in Stepson's Girlfriend, Achievement Unlocked!

Aften Opal is playing video games while lying down on her stomach, ass-up on the couch with a gamer headset on. Her boyfriend's stepdad, Ryan Driller, walks in and checks out Aften's ass, clearly liking what he sees. Ryan asks why she's here alone, and she explains that her boyfriend wanted to go see a movie that she's not interested in, so she stayed behind to play video games.Ryan says that if Aften likes challenges and games so much, he's got a SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT for her to unlock- one that he's SURE she's NEVER completed before: 'taking her BIGGEST dick yet'. Aften's eyes go wide with awe at the size of Ryan's cock. Horny and competitive, Aften accepts his challenge, assuring Ryan that she can take every INCH of him. As Ryan fucks Aften from behind, she continues playing the video game at first... or tries to, anyway. After all, it's hard for her to concentrate when feeling SO good that she can't even control her face, let alone work a video game controller!Inspired by the popular porn trend in Japan, Ahegao Extreme Orgasms explores what it would look like in real life if a woman could be fucked senseless - literally! We're talking about her eyes rolling back and tongue hanging out, as her brain says 'No thoughts, only sexytime.' Enjoy the view as one half of the screen shows the sexy action, while the other half shows Aften's extreme orgasm faces!

1 year ago