before she decided to return back the favor. Mercedes starts kissing, licking and sucking his cock. She treats it like a Popsicle. Mercedes leads him to a chair. In here, Tommy resumes her ass licking actions. His tongue slides in and out of her asshole. The two got enough of foreplay. They can’t contain themselves any longer. Tommy sticks his penis into her tight ass. He continues to pound her from behind. The couple changes their position from the doggystyle to reverse cowgirl. Her big boobs bounce wildly as she humps on his cock. Mercedes spreads her legs wider to make ass more accessible to Tommy’s big cock. They change their position once again. They are now fucking in a missionary position on top of the kitchen counter. He keeps on fucking her in the ass. Tommy and Mercedes continue to fuck each other. They keep changing their positions. Her tight asshole gapes widely when pulls out his dick from her asshole. Tommy keeps on pounding her sweet butthole until he feels like he is about to cum. He pulls out his cock from her anus then lets her suck and strokes it. Tommy showers her pretty face with warm cum. He plays with his cock for a while, cleaning it with her mouth. The two thanked each other for a job well done. Mercedes’ asshole has been pleasured one again.
Rahyndee James, Chloe Lynn in Hot Socks 15:00
Rahyndee James, Chloe Lynn in Hot Socks 15:00 Chole was waiting for her girlfriend to get home from her workout. She had a little surprise to give her. Rahyn showed up with her tight ass popping out of her boy shorts. Her workout routine showed her body show off nicely. Chloe got her to lay down and started to massage her which was only the beginning of her surprise. Her hands naturally gravitated to Rahyn's ass. Her shorts didn't stay on very long. Chloe buried her face in Rahyn's ass, and the real fun began. Chloe continued to massage her ass and pussy with her fingers and tongue. Rahyn got heated up and came in Chloe's mouth, and then she returned the favor. They intertwined legs and locked onto each others pussies. They rubbed pussies together and ended with some pleasurable finger banging.
Fuck)Joseline Kelly in Joseline Kelly Ass Fucked Backstage 10:00
Fuck)Joseline Kelly in Joseline Kelly Ass Fucked Backstage 10:00 Petite brunette Joseline Kelly just finished shooting a porno scene. She is sitting on the couch while being completely naked. James Deen fixes the camera and starts to have a conversation with Joseline. The two teases each other with their smiles. It seems Joseline is still horny even after being fucked. James leads her to the bedroom. He pulls her towards her then starts hugging her tightly and slapping her ass. James pushes her down and lets her suck his cock. Joseline plays with his hard cock using her playful tongue and sweet lips. He grabs her by the hair and pushes his cock deeper into her throat. Joseline can’t do anything but gag as his huge dick reaches her throat. Their wet and sloppy blowjob continues for a while before James throws her to the couch. Joseline spreads her legs wide. James buries his whole face to her tight wet pussy. His lips and tongue are tickling her cunt in every possible way. He keeps on eating her pussy while choking her. Her body begins to move on its own as she cums hard from being slapped in the pussy. James stuffs his hard dick deep into her tight asshole. Her pink pussy is directly in front of the camera. James pumps her harder and faster. Joseline can’t help but moan and scream. His hard dick churns the insides of her anus while his hands are busy slapping and rubbing her pussy. Joseline lets out a loud scream as she once again reaches orgasm. They fucked in missionary position for quite some time before shifting to reverse cowgirl. Her pink pussy is starting to turn red from all the slapping. They change their position again. They are now fucking hard in the doggystyle position. James keeps on pounding her from behind. When James feels like he is about to cum, he pulls out his penis from her gaping asshole. He strokes his dick right in front of her. He showers her pretty pussy with his warm cum.
Gina Gerson, Lina Napoli in Two cuties enjoy anal sex with stud 12:00
Gina Gerson, Lina Napoli in Two cuties enjoy anal sex with stud 12:00 Tiny cutie is looking through album together with her bestie when girls suddenly get hit with the wave of mutual attraction. They start gently touching each other's body and even passionately make out. Excited babe undresses blond GF and worships her pussy using tongue and fingers. Girls have a lot of fun until athletic fellow joins them. They voraciously suck his boner giving start to threesome during which they have both their holes drilled. Anal threeway ends with cumshot on one of chick's ass.
