Dante, Pearl and Ruby are playing a strip game and expecting to have a casual threesome 18:11
Dante, Pearl and Ruby are playing a strip game and expecting to have a casual threesome 18:11
in April 013237 11:00
in April 013237 11:00 Jay picks up April from the airport, they chat, and within 30 seconds you'll either love her or hate her. If you're like me, you'll love her - the girl is a fucking riot! Cute, spunky, VERY outgoing, a bit sassy, and more importantly a FREAK in the sheets. But that comes a bit later. First, Jay coaxes some intimate details out of our 20 year old UCF coed. The conversation drifts to April's masturbation habits and she mentions how she gets off with toys at home. So why not stop by at the local sex shop and buy her some, right? So Jay and April go sex toy shopping, Jay's camera hidden carefully so as not to be spotted by the people that work at the store. After April chooses the toys she thinks might get her off best, it's off to the hotel where she'll pose for pictures (excellent job btw, I don't think this is her first photo shoot. If it is - kudos!) and then it's time to put those toys to the test. April says she usually doesn't cum during "regular intercourse", she needs lots of clit stimulation. Jay thinks a finger and then later on a vibrator in her ass might help. And he's right! April cums several times with the toys and is surprised how much she likes a bit of ass play at the same time. The big surprise: April squirts (!!) for the first time during an orgasm, as she breathlessly confesses. Clearly she came harder than she expected and that's always a great way to start the day, isn't it? I'm not going to give away the farm here and tell you in detail about all the kinky and hot stuff April does and lets herself have done to here. You have to watch the entire thing to really appreciate the naughtiness LOL. Suffice it to say our little cutie is one enthusiastic cock gobbler, orgasm fiend, and even licks Jay's ass - and then some. There's some rough sex, and deep throating. She is game for just about anything and it gets pretty hardcore here. And April loves every minute of it. April really seems to be in her element - she is funny, fun to be around, and really enjoys herself (getting to cum so often helps). She is comfortable with herself and with the situation. She even takes Jay's ridiculously huge cum load without (much) complaint. "Oh my God!!" are her last words. I swear, this girl is made for porn. I think she needs to keep doing this, there's so much potential with her that it'd be a shame to deny the world of more jack-off material starring the girl. For now though, enjoy the next hour and a half with April right here on ECG. Just make sure you're stacked up on tissues. And close the damn door! - Steve
Watch Three Horny College Girls Play a game of Strip Indian Poker and other porn videos on Mobile and HD Sex Videos FREE 12:02
Watch Three Horny College Girls Play a game of Strip Indian Poker and other porn videos on Mobile and HD Sex Videos FREE 12:02
Step Daughters Sophia Burns & Crystal Chase Get Wild With Step Fathers During Game - DaughterSwap 16:58
Step Daughters Sophia Burns & Crystal Chase Get Wild With Step Fathers During Game - DaughterSwap 16:58
in A Blinding Date 12:00
in A Blinding Date 12:00 A very nervous Jordi arrives for a blind date with the one and only Angela White. He sits down across from Angela, seeming unsure of the situation before she lowers the menu to reveal her massive tits poking out of her top. Angela lays it on thick, seducing him speechless, making Jordi’s mind melt as he shakes and quivers, spilling water, fumbling for words, making a mess of the whole situation – surely this siren’s words are tease and not real?! A game of under the table footsies and a plethora of sexual innuendos later, Jordi lives out every man’s fantasy as Angela drags him away so she can fill her wet pussy with his big hard cock!
