Millie Melrose in MILLIE MELROSE

And all we taught Millie Melrose today was EVERYTHING… That’s the understatement of the year, and let me tell all you out there in PORNville something about Millie. This girl is innocent, special and is more beautiful, both inside and out, then there are stars in the sky. You see Millie’s been through more in life by the tender age of 18 then most, no I can pretty much guarantee she’s been through more then most all of you putz’s out there will ever go through in your entire lives. She’s what we call a survivor, and we aim to treat her right for her first sex on camera. So Millie tells us she’s had lots of sex but it’s only been with the same person, her ex-boyfriend; and in fact has only fucked one other cock since their breakup. So when did this other second cocking happen you ask? Well it all happened this past New Years Eve and as I like to say… New Year? New You, Millie. She even confessed she hasn’t had sex since this past New Years romp and she’s extremely horny. Well Millie today’s you’re lucky day because I’d bet my left nut that you only think you’ve had lots of good sex with your Ex and today is something you’re going to remember. I mean how can trying out just one cock in a monogamous relationship provide an adequate sampling? It can’t. The same way stating that your shoes are the most comfortable shoes in the world when you’ve only owned one pair. Well Millie I can see your future and ExCoGi Steve sees you having multiple orgasms today as well as finding a new favorite sex position. And there are lots of new ones to pick from. How do I know this you ask? Well when we asked Millie if there were any new positions she did for the first time today she stated, “All of them really, except missionary.” Like I said, fucking amazing isn’t it? The kind of amazement you only see when you bring a kid to Disneyland for the first time. Love that look by the way, and this girl can’t get enough of the fun rides at ExCoGiland and Jake’s keeping the amusement park open late just for her so she can ride EVERY ride. I could list all of her firsts today but it really is too fucking long of a list and I don’t really want to. Ok here’s one. She tastes cum for the first time. Now go watch the video and I can’t stress how fresh and new to good sex Millie is. Like as new as a baby duck is to water new. And she takes to the “Jake Adams” fucking of a lifetime as well as any new duckling takes to water. In fact Millie today took a full body bath and totally immersed herself in whatever fluids were flowing abundantly on the ExCoGi mattress and I’m just glad I have a plastic sheet liner. Trust me when I say this girl didn’t want to get out of the bathtub and she’ll be thinking of this day for years to come. I really must have pleased the Porn gods or something in order to be blessed with so many innocent and fresh first timers over these past 2 decades, and Millie fits this bill. So enjoy newbie Millie everyone and toddles!

1 year ago