Gia Dibella in Gia DiBella Gets The Facial She Desires LIVE 12:00
Gia Dibella in Gia DiBella Gets The Facial She Desires LIVE 12:00 Gia DiBella is looking extra hot in her white bra and panty set that really pops on her beautiful tanned body. Just wait until she throws her bra at you and shows you her beautiful tits and pussy! Gia tempts you to come and eat her out pulling her big pussy lips wide open so you can see just how wet she is for you. Imagine those lips wrapping tightly around your cock when you penetrate her deep... James Bang does not need to imagine it, he gets his cock right in there stretching Gia out. That pussy grips that cock trying to juice it of all its cum before the time runs out. Can James paint her sexy face and tongue with all that hot cum. We are sure he can! Archive from 6-07-2022 5pm LIVE show!
Fuck)Tana Lea in Tana Lea Wants To Find A Boy Like You 10:00
Fuck)Tana Lea in Tana Lea Wants To Find A Boy Like You 10:00 It’s always been the responsibility of step dad’s to be there for emotional support for their step daughter. Step dad here encounters that time where kids in school starts bullying his step daughter, Tana Lea. So what did he do? Of course, he comforted his step daughter and went on an extra mile by fucking her hard to ‘make her feel good’ about herself. A+ parenting at it’s finest. Bad step daddy now pulls out his fat dick for her step daughter to have at it. Tana starts taking care of his dick using her mouth and skillful tongue with a guarantee that she took care every inch of it. This redhead slut of a step daughter now pauses to take off her shirt, revealing an unusually large pair of tits for a teenager. At this point, every bit of reason is already gone as Tana already sucked it off of him from his dick. When she’s satisfied with her job, Tana stops sucking and goes on top, inserting his fat dick into her shaved pussy. From there, she began to bounce up and down. You could tell that she went at it hard because her big tits just can’t stay still. Eventually, she turned around to show her nice ass for step daddy and continues getting fucked. Being a generous man, he took over of the situation and made her go on all fours. In that position, Tana gets fucked hard from behind. Her nice ass just shakes with every motion. They went at it for a while until Tana pauses again to suck his dick. This time, she involved her tits in the action by placing it between. Step daddy starts rubbing his cock in between this slut’s tits. When he’s about to finish, step daddy made Tana lie on her back and starts pumping with all his strength until he was ready to climax. Naturally, he drizzled his cum all over her.
Kendra Spade in Asian Kendra's Gaping Anal & A2M Deeds 12:00
Kendra Spade in Asian Kendra's Gaping Anal & A2M Deeds 12:00 Adorable, young Filipina-American beauty Kendra Spade visits pervy Mike Adriano for a ride on his giant cock. The Asian sweetheart shows off her perfect, natural tits in a fishnet dress, and Mike worships her body with his tongue. Kendra gags and drools on his massive meat, making lewd slurping sounds during an intense, eye-watering blowjob. He rims her gaping bunghole, and Mike fucks her jiggling, well-lubricated ass. Finally, he thrusts his dick down Kendra's throat.
Brooke in BROOKE 252015 11:00
Brooke in BROOKE 252015 11:00 Brooke is a girl who looks like a librarian or a court reporter but talks like the sex consultant on a 50 Shades movie. She's an enthusiastic amateur with girl next door looks and a curvy, natural body. She's bubbly and cute and brings a fresh attitude to Ex Co Gi this week. The contrast between her innocent face and her try-anything sex-pot attitude is a rare and wonderful thing. Things start off with a little behind the scenes in car interview, where Brooke comes off as charming, fun loving and open to anything. Jay decides to test her on this which leads to a sexy behind the scenes car blowjob which turns Brooke on quite a bit and leads to one of the sexiest things we've ever heard during a shoot when she asks Jay if he wants to throw her across the back seat and fuck her. This 19 year old amateur is doing her best to look like a pro. At the start of the shoot Brooke hints that she's a little nervous, but really seems to get into it. After selecting an outfit she gets settled for a few more questions, but Jay can't keep his eyes off her clearly aroused pussy and he encourages her to strip and take care of herself. While Jay gets the cameras in position and finds a suitable vibrator, Brooke nearly gets herself off for you with just her fingers. After putting Brooke into a daze with a vibrator, Jay lays back to get another tongue treatment from her and then really gets things going by fucking her from behind as she's face down on the bed. He moves her into cowgirl and finally elicits a loud, gasping orgasm from her. She's so grateful that she gets back to her knees to help Jay finish on her face and even takes a second to clean him off.