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in Workaholic 11:30 Blair, and Lexi are so fed up with how loud and obnoxious Donnie is when he’s watching the game and hanging out at home. Even though they’re constantly telling him to shut up, Donnie knows he can do whatever he wants in that house, including fucking Blair and Lexi whenever he feels like it!
in Stepson's Girlfriend, Achievement Unlocked! 12:00
in Stepson's Girlfriend, Achievement Unlocked! 12:00 Aften Opal is playing video games while lying down on her stomach, ass-up on the couch with a gamer headset on. Her boyfriend's stepdad, Ryan Driller, walks in and checks out Aften's ass, clearly liking what he sees. Ryan asks why she's here alone, and she explains that her boyfriend wanted to go see a movie that she's not interested in, so she stayed behind to play video games.Ryan says that if Aften likes challenges and games so much, he's got a SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT for her to unlock- one that he's SURE she's NEVER completed before: 'taking her BIGGEST dick yet'. Aften's eyes go wide with awe at the size of Ryan's cock. Horny and competitive, Aften accepts his challenge, assuring Ryan that she can take every INCH of him. As Ryan fucks Aften from behind, she continues playing the video game at first... or tries to, anyway. After all, it's hard for her to concentrate when feeling SO good that she can't even control her face, let alone work a video game controller!Inspired by the popular porn trend in Japan, Ahegao Extreme Orgasms explores what it would look like in real life if a woman could be fucked senseless - literally! We're talking about her eyes rolling back and tongue hanging out, as her brain says 'No thoughts, only sexytime.' Enjoy the view as one half of the screen shows the sexy action, while the other half shows Aften's extreme orgasm faces!
StrapLez - Stacy Cruz And Lee Anne - Shiny Game 24:51
StrapLez - Stacy Cruz And Lee Anne - Shiny Game 24:51
Wild fuck party at a bar 6:00
Wild fuck party at a bar 6:00 When a group of horny people gets together, all they want to do is explore the fun and endless sex possibilities, which is what describes GroupSexGames the best. In this section, you will get to see lots of horny individuals fucking and pleasuring each other in a lot of interesting ways, sometimes including sex games. GroupSexGames is all about hardcore sex and games such as beer pong, twister, spin the bottle, and many others. Any game that could be made sexual, you will be able to see it here. Of course, those are not the
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Lana Lelani in Open your eyes to be a video star 12:00 Gorgeous Lana Lelani loves taking a daytime nap when the days are hot. She looks so sexy and stunning with her eyes closed, that her boyfriend can’t resist the temptation of taking a couple of pictures and even shooting a video. Lana Lelani opens her eyes right when the dude is about to shoot her beautiful tits. Sure, she feels shocked, surprised, curious and excited at the same time. Luckily, she agrees to continue the game and to give the dude a blowjob right in front of his camera.
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Halle Von in Funsized Halle Tests Her Skills 15:00 Tiny and perfectly toned Halle Von was checking herself out in the mirror and was a little upset with the size of her boobs. Oh Halle, we LOVE small girls! Especially ExxxtraSmall girls just like you! Her -stepbrother came in and caught her stuffing her bra and tried to help her feel better about what she was working with. He copped a feel of her titties and then told her that the boob size doesnt matter - what keeps guys around is a good head game - so it was test time. Her bro offered up his cock to test on and she wasnt sure she could fit it in her mouth, but she tried and succeeded! A little while later Halle found herself getting her back dug out by her own -stepbrother on their couch! After some intense fucking Bruno sprayed Halles face and mouth with his jizz and took her ass to school!
