Silvia Saige, Sofie Marie in The Hardest Job In The World

Silvia Saige arrives at Sofie Marie's house which doubles as a daycare. Sofie greets Silvia pleasantly, welcoming her in and inviting her to sit on the couch. There are various toys strewn throughout the room and Sofie has to move aside some toys that have been left on the couch as they take their seats. She makes a joke about 'stepping into her office'. Silvia laughs politely but seems too stressed out to be super friendly.Sofie thanks Silvia for coming a bit early today. Before picking up her little one, Sofie wants to get to know Silvia a little better, something she likes to do with all the parents. They make small talk for a few moments. Silvia mentions that her daughter loves coming to daycare. Sofie expresses affection for Silvia's daughter, adding that people like her are what make running a daycare out of her home such a fulfilling job.Sofie can sense that something is wrong as she looks at Silvia. She asks Silvia if she's okay. Silvia, a single parent, confesses that she's overwhelmed. They open up to each other. Sofie can relate to Silvia since she too is a single parent. There are hints of attraction between the ladies.Sofie gives parental advice to Silvia: she needs to take time for herself and ESPECIALLY get laid, since it is a great de-stressor. Sofie then offers to help Silvia with that and Silvia agrees.That is DEFINITELY great advice, Sofie!

3 months ago