Veruca James in Veruca James Love Getting Her Pussy Eaten 4:50
Veruca James in Veruca James Love Getting Her Pussy Eaten 4:50 Beautiful babe Veruca James features in another episode of I Came on James Deen's face. She is wearing a black floral dress. During the brief interview, Veruca reveals some interesting details regarding her sex life. Don’t mistake her lady-like features for being conservative. This pretty girl admits that she loves fucking. Giving blowjobs is the perfect way for her to make her pussy wet before sex. The anticipation of having an orgasm, in addition to getting her brains fucked out, makes her cum uncontrollably. She enjoys oral sex. She prefers to have partners who go slowly at first before gradually shifting gears. A good oral means having a good communication for her. She likes guys who know how to respond to her body movements at a given moment. They finish their interview with lots of giggles. Veruca’s face is full of pleasure as James finally goes down on her. Her pink nipples are now erect, a clear sign that she is aroused. James uses his playful tongue to tickle her pink pussy. Veruca lets out sweet moans. Her bushy pussy is being eaten out slowly. It is clear on her face and body that she is enjoying the experience. Her body begins to shake uncontrollably as James starts to intensify his pussy-licking action. The sound of her moans begins to get louder, filling up the whole room. James loves her reaction. He is more motivated now to make this pretty lady reach orgasm. He holds her thighs to make her pussy more accessible. James inserts his tongue into her pussy. Veruca is now feeling ecstatic from having her pussy eaten. She moans and curses as she cums again and again. James firmly presses his face against her bushy pussy. Veruca’s body arches wildly. James stops licking his pussy. Her pussy is now puffier and wetter. Veruca smiles brightly as the camera slowly shifts its focus from her pretty face to her pink pussy.
Alice Wayne, Kira Queen in The Pick Up Episode 2 - Hitchhiker 12:00
Alice Wayne, Kira Queen in The Pick Up Episode 2 - Hitchhiker 12:00 Cute hitchhiker Alice Wayne gets a ride from stunning Kira Queen, as episode two of Sandra Shine’s erotic series "The Pick Up" begins. The gorgeous girls become so flirtatious with each other during the journey that Kira pulls over so they can get more intimately acquainted. They start to kiss and fondle each other’s huge natural breasts, Kira sitting on the hood of the car and sucking Alice’s stiff nipples. Alice pulls Kira’s dress down to bare her perfect tits, and rubs her pussy through her panties, then tugs them aside and kneels to lick her sexy shaved pussy. The pigtailed babe gazes up at Kira to watch her reaction as she eats her pussy, licking and stroking her clit delicately, then sucking harder. They switch places, Kira bending Alice over the hood of the car, pulling down her tight white panties, and frigging her shaved pussy from behind. Alice lets out tiny whimpers of satisfaction, which turn to moans of pure lust when Kira starts tongue drilling her from the rear, circling the tip of her tongue against her labia and dipping it deep inside her juicy slit until she orgasms. The freckled sweetheart drops to her knees to eat Kira’s pussy again, and soon has her panting breathlessly, mouth agape and eyes closed, in the grip of an intense climax. It’s a wild ride that neither driver nor passenger will ever forget.
Kylie Green in Kylie Green Seduces Taboo Boyfriend! 12:00
Kylie Green in Kylie Green Seduces Taboo Boyfriend! 12:00 In a skimpy top, mini-skirt and heels, pretty Kylie Green greets her maternal parent's boyfriend, pornographer David Perry. The long-haired brunette informs him that his lady isn't home ... and reveals her own crush on him! Agreeing to silence, they kiss and fondle. Kylie gives a head-bobbing blowjob. He pulls aside her silky panties to eat her young pussy. With her heels on his shoulders, David fucks Kylie, driving his experienced pole in her snatch doggie-style as the naughty girl moans blissfully. David serves up an anal reaming, cramming her sphincter until it gapes! The dark-haired vixen masturbates feverishly as he buttfucks her. Kylie stuffs her tongue up David's ass for a mischievous rim job. On an outdoor deck, he repeatedly ravishes her nubile holes. The ribald scenario climaxes with a cum facial, sperm spraying her tongue and chin. Kylie cleans his cock orally, with devious glee. Will the naughty hottie keep the secret? Don't bet on it.