Lumi Rey in FAVORITE COOKIE - BLACK & WHITE 11:00 She’s back, she’s horny and she’s as fuckable as ever. You saw her do her first Sex on camera EVER here, which was incredible mind you because we only do firsts here. Sometimes I think I have to remind everyone that we only film girls doing things for the first time at this network. It’s kind of our thing and niche. Sooooo, next up? It was followed by an even more incredible 3some with some steamy lesbian action with another fan favorite Dakota Tyler. Fuck! - I KNOW – INCREDIBLE!!! You’re right, but there’s more! Over at we introduced her to her FIRST EVER BLACK COCK and she took Isiah’s man meat down her throat like a magician swallows a sword. Aaaamazzzzzing, and Steve you say! How can there possible be more for this slut in training you ask? Well I assure you there’s more. More cocks, more throating, more fucking all available holes because this slut has an appetite for cock like a participant on CBS’s Survivor craves food after 21 days. She needs it and the Tyler/Isiah combo gave it to her and it was spectacular. Ok, so she’s not so fresh of a face anymore you say, but let me say this, this scene was shot back in February when this girl’s holes were fresh and ripe for the taking. We’ve just had so many astonishingly fine first timers since Lumi, and I know how everyone wants FRESH FACES, EVERY - SINGLE - FUCKING - WEEK!!!!! So you know I had to just push this one off a bit and enough blah blah blah explanation about that and like I said back then, this sexpot just oozes sluttyness with that goddess like body. Perfection. We just got straight to business like a sailor on a boat who sees a bunch of holes. You just fill them quickly and that’s what our seaman filled studs did and did it post hastily. Gobbling man meat with both fists at once you ask? You bet, our slutty goddess gobble gobbled both cocks at once before taking one up that fine slit of hers. And like all fine sailors, these guys shared the workload using our little Lumi like a cheap whore during fleet week. You service men will know what the fuck I’m talking about and thank you for your service by the way. I really mean that. You guys and gals are the true hero's and let me clarify something, this fine piece of woman’s no cheap whore. [Wagging Index Finger] No - no - no - no - no. This girl is top shelf liquor that when any man, or woman, puts their lips upon will get drunk as fuck on lust. Lust is the name of the game here as everyone, both seaman and cock whore alike, got drunk as fuck with passion while trading each others orifices back and forth, filling all holes with both white and dark meat. Like it was a Thanksgiving feast of lust & gluttony as Lumi came over and over and over again on our seamen’s cocks and as you might guess, the seas were rough and wet as they rowed this tight as fuck boat hard and put away our little miss “I want to be a slut” wet, and wet she was. She’s a squirter if you haven’t seen her other scenes and these boys should have worn their raincoats because she was a gushing and attention Kmart shoppers, there’s a cleanup on isle bed. Need I say more and ships ahoy matey’s! Cum aboard sailors and man your battle stations. Toodles, Steve.
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Marina Angel in She Sits On A Fat Dick 8:00 Marina’s a lovely, vivacious, young, tiny titted, blonde delight, who being an overzealous cheerleader, goes to a principle, to get him to throw the big game, in exchange for his, having his way with her. Remarkably, his office looks like a strip club, with stripper pole, colored lights, and padded booths, ah, the magic of cinema. Showing her team spirit, she ravenously sucks his sizable schlong, with exuberant sluttish gusto and glee, before planting her sweet pussy, onto his towering tool, in cowgirl, as he firmly grasps her fine, firm, round ass, while fiercely thrusting his meat missile up into her, with savage fury, as she moans and cries out, in lascivious exultation, then like a race horse, let out of the gate, she wildly humps him, in a frenzied ferocity, racing towards her hedonistic Elysian. He then, diligently drills his donkey dick, into her in spoon, igniting her screaming orgasmic explosion. Taking one for the team, she ferociously slams her bald honey pot, onto his fuckpole, with fiery, feral, fervor, moaning and howling, with unbridled primal passions, as another screaming, volcanic orgasm is unleashed. Once in doggie, she moans and yelps, in sluttish jubilation, begging for more, as he barbarously pounds his monster cock, into her, with savage fury, making her cum, like a screaming freight train. He finishes off, by firing a jet stream of jism, into her mouth, as her sweet reward. Now that is what I call team spirit.
Jewelz Blu in Proud Pervs: Spin The Bottle 14:59
Jewelz Blu in Proud Pervs: Spin The Bottle 14:59 A group of close-knit friends are hanging out for a game night, the atmosphere lively and fun. When Austin Pierce joins, bringing along his date, his friends are welcoming but it's obvious she doesn't care for them in return. Suddenly, things are awkward, although the friends try to be polite.When Jewelz Blu arrives, all of the friends are shocked, especially Austin. Jewelz hadn't been around for YEARS but it's immediately obvious that everyone likes her... except for Austin's date, who quickly becomes jealous.Since the friends are not too fond of Austin's date, they have no qualms revealing that Austin and Jewelz used to be pretty close. That's when they decide to spice things up by playing Spin the Bottle. As soon as the game begins, it's clear that the friends are trying to hook Austin and Jewelz up, much to the date's dismay. Somehow, the bottle always 'mysteriously' lands on the pair, resulting in more kisses and even more chemistry.Finally, the date is furious and leaves, and the friends are happy to see her go. As soon as the door is closed, they begin egging Austin and Jewelz on, wanting to see these two FINALLY get together.Austin and Jewelz heavily make out on the couch, their hands going everywhere. As their friends cheer them on, Jewelz takes out Austin's cock and slides it into her mouth. From that point on, the friends eagerly watch, even as Austin and Jewelz strip down and have sex right in front of them. As Jewelz is taken on her back, bent over the couch, and in Austin's lap, their friends are all for it.This will certainly be a game night to remember.
Rita Milan, Grace in STRIP GAMES AND FOURSOME FUCKING 10:00 When two horny guys and their cute teen girlfriends get a deck of cards to play a strip game you know things are about to get hot and heavy at this home party. No wonder the lucky fellas end up fucking both chicks together switching partners like real swingers and making them cum multiple times. Party time, ladies and gentlemen! Get butt-naked and let's do it!
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Luxury Girl in Luxury Girl's Webcam Cock Ride 12:00 Tanned Luxury Girl is hard at work when her boyfriend, Alejandro Peer, comes up behind her and squeezes her big, beautiful tits! Luxury Girl is just so gorgeous, horny Alejandro can't keep his hands off her. Luxury Girl sends Alejandro away, telling her that they may be caught by her boss over webcam. However, all that heavy petting has gotten Luxury Girl wet! She grabs her favorite suction dildo and starts riding it right in front of her work wecam. Once Alejandro catches her with the dildo, it's game over and Luxury Girl begs him for the real thing. The two start fucking right there on the kitchen counter, forgetting all about the webcam. Hopefully the boss isn't watching, because Luxury Girl's stream is definitely not SFW!
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AJ Applegate in Video Game Cosplay Fuck 15:00 AJ's BF helps her with a cosplay shoot for her vid channel, and he can't take his eyes off her juicy bubble butt! After some teasing, the horny blonde pulls out his big cock and rides it fighting game style right on the living room floor!
Angel Rivas in Angel Rivas Fucks Her Mma Coach And Her Pussy Taps Out Its So Good! 14:59
Angel Rivas in Angel Rivas Fucks Her Mma Coach And Her Pussy Taps Out Its So Good! 14:59 Angel Rivas has been working on her MMA game with a trainer but sometimes after rolling around on the floor all day her pussy gets wet and soaks her leggings. When that happens, her trainer knows she wants him to fuck her pussy into submission!
Clea Gaultier, Rebecca Volpetti in CLÉA & REBECCA - WOMEN SECRETS 10:00
Clea Gaultier, Rebecca Volpetti in CLÉA & REBECCA - WOMEN SECRETS 10:00 Cléa and Rebecca, still shy but very attracted to each other, discover the joys of sex between girls and all the possibilities offered by their language, their fingers and a game of sextoys well chosen...
Alli Rae, Brandi Love in The Wild Card - S4:E7 15:00
Alli Rae, Brandi Love in The Wild Card - S4:E7 15:00 Kimmy Granger and Alli Rae are playing a game with Damon Dice when Alli's step mom Brandi Love joins them. Damon gets uncomfortable when the girls start talking about penis size, and he is truly stunned into silence when they decide to see whether his cock is a big one. When all three girls start undressing him, Damon can only go with the flow.