Shyla Jennings in Trust Your Senses 15:00
Shyla Jennings in Trust Your Senses 15:00 When Ryan Ryans heard that using a blindfold on your partner could heighten their other senses, she just had to try it out. That night, at home with her girlfriend Shyla Jennings, she covered Shyla's eyes with her tights, and proceeded to tease her with erotic sensations. On the kitchen table, Ryan teased Shyla's lips with a plump strawberry before finally letting her take a bite. With Shyla desperate for more touch, Ryan licked whipped cream from her nipples, and pulled Shyla's panties to get her tongue between her legs too! Shyla melted in Ryan's arms, then returned the favor with her own oral sex skills in this steamy girl/girl sex scene!
Claudia Fox in Mature Latina Bangs Away 8:00
Claudia Fox in Mature Latina Bangs Away 8:00 Claudia is a jovial sexy red headed Latina golden slut. Unable to curb her carnal cravings, she gluttonously savors sucking Jay’s humongous horse cock with sluttish epicurean relish, glee, and gusto. Then Jay’s talented tongue stirs her bald cauldron of decadent desires, as she moans euphorically, before he ardently plows his titanic tool into her in missionary, as she fingers her clit, moaning and wailing in orgiastic exultation. After sucking her slut sauce from his dork, she mounts him in cowgirl, her firm round ass fanatically humping him with impassioned zeal, moaning ecstatically, as she races to her lascivious Nirvana. Spinning around into reverse cowgirl to continue her wild ride, she ferociously slams her voracious cunt onto his towering tool moaning and squealing in sluttish jubilation. Jay continues to pummel her pussy in doggie, barbarously pounding his prodigious prick into her with savage fury, as she throws her ass back onto him moaning and howling like a bitch in heat. He returns to frantically slam his monster cock into her in missionary, before pulling out to unleash a geyser of goo into her mouth, and all over her face, leaving her with a big gooey satisfied glazed smile on her face.
Sara in SARA 122015 11:00
Sara in SARA 122015 11:00 Sara is just about perfect: perky tits with sensitive nipples, a sexy tan lined girl next door body, a pretty face and she just happens to be a bit of a nymphomaniac. How can we make that advanced psychological diagnosis from just a few bits of video? All nymphos have a tell - if a girl ever mentions that she doesn't masturbate because she has sex whenever she wants? Yeah, she a nympho. We get to know about Sara's free spirited ways in the behind the scenes interview where Jay rolls through his list of probing questions. While he covers the important stuff: threesomes, masturbation habits, etc. he finally gets an answer that stops him in his tracks. This is a guy who, until he met Sara, was certain that he had heard everything a girl could possibly call a turn on until Sara quietly mentions how sexy she finds shemales. It's simple math, she points out, she loves dicks and she loves titties, why not combine the two? Soon enough, Sara gets naked and ready for sexy time. Jay starts in with his fingers on her meaty, bare pussy and then things get wetter and more intense when he switches to a vibrator. Judging by the way she squirms and moans and the way her pussy creams up, Jay must be doing something just right. Before she is too far gone, he has her drop to her knees for oral. Which leads to a fantastically slow and sensual beej that awesomely transforms into some fully inverted deep throat face fucking. As always, Jay's dying to get at that creamy pussy and he pulls Sara up to the bed to fuck her. He drills her on her back, then he pulls her onto the bed to clean his dick with her tongue for a bit as he finger bangs her. When he flips her onto his lap for some serious cowgirl pounding, she's totally blissed out. Finally, Jay puts her on her knees and allows her to liberate a couple of full spurts directly into her waiting mouth. So, yeah, she a nympho.