Esmi Lee, Alli Rae in splitsville 15:00
Esmi Lee, Alli Rae in splitsville 15:00 This week on Money Talks, Kylie was on a mission to find the right girl for our very own adult version of rock, paper, scissors. Yes, that game we have all played before, but in this case, the loser has to strip down and masturbate, as Kylie watches for her own enjoyment. Like every game, there are winners and losers, but we always win as the spectators. Then it was time to go shopping with Esmi where she found some beautiful titties, a hot ass, and the total package in the sexy Alli Rae!
Penelope Kay in Is That A Shark In Your Pants - S26:E3 15:00
Penelope Kay in Is That A Shark In Your Pants - S26:E3 15:00 Penelope Kay and her friend Ginger Gray are having fun playing with sharks to celebrate shark month. Penelope's stepbrother Rico Hernandez comes in and asks what they're doing. When the girls explain, Rico announces that he'd be the dominant shark. He goes on to tell Penelope that maybe she'll bleed on shark week so he can be the shark. Penelope rises to the challenge as Ginger looks on, claiming that she'd bit Rico so hard. When Rico says maybe he'd like it, Penelope kicks him out of her room. Once Rico is gone, the Ginger points out that maybe she and Rico fight because Penelope wants to fuck him. Penelope shoots back that Rico wants to fuck her and breed with her; she knows because she overheard him on the phone with a friend.Later that day, the girls are getting busy with their shark toys as they lay in bed together masturbating. Rico once again walks in on them, only to get one hell of an eyeful. Fortunately for him, they don't notice he's there. He has the chance to just stand there and perv on his hot stepsis and her friend until Ginger notices him. She doesn't out him, but she does give him a do me smile as she steps up the game with her shark dildo. Ginger continues to get it on with her toy until Rico eventually leaves.Later, Penelope dresses in a shark hoodie and goes to confront Rico. Ginger eggs on the obvious sexual tension between the stepsiblings until Penelope embraces her inner shark and attacks Rico. Ginger watches the two wrestling in bed for a minute until she joins them to pull out Rico's hard dick. She sucks Rico off over Penelope's weak protests until Penelope joins in for a double BJ. Then Ginger gets on her hands and knees to eat Penelope's snatch as Rico fucks her from behind. Rico lays down so his busty stepsis can ride him in reverse cowgirl before swapping out with Ginger, who bounces away in cowgirl. When Penelope takes Rico between her thighs, Ginger sits on Penelope's tongue and urges Rico to cum inside his stepsis. He does as he's told, giving Penelope a creampie full of little swimmers for Ginger to scoop out and snowball with her BFF.
Kimberlee in Making Her Earn Her Motherfucking Money!! 12:00
Kimberlee in Making Her Earn Her Motherfucking Money!! 12:00 These chicks are desperate to get into the porno game. So much so that they come to the BlackLoads office begging to get used and abused. So that’s exactly what we do. From the moment they walk in they know they’ll have to learn fast or get the fuck out. This week this desperate babe named Kimberlee showed up in some quick need of cash. This girl had a great pair of tits and a beautiful round ass. I made her earn every single cent. Fucked her till her pink hole couldn’t take any more. Feeling my dickhead punch the back of her throat over and over was also a treat. I took sweet little Kimberlee to her limits. Once she was good and banged. I told her to get the fuck out!
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Monica Sexxxton in Cheerleader Monica Guides Her Pussy Onto A Stiff Cock 10:00 Frisky teen cheerleader gets a ride from an older man after the big game. He takes her to his place and immediately begins sucking on her firm tits getting her horny until she undoes his pants and wraps her wet mouth around his fat throbbing cock! Now topless with erect nipples, she gets on her knees to seriously suck on his long dick, bobbing her head as she pleasures him. He lays back on his bed and she removes her skirt to climb on top of his cum-filled dick. After bouncing on his cock, he turns her over to fuck her little twat doggy style until he fills her with his seed.